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Seeing the latest online learning shift, everyone is becoming a trainer and launching their courses and training online.

Everyone wants to start their career with the best platform and is interested to know about the best online course platforms.

With advancing technologies there are a lot of positive changes you observe around in terms of business, advertising, marketing and even learning. 

Anyone sitting in a bedroom in India with a smart electronic device can access information or gain knowledge from a teacher coaching in London through online courses and projects. 

It is now possible to reach the farthest corners of the world with the help of telecommunication and machine learning. 

The changing role of education and knowledge with enhanced tech devices has given a breakthrough to online teaching and coaching with interactive projects and new ideations with online courses. 

Creating and sharing knowledge bases around the world for cultural, scientific and even artistic topics has never been this easy for teachers and professors from any part of the world. 

But is it that easy to create and manage an online course? Yes, and we are here to show you how!

Online courses can be easily created and featured through Online Course Platforms which is a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps in providing the access to digital classes where the user can create educational and knowledgeable content with video and audio, text, images, presentations, PDFs and other interactive projects.

Types of Online Course Platforms

Online Course Platforms are further divided into categories of features and for the purpose, the platform is created which are as follows;

Standalone Course Platforms

Standalone course platforms refer to the creation of online courses and content for one website under your brand. These platforms don’t sell or advertise any other courses and study material and the marketing and user attraction i.e. the customer traffic is also managed by the proprietor.

Under this platform, it is easy to build your own brand and grow organically without sharing any profits or sales but the drawback can be again the limitation for driving traffic to your page or website and marketing your content.

All-In-One Course Platforms

An all-in-one course platform refers to a website or platform where you can create and sell online courses while also managing the content as these course platforms also provide a content management system (CMS) and a portal for customer relationship management (CRM).

These platforms open a world of seamless workflow for the user as they can collaborate and integrate websites or tools with their customers, investors, co-founders, partners and staff with ease while maintaining consistency. However, such interfaces need de,ep learning and knowledge to navigate around.

WordPress Course Options

WordPress is a flexible forum traditionally used for creating blogs and websites but with its diversity, it now also offers a space for creating online courses with sharp plugins. This particular option for generating online courses needs more technical attention and core knowledge and hence can be a little challenging. 

The options can be created from many tools and themes available on WordPress and they are promising alternatives but might not have the same interactive interface or form building as that of standalone course platforms or other platforms. 

Marketplace Course Platforms

Marketplace course platforms or shared course platforms provide the services of custom content authoring, publishing and management for online courses.

The USP for these platforms is that they offer a competitive marketplace for all teachers and coaches to sell their content and courses under their niche with other courses in the same place for customer diversity.

These platforms can be highly competitive and the courses created and sold here need intense research and development which can be time-consuming. A marketplace platform model also helps in understanding your competitors’ content and in return creating a unique course. 

Best Online Course Platforms compared 2024

  • Graphy – Best platform for Indian coaches.
  • Kajabi – Best for Content Management System
  • Podia – Best Online Courses Developer
  • Teachable – Best Free Plan
  • Thinkific – Best Community Builder
  • Learnworlds – Best Interactive and Intuitive Learning System
  • Kartra – Best Affiliate Marketing System
  • Systeme.io – Best Sales Funnel Campaigns
  • Teachfloor – Best Cohort Based Course Creation
  • New Zenler – Best Centralized Management System
  • Xperiencify – Best Gamification of Courses

Our Top Picks

    • Unlimited hosting without any limitations to storage space.
    • Customizable blueprints and interactive dashboard for unified control
    • Drip content and one-click optimization for affiliate marketing
    • 40+ integrations with payment gateways, sales and marketing automation, scheduling, management
    • Money-making sales pages with our flexible page editor and conversions pixel support
    • Hosts unlimited files and videos
    • Public or invite-only affiliate program with just a few clicks
    • Assessment of certification and licenses.
    • Provides interactive content with learners portal.

Best Online Course Platforms in 2024

Check the list of top trending online course platforms in the market below.

