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Conducting blog contests or giveaways is not a piece of cake. But, when it is done right, it can provide massive exposure to your blog.

In reality, giveaways and contests have proved to be a gold mine for marketers to grow their audience reach and email subscribers and increase blog backlinks. Moreover, they are so cost-effective that they have become a common trend across every niche in blogging. 

But, it is not easy to conduct giveaways to promote your blog. Without a blueprint and proper plan, you won't be able to get people to participate in your giveaways. And you will miss this tremendous opportunity.

Don't worry. This guide will provide all the information you need about conducting giveaways and getting massive exposure for your blog.

So, without any further delay, let's get started.

What are Blog Contests or Giveaways?

You know there is cut-throat competition in the market when it comes to:

  • Ranking your blog on Google, or 
  • Getting your blog posts to be read and shared by the users and making revenue.

Therefore, you will face tough competition,

  1. If you want to get a massive amount of traffic quickly,
  1. When your blog is a new one,
  1. If you want to grow email subscribers, social media followers, blog backlinks or,
  1. If you want to enlarge your brand awareness.

But is there any solution? 🤔

Yes. There are several solutions that can boost your blog's traffic, sales, and conversions. 

Promoting your blog is the quickest way to achieve all these goals and to give you massive exposure.

But what are the strong reasons for promoting your blog to get massive exposure? & How to promote your blog

Let's learn in detail. 😀

Why Get More Exposure to Your Blog?

Nowadays, 90% of blogs get very little traffic. That's why those blogs can't produce conversion and sales revenue.

Want to know why it happens?

The primary reason is the lack of exposure to your blog. Yes, most bloggers don't focus on promoting their blogs. Rather, they only focus on:

  • creating content, 
  • doing SEO, and 
  • creating backlinks. 

But, the problem is that 90% of bloggers are doing the same thing and getting the same amount of little to no traffic.

So, we can easily say we must adopt new strategies to get more traffic. Here are some powerful reasons to give exposure to your blog:

  • Giveaways attract new blog audiences easily, and most of them are targeted.
  • They increase –
  1. Blog traffic,
  2. Backlinks,
  3. Social share,
  4. Email subscribers,
  5. Audience engagement,
  6. Brand awareness & brand equity, etc.
  • It lets people recognize your brand and help them remember it for longer. That leads to buying products from you when they need them.
  • It makes your content engaging and shareable on different social media platforms.

Now let's learn how to promote your blog to get massive exposure.

How to Get More Exposure to Your Blog Quickly?

Firstly, let us tell you that exposure means getting:

  • traffic, 
  • targeted audience, 
  • increase your presence online,
  • making connections with your blogger,
  • increasing brand awareness, etc.

And focusing only on content creation will not provide exposure.

Instead, doing fun, exciting and positive stuff to your users will attract a good range of audiences, and your blog will get exposure efficiently.

Also, you can easily promote your blog to get exposure, regardless of your industry or niche. 

Moreover, there are some proven, smart ways to help you achieve that goal of getting massive exposure to your blog. Though those steps and processes are not costly, you must spend lots of time and energy. 

These are some smartest ways to give exposure to your blog.

  1. Keyword optimization,
  2. Awesome Content,
  3. Guest blogging,
  4. Running giveaways and contests,
  5. Commenting on popular blogs,
  6. Social media promotion,
  7. Using social networking sites,
  8. Catchy headlines and titles.

How to Promote Your Blog Contests Or Giveaways?

Giving exposure to your blog, especially through a contest or giveaway, is one of the exciting things for your users as they get good prizes for free. 

In particular, as a blogger, you must run giveaways or contests because 

  • Less Expensive: It is less costly and more effective than ad campaigns.
  • Targeted traffic: It directly attracts the targeted audience, who are genuinely interested in your blog.
  • Social Media Followers: It helps to expand your reach across social media platforms and gain social media followers,
  • Subscribers: giveaways and contests are the best way to grow your email list. Moreover, it enhances the authority of your blog.

Nearly in every niche or industry, bloggers do giveaways and run contests wanting to make it a hit. For example 

  • A gadget review blog offer giveaways of mobile,
  • A WordPress blog offers a WordPress domain or hosting-related giveaways, etc.

In that way, bloggers giveaway products according to their niche.

But the problem is mostly bloggers rush through the process of running a contest or giveaway thinking:

  • After running a giveaway, the audience will jump in and participate. 
  • Then, they will capture their email address, grow followers, increase sales revenue, and so on.

Unfortunately, they follow the wrong technique and get no good results. In the end, they waste their valuable time.

Hence, it can be a gold mine opportunity to give exposure to your blog if you learn how to run successful giveaways or contests and what mistakes to avoid.

Now let's learn the seven steps to promote your blog contest or giveaways to make the most from it.

So, why wait? Let's learn. 😃

Ways to Promote Contests

7 Best ways to promote Contests Or Giveaways:

There are several ways to promote your blog contest or giveaways. But here are some best-recommended ways to follow.

  1. Clear Your Why:

First, you must be clear about why you are running contests and giveaways. Plan properly and note down the points one by one to

  • be clear about the outcomes that you want to get and,
  • measure the success or failures after the blog contest or giveaway.

For example, a blogger runs giveaways to 

  • Generate more sales,
  • Increase brand awareness,
  • Drive targeted traffic,
  • Get more followers from social media platforms,
  • Gather more email subscribers,
  • Collect more user-friendly content, etc.

Choose a contest goal that fits your sales and marketing goals. Achieving a successful contest will be much easier when you have selected a goal. Altogether, it will bring the positive results you are after.

  1. Tease Your Audience before Launching the Giveaway:

Do you know what a teaser is? 

