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We are at the revolutionary phase of AI where advancements and discoveries in machine learning are constant and miraculous. Artificial Intelligence has created a prevalent spot in any and every field of work and now has even taken over content writing.

Yes, we’re living in the future with AI Content Writers!

AI Content Writers are exactly what they sound like, automated systems that can generate content in bulk at half the time of what a content writer would normally take.

AI Content Writers are skillful and efficient in the generation of error-free and factually accurate content, which can be very helpful in creating legal documents, market reports, product descriptions, press releases, and other various business purposes. 

Where creating factual information is a piece of cake for an AI content writer, they are equally affluent in generating creative writing such as articles, blog posts, poems, narrative stories, lyrics, etc. And such a job is of a copywriter.

A copywriter needs to create engaging yet market-optimized content on a daily basis which can be tedious. 

Enter, AI Copywriting Tools!

These automation tools or software work on the primary technologies of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). Where NLP refers to the transformation of human voice or input data into text and words. And NLG is the machine learning attribute that engenders the transmuting of the structured and fact-driven data from NLP to narrative and conversational content.

As complex as it sounds, it’s actually very easy and convenient to use. 

To get a better idea, let's explore our flag-bearing AI Copywriting Tool, Anyword!

What is Anyword?

Anyword is a New York-based Copywriting AI platform founded in 2013 by Yaniv Makover that generates and optimizes marketing text by combining language models for social channels, websites and ads. It helps marketers to create SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free copies and emails to help them meet their goals. 

It evaluates both AI and human-generated text to provide marketers with content that resonates with their target audiences. The AI-generated text adds on with a predictive analysis scoring system that ranks copy variations, foreseeing the outcome before launching a campaign.


The Anyword artificial intelligence can be trained as the copywriting tool to write copy in your brand voice, similar to your competitors, or similar to your top-performing live ads. It also provides continuous optimization of copies. Where it automatically optimizes on-site copy to display the right message to the right audience at the right time.

With Anyword’s proprietary “Content-to-Capture” ad format, generate more leads with zero additional efforts and create a gated content experience within the Facebook feed increasing conversion rates by up to 30% on lead generation campaigns.it provides a high volume of traffic without compromising on user quality.

To summarize, Anyword is a comprehensive and multi-service digital platform for marketers and copywriters.


Anyword is a New York-based Copywriting AI platform founded in 2013 by Yaniv Makover that generates and optimizes marketing text by combining language models for social channels, websites and ads.

  • Provides A/B testing or split testing
  • SEO-friendly content that incorporates keywords for a high conversion rate.
  • Plagiarism checkers.
  • Advanced AI language that works for all types of content and it is simple to generate winning copies.
  • Appealing and convenient tools for creating CTAs and making use of the AIDA and PAS framework.
  • Predictive analysis with a scoring system.
  • Limitations of features in the basic plan and the proceeding plan are comparatively costlier which is concerning.

Price: $19/month

Anyword Review 2024: The Key Features

Having established the core features and properties of Anyword, let’s take a closer look at how the AI copywriting tool works and creates content.

Here, I’ll be using the free trial provided by Anyword, which includes 5,000 free words and all of the features that are available in our $399/m Business Plan, which are as follows;

Included Features

Simple and Crisp Interface 

With the various features that Anyword provides under its umbrella, it parallelly maintains the gradual learning curve for the user. The interface uses a sectional approach to depicting content creation templates. 


Whether you want to create an ad campaign for Facebook, or you want to create a post for Facebook, or it’s just a promotional message or email, Anyword provides it all with just a few clicks. 


The system is straightforward and transparent in terms of navigation which is a well-thought notion for beginners and laymen. In order to create a project, you just have to put in your digital product type as in, promotion of a product or content and add the industry and the rest will be taken care of.

Text Variations

Anyword provides the generation of multiple text variations and suggestions for your content in bulk, like headlines and product descriptions which are designed to engage and convert. Generate different versions of existing text to find the most effective wording.


Choose from multiple creative variations seamlessly. Test different messages for every channel and predict performance. Get writing ideas, craft highly engaging copy, and get immediate feedback to predict impact before posting.


Anyword uses the traditional and most effective content creation formula. AIDA. Which stands for ‘- Attention, Interest, Desire, Action’. Here, the content variations are created in the steps of;

  • How to attract attention?
  • What can develop their interest?
  • Transmission of desire
  • What can they do to achieve this desire?

Here, in this variation, you see those questions being answered.

  • Attention Have you heard? CK just launched a brand new fragrance!
  • Interest We're so excited to introduce our newest men's fragrance, Courage.
  • Desire Courage is masculine and powerful. (Now the viewer desires to be courageous)
  • Action Available in stores and online today!


Where AIDA follows the conventional approach of emotions and creating a connection, PAS i.e. Perfect Automated Schema follows a chronological order where performance is the major and primary objective. Anyword with these content generation tools provides the liberty of choice in text suggestions. 

