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Doing affiliate marketing and looking for the forums to learn from the experts?

You are at the right place, and we appreciate your decision to join affiliate marketing forums because this is the sure-shot way to kickstart your affiliate journey.

You can either learn everything by doing some experiments or learn from the people who have already tried, tested and succeeded in affiliate marketing.

Which one is best?

Some might say that learning on our own is the best method because we can fail and learn in the process.

Oh c'mon.

I would never try to make a cake on my own when my mother is always there to teach the exact recipe to me.

You got the point?

There is no benefit to reinvent the wheel when someone has already found the recipe. All you need to do is, pick the recipe, add some flavors, and make the cake for you.

And that’s what the benefit of these affiliate marketing forums is.

An average cost to join a forum is $99/month.

Do you feel that someone has joined the forum just because they have enough money to waste?


They are there to learn and grow.

They are there to share their case studies, share their success stories, and share their failures.

The question is – Why do they do it?

The answer is – Because on the same forum, there are owners of affiliate programs. They keep their eyes on such success stories and contact those affiliates to promote their exclusive offers.

It's a win-win for everyone.

You got the point?

Let’s start this article and understand some basic terminologies first.

What are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based earning method. The marketers promote the products they see as valuable. If people buy the product from the link, the affiliate marketer gets a part of the profit. There are individual profits for each sale.

While an affiliate marketing program sounds simple in theory, there are several things to consider.

Firstly, you need to understand the two major parts of the affiliate program. There is the product creator and seller, and then the affiliate marketer.

In-short, there are four sections.

1. Merchant

Merchant refers to the creator and seller. Merchants can include big companies or small creators.

2. Affiliate

The affiliate is the person who promotes the products for a commission on each sale. The primary function of the affiliate is to market the product to other people.

3. Consumer

The consumer is the party that buys the product. Affiliate target consumers. Once the consumer is convinced, they purchase the product. The affiliate marketer can decide whether the consumer knows about the commission or not. Presently, transparency is the key to success.

4. Network

The network is a debatable part of affiliate marketing. It isn’t a mandatory section. The network will work as an intermediary between the merchant and the affiliate.

You can choose to let the network carry out the product delivery and payment for you, or create a direct revenue share with the company. Some of the best networks are Impact, ShareaSale, ClickBank and FlexOffers.

How Big is the Affiliate Marketing Industry?

Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry that has contributed to several people’s wealth.

From Amazon to smaller brands, many companies offer affiliate programs. It helps boost their sales while marketers get to earn a commission.

Who Should Join Affiliate Marketing Forums?

Affiliate marketing forums are platforms to help build connections in the affiliate world. Everyone is welcomed.


People who are starting out in the marketing world can join the forum to get appropriate guidance and avoid several pitfalls. It is a safe space to ask questions and learn from other people’s mistakes. Moreover, the forums help newbies meet potential clients from the get-go.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate network companies and intermediaries can also join the forum to get the latest updates. Also, it is an excellent place to forge connections and get more clients for the business.

Product Owners

Creators of products can join the program to talk to affiliate marketers, understand the potential, and find a marketer who can help improve the brand.

Joining the appropriate affiliate marketing forum can work as a panel for information and collaboration.

There are a range of affiliate marketing programs to consider while looking for the next thing. Choosing one can become difficult. The comparison below will help you determine the right course of action as per your needs.

List of the Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

Here is a mention of some of the paid and free forums that you can join to start your venture in the world of affiliate marketing. Special mention of the price, along with the key feature is available in the assessment.

Subscribe to the number of channels that you find the most appropriate for your needs.

1. STM Stack That Money

STM Forum is always sitting at top when it comes to affiliate marketing forums list. STM Forum was started in 2013 by one of the finest affiliate marketers Lorenzo Green.

Being one of the top affiliates and generating over a million dollar in a month, Lorenzo decided to start a community where he could invite the top players in the world and this could become a great marketplace for product owners too.

They started organizing small meetups in various cities and soon it became one of the largest affiliate conferences in the world known as Affiliate World Conference.

They have awesome tutorials and success stories like this.

Cost: $99 per month flat.

  • Best Known for: Well-rounded forum with something for everyone. Many case studies and follow along guides make this forum as one of the must join forums for every affiliate marketer.


  • Communicate with other affiliates
  • New things coming
  • Constant evolution
  • Presence of the best affiliates
  • Quick answers


  • Huge Database that can become tricky to handle.
  • Prior knowledge of mining for information and looking for the right keywords.
  • Try things and ask forums any doubts you have! It will lead to success.

