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There is a lot of buzz lately about the Amazon Affiliate program, and we agree it can be a great way to monetize your blog or website. It is one of the most lucrative fields to earn money remotely. 

Amazon Affiliate Program or Amazon Associates is one of the most trusted programs among the other similar ones. Thousands of full-time employees have left their 9 to 5 jobs to earn money independently through the Amazon Affiliate Program. But you can also join in as a side hustle.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

If you want to start an affiliate business and you are a beginner, you are reading the right article. This article is going to be pretty lengthy but rewarding and informative. We will cover everything from Amazon Affiliate Marketing basics to the technical part, like launching a website and driving the traffic to your blog. 

There is nothing above knowledge and experience. A thorough idea about the do's and don'ts of affiliate marketing can help you build a successful monetizing website. 

Amazon Associates is the biggest affiliate program globally. It is very popular among affiliate marketers due to the decade-long trust. The program has an omnipresence with the same policies that apply to all affiliate marketers across the world. 

Amazon does not charge any additional charge to join its Affiliate Program. If you have a website, you can create Amazon Affiliate links of different products to promote. Once a user opens an Amazon product page with your unique link and buys the item, you earn commission or referral fees. 

Amazon recommends its Associates follow some rules. Most of the rules encourage to follow ethical affiliate practices. You may be banned from Amazon Affiliate Program if you violate these rules. Here are some of the primary rules you should follow:

  • Your audience should know that you will get a commission if they buy items through your link.
  • No false claims in product recommendations.¬†
  • Don't mention the product price, and it may change with time.
  • Don't promote affiliate links through emails, eBooks.
  • Don't apply link shorteners on the affiliate links.

You can click here to read the full policy of the Amazon Affiliates Program. 

What is the Amazon Affiliate Site?

You may have heard a lot about the Amazon affiliate website but confused about how to get one? It is always better to take inspiration from successful affiliate websites. 

What kind of content are they posting? How are they targeting the audience? Why are they popular among visitors? If we get an idea about the answers to the above questions, we can build a well-rewarding affiliate website. 

Let's go through the successful journey of these affiliate websites:

#1 HomeZene

HomeZene is one of the most popular Amazon Affiliate websites in India. It provides product reviews and other details related to all home and daily use products like kitchen items, electrical products, baby products, etc.

As per HomeZene claim, the website has analyzed 185000 products of 49000 brands. 23000+ visitors have reviewed the website. 

Reasons Behind their Success

Homezene targets the keyword in demand. With detailed research on the keyword, they prepare product reviews to help the users. 

Product reviews are based on detailed testing. They also take professionals' help to judge complicated products. Product reviews are genuine. They do no favoritism in reviews. 

HomeZene also understands that all visitors don't get comfort in reading the lengthy review. To entertain such visitors, they provide maximum details in the first paragraph. 

Major Takeaways from HomeZene Website

  • Detailed research about what people are searching for.¬†
  • Test the product yourself.
  • If you can't afford to buy the product, do detailed research.
  • Build trust with website visitors.

#2 Whattoexpect

Pregnancy and parenting are some of the most demanding categories in the affiliate field. The website has a team of health experts, physicians, gynecologists to provide support to the visitors. Also, the list of high-profile doctors has built trust with visitors.

Reasons Behind their Success

  • Certified Health Portal
  • Accurate Contents.
  • Provides complete support from the 1st week of pregnancy to the baby after birth development.
  • Award-winning portal.
  • Provides content through the app as well.
  • A community post every 3 seconds on their website.
  • Strict product review policy
  • Helped millions of people till now.

Major Takeaways from WhatToExpect Website

  • Content is the king.¬†
  • Keep providing value to the users.
  • If needed, hire experts to produce valuable content.
  • Post your achievements on the website to get user trust.¬†
  • Create a strong community around the contents.
  • Answer users' queries in real-time.

Most successful websites use the “best” suffix before the keyword to attract users. But it is enough. They also create the best-researched content by reviewing the products. Backlinks play a crucial role in website rank, and these successful websites have thousands of quality backlinks. 

Consistency is the key to creating a popular affiliate website. Keep improving. Keep reviewing. Users like quality content. If you provide them with such content, they will be your permanent visitors, and you will earn a hefty amount of commission from Amazon.

