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Have you been working really hard to create the best content for your customers on Instagram but haven’t received any reciprocation? 

Wondering why? Let’s get a better understanding of Instagram algorithms before we help you expand your business and answer the question, how to grow followers on Instagram organically.  

According to the recent reports by CNBC, Instagram has surpassed the number of 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. Now that’s a heavy hit. However, most of these users primarily access Instagram to surf and share content with their followers and hence, the engagement with content is minimal. 

As a business or content creator, you need to stand out with your campaigns and idea compositions. Now you may say that you have been developing the best of the content but still are not getting that much engagement or gain in followers on Instagram. The possible reason for that could be not providing enough attention to the Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is a statistical data collection process wherein the users, on the basis of their likes, pages they follow and the keywords most visited, are shown content that they might enjoy viewing. It may sound simple for the users, but the content creators have a tough time making their content Instagram-friendly. 

Now to answer the question, how you can gain more followers on Instagram and scrutinize the algorithm, we have curated a list of 11 Creative Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram organically.

Let’s dive right into it!

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2022

  • Reform Your Instagram Page
  • Understand Your Target Audience
  • Build A Brand Story
  • Consistent Content Delivery
  • Diversify Your Content Matter
  • Maintain Feed Symmetry
  • Optimize Hashtags, and Tagging
  • Engage With Your Followers
  • Cross Channel Promotions
  • Content Pillars Of Your Brand
  • Collaborations

#1. Reform Your Instagram Page 

Let’s start with the basics of an Instagram page that aims at growing followers and expanding the brand. As you can see from the above image, Instagram has a simple interface where you can provide a brief description of business, product and service. Under the category of service, we can also consider the content creators and bloggers.  

how to gain Instagram followers
  • Username

For easy accessibility of your brand, it is best that you choose a username that collides somewhere near your business. If you have a unique or abbreviated name, make sure to have a keyword-friendly bio that specifies your range of products.

  • Bio/Description

A bio is a succinct description of your brand, the value proposition for the user and the unique component or additional information of your business or brand. This particular part of the Instagram page develops reliability among your potential customers and followers, and hence, priority should be given to bio descriptions.

  • Website/Social Media Links

Instagram can be your gateway to introducing your business to new customers; hence you can add links to your landing or checkout pages.    

  • CTAs

Give accessibility for your followers and visitors to connect and contact you if needed. CTAs (Call To Action) is a great way to know which visitors are interested in your brand.

You can link your email or contact number to your Instagram page and add the ‘Message’ toggle to connect with your visitors on Instagram through the ‘Direct Message’ feature.

#2. Understand Your Target Audience 

To create content, you need to analyse the market and your audience with your content.

As mentioned before, the Instagram algorithm works to share content with the users according to their liking; hence, to create content, you need to know your potential consumers and audience. 

Following are the few aspects you can consider to know your audience better.

  • Demographic Research

Demographic research refers to structural details and study of mass or targeted audience. Some of the factors you cover here are age, gender, ethnicity, geographic location.

Credit – https://www.statista.com/statistics/248769/age-distribution-of-worldwide-instagram-users/

These details help you find your target audience and generate appropriate content for your targeted audience. To get this information, you can access the in-built Instagram Insights feature that helps you understand your audience in depth. 

  • Ideal Activity Time

The Instagram algorithm, just like the other social media platforms, works on the activity timing of the users.

By this, we suggest initially posting thrice a day in different time slots for a month or two, and then you analyse your best-performing posts to understand what time of the day most of your audience is active.

You can now start scheduling your posts according to that time frame with this information. This will help you engage better with your visitors and is an effective approach on how to get followers on Instagram. 

  • Preference of Content

Once you collect enough information on your visitors and followers, you can start segregating the interactions and post insights for the most popular posts on your account.

This information will help you determine which content performs best for Your business and audience. However, don’t compromise the quality of your content for likes and interactions because you want to gain your Instagram followers organically at the end of the day.

#3. Build A Brand Story

Now that we have covered the aspects of understanding your audience, let’s move on to building a story or flow of your brand on Instagram.

It goes without saying that you need to create an engaging and attractive content collection to resolve the how to get Instagram followers query. 

To help you build a story for your brand, we have listed a few aspects you can consider while creating content. 

  • Motive

When we say ‘Motive’, we are talking about your campaign and the motto of your brand. Take, for example, if your brand sells handbags made out of microfiber by eliminating the leather while preserving its feel, your motive is to provide an alternative for leather.

