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In the modern era of education, teaching and learning are no more restricted to the four walls of a classroom. Knowledge can be obtained from anyone, anytime and anywhere with smart technological devices and platforms. 

Teachers and skilled art coaches from any geographical boundary can now develop courses and content for the students around the globe with powerful and efficient course builders.

Course builders, just like the one we’re about to review for you, are digital platforms that help in creating and sharing specified information of a niche or topic through interactive projects, live or blended classes, assessment rewards, and much more, as they follow a Learning Management System (LMS).

These platforms through their features and services provide a gap regression between the creator and the consumer, here the creator is the coaching expert and the consumer is the students or mentees.

Online courses through these platforms can be created effortlessly for any knowledge base, be it statistical, scientific, or even skilled arts like music, fine arts, or culinary skills.

Having established the space and authority online course builders possess in the market, let’s focus our attention on the course builder of the hour, Thinkific. 

What is Thinkific?


Thinkific is a Canada-based online course builder created by Greg Smith in 2012, that offers a cloud-based unified platform for creating, publishing, tracking, selling, and managing premium content through one centralized control system for your business and brand.

It offers the user various modes of sharing their knowledge and creating secure content with built-in content creation tools and live, on-demand, and blended lessons and in making a real impact on the market with an efficient learning system.

Thinkific also provides features of assessments with comprehensive quizzes, engagement surveys, assignments, exams, and certificates which are rewarded after in-depth reporting of students' progress to validate their efforts.

Other than creating online courses, Thinkific also serves as a platform for community building where you can share ideas, inspiration, and strategy with a community of 50,000+ course creators and memberships which are also a medium for recurring revenue generation. 

As a whole, Thinkific aids in generating online courses with the best content creation tools and CMS (Content Management System).

Acclaimed Customers of Thinkific 

Among the 50,000+ course creators that Thinkific has managed to convince to join hands and create content like no other. Following are a few brands that Thinkific proudly adds as their top trusted customers;

  • BRIT+CO 
  • Samsung 
  • HBO
  • Shopify
  • Intel
  • HootSuite 

Thinkific is a Canada-based online course builder created by Greg Smith in 2012, that offers a cloud-based unified platform for creating, publishing, tracking, selling, and managing premium content through one centralized control system for your business and brand.

  • Provides JavaScript tracking for advanced integrations and tracking.
  • Offers SEO for course page optimization
  • Provide upselling with site-wide subscriptions, add-ons, or non-course items like consulting time.
  • Integration with ActiveCampaign
  • Provides landing page options with a clear call to action and optional promotional videos.
  • Assists in creating individual instructor profiles for multi-course sites.
  • Offers cohort-based courses where you can schedule the course for multiple learners.
  • Lacks sales funnels and campaign management.
  • There's no in-built marketplace for the courses.
  • Limitations in interactive projects.
  • Sometimes the live chat lacks responsiveness.
  • There's no iterated space for gamification of content or site.

Price: $47/year

What Makes Thinkific Different? 

With abundant online course builders on the internet today, it is a tight spot to be in when you have to choose the best one for your business and we are here to make that easy!

Following are a few of the many features Thinkific stands out with;

  • Thinkific App Store with which the user can now create courses on mobile: Thinkific, after being in the market for over a decade, is still revolutionizing its features and services and the best example is its newly launched Thinkific App Store. Where the user can now access all the features and integrations from any digital device to create online courses, websites, apps and much more. It has broadened its horizon and its utility for consumers.
  • One platform that can fulfill all your needs to create the best online course: The course creators, with the use of Thinkific as their course builder, can access an Omnichannel Approach for communication, promotion and distribution of content all through a consolidated platform with order tracking, free trials, emails automation, communities, conversion tracking, membership sites, JavaScript tracking, packaged course offerings, site-wide subscriptions, consulting and retargeting pixel support.
  • Built-in Content Creation Tools to create courses with any content type: Thinkific helps in creating text & HTML lessons, presentations, quizzes, and surveys, among others, directly in the system without having to use external tools. The system provides full support for video, audio, PDF, text, HTML, voice-over slide presentations, and downloadable attachments alongside third-party content tool integrations with Typeform, Google Docs, and others. You can create Live Classes, Videos, Webinars and Documentation all in one place. 
  • Helps in scheduling content, optimizing upsells and checkout payments: The user can approach the drip content feature for scheduling content to slowly release over time for an evergreen-based course structure i.e. a student’s individual sign-up date and cohort-based where there is a fixed date to schedule and keep the students coming back. Thinkific helps you in being flexible by offering payment plans for your courses and setting up your Stripe account in seconds for the safest and most customer-friendly checkout in over 130 currencies in 165+ countries or adding an instant Paypal checkout option for countries without Stripe access.