How to Join the Amazon Affiliate Program? (Step by Step Guide)

#1. Create Your Online Presence

You should have an online channel to communicate with your audience for affiliate business. You can choose a blog, website, or YouTube channel to attract users. The popularity of your media channel plays a crucial role in affiliate business success. More traffic will bring more clicks to your affiliate links and thus, increase your affiliate earnings. 

See this YouTuber promoting so many products with his affiliate links.

Amazon will check your website quality for approving your affiliate application. A properly structured website with a clear goal will help you get Amazon's approval for its affiliate program. 

Your website should have answers to these common questions for affiliate business. Who is your target audience? How will you bring traffic to the website? What is the main objective of your website? 

Here are some of the tips for quick approval from Amazon affiliate program.

  1. Apply after having more than 20 live articles on your blog. All articles must be more than 2000 words and they must have good information to educate the readers.
  2. Learn how to promote your blog and do proper SEO to rank your articles in Google.
  3. Once your blog starts getting more than 200 visitors per day, you can apply for Amazon affiliate program.
  4. Same goes for YouTube.
  5. Start a channel, add quality videos, get some organic views, have more than 5000 subscribers and then apply.

#2. Create Your Amazon Associates Account

Now, you should visit Amazon Associates Home Page to create an account. The process is simple. 

Go to the Amazon Associates homepage to create your account. The process is short and painless.

Step 1: Open the Amazon Associates page and click on “Sign Up.”

Step 2: Amazon will first ask you to log in through your Amazon general account. If you have created one, enter your username and password to sign in; otherwise, signup for a new account. 

Step 3: After signing in to your Amazon account, it is time to create your Amazon Associates profile. 

Go through the given below simple process to create an Amazon Associates profile:

  • After signing in to your Amazon account, click on the “Join Now for Free” button.
  • Fill in the required details in the online form. You need to provide all details, like, payee's name, address, phone number, etc. Once you are done, click on the Next button.

Next, we move on to the website or mobile app details. You have to provide the details like a website address or mobile app URL and click Next.

The next tab is to choose your Associates Store ID. It will be related to your website domain name or YouTube channel name like help-30 or help-50 if your website URL is www.help.com

You need to describe your website in the space provided and answer other questions on the same page. Like, what are your websites or mobile apps about, the genre of your website, what items you will cover, and if it's a niche website, comparison website, deals or coupons website, etc.

Be careful with your answers, as it determines the Associate's application approval. If your website objective is clear, it will help in approving your application. 

The next section of this tab covers information regarding the traffic and monetization of your website. Details like how you will drive the traffic, website monetization source, link building techniques, monthly visitors your website has, etc., should be provided carefully. 

In the next section, Amazon will request you to verify if it's an automated form submission. You need to fill in the captcha correctly, followed by agreeing to the operating agreement by ticking the box. Always ensure to read the guidelines and agreement before signing up for the program.

  • Whoa, congratulations, you are almost done with the registration process.¬†
  • Amazon will ask you to enter your payment and Tax related details. You can also enter these details later.¬†
  • For the payment, Amazon will request you to choose a payment method like direct deposit, Amazon gift card, or by check. Each of these has different minimum earning slabs, both direct deposit and gift card are $10, and check is $100.
  • Next comes the Tax information. You need to provide details like if your entity is an individual or business if you are a US citizen, trade name, address, and Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Now, click on ‘Sign and Submit,' and you can explore other Amazing features of Amazon Associates through your dashboard.
  • Congrats. You have successfully applied.¬†

Step 4: Build Amazon Affiliate Product Links

Once you become an Amazon Associate, you require customized product links to promote on your website. Follow the below procedure to create affiliate links easily.

  • Log in to your Amazon Affiliates Account. It will help you to get unique links based on your account.
  • In the top banner, you will find the Product Linking button; click on it. It will forward you to the Amazon page to provide you with the product links after a certain procedure.¬†

Image Credit: https://www.sellbrite.com/blog/amazon-affiliate-program/

Provide the ASIN of Amazon products or search the product by name.

Image Credit: https://www.sellbrite.com/blog/amazon-affiliate-program/

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a unique alphanumeric code provided by Amazon to every listed product. You can find this number in the product information. Generally, we avoid this process to search for the product. You can enter a product name or keyword to search for the product. It's easy and convenient for human beings. 

