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If you are a WordPress user, you are in for the money. 

No, no, no, I am not shaming you for that. Each one of us is in for making some money. That's why WordPress. Compared to every other platform, WordPress gives you the best platform to mint money. 

Even if you are not in it for making money, a self-hosted WordPress website needs some money to run. For example, a good deal of themes and plugins are paid. 

What if you are using free plugins and themes? Still, you have to pay for the hosting charges. Add on top of that the cost to buy a domain name

Monetizing your WordPress website is important; not only because it pays for its running charges, but it can also generate passive income for you. 

There are many options for monetizing your website: sponsored posts, Google AdSense, banner ads, to name a few. 

Out of all those, affiliate marketing stands out the most. To put a figure, the affiliate marketing industry is worth about $12 Billion. If you place your chips right, there's a lot of money to be made. 

So, what is the basic idea behind affiliate marketing? 

You share the link of a product. If the reader goes through that link and buys that product, you get a commission. More expensive products and services can fetch you high commissions, which usually a lot of people target. It is not as easy as it sounds, but the basic gist remains the same. 

While services and products are equally preferred among affiliate marketers because there are so many products that can be marketed compared to services, people usually prefer products. And, when it comes to products, nothing can beat Amazon.

There are Three Reasons why Amazon is Best:

#1: Trusted Marketplace

Doing business over the internet relies on trust. Why toil hours driving sales when you don't know whether the money that you got will be released or not?

Moreover, there's another aspect to it: what people perceive as credible is important as well.

Suppose you are promoting some high-end tables on your website. You certainly want as many sales as you can. 

One day a user comes, impressed by your content, he decides to buy the product you are recommending. Once the user visits the website, he realizes that it is a relatively unknown website. Chances are, for a high-value transaction like that, the user won't follow through with the transaction from that website. 

For Affiliate marketing, it is essential that the user buys the product. Only then you get a cut of that sale. 

This is where Amazon can bring its brand value into the picture. Almost everyone trusts Amazon. Be it low value or high value, you know it for a fact that Amazon is best when it comes to providing authentic items on the internet. 

Another reason why Amazon is preferred is that even if the user does not buy that exact product, you can still make money. If the cookie session is active and the user decides to buy some other product, they will get a commission for that product as well. 

#2 Large Range of Products

It is an unofficial fact that Amazon has the most extensive choice pool to offer when it comes to products. No seller would make the mistake of not putting their product up on Amazon's marketplace.

This can be an excellent thing for affiliate marketers. 

Since there are so many products to buy and sell, you as a marketer have many options to choose from and promote. 

One way of a guaranteed success in affiliate marketing is that items should have low-competition and a high margin. With so many product offerings, it is just a matter of searching and finding those products.

#3 Different ways to generate sales

What makes Amazon's program different from other affiliate programs is that they offer multiple ways for sales.

There are three different ways how:

  • If someone buys the product from your link and then buys some other products, you will get a commission for all those products.
  • If that person decides to buy that product in the next 24 hours, you will still get a commission. Granted that the sale is made in the next 24 hours.
  • If someone goes through the link, puts your product in the cart, and decides to buy it in the next 90 days, you will still get a commission.

So How does Amazon's Affiliate Marketing Program Works?

If you are interested in affiliate marketing amazon's product, you have to sign up for Amazon's Amazon Associates program. 

Within some time, your application will get approved, after which you can start promoting products from Amazon. You will be provided special links connected to your account for products. These special links have their unique tracking code so nobody can misuse your link. 

Every time a visitor goes through that special link and buys it, Amazon will then share a cut of that revenue to you as a commission. 

You won't believe people make affiliate websites based on specific niches and products. Especially products that are costly can give you hefty commissions. 

Okay, now that we have established the importance of Amazon's affiliate program, you might be wondering why use a plugin for it?

Why use Amazon Affiliate Plugins?

When you start initially promoting one or two products, it won't be a tough job. You find the product on the marketplace, copy the link from your affiliate dashboard. 

