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The education sector, in recent times, has experienced a boom in terms of digitization. Sharing information in the different forms of digital means has brought the world closer. Now, the educators are not restrained; the world is their classroom.

Students can now obtain knowledge and skill from anyone around the globe, and the same goes for teachers. Their content and expertise can reach out to a lot more mentees than in the traditional classroom of 50 students.

In order to fulfill this vision, teachers need a platform that can help them structure their vast knowledge base into a digital intellectual property or product. And here is when the online course-building platforms come in handy.   

What is this course-building platform?

An online course-building platform is a digital space where an expert, coach, or educator can convert their wisdom and skill into structured courses that can be shared with students around the world. 

But creating courses is not the only feature it comprises. So, let’s explore our course builder for today Teachable

What is Teachable?

Teachable is a New York based online course-creating and selling platform founded by Ankur Nagpal in 2013 that helps budding coaches and educators to share their expertise and knowledge with students all around the world.   

With 100k plus instructors, Teachable offers the services of creating course sites and course landing pages in the most efficient and elementary form. So, it cannot only create courses for you but also optimize them to increase the conversion rate of customers, eventually resulting in great sales.

Teachable provides its users with any and every integration they need for building, customizing, marketing, managing, tracking and reporting, scheduling, transactional, and monetizing online courses. 

With the vast range of features, you might think it’s a complex system to work with.

Teachable politely replies, “Hell no!”

Teachable uses a simple and subtle interactive dashboard that requires minimal navigation and all the features are right in front of you to explore and utilize. This increases the productivity of the work system, as you can focus more on the content you want to create and share rather than juggle between the components and sections. 

In short, Teachable helps in making the intricate and complex process of creating an online course, publishing, and selling it, as simple and smooth as possible. 


Teachable is a New York based online course-creating and selling platform founded by Ankur Nagpal in 2013 that helps budding coaches and educators to share their expertise and knowledge with students all around the world. 

  • Templates for landing, checkout and thank you pages.
  • Transparent interface and smooth navigation.
  • Unlimited video bandwidth.
  • Unlimited courses and students with every plan. 
  • Add code or link to embed live video sessions.
  • Certifications on course completion.
  • Quizzes for online courses. 
  • Lifetime, subscription, or monthly payment plans for students.
  • Limitations in customization as it requires technical awareness.
  • There’s no in-built marketplace for selling online courses.
  • Lacks the features of organizing learners’ portals or groups for discussion.
  • The transaction fees for the basic plans are high.
  • No in-built sales funnel feature.
  • Limitations in multiple server management.  

Price: $29/year

Who is Teachable made for?

Teachable is an online course-building platform that is open to any and everyone who wants to explore and expand their knowledge about creating an expertise model, but the platform was primarily made to make the process of creating and selling online courses convenient for the following;


The term ‘Edupreneur’ is quite evidently the combination of entrepreneur and educator. Edupreneurs are known for building educational business models by developing ed-tech tools for the advancement of the education sector. 

They have abundant information and expertise to share with their fellow educators and coaches, which can be precisely structured and presented with the help of Teachable features such as online courses, coaching, and live video streaming sessions. 

With Teachable, edupreneurs cannot only share their expertise but can also establish authority in the community of teachers and students with their content, which in return can help in building their business models.  


How can we not mention coaches when we’re adhering to online courses?

Coaches are the fundamental element that brings together insight and teaching attributes for the students and the mentees. This knowledge can be shared on a larger scale with a mass audience through online courses. Where teachers and coaches can interact with the mentees through live sessions and provide additional information through multimedia.

Teachable is one of the best alternatives for coaches who are starting new at the online course process, as it provides a simple step-by-step guideline system and a crisp interface for selling the courses.

E-Learning Authors 

E-Learning authors are online course and course site developers who promote and affiliate with coaches and teachers around the globe to create a unified space for numerous online courses on a niche or on an array of topics.

With Teachable, authors can create online courses and associate with other course creators or coaches and create a site that is diverse, for the students, in content, teaching style and study material. 

Teachable provides seamless management for primary authors and co-authors. Where the primary author can permit the co-authors to manage their student database, course completion tracking and much more under their supervision.        

Teachable Review: The Key Features 

Transparent and Smooth Interface

Teachable offers an uncluttered and simple navigation interface for creating and selling online courses. As you can observe on the left, all the features, including site building, sales analysis, course creation and marketing, are brought together on an interactive dashboard so that you don’t have to juggle between tabs for each feature.


With explanatory support, Teachable offers guidelines as to how the system can be utilized by the beginner audience and especially how the courses are created and published in the public domain for the students to interact with them. 