  • Once you get the right product, Press the Go to get the result based on keyword or ASIN.¬†
  • “Get Link” button will provide you with the affiliate link related to the product. Click on it, and you have successfully copied the link to your clipboard.
  • You can use this link to promote on your website.¬†
  • You can also create the affiliate link through Amazon Associates SiteStripe.¬†

You will find the SiteStripe bar on every product page. Simply click the Text button to get the affiliate link. You can also choose other options like Image, Text+Image. 

Amazon guidelines don't allow affiliate link promotion through email, e-book, and offline. Your approved Associate account has a validity of 180 days. No sale in this interval will result in closing your account. You can reapply anytime. 

How Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

Commission Structure

Amazon provides a standard commission in the range of 0 to 10% to its Associates. Your earning depends on how many users buy a product from your affiliate link. Given below is the list of products categories and the commission provided by Amazon:

How Do They Pay?

Let's understand this with an example. You have a website with 1000 visitors. Suppose 100 visitors clicked on your affiliate link and purchased a smartphone worth $100. Let's say Amazon provides a 7% commission on smartphone sales. You will earn $700 in this scenario. Your earning depends upon the conversation rate of your website traffic. 

Here, you should remember some key points:

  • You will get a commission If a user purchases the item within 24 hours after clicking on your affiliate link.
  • If a user clicks on your affiliate link and later chooses a different version of the product to buy, you will still get the commission if it is done within 24 hours.
  • Amazon will directly deposit the commission amount in your bank details provided by you. It takes 60 days to receive the Amazon Affiliate Commission after the purchase is made.¬†
  • If a user buys some item in January with your affiliate link, you will get the commission in late March.

How to Build A Successful Amazon Affiliate Website?

#1 Choose A Good Niche

You should select a niche very carefully. Generally, people select a very competitive niche after getting inspired by top-rated websites. Don't make this mistake. Those top-rated websites would be your competition if you chose such a niche.

Given below are some methods to choose the right niche.

Choose a Niche of Your Interest

Take a pen and paper, list down the topics you like to work on. It will keep your interest in the work. Lack of motivation is the main reason behind affiliate marketer failure. 

Choose a Niche with High Commission Rate

Amazon provides a 0 to 10% commission on the affiliate products. If your chosen category has a common of less than 2%, it is not worth it. You will put a lot of effort into getting traffic, but there will not be enough income. 

Research About Product Pricing

Expensive products will bring more commission in less traffic. If you can convert a visitor to buy a laptop for $5000, your 2.5%commission will help you to get $125. If you recommend a headphone of $20, you can imagine how many conversions you need to get $150.

If you select a high price niche, the conversion rate will be less. With a low-price product, you will find more conversion but less commission. What to do? Choose the middle path and search product prices in your niche. 

Traffic Estimation for Monthly Goal

If your goal is $1000/month income from affiliate products, how much traffic you require on ‘money pages'? Website pages having affiliate links are considered money pages.

Let's come to the point again. Suppose I have a kitchen knife niche. The average product price of my niche is $40. Amazon provides a commission of 4% on these products. 10% is the click-through rate (CTR). 


1,000 / (40 * 4% * 10% * 7.5%) = 83,333 visitors.

I need 83,333 visitors monthly to earn $1000/month in my niche. 

Niche Traffic Potential

Does your niche attract more users? You have to find the answer to this question else your efforts will be useless. Your content is good, and the niche has a high commission, but the user base is limited. It will not solve your purpose. 

Estimate Competition

In the beginning, a lucrative niche with tough competition is not ideal for you. You should find some topics where you can easily rank your content on the Google search engines. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized content will help you achieve a higher search engine rank. SEO is complicated. There are hundreds of ranking factors in SEO to rank the contents.

While selecting a niche, you have two options. First, select a micro niche like in smart devices you can focus on Smart Watches. Second, if smartwatches are still a broad niche, narrow them down further like smartwatches for students. Repeat the process if you don't find the selected niche interesting. 

#2 Keyword Research

Keyword research is an easy job compared to niche selection. You will find plenty of free/paid keyword research tools like Ahref, Google keyword planner, etc. Google search engine results will also provide you with enough ideas about keywords in demand. 