Thinkific Review 2024– The Key Features 

Now that we know the core elements of Thinkific let's explore the platform for a better learning curve and interface understanding.

Here, I’ll be using the free plan provided by Thinkific that provides the core features of limited courses and unlimited students for 1 site admin account and the additional features;

  • Easy drag and drop Course Builder
  • Full e-commerce
  • Easy to use website templates
  • Email and phone support
  • Thinkific App Store

Let’s take it for a test drive!

A Curated Deep Learning Registration Form

In the following image, you can see that Thinkific provides a registration form that asks the user questions related to their experience in online course creation, background, pre-existing email listing, affiliated organization, and revenue to understand how familiarised the user is with the concept of course creation which helps in developing a curated LMS (Learning Management System).

Registration Form

Simple and Intuitive Interface and Navigation

The main interface comprises all the essential features, from creating a course to selling it, right where you need them for a seamless workflow. The navigation around the site is very accessible and compact, which helps in waiving distractions as a beginner. When you scroll down, it offers a tutorial through videos and an automated help desk.


The features you can observe here are;

  • Manage Learning Content 

This is further divided into five subsections,

  1. Courses – where you can start creating your course.
  2. Categories – segmentation of the courses you’ve made before.
  3. Instructors – management of instructors’ profiles for all your courses.
  4. Video Library – manage the videos you’ve created for the courses.
  5. Share Revenue – revenue segregation for your bundles.
  • Design Your Site
  • Market and Sell
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Support Your Students

All these features will be discussed in detail ahead. 

Now we narrow down the interface to the page where we can create our first course. You can follow the navigation of ‘Manage Learning Content’ – ‘Courses’ on the main page and you will be redirected to the following page.

Create A Course

Here, you can find a simple interface that brings you to all the necessary elements you will need to create a course from scratch. Those are as follows:

  • Curriculum 
  • Bulk Importer
  • Drip
  • Pricing
  • After Purchase 
  • Publish 

The summary of the core features goes as, 

The curriculum is where you input the base knowledge of your course structure and with Bulk Importer, as the name suggests, you can add as much multimedia that supports the list of 50+ formats provided in the system.    

The Pricing feature assists you in creating paid or membership online courses and you can check the status of your draft and publish your course on the site with the Publish feature. The interface also helps you preview your course before publishing it from the perspective of a student.

Drip Content and After Purchase are not available as a part of your free plan and you will have to upgrade in order to access those. The Drip feature helps you in scheduling your course or a specific part of your course and the after-purchase feature is a user experience forum for the students who have opted for your paid courses only.

Supports All Multimedia for Creating Courses 

In order to create a course, you need access to all the different types of multimedia and Thinkific gives you any and every medium for creating content, from videos and audios to surveys and quizzes.

Let’s take a look at how each of them is created. 


Thinkific offers various content creation tools that help in creating content easily and efficiently without any hassle. It also provides lesson settings for each lesson such as free preview and creating a forum for discussions.

All the information you need is at your fingertips. Access detailed guides, videos, and find answers to all of your questions in our comprehensive support forum and training site.

With over 250+ font styles and a powerful page editor creating a course is like a breeze. Video and audio support for presentations is a very helpful feature as you can combine as much additional information as possible. Conducting surveys and quizzes is so convenient with Thinkific as it provides various modes of creating questions and gives real-time feedback to the students.

Advanced Progress Tracking and Management

Thinkific provides a deep learning system for tracking progress and managing the course for the students and also creates a better user experience in terms of representing the course and its content.

Enhance your learner’s experience with a platform designed for students. Includes clear student progress indicators, unlimited replays of course material, and flexible video playback control features. The clear curriculum-forward navigation supports student progress through individual chapters and lessons. Conventional online courses often suffer from low completion rates. Thinkific’s user-focused design leads to industry-leading course completion.