#1. Graphy

Graphy is the platform that allows you to host several live sessions, launch new courses, and grow your community. No matter what you are creating, a course, email subscribers list, or a website, it is yours. Not only that, but it is also a perfect place to share knowledge with others.

Key Features

  • Keep track of your progress:  You can see how much time you spend on each task and what you have accomplished. Graphy comes with in-depth daily reports and analytics that assist you in visualizing the things that need more improvement. Moreover, you can easily integrate Graphy with Google optimize and Analytics.
  • Say GoodBye to Whatsapp Groups:  One of the best features of Graphy is that it lets you manage everything from a single platform. You can create a group, add people, and start a live session without hassle. Moreover, you can also record the live sessions, save them, and collaborate with your course students through chat.
  • Own your Communications:  Graphy is the platform that allows you to create your mailing list and communicate with your audience directly.  You don't have to switch apps to send, automate, and schedule your email list. You can do it all from Graphy with a few clicks.
  • Grow your brand:   If you want to create a brand or grow your brand, Graphy is the perfect platform for you. You can share your knowledge with the world and build a name for yourself. Moreover, you can also create an online course to sell and make some money.


  • Live teaching experience
  • Maximize your revenue
  • Unlimited audience members
  • 24 X 7 chat support


  • No student attendance feature
  • No video hosting options


Graphy has 4 interesting pricing plans, each with higher features and additional add-ons.

  • Basic: $54/month and $648 if billed annually. 
  • Pro: $109/month and $1308 if billed annually. 
  • Business: $182/month and $2184 if billed annually. 
  • Advance: $320/month and $3840 if billed annually. 

#2. Kajabi

Kajabi is a unified platform for creating and selling online courses while managing your content and customer relationship with advanced systems and collaborative features all under the same umbrella.  Rated as one of the best online training platforms giving so many features.


Key Features 

  • Online Courses – Kajabi helps in everything you need to create, market, and sell online courses from the same dashboard, with customizable blueprints to help you go from zero to launch in record time.
  • Website Builder – Create a professional website with a drag-and-drop builder that integrates perfectly with your marketing, generate marketing sequence templates using built-in pipeline blueprints and use a custom domain to further grow your brand and make your Kajabi site even more discoverable.
  • Sales Funnel – Kajabi offers the creation of sales funnels with integrated checkouts, free trials, 1-click upsells, subscriptions, and a single price point for your business. It also helps in creating one-click pipelines with email broadcasts and sequences to develop better connections with the audience and to increase sales.
  • Sharing Content – Sharing content and experiences through podcasts, videos, presentations, webinars, and other engaging content can help build a connection with your customers.


  • Unlimited hosting without any limitations to storage space.
  • Advanced auto-scaling for fast visitor tracking and management.
  • Customize and embed forms for high conversion rates.
  • Provides drip content and course insights. 


  • No API Integrations
  • Kajabi is slightly costlier than the other platforms.
  • Limitations for active members with basic plans


Kajabi offers 3 plans according to the usability of the content and number of members.

  • The Basic Plan: $149/month or $119/month if billed yearly for 10,000 contacts, 1 admin and 1000 active members.
  • The Growth Plan: $199/month or $159/month if billed yearly for 25,000 contacts, 10 admins and 10,000 active members.
  • The Pro Plan: $399/month or $319/month if billed yearly for 100,000 contacts, 25 admins for 3 websites and 25,000 active members.

#3. Podia

Podia is an all-in-one online learning platform for the generation of content and courses while creating a market to sell them under your own brand with a standalone courses platform and managing analytical reporting for the same all in one place.


Key Features

  • Online Courses – Podia hosts unlimited files and videos, offers payment plans, upsells, quizzes, drip content, student comments and many more features for your online featured courses.
  • Affiliate Marketing – You can spin up your very own public or invite-only affiliate program with just a few clicks, custom commissions and analyze the payouts conveniently with Podia. 
  • Community – Run your online community in the same place that your audience uses your digital products with a simple login, engaging topics, posts and comments and management of customer information.
  • Custom Website – Build your own website with easy customization of forms, sales pages, membership sites with no technical hassle and for any device in the most unique way.