But when you start getting sales and inspired by it, start promoting more and more products, things begin to slip from your hands. Promoting multiple products can get hectic; it will get hard to figure out which product is driving your commissions and which ones aren't. On top of that, without proper insights on products (which these plugins offer), you won't be able to optimize your website and its content to increase sales.

Some of the other features that affiliate plugins have include: create tables on product comparisons, search products from your WordPress editor, and keep product listings up-to-date automatically.

Now that we know about amazon affiliate programs and plugins let's jump right into the seven best amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress. 

#1. Affiliate Booster

When you go through the list of plugins mentioned here, you will find that some of these plugins are made by prominent and famous WordPress developers. Although those plugins do a pretty good job, what makes Affiliate Booster different from others is that it is built by an Affiliate Marketer, Kulwant Nagi.

He has been one of the most well-known faces in the industry, and he brings his expertise in running affiliate websites to this plugin. 

At its core, the plugin packs six different blocks. These blocks have individual elements in them, which you can make use of in your affiliate website. For example, a pros and cons block helps you put gorgeous looking tables with pros and cons about the product. Then there's a single product block designed to get your viewers' attention and persuade them to make the sale.

Though this plugin is not made specifically for Amazon, it will work for any affiliate marketing that you do. 

Price: Pricing of the plugin starts from $29.25/year for a single site, $36.75/year for 50 sites, and $74.25/year for Unlimited Sites.


  • With the plugin, you are provided with a lot of different layouts and styles to choose from. You wouldn't need to download heavy page builders. This saves a lot of space.
  • Experienced Affiliate marketer built it, unlike other plugins. Making this plugin shaped by years of knowledge on what works and what doesn't.
  • Especially useful for newbies as you can design your pages and posts without knowing how to code. 


  • Some advanced features like Amazon geo-targeting are not included.
  • Amazon API is not live yet.

#2. AzonPress

AzonPress is one of the best all-in-one plugins. It is packed with all the features you will ever need. On top of that, to not make the user overwhelm with all those features, they have made the interface user-friendly. One of their goals was to make the plugin both powerful for advanced users and easy to use for new users, and the plugin can achieve that.

It provides you with all the basic features like creating a product, comparison tables, and track all your affiliate links in one place. They also make use of responsive buttons to persuade people to buy your product subconsciously.

Other standout features include customizing the layouts (in different shapes such as grid, box, table, list), promoting infinite products, and bestseller lists.

Price: AzonPress can be bought in two different options: annually or lifetime. Further, you can pay for three versions: single site, agency, and unlimited. Single site annual payment starts from $27.


  • The tables are responsive.
  • Pre-built templates to choose from.
  • Using API, it pulls images, ratings, and prices directly from Amazon.


  • No Basic documentation provided.
  • It does not work if you do not give Amazon API access.
  • No WYSIWYG preview editor provided.

#3. WZone

WZone comes from well-known developers: WooCommerce. WooCommerce helps you convert your WordPress blog into an eCommerce-focused website if you don't know about them. With WZone, you can connect your WooCommerce-based online store with Amazon.

This setup can help you make money in two ways.

The first way is that you can promote Amazon products on your WooCommerce store as its products. WZone offers you the option to create a drop ship-like arrangement where the final payment is made through Amazon, but the product is showcased on your website.

The second way you can use it is to make your website a true drop shipping website. Users will buy via your website, and you, in turn, order it from Amazon at their address. It takes time, but you can explore this option if you know the nitty-gritty about dropshipping.

One of this plugin's standout features is that it has an automatic content spinner, which helps you prevent using the same content over different pages. This can hurt your overall SEO. Many plugins usually import data directly from Amazon, so it can so happen that two or more pages have data. WZone helps you with that.

Other essential features are the ability to geotarget, send your visitors to relevant Amazon stores (of their country), automatic updates of Amazon content, and import customer reviews.  