With the transparent interface, you can easily manage your authors, students, affiliates and coaches in one place. The details of enrollment and course completion are put down for you in an analytical form for easy understanding. You can also access the email automation from the homepage itself. 

Site Building 

Teachable provides assistance in creating a website for your bundled courses so that you can create a better user experience and navigation for your potential students. Following are the few features that you can utilize for developing a site.

Site Building
  • Domain: With Teachable, you can easily link your existing website under a custom domain or create a domain for your course school with minimal Teachable subdomain branding. You can control that as well with the Pro Plan that Teachable has to offer.   
  • Theme: Teachable offers a substantial user interface in terms of branding your site where you can add your logo and background image and other elements of site-building like the color scheme and customizable CTAs and more.   
  • Customization: As you can see below, there are various tools and templates which you can use to create your site or you can create your own templates with code snippets. This in particular, requires a technical knowledge base.
  • Conversion Pages: You can conveniently create landing pages, sales and checkout pages, and thank you and welcome pages for your courses in no time with pre-designed templates and content form builders. Conversions pixel support, author and affiliate payouts, first and last touch attribution Teachable handles it all.
  • Blog: Teachable offers the course creators to include blogs on their course site. With this, course creators can share their expertise on the new developments of the topic, and the students can get additional information and can also discuss the topic in the comment section.

Online Courses

With easy and minimal feature navigation, Teachable provides a seamless system for creating courses with minimum steps to the process and more liberty of content. Creating online courses on Teachable is as uncomplicated as creating a post on a social networking site. As it takes care of the search engine optimized meta descriptions, URLs and page titles under its radar. This helps in conversion rates for all your courses.

Online Courses

Courses are coordinated into sections and lectures, for instance, you created a section titled ‘Introduction to Photography’ which will be subdivided into lectures like ‘Camera Fundamentals’. These lectures can be conveyed in any format of content files such as PDFs, PPTs, textual, video and audio. You can also add a bunch of quizzes to make the course more interactive and responsive from the student's end.

Teachable offers the feature of embedding video streamings and live videos with your course content by adding the developed code or link to the course. For beginner course creators who are not that tech-savvy, this can be a little tricky but with a few guidelines, you are good to go.


Teachable, along with course creation, also offers the element of coaching where the authors or coaches can schedule a one-on-one session with their students. Online courses can be created independently or in a combination of course and coaching where the interaction is more and expertise are exchanged in a conversational manner.


Teachable offers integrations with Calendy and Zoom, so you can easily manage and schedule coaching sessions with a student or a group of students, depending on the nature of your course creation.

Marketing and Management

Teachable is a dedicated platform for creating and selling courses and hence, it takes the process of sales and conversion rates sincerely. With customization and SEO, creating landing pages, sales pages and checkout pages is very secure and convenient. 

Teachable also offers various monetizing alternatives for the course creator some of them being payment plans for the students, discounts/coupons, bundling up the courses and various course landing pages.


With one-time purchase/lifetime purchase, subscription-based or monthly recurring plans, you can easily monetize your course and generate sales from the same. Another way of increasing conversion rates is to attract students with discounts and coupons and create bundles so that with one transaction, the courses are purchased. 

Product Bundles are a great way to drive sales by allowing students to purchase multiple courses or coaching products for a single price. With the upgrade now, you can offer even more products in a single bundle, as the product limit for Bundles has been increased from 50 to 100.

Teachable other than creating and selling online courses, also helps in managing users, affiliates, authors and coaches databases. Along with sales statistics and tracking course completion for the students to automate emails or messages for the same.


Integrations, as the term suggests, is to interact or integrate with other platforms or external software in order to exchange data and services in a two-way approach.  

Having mentioned before, Teachable is not a complex interface system and hence, uses a lot of external tools to keep that going. It has a number of third-party integrations which are very useful in payment methods (even though Teachable has in-built payment options), email marketing, management, analytical reporting, tracking, and scheduling.  

Even though Teachable provides a range of integrations, the primary and most effective integration that also helps in adjoining the others is Zapier. But Zapier is also limited to 100 tasks a month and hence, Teachable has integrations like Sumo, Mailchimp, Segment, and Video Heatmap, which perform the service of marketing, email marketing, analytical reporting and tracking, respectively. 

The latter (Video Heatmap) provides you with information about the following;

  • Parts of the video that are viewed
  • Parts that have been watched multiple times
  • Parts that are not watched or skipped

These sets of tracking information help in making the content better and enhanced with every data projection.