  • Built-in course authoring, publishing and management.
  • Provides interactive content with learners portal.
  • Content library and user management.


  • Lack of collaboration tools
  • Limitation of multi-hosts and on-demand webinars.


Podia offers three plans, each with added features as you progress towards the higher add-ons.

  • The Mover Plan: $39/month and $390 if billed annually.
  • The Shaker Plan: $89/month and $890 if billed annually.
  • The Earthquaker Plan: $199/month and $1990 if billed annually.

For the Mover and the Shaker Plan to add a teammate you need to pay $20/month and with the Earthquaker Plan, you get 5 included.

#4. Teachable

Teachable is an awesome online course platform where you’ll have access to everything you could ever need to create and sell online courses and coaching—the stress-free platform makes it easy—tech skills or no tech skills.

It's one of the best online course platforms with certificate and you can generate a certificate as soon as student finishes the course.


Key Features

  • Scheduling and Hosting – Teachable helps in seamlessly taking clients from booking to intake to scheduling and learning with our native integrations with Calendly.
  • Power Editor – A course platform that offers the usage of power editor to create engaging multimedia lectures, videos, and coaching sessions for interactive learning and engage your students with quizzes and course completion certificates and ensure transformation with course compliance controls that require course completion to move on.
  • Integrations – Teachable provides a list of 40+ integrations with payment gateways, sales and marketing automation, scheduling, management, and many others for an easy and efficient work system.
  • Sales Automation – Teachable aids at creating money-making sales pages with our flexible page editor and conversions pixel support, author and affiliate payouts, first and last touch attribution they handle all that.


  • Assessment of certificates
  • Built-in course authoring and blended learning.
  • Real-time data reporting and broadcasting
  • Self-paced courses and training administration


  • Lack of analytical reporting 
  • No feature of single sign-on


Teachable offers a free plan with unlimited students and courses with three-tier structured plans.

  • Basic Plan: $39/month or $29/month if billed annually 
  • Pro Plan: $119/month or $99/month if billed annually
  • Business Plan: $299/month or $249/month if billed annually 

#5. Thinkific

Thinkific is a platform that helps in creating, marketing and selling your expertise with a single platform through online courses and multimedia projects with total control of your brand and business.


Key Features


  • Provides API Integrations
  • Class scheduling and certification and licensing
  • Self-paced courses and provision for single sign-on
  • Provides gamification of content


  • Lacks multimedia support 
  • Limitations in user management 


Thinkific also provides a free plan with unlimited students but has limitations for courses and also provides three other paid user plans.

  • Basic Plan: $49/month or $39/month if billed annually 
  • Pro Plan: $99/month or $79/month if billed annually 
  • Premiere Plan: $499/month or $399/month if billed annually 

#6. Learnworlds

Learnworlds is an online course platform for creating, selling and promoting your online courses and it also aids at monetizing your skills, experiences and your audience with boost usage, satisfaction and retention for professional and compliance training, continuing education, and employee/customer onboarding.


Key Features

  • Interactive Learning – Learnworlds helps in boosting audience understanding by showing an interactive transcript that is automatically extracted from your video and it also helps in making the users’ videos more accessible and much easier to navigate. 
  • Community Building – The platform integrates with social networks which enable learners to discuss issues, exchange ideas and tips, share their experiences and advice within a community of practice and gives your learners the chance to communicate and connect with each other by helping in finding partners and form an expanding professional network.
  • Intuitive Builder – With the course platform’s intuitive builder you can add questions, titles, pointers, overlay images, links, and a lot more interactions to your videos and make them more vivid and engaging without the need for time-consuming post-production.
  • Marketing Funnels – Learnworlds provides all types of digital marketing products you will ever need such as subscriptions, course bundles, private courses, free courses, free course sections with the provision of upselling and cross-selling with irresistible offers, high-converting sales pages, 1-click funnels and customizable checkout experiences.


