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Do you want to start an online business or expand your current one? Or do you have something to show the world, something that will impact your customers?

When you run a company, however, each year brings its own set of obstacles, and it appears that each year has recently been even more challenging. That is why advertising is now more crucial than it has ever been. You can use marketing to study the market, expand your company, and enhance sales.

But in a world full of competition, it's easy to get lost. So what can be the best possible way to get your brand the attraction it deserves? Videos can serve as a great way of marketing as people tend to understand and interact more when they watch something rather than reading or hearing about it.

Furthermore, who doesn't enjoy watching videos? Nobody likes reading lengthy product lists or lengthy descriptions; instead, they prefer to keep their eyes moving and engaged.

Of course, you don't want to waste your time setting up those cameras, renting a studio, learning video editing software, posting it to the vast YouTube universe, and then reuploading it somewhere else!

Ugh! What a time-consuming procedure that would be! Thankfully, there's software present in the form of Webinars, which come packaged and tied with a bow.

This WebinarJam Review will undoubtedly persuade you to give the webinar software a try.

What is WebinarJam?

Webinarjam is a webinar hosting platform that includes a complete and cutting-edge live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting solution. All browsers, operating systems, and smartphone platforms are supported. It can also be broadcast to JamCast (WebinarJam's private network) or streamed directly through Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

WebinarJam is Genesis Digital's online, browser-based webinar streaming tool. So, in essence, the tool allows users to target any customer they choose, regardless of their location or device.

If you want to be a marketer, WebinarJam can help you organize online meetings with boardroom members from all around the world.

You can also hold various online events and virtual meetings and communicate directly with customers and employees. Compared to the competitors, this platform distinguishes out due to its innovative nature. For example, it's the only browser-based system that can webcast an event in its entirety, from registration to replay.

Browser-based platforms typically lack the capability, and non-browser webinar software typically requires downloading and installing numerous elements. However, that's what sets WebinarJam apart from the competition: it's quick and easy to use.

Webinarjam is a webinar hosting platform that includes a complete and cutting-edge live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting solution.

  • Live casting on Facebook and YouTube.
  • SMS and voice messages serve as reminders.
  • Automated email system.
  • Up to six presenters can be present at the same time while co-presenting.
  • Live customer care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and includes no additional charges for chat assistance.
  • There is no free trial; however, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available.
  • A monthly subscription is not available.
  • If someone does not need all of its functions, there are no cost-effective subscription options.

Price: $499/year

WebinarJam Review 2024: The Key Features

YouTube Live Streaming

Your webinar will be hosted on-site, right on WebinarJam, by default. Instead, you can broadcast your webinar on your YouTube channel.

When the webinar begins, YouTube Live commences as well, and all of your YouTube subscribers receive a notification, allowing them to join your webinar right away.

 It is an intelligent approach to tap into your YouTube following and increase the number of people that attend your webinar.

Pre-configured Polls

You can put up the polls you wish to present throughout your webinar when you set up your webinar.

 It allows you to concentrate on the webinar topic while also allowing you to activate the pre-configured webinar poll on-demand and at precisely the correct time.

You'll have the option of a seamless transition to the poll and draw the audience's attention to it at the appropriate time.

You'll have the opportunity to share the results with your audience after the poll is completed. Offering to share the poll results with your participants may encourage them to participate in the survey.

The poll results could be a very compelling live webinar tool for proving and emphasizing specific points regarding the message you're trying to express.

Facebook Community

The webcam video is rendered in superb quality by the video engine.

As a result, the attendees can see the webcam footage.

Support is an essential aspect of any product, and WebinarJam is no exception. The official support is sufficient. But it's WebinarJam booming Official WebinarJam Facebook Community that's more valuable.

It has over 40,000 members who post hosting, webinar marketing, technical recommendations, and people who share their webinar hosting experiences.

Availability for Android and iPhone.

The vast majority of webinar marketers are aiming for B2B clients. B2B professionals, according to Google, spend 3 hours every day on their mobile devices.

Mobile phones are increasingly being used to check email, attend meetings, and even participate in online webinars. So your attendees may effortlessly join your webinar on their Android or iPhones when you use WebinarJam to host it.