This motive can be showcased as the brand story on a large scale as it is a USP (User Selling Point) of your business.

If you are an artist or a content creator, you can follow this aspect by pestering your skilled art like music, dance, painting in a conversational way.

For instance, create photo features, reels, IGTV, and image galleries to attract the visitor's attention with your campaigns and skills. This will help in developing relevance with your potential followers.

  • Value Proposition

When creating content matter, you need to specify what value proposition your products are giving the visitors and followers. By value proposition, we mean how the products or services will help or enhance the visitors’ experience. 

For businesses, it is simple. Just mention the features and advantages of your products and services with the customer experience, and you are good to go. However, it can be a hustle for content creators as your content speaks for itself.

You need to create content that intensifies your motive. For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, the value proposition for your audience can be upcycling old clothes into new ones or using the same outfit in 3 different ways. 

  • Key Features 

This aspect of building a brand story is directed towards businesses that need proposals on how to gain Instagram followers.

Business accounts on Instagram often are observed to miss the element of sharing the best attributes of their products and services on their page, which can lead to miscommunication or no provision for further information, leading to loss of interest. 

#4. Consistent Content Delivery

Having discussed the aspects of content creation, let’s focus on keeping our followers interested and attracting new ones by appearing on the explore page and increasing the page’s reach. This can be achieved by managing your content delivery.

  • Content Calendar

As the name suggests, a content calendar refers to a content manager. You can easily plan out your posts’ delivery and maintain a connection with your followers. If you post once a month, the algorithm will consider you inactive, and your posts might not achieve reach.

You can use the free templates provided by Pinterest and Canva to create a personalized content calendar. If you need professional assistance with social media managing, you can opt for Asana or Hootsuite.

how to grow Instagram followers
  • Analysis Content Creation 

Once you plan out when you want to deliver your posts, you can manage your content creation accordingly. Try to create as many posts at the start of the week as you are not burdened with tasks.

  • Scheduling 

You can also schedule your posts beforehand with scheduling tools like Buffer, Later, Zoho Social, and more.

These tools help you set a time and deliver your post without hassle, so you don’t miss your user activity timings.

Tailwind is a great platform for content scheduling.

#5. Diversify Your Content Matter

The meaning of the term content has changed and diversified with the changing internet trends.

Even though blogs and columns are considered entertainment and information sources, video content is a boom right now and it is imperative for a business to be aware of such changes and evolve accordingly.

Diversifying your content also helps in maintaining a balance of information and you can explore more mediums of visual content.  

Following are a few content-sharing mediums that can be accessed to attract visitors and gain more Instagram followers.

how to gain more Instagram followers
  • Reels and IGTVs

Instagram offers a separate section for creating videos where if your content is less than two minutes it will be a reel (short video) and any video that surpasses that is an IGTV. 

IGTV can be used for tutorials, interviews, reviews and more whereas reels are a medium to share information in brief.

For instance, 5 Reasons To Invest In Stocks is the quick and short content type and interviewing a stock market analyst is long-format content. 

  • Quotes/Motivational Captions
  • Re-visit Past Events and Achievements
  • Use Stories for Daily Updates and Interaction
  • Share Factual Knowledge About Your Industry
  • Opinions on Current Affairs or Debates

#6. Maintain Feed Symmetry 

We have discussed content management and creation so far so let’s talk about content format and page layout. Your page layout structures all your information and content together in a visually appealing format that compliments your branding. 

Following are a few suggestions to make your Instagram page more interesting and alluring.

  • Theme

Stick to a theme for your layout that uplifts and compliments your brand logos and illustration. Instagram follows a grid format for displaying posts which can be used as an advantage to enhance the look of your page.

  • Branding Art and Logos

The logos and art illustrations of your page should be designed to depict the vibe of your brand and products.

  • Attractive and Balancing Images  

It is important to balance out your images as the colours can be tricky and may look way too bright or dull at times. To solve this try to maintain a colour scheme for your page that alters any distractions.

  • Highlights

‘Highlights’ is a feature by Instagram that stores the stories you create and allows you to add them to the page so that anyone can view them later as well. You can use the Highlights as an archive for all your events, vlogs, trips, campaigns, offers, customer stories and much more. This will give your page an interactive element.

Ways to Get more Followers on Instagram

#7. Optimize Hashtags and Tagging

Now let’s talk about how you can make your page appear on ‘Explore’ and get more reach on Instagram with Hashtags and Tagging. These are a few aspects of optimising your page with which you can engage more profile visits.