  • Built-in learning management system (LMS)
  • Various content publishing options
  • Drag and drop builder with customizable templates
  • Instructor-led interactive course content and learning 


  • Lacks gamification of content 
  • Limitation of a CRM system
  • No blended courses or learning.


Learnworlds provides four different user-paid plans under its pricing.

  • Starter Plan: $29/month or $24/month if billed yearly 
  • Pro Trainer Plan: $99/month and $79/month if billed yearly
  • Learning Center Plan: $299/month or $249/month if billed yearly

High Volume and Corporate Plan revolves around the idea of creating a customized plan for an enterprise or a large scale business which is again billed accordingly.

#7. Kartra

Kartra is a one-stop platform for all your required features and tools such as online courses creation, community builder, online interactive projects, sales and marketing funnels, among others in one place.


Key Features 

  • Online Courses – Create pages and forums with a drag-and-drop page builder with hundreds of professionally designed templates that have ultimate flexibility and are 100% mobile optimized. Pop offers mid-way through your video, inject lead capture forms, multi-video playlists and much more.
  • Affiliates and Marketplace – Kartra's built-in Affiliate Management System gives you all kinds of options for incentivizing, paying, and communicating with your affiliates through multiple and flexible commissions tiers, custom affiliate portals for reviewing and approving affiliates and others. 
  • Analytics – Kartra believes in transparency of data and reporting and hence, offers detailed analytics of traffic and conversion analytics, subscription analytics, product and email analysis.
  • Integrations and API – For seamless workflow, Kartra provides integrations with payment gateways, email gateways, hub connectors, membership platforms and calendar apps. Kartra helps in creating and launching sales pages that have high conversion rates with the sequence builder, lead pages and plug-and-play campaigns. 


  • Provides A/B Testing 
  • API Integrations with Kajabi, Google Calendar, Stripe, PayPal, among others.
  • Affiliate management and CRM services.
  • Campaign scheduling, tracking and management.


  • Lack of multi-channel communication and live chat.
  • Limitations in real-time updates and pipeline management.


Kartra provides four plans with all present features but the latter plans give you more access to unlimited features.

  • The Starter Plan: $99/month or $79/month if billed annually for 1 custom domain and 2,500 leads.
  • The Silver Plan: $199/month or $149/month if billed annually for 3 custom domains and 12,500 leads.
  • The Gold Plan: $299/month or $229/month if billed annually for 5 custom domains and 25,000 leads.
  • The Platinum Plan: $499/month or $379/month if billed annually for 10 custom domains and 50,000 leads.

#8. Systeme.io

Systeme.io is a cooperative platform that assists in creating websites with various editing and software tools and automating conversion rates with landing page and sales page creation and maintaining marketing affiliation as well as creating online courses, all in one place.


Key Features

  • Website Builder – Create websites using Systeme.io’s proven templates, editing and converting tools and drag and drop builder within minutes.
  • Sales Funnels – Build an engaging and interactive sales funnel hassle-free with just 3 clicks in only 30 seconds with the best performance outcome. 
  • Affiliation Management – Collaborate and sell online courses and services to many affiliates in the market with the help of Systeme.io’s easy and flexible affiliate programming management.
  • Marketing Automation – With social media and email platforms as an integrated system of Systeme.io automate your sales and marketing.  
  • Email Marketing – Stay connected with your customers through emails and keep them updated with your campaigns. Send unlimited emails and launch email campaigns for a great engagement.


  • Drag and drop editor for website building
  • Sales and marketing funnels for high conversion rate 
  • Affiliation program management
  • Integrate your course access with payments from your sales funnels and websites
  • Give timed access to your course via our drip feature


  • Limited customization
  • No Third-Party Integration
  • Complex site navigation


Systeme.io offers three different paid plans;

  • Start-up Plan: $27/month for 5k contacts and 10 funnels
  • Webinar Plan: $27/month for 10k contacts and 50 funnels
  • Enterprise Plan: $97/month for 15k contacts and no limit funnels
  • Free Plan: 2k contacts and 3 sales funnels/month.