When you start a poll or an offer during your webinar, it will appear on the attendees' screens.

So you have complete control over what they see. In addition, you can send SMS text message reminders 15 minutes before the webinar starts to engage your on-the-go attendees better. It will undoubtedly increase the number of people that attend your webinar.

Campaign Management

WebinarJam includes several tools that can help you manage your webinar campaigns, including live room management, customizability on the webinar registration pages, participant engagement, and an analytics dashboard. As a result, you'll have access to marketing tools that will help you improve your sales funnel and keep you ahead of the competition.

More significantly, you'll want to be able to manage your campaigns on WebinarJam, which is very simple. Simply select a date for your live webinar. Things are made furthermore accessible by the above-mentioned flexible scheduling function. With WebinarJam's built-in campaign management tool, you'll always be in complete control.

WebinarJam gives you the power to create and customize webinar campaigns like a pro. Furthermore, regardless of the day, country, or time zone in which your webinar is held, WebinarJam ensures that attendees see a countdown timer that corresponds to their local time zone. It guarantees that they will never miss one of your webinars.

Webinar Scheduling

When it comes to scheduling, WebinarJam gives you a lot of options. You can host a webinar wherever you want. You could, for example, host a webinar:

  • Right Now – go live right away.
  • Scheduled – go live in the future.
  • Recurring Series: It will help you plan a series of webinars repeated regularly.
  • Always-on: Create a separate room for your webinars.

In the following ways, the sessions can be scheduled:

  • One Single Session: You can run many sessions of the same content with One Single Session. As a result, folks will only sign up for one session rather than all of them.
  • Let's say you want to give your audience the option of attending a webinar at a convenient time. On the same day, you can hold a session at 9:00 a.m. and another at 1:00 p.m.
  • Multiple Sessions: You can run many webinars over a few days using Multiple Sessions. You can choose a different date and time combination with this option. They will, however, be combined into a single multi-event presentation.
  • Recurrent Series of Presentations: You may construct a series of webinars with the Recurrent Series of Presentations. The webinars are held on a defined, recurring schedule here.

For example, you could arrange your classes to air every day from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Alternatively, you could schedule your lessons for the entire year on Saturdays at 5:00 p.m. Yes, it's that easy!

People will still need to register only once to access all webinars if they choose this option.

Attendee Management

Attendee management is critical for all events, including before, during, and after.

The procedure may be automated with WebinarJam, making webinar attendee management more accessible and efficient. And that's critical when you're dealing with crowds of up to 5000 individuals in a single session.

WebinarJam may assist with various tasks, like delivering invitations and registration forms to participants, managing secure payment gateways, confirmation, and follow-up emails. It ensures that everything is handled promptly and that your consumers are satisfied. After all, without them, your webinar would be meaningless.

So, what data do you have access to about your registrants?

  • Name and surname
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email
  • Webinar they registered for, the session, and sign-up date.
  • When did they walk into the room, and how long did they stay?
  • Whether or if they purchased something during the webinar, and how much you made from them
  • Whether they discussed in the Replay Room 

Language Compatibility

WebinarJam supports multiple languages. Due to linguistic limitations, businesses miss out on possibilities to communicate with the target audience.

You just have to choose a preferred language, and all of your audience's pages will be translated with a single click.

So, what languages does WebinarJam support? WebinarJam supports a growing number of languages, so keep coming back to see what else is available.

Webinar Recordings

WebinarJam allows you to record webinars easily and offer replica recordings of your live WebinarJam webinars.

You can submit any video or any pre-recorded webinars in addition, to live webinars because WebinarJam is specifically built for businesses that wish to generate cash from webinars.

Furthermore, based on your company's style and demands, you can arrange webinars in private rooms or live streams on YouTube Live and other social media platforms.

If live-streaming isn't your thing, pre-recorded information can be readily incorporated into your webinars. For example, WebinarJam allows you to use slides in a PowerPoint presentation or share your screen to discuss the subject.

You may even broadcast a previously recorded webinar followed by a live Q&A session.

Product Offers

It is one of the aspects of WebinarJam that We particularly enjoy, especially if you're planning to organize a sales webinar.