2. iAmAffiliate

This forum was started by Attila in 2019. In such a short time, he has grown this forum at such a big level that every affiliate marketer wants to get into this forum to learn from his secret black hat techniques.

He has invited some of the top affiliates in the world and there are so many success stories in this forum.

Follow along, case studies, and some exclusive guides in this forum makes it one of the must join forums.

Cost: $49.95

  • Best Known for: Actionable material, case studies, and how-to guides


  • 6 to 7 figures case studies
  • Real time feedback
  • Detailed courses
  • Follow along with campaigns available
  • Affordable pricing option.


  • On the more expensive side, especially for beginners.
  • Newer

The constant updates on the platform make it an excellent choice for people who want the latest news NOW!

3. affLIFT

affLift was started by Luke Kling in 2018. Luke worked with PeerFly (one of the best affiliate networks) and he was awarded top affiliate in the world many years in the row.

After PeerFly was shut down he decided to create a forum where he could share his tips and tricks and he could help newbies to kickstart their affiliate journey.

If you are into pop traffic, this forum can bring the gold for you.

Cost: $20 per month

  • Best Known for: Push notifications available


  • Monthly pricing
  • Pro Affiliates on the channel
  • Answers for support questions


  • Comparatively new with less database
  • Covers more newbie topics
  • Less talk of formats

For people starting out, it can work wonders.

4. Affiliatefix

AffiliateFix was started by Oliver Kenyon. Oliver is a hardcore affiliate marketer and he has generated millions by running ad campaigns.

This forum gives you insight about the affiliate offers and they have a dedicated section for deals and discounts too.

They have created some private tools and scripts which you can get access to after you join the premium section.

Cost: Free

  • Best Known for: Newbie assistance


  • Very active
  • Separate business section
  • Easy access to potential business partners and clients
  • Free


  • Huge database that requires a lot of digging.
  • If you do not mind competition while learning, this is the right forum for you.

5. Affiliate Tribe

This forum was started by Kulwant Nagi (Yes, me) in 2020 after realizing the gap in the industry.

As most of the forums are paid forums, I wanted to create a forum where I could give some important information for free as well as make it affordable for everyone.

Cost: Free and paid options available

  • Best Known for: Beginner friendly


  • Decently-sized database
  • Easy interface for easy understanding
  • Thorough segregation for better access


  • The free access does not have much to offer
  • Being a new forum, there is less information available.

Use the forum to learn the basics.

6. Warrior Forum

One of the oldest and well-known forums in the digital marketing industry.

Started in 2001, this forum has contributed a lot in every super affiliate’s life. This was the old days forums where people used to hangout and they learnt a lot from each other.

This forum was old in 2014 and Freelancer.com became the new owner. They improved this forum, added many new sections and made the Warrior Special Offers section bigger by inviting many affiliates.

Cost: Free

  • Best Known for: Covers huge spectrum including digital marketing, affiliate program, and digital business strategies.


  • Direct questions with answers available.
  • Other topics also covered
  • Best for people running the business in the States.


  • Not many follow along and case studies are available.

The useful information on the forum sets it apart.

7. Blackhatworld

When it comes to black hat marketing, this forum comes at top.

They have many sections in this forum which are suitable for every type of marketer. Copywriting, marketing, SEO, web design, Facebook Ads and almost everything is there in this forum.

Cost: Free

  • Best Known for: Information on Black Hat, Adult SEO, little investment better results.


  • Complete black hat practices forum
  • Well-informed information available
  • White hat section also present


  • Some shady techniques that require luck
  • Need for adaptation and change
  • The black theme makes it difficult to concentrate

It is a place to visit if you want to think outside the box. While it is best to steer clear as much as possible, extra information cannot hurt. Being a regular member might not be that plausible, but visiting it regardless is a good approach.

8. WickedFire

WickedFire is also one of the oldest forums where you can get a lot of information related to SEO.

There are many good sellers providing SEO services which you can order and grow your blogs. Apart from the SEO services, it’s a great platform to learn new techniques as well.

Cost: Free

  • Best Known for: Information on SEO


  • Well-known and stable forums
  • Well organized
  • Offers platform to meet people in the industry


  • Less active

The forum is best for people who know how to do proper research.

9. Affilorama

Affilorama is a forum which gives you access to some private services and tools to grow your blog.

They have a lot of material on their forum and they focus mainly on blogging, SEO, content writing and content promotion.

Cost: Free & paid options available

  • Best Known for: Training courses


  • Free and cheap training
  • 60-day refund policy
  • Tools available


  • Outdated
  • Few practical examples

It isn’t among the most updated affiliate marketing forums, However, it is an excellent place to visit for a lot of free material.