#9. Teachfloor

Teachfloor is a cohort-based course platform that helps create and sell online live courses under your own brand through live classes on Zoom, collect online payments, and manage your students.


Key Features

  • Cohort Course – Cohort based course refers to having a curriculum or a syllabus for a course and a group of students opting for it. With Teachfloor you can set a start and end date of your cohort-based course, schedule live lessons upload videos and content and much more with a built-in curriculum builder.
  • Engagement – Teachfloor helps in providing a space for students to have discussions where they can help each other and can stay organized and the user can manage the students' activities and offer an active learning experience of increasing engagement by building a community around the courses to help the students connect with each other, and improve student outcomes.
  • Incentive Activity – Teachfloor creates a space for the user to schedule students’ assignments and incentive peer reviews and keep track of the students’ progress during the featured cohort-based course.
  • Content Management – With Teachfloor’s content managing system (CMS) the user can easily manage all the online activities from the interactive dashboard and keep a check for new subscribers, set up lessons, or track your revenues and can use the calendar to schedule the lessons with incredible ease where each lesson will be automatically published on your website where your students can effortlessly register.


  • Curriculum builder for the ease of scheduling 
  • Provides an interactive dashboard for analytics 
  • Collaboration tools for multi instructors
  • Peer reviews and student reports


  • Lack of gamification of content
  • Limitations in sales and marketing automation


Teachfloor only offers one paid plan for a recurring subscription and one for custom planning for enterprises.

  • The Pro Plan: $99/month or $79/month if billed yearly.

The Business Plan offers customization of features according to the requirement of the business or enterprise and is calculated on the same basis. 

#10. New Zenler

New Zenler is a course platform that provides everything you need from Course Creation, Marketing Funnel, Email Automation to Community without needing to hire designers, developers, or marketers.

New Zenler

Key Features

  • Live Interaction – New zenler helps in creating and running live classes for the students, interactive live webinars for the audience and prospects of the website and broadcast live with  Facebook Live or Youtube Live and engage with the audience. The platform provides up to 500 video participants and 49 on-screen videos with built-in chat, screen sharing, security, whiteboard, recording, virtual backgrounds, share files, breakout rooms & much more.
  • Course Creation – New Zenler creates a space for the user to generate courses according to their choices like adding any content type that the user finds reasonable for their lessons – videos, audio, PDF, interactive lessons with PPT, downloads, live videos, etc. and create bundles & membership Sites along with the addition of drip schedules. The user can choose from certificate designs or bring their own. New Zenler offers the visualization of your course funnel & sees exactly how well the courses are doing and creates powerful quizzes & surveys too.
  • Marketing Automation – With funnels, now the user can create any type of Marketing Funnel right inside the site under your brand – lead magnets, video series funnels and soon – webinar, auto webinar, survey, virtual summit funnels. This can be achieved without any design, tech, or marketing skills. Just focus on creating content into the high converting done-for-you funnel pages.
  • Community – New Zenler helps in creating a social network-style community, your users can connect and discuss on your course or membership site and follow, ask questions, join discussions, like, comment and share content. With community building there are better completion rates, increase student engagement, drive retention & maximize customer lifetime value.


  • Provides advanced tracking system
  • Centralized control for the user
  • Page editor with diverse and powerful tools
  • An optimized and well-managed community-building 


  • A steep learning curve even with an automated system
  • Lack of mobile application features


New Zenler offers two plans that can be billed annually and monthly according to the requirement of the user.

  • The Pro Plan: $67/month or $647/year with all present features.
  • The Premium Plan: $197/month or $1447/year with all present features.

#11. Xperiencify

Xperiencify is a course platform that uses an experienced engine to create courses where the experience engine is like an automation system that can create a unique & customized experience for each and every student in your course.