During the webinar setup stage, you can configure live webinar offerings. First, fill in the forms to create your offer, then preview it before it goes live on your webinar.

Make sure your CTA sends a strong and clear message to your target audience. For example, during the webinar, select ‘Launch offer,' and your offer will appear on the right side of the screen for all guests.

WebinarJam can be used as a sales technique to encourage attendees to take advantage of your offer. 

Consider the following example:

  • To generate a sense of urgency, include a countdown timer.
  • Add an ‘x units left' counter to create a sense of scarcity.
  • whenever someone makes a transaction, display a notification

Panic Button

The Professional and Enterprise Plans have this feature. Your Plan B is the Panic Button. It assists you in overcoming unanticipated technological challenges, such as a frozen screen or a broken microphone.

To reboot the machine, simply press the panic button. The live room will not need to be changed because a whole new one will be set up immediately away. Within 10 to 15 seconds, all presenters and attendees are transferred to the room, allowing you to continue with your broadcast. 


Every business owner wishes to gain a deeper understanding of their clients. It is where robust data analytics can help.

WebinarJam's advanced analytic tools provide you with extensive data that provides in-depth insights about your audience.

What statistics are you able to have at your disposal?

  • Basic webinar conversion flow (total visitors, number of clicks, etc.)
  • Results of a split test on a landing page
  • Rates of email open and registration
  • During your live webinar, track engagement and attendance 
  • During a webinar replay, you may see the number of people who attended.
  • The number of people that rated your webinar 
  • Monetization statistics
  • Audience connectivity quality

You can also examine the quality of the connection your attendees are getting in real-time with WebinarJam 4.0.

With all of this data, you can make better decisions about future webinars, target the most likely leads to purchase and optimize your entire marketing campaign.

Q&A Sessions

You understand that simply conversing with your clients is insufficient. Instead, you want people to talk to you if you want them to engage with you. Remember, that's why you're hosting a webinar rather than settling for video conferencing in the first place.

During your webinar, you can set up a question box where guests can submit questions. It increases client involvement and allows you to clarify any misconceptions attendees may have during the presentation.

To raise their hand, any participant can use the “Request to Speak” button at the top of their chat bar. Then, hover over their name and grant them access to talk when you see their request.

You can remove them from the live room once you've answered their question, and they'll return to being a webinar attendee.

One-Click Registration 

The process of filling out registration forms is complicated for most people. As a result, you'll need a new strategy to assist you in recruiting more individuals. Attending your webinar event does not require your audience to fill out any forms.

You just have to use your email autoresponder service to send an email to your intended audience with the invitation link. That's when the audience will go to the registration page and click the link.

Thank You Page

Your webinar attendees will get a thank you page after registering for the event.

The thank-you page would automatically include information like:

  • Success message
  • The title of the webinar and the name of the host
  • Date, time, and add-to-calendar link for the webinar
  • Personalized text to capture the interest of your potential registrants
  • Teaser video (optional).
  • Like the Landing Page, you can customize the Thank You page template.
  • You can choose from several different WebinarJam Thank You page templates.

Another fantastic feature is the option to survey everyone who has signed up. This tool is helpful if you want to customize the webinar and inquire about your sign-up expectations.

On your Thank You page, you could also conduct a small survey. It provides you with highly personalized information on your webinar participants, which you may discuss throughout the webinar.


Are you one of those who, for whatever reason, frequently miss online events?

We've all experienced missing online sessions due to a single occurrence of not understanding a simple concept.

But what if we told you that you could record your sessions and watch them whenever you want? Second, by second, the ‘Replica Replay' tool assists you. If you repeat the session, you'll see that all of the comments and postings show the same time they did during the live session.

The best thing is that the replay sessions are exact replicas of your real-life experiences, making them vibrant and engaging. Furthermore, you can plan replay rooms according to your preferences and time limits.

You can quickly rewind parts of the segments and take notes on the subjects discussed during the webinar.

Video Injections

You can use WebinarJam to include videos in your presentation. In addition, you may now use pre-recorded segments of your last webinar to guarantee that you engage successfully with all of your guests, particularly those who didn't watch it live.

Injected videos merge effortlessly into your webinar, reducing pauses and technical issues throughout your presentation.