Monitor individual & group completion rates to identify opportunities for course updates, and students who need extra support. View completion rates, cohorts, individual student progress, etc.

Here’s how your students will view a course that you've created on Thinkific.

Progress Tracker

Analytical Reporting  

Thinkific assists businesses and coaches by providing a detailed, in-depth report for revenue, orders, enrollments, and student engagement through contextually visualized graphs, pie diagrams, and tables. 

The data is divided into various variables for the enrollment category such as product type live, on-demand or blended, course and group name, the percentage of completion of the course, email IDs of the students and others. The data can be as detailed as enrollments by the hour to by the year.

The data in terms of revenue generation is segmented as product name and type, payment provider, payment type and currency, customer type and customer email and affiliate email. The duration of data remains the same here as well, from an hour to a year. 

Insightful information on your sales and students gives you the detail you need to improve your content and optimize marketing efforts. Built-in analytics as well as integrated analytics via Mixpanel and Google Analytics.


Customizable Landing Page Builder

Choose from one of Thinkific's landing page options with clear calls to action and optional promotional videos or use your own landing page to maximize purchase conversions.

Direct students to individual courses or to your complete categorized course catalogue for a fully online school experience. Launch courses that can be purchased at any time, with each student working through the course on their own.

Add courses to any existing website, including WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Virb, and custom sites. Customize header links to connect to related websites. Add additional customizable pages to your site, which are great for things like an FAQ or About page. Personalize your included URL or use your own custom domain for a completely branded student experience.

Website Builder

Centralized Student Control Panel 

Thinkific assists in understanding your data with comprehensive segmentation that enables you to sort students by course completion status, signup dates, enrollment details, and much more.

Reward your students with automated certificates based on successful course completion and minimum passing grades.

Stay informed of new enrollments, sales, and student progress with your site overview dashboard. Develop relationships and trust with customized and automated welcome and course completion emails. Create invitation-only courses

Add additional site administrators to fully manage all aspects of your Thinkific site, students, and data. Configure multiple course administrator accounts to allow others to create and edit courses on your site. Track and pay multiple instructors for the sale of any course or bundle on your site with our configurable revenue-sharing system. The Thinkific API allows developers to programmatically access and manage your Thinkific site.

Student Panel

Thinkific Pricing | How Much Does Thinkific Cost? 

Thinkific provides three paid plans that are billed monthly and yearly according to the needs of the business and the user. And it also offers a free plan, the one we’ve used to showcase all the features, which consists of the core features with limited courses and unlimited students.

  • The Basic Plan: $49/month and $39/month if billed yearly.

Included Features

  • Unlimited courses, students, and content
  • 1 site admin account
  • Includes all Free features plus,
  • Live Chat support
  • Custom domain
  • Coupons & Promotions
  • Drip (scheduled) content 
  • One-to-One Student Email
  • Thinkific Academy Basic Courses
  • The Pro Plan: $99/month or $79/month if billed yearly.

Included Features 

  • Unlimited courses, students, and content
  • 2 site admin accounts
  • Priority Support
  • Private & hidden courses
  • Subscription & Flexible Pricing 
  • Completion Certificates
  • Single Communities
  • Live lessons 
  • Advanced Course Building 
  • Thinkific Academy Pro Courses
  • The Premier Plan: $399/month or $499/month if billed yearly.

Included Features

  • Unlimited courses, students, and content
  • 5 site admin accounts
  • Includes all Free, Basic, and Pro features
  • Groups
  • Onboarding package 
  • 15 Group Analysts
  • Unlimited Communities
  • Brillium exams integration
  • White labeling 
  • API access

Final Thoughts: Thinkific Review April 2024

To summarise, Thinkific is an intuitive online course creating a platform with advanced features that can help coaches and educators in developing the best versions of their content in a structured format. Not only courses, but they can also create sales and landing pages for their business website which can help in increasing their conversion rate.

Other than creation, Thinkific also provides a vast range of features in controlling the user database, completion and enrollment data, and tracking communities and student activities. It helps by providing contextual visual analysis and reporting.

Hence, Thinkific is a great choice if you’re a professional course creator or educator teaching online, as you need to be familiarised with a few concepts and need an affordable platform for the same.

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