Teachable Pricing Plans

Teachable offers three paid plans billed annually and monthly. It also offers a free plan that offers the basic features of the platform. In order to avail of advanced features like certification and customization of templates, you need to upgrade to the paid plans. 

The free plan includes the following features; 

  • Unlimited students
  • $1 + 10% per transaction
  • Instant payouts 
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited coaching services
  • Product bundles
  • Course design templates
  • 1 admin-level user (admin users include primary owners, owners, and authors.)
  • Product support
  • Third-party integrations (Google Analytics, Sumo, and Segment)
  • Basic quizzes

Now, let’s move on to the paid plans.

The Basic Plan: $39/month or $29/month if billed annually.

Includes everything in Free Plan, plus;

  • 5% per transaction
  • Instant payouts 
  • Members-only community
  • 2 admin-level users 
  • Product support
  • Course creator training 
  • Access to training courses in teachable:u
  • Custom domain support
  • Coupon codes
  • Drip course content
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Third-party integrations (Facebook, Google Analytics, Sumo, Segment, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Zapier Triggers, and Circle.so)
  • Private student community 

The Professional/Pro Plan: $119/month or $99/month if billed annually.

Includes everything in the Basic Plan, plus;

  • No transaction fees 
  • Transactions processed by the Monthly Payment Gateway for schools that were created before 10/9/18 will be subject to a 2% transaction fee.
  • Instant payouts 
  • 5 admin-level users 
  • Priority product support
  • Graded quizzes
  • Advanced reports 
  • On courses, students, videos, and upsells
  • Unbranded website 
  • Course completion certificates
  • Course compliance
  • Integrated affiliate marketing
  • Group coaching calls 

The Business Plan: $299/month or $249/month if billed annually.

Includes everything in the Pro Plan, plus;

  • No transaction fees
  • Instant payouts 
  • 20 admin-level users 
  • Sales.
  • Priority product support
  • Manual student imports
  • Bulk student enrollments
  • Custom user roles
  • Advanced theme customization
  • Group coaching calls 

Of the above, the best plan for a long-term course creator would be The Professional/Pro Plan. It gives a comprehensive featured plan value for the course creators.

Teachable Alternatives & Competitors

There’s no ambiguity that there are various other online course-building platforms in the market which are well established and have a vast set of features too. The dilemma is to choose the right option for your business and we’re here to help you with that.

Let’s discuss a few competitors of Teachable and their attributes against it. 

We’re comparing the alternatives on the following grounds;

  • Price
  • Interface 
  • Student Experience
  • Marketing 

Teachable vs Thinkific

Features Teachable Thinkific
PriceStarts at $39/monthStarts at $49/month 
InterfaceInteractive and intuitive interface with easy navigation and system for creating courses.The interface can be quite overwhelming in terms of navigating around because of the amount of information presented on the homepage
Student ExperienceTeachable provides a seamless student experience with articulate checkout and thank you pages, a gradual learning curve, assessment of certificates and email automation for course completion. Thinkific provides an intricate student experience with welcome and course completion pages, language support and customization of the dashboard.
Marketing Teachable follows the marketing method of bundles, coupons, landing pages, blogs and course payment plans for upselling online courses. Thinkific uses the proposition of paid custom pages, course expiration, memberships and blogs to upsell the online courses.

Teachable vs Kajabi

Features Teachable Kajabi
PriceStarts at $39/monthStarts at $149/month 
InterfaceInteractive and intuitive interface with easy navigation and system for creating courses.An interactive interface with all the features on the dashboard needs extra attention for navigation around and can be time-consuming with a steep learning curve.
Student ExperienceTeachable provides a seamless student experience with articulate checkout and thank you pages, a gradual learning curve, assessment of certificates and email automation for course completion. 
Kajabi is a unified platform to create online courses, communities, memberships and mini-courses all under the same umbrella while providing apt sales funnels and campaigns for the same.
Marketing Teachable follows the marketing method of bundles, coupons, landing pages, blogs and course payment plans for upselling online courses. 
Kajabi Pipelines can help you build a profitable online business that's built to last with built-in automated sales funnels.

Final Verdict: Teachable Review 2024

All in all, Teachable is a great alternative for teachers, coaches, authors and basically anyone who wants to start their journey in online course creation without any complex systemic processes and technically advanced features.

With Teachable, the only thing you need onboard is your expertise and wisdom on the said topic and the rest will be handled efficiently. 


Is Teachable suitable for beginners?

Can I use Teachable for free?

Can I create membership sites with Teachable?

Is Teachable mobile-friendly?

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