The Always-On Room

The Professional and Enterprise Packs have this capability.

This functionality is a must-have if you need to run repeated live sessions. In addition, the Always-On room is open 24 hours, seven days a week, so you can log in whenever you like. Put another way; you have your room that is always on and ready to conduct webinars whenever you need them. And anyone, at any time, can walk into the room.

It's convenient to use because the webinar settings are preset, the room is always available, and the link never changes.

In addition, the URL contains your company's name. Log into your room and select “Go Live” from the drop-down menu.

The Control Center

The Enterprise Plan comes with this feature. WebinarJam's Control Panel assists you in managing all of your operations.

We understand, however, that managing everything on your own can be overwhelming, from providing presenters access to spark to answering their questions to presenting deals and running surveys.

That's why they have these features to assign event management and supervision to your team. So you can now concentrate on your presentation and create an excellent webinar.

The Control Panel is a separate room where your coworkers and employees can assist with the event's operation.

Page Builder

WebinarJam has beautiful, professional-looking templates for creating high-converting registration pages.

Select a template from the collection and change the text, logo, colors, images, and videos to ensure that everything is consistent with your brand.

WebinarJam's split testing feature allows you to test your landing pages and choose the best one to use throughout your registration process.

So WebinarJam gives you a choice to create your pages from scratch or use one of the WebinarJam library's unique webinar registration sites.

WebinarJam Post-Event Communications

How would you describe a successful webinar?

After the webinar, WebinarJam allows you to communicate with your audience. In addition, it will enable you to assess the effectiveness of your webinars.

You can also talk to attendees and registrants who didn't show up to find out why they didn't show up. It enables you to make changes as needed.

The post-event communication capabilities in WebinarJam are pretty helpful. For example, you can segment your follow-up in a variety of ways.

You can send a separate follow-up email to those who stayed until the end of your webinar and a separate onboarding email to those who only lasted for a few minutes during the live event before leaving or registrants who signed up but never showed up.

It is a crucial strategy to boost your sales conversions!

User-friendly Automations

WebinarJam includes powerful automation tools that are extremely easy to use.

WebinarJam's capabilities allow you to automate your complete procedure from your smartphone or computer easily.

It means you can automate all of the essential webinar actions, such as registration landing pages, reminders, follow-up emails after the webinar, SMS, and more.

Different types of Webinars

WebinarJam is user-friendly and optimized for results. It means WebinarJam allows you to concentrate on your presentation rather than the technical aspects.

It comes with built-in landing pages, email sequences, slide templates, and more to assist you in hosting the following types of webinars:

  • Live Webinar: WebinarJam allows you to organize a standard, live webinar in HD format, as well as effectively interact with your attendees during the live event by replying to comments, providing offers, and questioning them.
  • Automated Webinar: WebinarJam allows you to record live webinars and replay them at any time. This form of a webinar allows your attendees to participate in a live webinar, and it will help you produce more sales without exerting too much effort.
  • Series and summits: WebinarJam also enables you to offer your customers multi-session training. (It is available with the Pro, Plus, and Power plans.)
  • Hybrid Webinar: WebinarJam allows you to play any pre-recorded video while also allowing you to connect with your audience via chat, questions, polls, and offers.

Why should you choose WebinarJam?

We are sure you've worked out that WebinarJam is more than just a webinar service platform by now. WebinarJam's suite of marketing solutions enables business owners to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Following are the reasons you should choose WebinarJam.

Everything in your browser.

 It is something everyone enjoys, whether they're speakers or attendees. WebinarJam can be accessed with any browser, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

You may expect a seamless user experience because there are no downloads or installations.


A powerful automation punch backs WebinarJam. It allows for more efficient webinar production, perfect presentations, and improved audience engagement.

But, in addition to assisting you in conducting and creating live webinar sessions, you may also:

  • Use an in-built auto-responder to send email invitations and reminders, as well as follow-up emails following the webinar.
  • Upload offers 
  • Plan events and sessions.
  • Obtain useful information.
  • There's a lot more.

WebinarJam features several helpful automation options for small businesses. 

