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AI Content Writers are writing the future!

We’re living in an age where artificial intelligence has taken over every field of work. Business, advertising, education, medicine, you name it and AIs for that field are built in no time. With the exemplary advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, creating and developing ideas has never been this easier. 

This wave also struck the content writers hard. AI Content Writing Tools, at large, have created an extensive impact on copywriters, bloggers, and even authors.

This software uses the primary technologies of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). Along with NLP and NLG, AI content writers also use GPT-3 i.e. Generation Pre-trained Transformer – 3.

GPT-3 is an automated language model that uses the deep learning approach to understand the context and tone of the content being created or to be created is. Many AI content writers have started using this model to assist content writers and copywriters. 

Having discussed the fundamentals of AI Content Writing Tools, let’s shift our focus to your potential writing partner and assistant, Shortly AI.

What is Shortly AI?

Shortly is an AI writing assistant that helps content writers generate ideas and write content at scale. It’s a web-based tool that can be accessed from anywhere and it doesn’t require any installation. It can be used by anyone who needs to generate ideas for blog posts, articles and more.

Shortly AI is an AI-powered content writing platform founded by Qasim Munye in 2020 and has been recently acquired by Conversion.ai, which uses the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer-3) language model of deep learning with which you can create human-like texts in no time.

With Shortly AI, converting your thoughts and ideas into actual text formats has never been this easy. You just have to jot down your idea and the ShortlyAI will do the rest for you.

Whether you are writing your next best-selling novel or a blog post for your website, ShortlyAI will help you turn your thoughts into well-written paragraphs within seconds.

Shortly AI uses machine learning to understand the context of your ideation and the tone of the article in which you want it to continue writing. You can generate content from as simple as headlines to as complex as long-format texts and articles.


In generating content that vast, it is important to have factual information and original content on that topic which ShortlyAI performs with ease.  

Now, the question is does the content generated by ShortlyAI check pass the plagiarism checkers?

Indeed! Shortly AI creates content that is original in any and every form and hence, can pass the plagiarism checkers with ease. You do not have to worry about your content being stale. 

In short, ShortlyAI is a comprehensive featured AI Content Writer that can produce content with ease in absolutely no time. 


Shortly is an AI writing assistant that helps content writers generate ideas and write content at scale.

  • Easy and distraction-free interface.
  • Produces content x10 faster than a traditional content writer.
  • Slash commands that enhance the user interface.
  • Best for long-formatted content like blogs and articles.
  • Can generate a creative story narrative with a few guidelines in no time.
  • Strong integration with Grammarly and WordTune.
  • Helps in generating ideas for stories and plays.
  • Limitations in integration for content creating tools.
  • The content produced can be out of context and make no sense quite a few times. 
  • Only supports the English language 
  • The free trial limits the use of the ‘Write for Me’ feature to four times which is less for understanding an interface.

Price: $65/month

Why choose Shortly AI?

With a boom in the AI Content Writing Tools, it is difficult to choose the right option for your content generation and we’re here to make that simple for you!

Following are the features that help ShortlyAI stand out;

Fits easily in your work system

  • There’s no doubt that you need an assistant that can make your work system more efficient and hassle-free with their contribution. Shortly AI is that assist for you. With its minimalistic content generation approach, it fits perfectly in any arrangement. 
  • The one thing that can enhance the experience more is integration with other tools and software, which ShortlyAI, unfortunately, lacks. It, till now, only integrates with Grammarly and WordTune.

Fast and efficient 

  • As important as content generation is, content delivery is of equal power. You need the content to be produced fast and efficiently in terms of understanding the context of the ideation. 

Create content for different purposes

  • With ShortlyAI you can create content for various purposes like blogs, articles, posts, story narratives, technical and legal documents, etc under the same roof.

Creative writing ability

  • Shortly AI helps in creative writing as well. Where you can put in a few keywords or guidelines like character background and it will create a story outline for your ideated thoughts. 

Shortly AI Review 2024: The Key Features

Let’s explore some major features one by one.

Minimal is More

Shortly AI is the definition of the ‘Minimal is More’ ideology. The interface is so exceptionally simple that a 5-year-old can create long-format content. The features of the software are put in a column in the simplest form.


The blank canvas holds about 75% of the interface, so you can easily expand or redo the content. Without any UI distracting the process you can choose the length of your content, the keywords you want your article to possess and the big ‘Write for Me’ button which you can click as many times as you want.

Get What You Want 

Shortly AI performs on the deep learning or machine learning of GPT-3 automated language model where the software understands what you are aiming to produce and gives you exactly that!

For instance, you can just type in or voice command “Can you suggest any headlines for CRM systems” or “What is CRM” or “Features of CRM” and you will get your produced content accordingly.

ShortlyAI increases productivity and originality as it does not use any template-based or use case-based system. Here, you can create as much and any kind of content.