Price: Regular license starts from $49, which gets you six months of support and lifetime updates for a single website. 


  • With this plugin's help, you can build your store; not a lot of plugins offer you this.
  • Content spinner is a unique feature that can help you rank better in search engines.


  • The free version provides a few features which won't help you get an accurate picture of the plugin.
  • For newbies, $49 for regular licenses can be on the expensive side

#4. AAWP

AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) is one of the most popular options to explore. It is so good that some big names in the industry like Kinsta and Authority Hackers have recommended it.

It offers you a different way to showcase your products, such as:

  • Sections that are made into Widgets for displaying the products.
  • Through bestseller lists.
  • Comparison table between different products. 
  • Via product boxes that highlight the product's features.

Essential features come packed in the plugin, such as an automatic update of all the items, caching, Google AMP support, geotargeting for different plugins. Specially caching is a feature that will come in handy to you. Each product is associated with its images and big descriptions, which takes space. This taking up of space can slow down your website, which caching can help reduce.


  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support helps you to load your web pages faster on phones.
  • Good-looking style designs.
  • Easy to use.


  • No Geotargeting features are included.
  • Cannot automatically import Amazon products.
  • No bulk import feature. 

#5. AAPro

AAPro stands for Amazon Affiliates Pro. It is a feature-rich plugin that gives you a lot of room for customization.  

Unlike some of the other plugins, AAPro also provides you with a theme. The theme looks professional and responsive. 

AAPro has some other standout features as well, such as:

  • Wishlist: People can create a wishlist of the products from your website.
  • Price Alert: It will send a notification to users about any price drop on Amazon (and in turn on your website).
  • Add-to-cart remotely: You can let users add products to their Amazon cart directly from your website.

Other essential features include an analytical dashboard that helps you keep track of all your products, multiple ways to import products on the website, and customer reviews from Amazon.

Price: AAPro starts at $29 with standard Envato licensing. 


  • You are also provided with an in-built theme.
  • Customer reviews are also displayed.
  • Responsive design helps you not lose out on your mobile users.


  • Poor documentation.
  • Requires API key to work.

#6. EasyAzon

One of the reasons why you should consider EasyAzon is its easy-to-use nature. You can easily create affiliate links for Amazon products you want to promote straight from your dashboard. For new folks, this will make the entire process hassle-free.

It provides you with some unique capabilities like opening up links in a new tab and giving it no-follow status. These two things can help you a lot to rank your website higher up in search engine results. You can set this as a default for all the links, or you can do it individually.

Another thing that you get with the plugin is access to Amazon's affiliate program training. The training includes lessons and guides on how to run an affiliate website successfully.

It follows a freemium model, with the plugin's true potential and scopes only getting unlocked with the pro version. With the pro version, you get a unique feature of link cloaking. This makes your affiliate links look less like affiliate links.

Price: Pro version starts at $47.


  • Pro version is feature-rich.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited free version.
  • Free version doesn't use markup and instead uses shortcodes.

Last but not least, AmaLinks Pro.

AmaLinks is a feature-rich but easy to use plugin which aims to satisfy both advanced users and novice users' needs and requirements. You can easily add Amazon product details without leaving your WordPress website. It is also synced with Amazon, so with every update on the main page, the details are reflected on your website 

The plugin offers you options to display product details, ratings, reviews, and buy buttons optimized to persuade people to buy products.

Price: AmaLinks Pro starts at $67 per year. But with this subscription, you also get a table builder plugin that helps you create good-looking product tables.


  • Easy to use.
  • Detailed documentation helps you out with all the queries.
  • Interactive table builder.


  • Expensive pricing.
  • No trial version.


So, we finally came to a wrap. Our intention in writing this article is to help you select among the best plugins out of all the plugins out there.

This will save you time, energy, and money. 

We hope you found your favourite plugin on this list. 

Is there some other plugin that we didn't mention that is amazing? Let us know in the comments.

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