10. SEO Exchange

SEO Exchange is an SEO community started by Charles Floate. Charles is a well-known face in the SEO industry and he has shared many awesome SEO hacks on his blog.

He started when he was just 16 and he became one of the well-known SEO players because of his experiments in SEO.

SEO Exchange is a discord community which is a freemium model.

Cost: Free & paid option available

  • Best Known for: Discord Available & grey hat training


  • Open Exchange
  • Networking opportunities
  • Up-to-date information
  • Discord community available


  • Requires more effort
  • Some techniques are riskier.

It is an easy-to-use interface. The free section has a lot to offer for affiliate marketers.

How Affiliate Forums Work

Affiliate forums are online portals made specifically for sharing information, asking queries, answer questions, and more between connections under the business model.

It is the ideal avenue to meet people who can work with you for clearing doubts, and sharing experiences.

How to Search on Forums

Paid and free affiliate forums are available online. You can visit the various forums available and see the fee and other rules and regulations to find the perfect fit for you.

The most important factor for choosing any affiliate forum is the number of experts and their credentials. 

A forum with known and successful affiliate marketers will help you achieve your goal.

How to Get Thread Notifications

Generally, the forum will give you the option of being notified every time a new thread is posted on the forum.

You can look at the specifics of the forums you choose to get the thread notifications. If you attach an email to the forum, you can also get mail every time a new thread comes online.

Why to Join Affiliate Marketing Forums?

To start your venture into the world of affiliate marketing, you need the knowledge first. Here is how affiliate marketing forums can help.

The Fun of Social Media, with the Resourcefulness of a Library

Online Affiliate Marketing Forums are very similar to social media. Hence, they do not appear to be working. 

However, they offer some of the most up-to-date knowledge in the market. It is a very resourceful medium for gaining niche-related information.

Equip You with Knowledge to a Successful Marketing

The better forums offer you the opportunity to gain the best-kept secrets of the marketing world. 

You can use the new information to gain results. With better tips that work for a majority, you are more equipped to get the optimum results.

Endless Bonuses

Joining forums will help create better results with affiliate marketing. It is an investment into garnering knowledge to create more profit at the end of the day.

Get Tools and Software to Use in Your Affiliate Marketing

Several forums offer exclusive tools and software that you can use for the business. It helps create a better understanding of what is going right and wrong. The tools also work to offer more know-how and skill development for the future.

Success Stories to Encourage You

Affiliate marketing forums run by the big shots will give you a glimpse at the potential of the market. The success stories can work as motivators to help improve the overall effort you put in each day.

Building Connections

Forums house several people from the affiliate marketing world. Joining one will help you create connections in the market. You can use the said connections to gain knowledge and have people from the industry who are willing to help.

Get Your Problems Solved

Affiliate marketing forums are an excellent choice for getting issues resolved. While many of your queries are already there, you can always ask a new question to find relevant answers. 

The opportunity to interact with the experts in the field who are likely to clear the doubts is priceless.

How To Learn From Affiliate Marketing Forum Members

Coming to an affiliate marketing forum for the first time as a member can be a nerve-wracking experience. 

To help ease the pressure, and make the transition smoother, here are a few guidelines to follow when you enter such a program.

Observe the Rules

Each forum follows a set of rules. It is best to read about the rules beforehand and observe the other members of the community to put your best foot forward. Read the rules and obligations before you start interacting

Make Yourself Known to the Community

Once you join the community, take the time to introduce yourself formally to the people in the club. It will give you a chance to form some bonds while becoming more comfortable at the forum.

Create Threads

You have the option of creating threads on the forum. Interact with the other members. Take the time to know everyone and become as helpful as possible.

If you found something interesting, be sure to let the others in the community know about it with the help of threads.

Contribute Actively

It is easier to become a participant in an affiliate marketing forum. It is much harder to contribute actively. Take time each day to visit the forum.

It can become one of the essential activities of the day. Post and reply daily to keep the contribution high. It will help you know more about the world and give back to it.

Remain Approachable

Always be forthcoming with other people in the group. When you are approachable, you create better connections. They can help you in the long run.

Affiliate forums are a medium to give and take information. The more you give, the more you get.

Be Ready to Learn

Coming with a closed mind is never an option, especially when you are doing something like affiliate marketing. It is an ever-changing world with constant updates. Always come prepared to learn something new.


Some of the frequently asked questions related to affiliate forums are answered here!

Why should I join an affiliate forum?

How can I find good tips and relevant info on affiliate marketing forums?

How do I relate with other members of the affiliate forum?

Are affiliate marketing forums still worth it?

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