Finding Product Roundup Keywords

We are going to use SEMRush to do our research.

First, the keyword should include the “best” prefix.

Second, keyword difficulty (KD) should be <=10.

Third, search volume >=500.

Third filters may vary as per the niche requirement. In micro-niche, we can consider volume lower than 500 also. 

We need to look for product round keywords with heavy traffic capability. Three given below filters should be applied for that:

SEMRush can give you in-depth data about your competitors.

Look for Product Review Keywords

Keywords like “Laptop reviews“, “mobile reviews” come under the category of review keyword.  

They have less traffic potential but still worth considering. They will boost SEO for roundup keywords. Apply three key filters to select them:

First, include “reviews” in the keyword.

Second, KD should be less than or equal to 10. 

Third, search volume>=200.

Would Love to try Semrush?

50+ tools on SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media
marketing to help you attract and grow your audience online faster.

Look for Blog Keywords

You should not limit your affiliate website to money pages. Keep publishing informative posts for your visitors as it will help increase website traffic. Those users may switch to your money pages also. 

Keywords including who, why, when, where, ideas, tips, etc., come under the blog category keyword. Their search volume should be more than or equal to 500. 

For example, if your niche is smartwatches, then topics like “how to operate a smartwatch” will make proper sense. In the beginning, you should not worry more about keywords. Start with 20-30 keywords and keep adding. Be creative while selecting keywords. 

#3 Create the Right Kind of Content

After finding roundup, review, and blog keywords, it's time to convert them into posts. For each of the three category keywords, you will create product roundup posts, product review posts, and blog posts.

Let's start to know how to create these posts:

Product Roundup Posts

Follow these four steps:

Step 1: Which Product to Choose for The Post?

In your niche, you will find plenty of products. Choosing the right product for the post will help you to attract more traffic.

Here is how you can decide the product:

  • Visit Amazon to know the product in demand.
  • Product with more reviews and above four-star rating is ideal to choose from.¬†¬†
  • Take Google's help in finding the right product.
  • If the top 3-4 results are recommending the same product, go for it.
Step 2: What Product Quality Attracts the People?

Go through the product reviews, and you will come to know what they care most about the product. For example, if we talk about the smartphone, reviews suggest that people like high speed and good camera phone. So, try to include these terms in the post. 

Amazon also provides review tags related to every product. These tags tell the whole story about what people consider a product. 

Step 3: Amazon Review Tags

Amazon pulls these from reviews, and they're often indicative of the things many people care about. Content gap analysis and looking at top-page results are other ideas to know about what people care more about. 

Step 4: Review the Products by Yourself

It will give you an edge over others when you write your experience through a valuable post. Start with cheap products and raise the bar slowly. 

Start implementing; Writing a product roundup post is different from a blog post. You should start providing information from the first line itself. It will engage the readers and help you in CTR. 

Product Review Post

It is almost similar to product roundup posts. You can even mix roundup and review posts. Reviews and roundup posts need similar kinds of research. Together, they will boost the SEO of the website. 

Blog Posts

Writing good blog posts needs a different approach. You can click here to refer to the valuable articles written on the Ahrefs platform to write a powerful blog post.

In general, follow the given below content strategy to attract visitors:

  • Define your goal
  • Conduct Persona Research
  • Determine which types of content you want to create
  • Brainstorm content ideas
  • Create an Outline
  • Re-read content from a user point of view
  • Publish and manage your content

While creating content workflow or outlining, you should consider the below-written points for more user engagement:

  • Think like a user and think about what questions they have.
  • Think of possible follow-up questions and order name priority-wise.
  • Either you can do it by using your common sense, or you can see the flow of similar content and use common sense.
  • One way is to get feedback from people, find some people with the same issues, and start talking to them and take note of what questions they ask; a sample of 5-10 people interaction will give you an IDEA of the flow.
  • The flow is the most important and most difficult part of the entire process to master.
  • While creating the content, you should follow content cluster techniques that make your job easy. Here are a few content cluster key points to remember:
  • It is a technique of content writing where you divide entire content into a various cluster and do Individual research in each area
  • This helps you to create super valuable content for the users.
  • It helps you to research deeper and connect more with the audience.¬†
  • We will be putting this ‘content cluster' into the content framework strategy.