PAS can be considered as a cognitive system where the ability of the performance, process and purpose is judged in the content for better results. Here the formula that is used to derive the best text is PAS that is;

  • P – Problem
  • A – Agitation of the problem
  • S – Solution

Here, the variation that is mentioned follows this formula;

  • Problem What does he want?
  • Agitation Maybe you've spent countless hours studying his moods, picking up on subtle hints…
  • Solution –  Enter Calvin Klein's latest creation: the courage perfume. 

Keyword Incorporation

With Anyword, you can instruct the AI to mention common promotions such as new arrivals, free shipping, limited offers and more. Include relevant keywords you want the AI to use in its text suggestions.

These keywords will enhance the overall credibility of your content which you can observe in the predictive scoring. Optimize more campaigns in less time and generate highly-effective copy, personalized to different audience segments, at scale.

Content Writing Tools

Anyword offers three advanced writing tools that help you make your content more engaging, readable, and articulate. They are as follows;

  • The Content Improver: The Content Improver is a tool that helps in making your content more engaging and accessible by scrutinizing the meaning, words and tone of the text. This helps you create a relatable content piece for your customers so they can easily get your pitch and idea.

Here, you can see how the same content was made more engaging.

  • The 5th Grader Mark: This tool works with the motto that ‘Good writing can be understood by anyone.’ Hence, by the name itself the tool iterates that content is made more immaculate and simple in terms of understanding and evaluating.

Here, you can observe how the same content is simplified in terms of ideation.

  • The Sentence Expander: The Sentence Expander, as the name suggests, converts your idea or thought into a contextually sound content piece that has all the elements you need in a good description for your product. 
5th Grader Tool

Here, you can witness how a combination of 20 words was converted into a product description.

Predictive Analysis and Performance Scoring 

Anyword assists and provides the means to validate the potential of every message with an immediate predictive performance score. With this analytical system, you can get an idea of how relevant and optimized the variation or text suggestion is. 

You can see an example below. 


The first text variation scores 67 on the relevance scale and the second one scores 46. With such an advanced deep learning machine it is easy to optimize your content before launching. And Anyword helps the marketers here.

What Can You Create with Anyword?

Anyword provides a copywriting solution that generates high-performing copy for every channel and format for not only marketers but also affiliates and publishers with powerful content creation tools, page editors, advanced SEO markers and plagiarism checkers. 

Let’s explore the various creations that are possible with Anyword Copywriting AI.

  • Ad Copy: You can connect your ad accounts with Anyword and choose from multiple modes, incorporate keywords and promotions, and rewrite copy to target your key demographics.
  • Landing/Product Pages: With Anyword, turn your visitors into customers by generating and optimizing headers, sub-headers, product descriptions, CTA buttons.
  • Blog Posts: Anyword helps you in generating complete, well-written, organized and engaging blog posts with incorporated keywords with a few clicks of the mouse. 
  • Email: With Anyword, entice your audience to read your content by generating precise, concise, and engaging emails.
  • SMS: Anyword helps in creating well-crafted text messages that will motivate your audience to engage and purchase faster.

Anyword Pricing Plans

Anyword provides three plans, and a free plan to understand the interface, according to the utility of the user or business, which are as follows;

Each plan integrates with the following;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Taboola
  • Outbrain
  • Verizon
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Included Features 

  • 1000 words per month In order to increase the number of words per month, you need to pay an extra amount. Pricing levels for the words are 35,000, 100,000, 165,000 and 240,000.
  • 25 supported languages
  • Blogs, Social ads, Landing pages, Emails, Product listings
  • Chat and ticket support

Data-Driven Basics

Starts at $99/month or $79/month if billed annually for 1 seat.

Data-Driven Unlimited

Starts at $399/month or $239/month if billed annually for 5 seats.

Included Features 

  • Unlimited words
  • Predictive score and analytics
  • 25 supported languages
  • Blogs, Social ads, Landing pages, Emails, Product listings
  • Dedicated customer success manager

The Enterprise Plan

Anyword helps you to use your historical data and brand guidelines to create a customized model for your brand and audience. The pricing depends on the seats and features chosen. 

Included Features 

  • Connect Anyword to your social accounts, ad accounts and website
  • Your custom models continuously learn what's working and what's not
  • Custom number of seats
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Unlimited words
  • Predictive score and analytics
  • 25 supported languages
  • Blogs, Social ads, Landing pages, Emails, Product listings

Final Verdict: Is Anyword Worthy for Copywriters?

With the advancement of AI, there is no doubt that there are many competitors in the market in terms of AI copywriting. But, Anyword stands out with its dedicated content creation system and the predictive performance scorer. 

The copywriters, with the help of deep learning in the identification of tones, customization of templates, powerful content writing tools, and formulaic text variations, can now easily generate content in bulk. It also saves a lot of their time because Anyword can generate 10 variations at a time.

And for marketers, it is convenient to have ad campaigns that are SEO-friendly and premium quality content with a high conversion rate. Marketers can also get a foreseen idea of how the campaign will perform in the market and on the channels with the help of predictive analysis.

In short, Anyword is your multi-service platform for creating high-quality ad campaigns for your business.

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Who is Anyword suitable for?

Will AI replace copywriters?

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