Attendee Engagement

Attendee engagement is critical during the webinar. In reality, it has the potential to lead to greater:

  • Interactivity
  • Stimulation
  • UX
  • Brand recognition
  • Generation of leads
  • Conversion rates
  • You can expect to experience all of these advantages and more because WebinarJam excels at audience engagement.

Enhanced Video Definition

WebinarJam provides high-definition video and audio for its webinars. It separates itself from other competitors by ensuring high-tech precision at an affordable price.

You'll have little lag time as long as you have a robust internet connection.

Who Should Use WebinarJam?

Whether you work for a small or medium-sized business or are a startup looking to increase your consumer base, WebinarJam considers all of your needs and provides you with a wealth of valuable, dynamic tools!

WebinarJam is an excellent option for nearly everyone looking for a reliable webinar solution:

  • Educators: Webinars are one of the most effective ways to educate your audience. Use prepared presentations or a whiteboard recording to deliver a practical webinar. Then, it can be displayed on a large screen for everybody to see.
  • SaaS software owners: If you own a SaaS product, you can utilize WebinarJam to show potential customers product demos and work.
  • Enterprises: Enterprises can utilize the Webinar Jam to show investors and a large staff with multiple departments the product roadmap, processes, and other data.
  • Employee training and team meetings: You can utilize this software to train or meet your employees if you have a remote or too large team to assemble in one space.

WebinarJam Pricing Plans

There are three different pricing choices available. Unfortunately, they don't offer a free trial; however, you can try WebinarJam's services for $1 for 60 days.

WebinarJam is a reputable webinar software that offers services at an affordable price.

  • Basic: WebinarJam's most basic plan costs $499 per year. You can have two hosts with this package. Furthermore, each webinar is limited to only 500 participants. You'll also enjoy 24-hour access to their customer service team.
  • Professional: WebinarJam's pro plan costs $699 per year. This subscription includes all of the basic plan features plus the ability to have four hosts and 2000 attendees per webinar. This package also provides access to their support team 24 hours.
  • Enterprise: This package costs $999 per year and is primarily for experts. It is costly, but it is worthwhile for your company because it mainly relies on webinars as a marketing strategy.

Along with all of the capabilities of the previous plans, the Enterprise plan allows you to have six hosts and 5000 guests every webinar.

Final Verdict: Is WebinarJam a good value for money?

WebinarJam's superiority is proven by numerous remarkable features and a large number of favorable reviews and joyful users online.

Furthermore, WebinarJam includes numerous step-by-step video lessons to walk you through the process and help you host a webinar.

It comes with plenty of features that can be put to good use in small, medium, and large organizations. It also includes modern, advanced consumer engagement and interaction features, making it a great addition to your efforts to increase sales and revenue through your webinars.

The most significant part is that you get a 60-day free trial to see if it's perfect for you.

So, go ahead and give it a try!

WebinarJam Alternatives & Competitors

If you're still not convinced by WebinarJam, take a look at these WebinarJam alternatives. 


EverWebinar is a fantastic and powerful webinar software. EverWebinar allows you to organize and automate your webinar film to play at specific times, and it also allows you to replicate the live understanding for clients. EverWebinar is the most user-friendly platform for hosting automated webinars. Everwebinar has it all, with capabilities including live streaming, live chat, email marketing integration, and attendance monitoring.


  • Webinars are simple to set up.
  • System for advanced scheduling.
  • It provides Integration with MailChimp, Kartra, and other services.
  • A webinar that never expires.


  • Integrations with Facebook Live and YouTube Live aren't available.
  • There is no option for an automated webinar.


Demio is one of the most efficient webinar platforms available.

They are by far our favorite WebinarJam option since it is so simple to use, and we know they will do everything they can to provide me with the event experience we desire.

They provide a plethora of marketing tools to assist you in determining which type of presenter or audience member is best suited to your objectives to design an event that everyone will enjoy. Of course, it's ideal for any campaign, but it's beneficial when working with massive companies in corporate sectors.


  • The platform is cloud-based.
  • Analytics built-in
  • Free for 14 days.
  • Support for live chat


  • Sometimes users are unable to connect.

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Is WebinarJam Free Trial available?

Is WebinarJam Easy To Use?

Does WebinarJam Cost Money?

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