Key Features

  • Gamification – Xperiencify is a course platform that primarily uses the element of gamification to enhance the quality and appearance of the courses and content for more engagement and involvement of the students and they come from the thought that when you add gamification to your course or training, you’ll dramatically increase student satisfaction, engagement, completion and super-profitable follow on sales.
  • Automation Engine – Xperiencify call experience engine as the unpaid employee working tirelessly behind the scenes 24/7, looking for ways to create an amazing experience for your students through automation using actions like emails, SMS messages, voicemails, celebration. badges, tags and many more tools.
  • Page Builder – The course platform along with gamification also uses the powerful page editor that offers multiple, customized opportunities to earn points after each and every training session to the student and congratulates students for taking action, via email, SMS, VM, push notifications. The user can also utilize the generation of  a top student leaderboard to motivate more action in the participants or students and award them with badges based on student activity or present them with gifts and prizes based on actions, activity and points earned. All this can be achieved with the page editor and the form builder.
  • Community – Xperiencify aids at facilitating valuable community experiences like “Warm Welcome” “Watch Parties”, Popup Chat Rooms and Discussions where the system offers “Warm Welcome” collaboration that allows other students to welcome new students into the course, instantly creating a valuable community. The platform also integrates with social networks such as Facebook communities for engagement.


  • The experience engine provides a deep learning management system 
  • Provides a powerful built-in CRM system 
  • Gamification of content enhances the user experience as a whole
  • The reach out tool optimizes the engagement of the students or audience. 


  • The navigation can be technical which creates a learning curve for the user
  • Hindrances in course creation and learning 
  • Limitations in API integrations 


The Xperiencify course platform offers two paid plans and one customizable plan for enterprises and corporate businesses starting at $499/month with all the present features.

  • The Launch Plan: $49/month and $42/month if billed annually.
  • The Growth Plan: $149/month and $117/month if billed annually.

Features to look for in a Course Platform

With the above list of course platform developers, it is reasonable to say that every platform brings in something new for the user to create and sell their online course. However, the following are the fundamental features that a user or creator must look for in the online course platform.

  • Content and Contact Management 

It is vital for the user to have easy access to the developed and created content as it can benefit in scheduling and creating drip content. When you have space hosting of many members it is important for the course platform to offer an agile contact and member management to keep a track of the progress, subscription, payment and feedback.

  • Seamless Interface

Course platforms should provide the ease of creating and navigating content because it creates an easy pathway to attain desired information from the site. Seamless interface creation of online courses is also crucial for the members and audience because at the end of the day they are the actual users of the content and should not face any difficulty.

  • Powerful Page Editor

In order to make your course and content irresistible, it is important the course platform provides the features of powerful page editors and form builders with customizable templates and forms. With the help of these tools, you can create engaging content within no time. 

  • Collaboration Tools

When we talk of establishing a system that can help us create, sell, market and manage online courses we are talking of a broader group of partners and members involved. Collaboration tools help in interacting, sharing and exchanging information with the customers, subscribers, partners, investors and co-founders all under the same label.

  • Integrations 

Integrations are the best tools to interact with other applications and websites over the widespread network of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, LMS (Learning Management System) systems, CMS (Content Management System) systems, payment gateways, scheduling sites, social networking sites and space hosting sites and many more that can help in creating a connection for the exchange of information.

Comparison of Best Online Course Platforms

While choosing the best online course platforms, always consider your basic requirements. See what you need the most in your platform and how do you want to serve your students.

With many online learning platforms, it's always difficult to select the best, but here is a quick comparison table for you.

PlatformKey Benefits
KajabiProvides a range of content creation and management tools.
PodiaOffers a range of online courses creating tools and features. 
TeachableBest features and tools with unlimited students and courses for a free plan.
ThinkificProvides best integrations for community building and engagement.
LearnworldsOffers an intuitive learning and management system.
KartraBest marketing and sales automation and affiliation system.
Systeme.ioProvides a set of features for creating sales funnels.
TeachfloorA cohort-based course developer and content management system.
New ZenlerOffers a unified platform for campaign, content and marketing management.
XperiencifyProvides features of gamification and experience engine to create content and online courses.

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