  • Hashtags

Hashtags are the initial form of reach optimisation in Instagram wherein you use the ‘#’ symbol and proceed with a phrase or word without any spaces like #instagram.

This phrase or word then turns into a link that directs you to all the content that features under that hashtag. These hashtags can be added to your reels, posts, stories, bios and also to discover new content on Instagram.

how to get Instagram followers

Now you might wonder how to choose the right hashtags. Well if you follow what we have suggested till now, your work is half done. To create hashtags you need to understand your target audience.

For instance, if you are an online bookstore you would use #books #bookrecommendations #bookstoread and more.

You also need to research the market and current trends on Instagram. Like for the above example, you can also add #bookstagram which is a community of readers on Instagram.   

Hence, hashtags are nothing but keywords that can help you reach your target audience.

  • Tagging

Adding tags to your posts elevates the reach as anyone following the tagged account can now see your post as well. Tags help in creating engagement and help your page to reach many other accounts. It is an affiliate of hashtags.  

  • Audio and Filter 

Add trending audios and filters to your reels and IGTV as they act as keywords to your posts. Whenever someone searches audio or filter your post will be tagged and there will be interactions in terms of views. 

#8. Engage with Your Followers 

It is very important to let your followers know that you read their queries and respond effectively. Along with that, you also need to have engagement in the form of rewards and contests.

This will help you create a bond with your potential customers and followers. Growing engagement also intensifies your reach which in return provides an adequate method on how to grow Instagram followers.

We have listed a few ways to interact with your visitors and followers. 

  • Giveaways

Giveaways are participatory hostings wherein you can host a ‘24 hour or more’ engagement routine in return for tagging other accounts and following yours for a gift price that can be one of your products or vouchers.

  • Contests

This is quite self-explanatory. You can conduct contests dedicated to a week or month and reward the winners with vouchers and shoutouts in return for following and supporting your page.

  • Q&As

Conduct a Questions and Answers session with your audience by going live or sharing a post to comment on their questions below where you can reply to their answers.

  • Suggestions

Just as with the Q&As you can also add a post to ask the audience suggestions for upcoming events and changes in order to get a perspective from their end.

#9. Cross Channel Promotions 

No doubt Instagram has a wide reach of users, but it is always good to explore and share your content with others on different social media platforms. You can create a global audience by sharing your content on various platforms.

The activity of publishing content on diverse forums at once is called cross-channel promotions which can help you expand your business. 

Instagram offers to publish content on Facebook when you are posting as they are a bi-product of the same parent company Meta. It also allows adding your posts on Twitter and Tumblr.    

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest 
  • Discord and Snapchat

#10. Content Pillars of Your Brand

Content Pillars are meaningful and useful pieces of content on a particular subject or topic that can be broken down into numerous subordinate areas, sections, and content materials.

There are in-depth elements that help in enhancing your brand output. Content pillars allow you to provide your audience with additional information. You can share detailed information about your brand with your audiences for transparency and trust-building. 

Following are a few examples of content pillars you can use for your brand to gain trust and more followers on Instagram.

  • Testimonial and Customer Experiences 
  • Demos
  • Tutorials
  • Team Introduction
  • Guides
  • Brand History
  • Blog Posts
  • Significant Events
  • Infographics 

#11. Collaborations

Now that we have discussed all the aspects of creating, optimising and managing content on Instagram to grow followers, let’s move on to how you can use the raw feature of Instagram to your advantage. 

How to Make Money on Instagram Using Affiliate Marketing

Instagram provides a large group of influencers that hold a certain authority on the platform with reach and followers. This can be utilized to channel your product in the sea of content through these content creators.

They have already cracked the algorithm with optimising their content so you just have to pitch in your products and collaborate with them to help the business grow and it is a concept style that assists on how to gain more Instagram followers.

Collaborations are purely an exchange of service, you provide them with your products and they get you the reach you have been wanting to achieve. Some celebrities and industry experts may charge a certain amount for the job as well. 

  • Influencers
  • Celebrities 
  • Industry Dignitaries

And with that, we have provided you with many different and creative ways how to grow your Instagram followers and how to get followers on Instagram organically. With these suggestions and techniques, you can easily create, reform and manage content on your Instagram to achieve more reach and visits.

It won’t be that easy, but now you know where to start from and what mistakes not to commit.

All the best for your ride of growth ahead!

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