Natural and Efficient

As mentioned before, ShortlyAI can easily fit in your workflow without having to go through the navigation around the features and with the ‘Write for Me’ feature, you can keep creating content at x10 faster speed while preserving the originality. 

When you click the ‘Write for me‘ button, your AI looks at everything you have written in that document so far (including the title) and uses that to write the next sentence or paragraph for you.

So, if you have to create long-format articles on a daily basis, ShortlyAI works as your helping partner or an assistant that can reduce the time and give more content. Start writing the first few words of a sentence and just lead your AI and let it finish your thought.

Long Length Format 

With ShortlyAI, you can control the amount of content being generated at once with the Handy Slider. In a go, it can generate up to 500-800 words, at its full-length capacity, in less than a minute, which is sublime.

And hence, ShortlyAI is a great alternative for creating long-length format content styles such as blogs, articles, stories, plays, business documents and legal documents.


Text Commands 

Text commands are instructional features for your AI. Slash commands are a powerful way for you to interact with your AI. You can use slash commands to rewrite, shorten, or expand your sentences, and more.

ShortlyAI offers keyboard shorts for these commands, which enhances the content creation experience. You do not have to navigate around for the features or tools, you can just highlight and use the slash commands. You can add ‘+++’ or ‘’ signs to add or remove keywords from the text.

For instance, type or voice command “Intermediate Fasting”, highlight and press Ctrl+Enter and ShortlyAI will start writing for you.

The slash commands are as follows;

  • /instruct – Ctrl+Enter
  • /rewrite – Ctrl + P
  • /expand – ]
  • /shorten – [

*Highlight the text before using the keyboard shortcuts.


Original Content 

We have often come across this question, “Can these texts pass the plagiarism checkers?” and the answer in a blink is, Yes!

ShortlyAI produces original content after understanding what you have previously written or the guidelines you have provided it with and hence, this content is plagiarism-free. And if there is even a slight chance of plagiarized content, you can rectify it on Grammarly, which is integrated with Shortly AI. 

You can create and publish the articles generated on ShortlyAI, after running a few contextual checks, without any hesitation!

How to Write Article using ShortlyAI?

Having discussed all the features of Shortly AI, let’s put it to the test and how it actually generates content!

Here, I’m using the free trial provided by ShortlyAI for 3 days and it contains all the features availed by the software with limited use of ‘Write for Me’ feature i.e only 4 times.


Creating content on ShortlyAI is child’s play!


You start with entering a title for your article. If you don't have one, no worries! Shortly AI can help you write that as well with various suggestions at once. You can choose from the given suggestions as it is, or mix match and create your own. 

Article Brief

You can add a few features or your requirements to the article in the ‘Article Brief’ section. This helps the software understand what the user wants and what tone is required for the content. ShortlyAI also provides text commands, so you can just instruct to write the specified features or definitions by using slash commands. 

For instance, you can type or voice command “What is CRM?”, highlight the text and press 

Ctrl + Enter, and ShortlyAI will start writing immediately.

Article Brief serves as the outline of your blog or article which helps in creating a more chronological structured content base.

Other than Article Brief, Slash commands are also a great feature for leading your AI.

As we’ve established before, slash commands are nothing but your helping elves. They help you in enhancing your content and give a background to the AI. Some of the commands that you can use are

  • /instruct, /rewrite, /shorten and /expand
  • ‘+++’ to add keywords, more the signs, more the weightage. And ‘-’ to reduce the usage of a particular word.
  • You can also use ‘///’ to break the repetitive structure of content by adding it before the new paragraph.

If the content produced is not what you wanted, you can instruct the software and lead it at every given point. For example, instruct the software to create an outline for your article by typing “Create an outline for a CRM article” and pressing Ctrl+Enter. You can start writing a sentence and let ShortlyAI complete it for you by clicking ‘Write for Me’.

Article Brief

With Shortly AI, you can control the generation of your article at its core element. 

You can shorten, expand or rewrite the content with slash commands. These features help in creating an immaculate article.

Output Length 

With the Handy Slider provided by ShortlyAi, you can control the level of content being created at once. This helps in editing and reshaping the content at the base level itself.


You can redo the content if the content produced is not right which is easier if the content created is less. And if it is a technical article, you use the full capability of the software and create content at a higher word value at once.

Shortly AI Pricing Plans

ShortlyAI provides two paid plans that are billed monthly and annually and can be canceled at any given time.

  • Monthly – $79/month 
  • Yearly – $65/month 

Both plans comprise all the features and integrations. 

Final Verdict: ShoartlyAI review 2024

To summarize, with various other AI Content Writing Tools available on the internet, it's a neck-to-neck competition as to which one is the best for your work system.

Where other software has complex features, creating content on ShortlyAI is exceptionally subtle and easy, which is exactly how an AI Content Writer should be.

Other than a few drawbacks of integrations, ShortlyAI is the best alternative to write long-length format text in half the time taken by a content writer.

So, if you need an assistant that makes your writing more engaging and accurate, ShortlyAI is your mate!

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