A teaser is a short, edited, promotional commercial advertisement to create interest and drive attention from the viewers to a film that will be displayed soon at the cinema.

Teasers single-handedly make viewers curious about the film. Consequently, whenever a teaser goes viral, it catches millions of people's attention in a few days.

99% of bloggers do not create a teaser or a trailer while launching a giveaway. Hence, the majority of bloggers can't make their giveaways a hit. 

  • So tease your audience before launching your blog contest or giveaways.

How to Tease Your Audience?

There are several ways. Here are some:

  1. Use Facebook and Twitter such social platforms and target social media audiences, and create an in-detail post on:
    1. When are you going to launch your giveaway?
  1. How to participate? and 
  1. How can anyone win it?
  2. If you already have email lists, send your audience emails about your giveaway or contest with the starting and ending date.
  3. To make your blog contest viral, you can seek inspiration from other professional bloggers. Ask them how they ran successful giveaways. 
  1. Disclose the Prize:

The third point to remember is to choose a product that cheers your audience to participate in your contest or giveaways. 

To do that, you need to remember this crucial point:

  • Offer some relevant products that motivate your audience and boost their desire to take action by being a participant.

The reason is that a wrong product that your visitors are not looking for and that has zero value will not make them interested in participating in your giveaway campaign.

  • For example: If you have a book review blog, you can run a book giveaway with an Amazon gift card.

But it doesn't mean that people will be interested in whatever product you offer. Yes, the audience will love everything, but it should be a good prize, like an excellent five-star that draws attention. 

Below are some of the contest's most popular prize ideas:

  • Money,
  • Gift cards
  • Gift certificates,
  • Free products/services.
  1. Create a separate blog post about your Giveaways:

To attract a larger audience, you need to give more exposure to your giveaway. 

Here is the best way to give exposure

  • Tell your existing loyal audience that you are running a giveaway by publishing dedicated blogs about the contest on your website. Your blog audience must know about the contest as the first pull you will get from them. 
  • And take care of your giveaway blog post while the contest is running. At that time, you should not publish more normal blog posts as it may decrease the traction of the main giveaway blog.

You can inform the contest more robustly to your current and new audience.

  1. Set Contest Rules & Methods:

The fifth point is that you must set rules keeping your goals in mind. But before setting the rules and methods, you must choose the contest types that fulfill your requirements.

Normally, there are several types of contests. Like:

  • Photo contest,
  • Video Contest,
  • Photo caption contest,
  • Comment To Win,
  • Sign up contest,
  • Product customization contest, etc.

But you need to choose a contest type that helps to

  • capture email addresses from your users,
  • getting them to follow your social media platforms.

As usual, running classical giveaways is very easy because people are likely to enter more in your contest as they don't have to submit anything to be a participant.

On the other hand, when it comes to online contests or giveaways, you need to create:

  • Starting & Ending Dates: how long people can enter.
  • Entry Rules: Who can enter and who can not? Is there an age and country restriction?
  • Entry Methods: How will the users become a participant?
  • How to select the Winners: Will you use a tool to pick the winner randomly?

Pro Tip:

Be sure the entry methods you utilize meet your goals. 

For example, submitting emails must be mandatory for your users if your goal is to grow your email subscribers.

  1. Use a Tool:

You must use a handy tool to run an efficient giveaway or contest to promote your blog. 

We recommend the best WordPress plugins to run an easygoing giveaway, as most bloggers use WordPress as a site builder platform. 

Here are some of them:

  1. RafflePress,
  2. Rafflecopter,
  3. Gleam.

We recommend RafflePress

According to the bloggers,

  • It is the best WordPress plugin for running giveaways and contests compared to other wp plugins.
  • It's built from scratch comprehensively for every user.
  • Also, it is very easy to use for those who don't have any coding knowledge.
  1. Utilize Social Media:

You must hear about social media marketing, where digital marketers implement different social media platforms as marketing tools to reach more audiences and draw attention. 

So, you must share the giveaway posts on your 

  • All social media platforms,
  • Blogging-related Facebook groups,
  • YouTube channel,
  • Telegram channel & group,
  • Quora, Reddit (QnA Site), etc.

59%, more than half of the world uses social media nowadays. So, sharing your giveaways on social media will provide more viewers to your giveaway contest.

Once your contests begin to trend, viewers from all social platforms will immediately land on your blog to see the exciting gifts and whether they can grab any of them. All in all, it assists in branding your blog. 

  1. Gift Individually:

People are normally me-centric. Whenever they get admired or praised individually, they feel happy and show that admiration back.

Now imagine

  • you are giving gifts to a few selected audiences,
  • mentioning their name,
  • appreciating them, 
  • wishing good luck.

All these things will create a good impact on those selected audiences who have won the gifts. Often, they will come to check your future blogs. Also, other participants will be curious about who has won the gifts.

Collectively, your users will feel that every person in the audience counts. Hence, they will be more engaged with your blog and brand name.

  1. Easy Entry to Your Blog Giveaway:

Now you must make entering your blog giveaway easy so that every visitor becomes a participant

You can ask them to follow a few simple steps to earn an entry. Like

  • Leave a comment, 
  • Subscribe to your social media channel like YouTube channel, Telegram channel,
  • Becoming a subscriber to your email list.
  • Sharing the giveaway contest etc.

Because of those easy steps, every visitor will turn out to be a participant in your contest. Also, you will be able to give exposure to your blog.

To Sum Up:

And don't run contests aimlessly. Always have proper targets. Additionally, never forget to choose a relevant product, make the entry methods easy, and use social media platforms to make it a success.
So, that's the end. I hope this content helps you to promote your blog giveaway and contest. Comment below if you have any questions.

So now, we can assume that you have understood how important contests and giveaways are to growing your blog and sales.

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