You have a content idea, keywords, post writing strategy, and you write the article. Now, you are confused about the title of your post. You are not getting any idea of how to write a title to attract users.

Here are the six most prevalent headline strategies to follow:

  • Surprise
  • Questions
  • Curiosity¬†
  • Negatives, for example, worst cities to live in, etc.
  • Numbers, for example, five things you should do to…
  • Audience Referencing, example: Only wives of writers will understand this.

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Site?

Pick a Domain Name

A domain name is what people type to access your website's content‚ÄĒfor example, facebook.com. Domain names are a combination of alphabets and numbers. You can find domain names related to your brands if it is not taken by somebody else.  

The Process to Book Domain on GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the largest domain name service provider in the world. 

You can register a domain name from the GoDaddy website with the given below simple steps:

Step 1: visit www.Godaddy.com, and enter the domain name of your choice in the search box. Click on the Search button to check the availability of the domain. If it is available, you will see a success message with your searched domain on top. 

Step 2: Add the domain name to your cart.

Step 3: Click on the continue to cart button.

Step 4: GoDaddy will provide you with additional services list to purchase. If you don't want to purchase them, click on the “No Thanks” button. And click on continue. Continue to check out the process.

Step 5: On the following webpage, you will find your domain name with a validity period. You can change the validity period up to 10 years. It is advisable to have a 1-year renewal cycle. 

Step 6: You need to log in or signup to register the domain.

Step 7: Follow the simple process directed by the website to create an account or simply log in if you have an old account.

Step 8: enter the billing information for purchasing the domain name.

Step 9: once you enter all detail and click the submit button, GoDaddy will provide you with the domain control panel credentials through the mail. 

It is recommended to make auto-renew on your domain. GoDaddy will automatically renew your domain name when the validity period expires. 

Pick A Good Hosting Server

The Process to Buy Hosting at GreenGeeks

So, you already learned how to buy the domain name. Now it is time to buy hosting for our website to make it live. In this section, we will learn about GreenGeek's hosting buying process. Let's dive in to know the step-by-step process.

  • Step 1: Open greengeeks.com, choose the hosting plan as per your requirement. As a beginner, it is better to choose a shared hosting plan. It will fulfill our requirements.

It also provides a different hosting plan for a variety of features. As a beginner, EcoSite LITE is best for you. Choose the period also. 

  • Step 2: GreenGeeks also provides a free domain name with 1-year hosting. You can choose any of the option-with or without a domain name.
  • Step 3: Enter your domain name if you bought it in another place.
  • Step 4: Provide All the necessary details required for further process.¬†
  • Step 5: Choose the right Data Center option. For example, if your website visitors belong to the USA, select USA data center for fast speed.¬†
  • Step 6: Provide the correct payment details as per the availability. For example, GreenGeeks accepts credit card payment options. The company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the hosting services.¬†

If you want to continue with GreenGeeks in the long term, choose a three-year plan for significant savings. In the one-year plan, you will pay a higher amount, plus in 2nd year, you will also pay the extra renewal fee. 

  • Step 7: Complete the payment process, and you are done.¬†

In the final step, you need to install WordPress, a content management system handling more than 60 million websites worldwide. Follow the given below steps to install WordPress easily:

  • Step 1: On the GreenGeeks website, click on the “Client Login” button.
  • Step 2: Provide the email id and password and click on the “Login to Account Manager” button.
  • Step 3: Click “cPanel” login now.
  • Step 4: Search “Softaculous” in cPanel and click on its icon.
  • Step 5: Find the WordPress menu in Softaculous and click on it.
  • Step 6: Provide necessary information like domain, protocol, site name, database name, etc., for setup.¬†
  • Step 7: Create an admin username and password to access the WordPress dashboard later.
  • Step 8: Click on the “Install” button available at the bottom.¬†

You are done with WordPress installation, and your website is live now. 

Pick WordPress Theme

Once your website is live, you require a premium responsive theme to make your website user-friendly. You will find plenty of such themes. Are they good enough for affiliate marketing? We want a theme that will help us with our affiliate journey. 

With a detailed research, we have shortlisted two themes that are affiliate marketing friendly. Let's discuss the key features one by one.

#1 Affiliate Booster

We launched this excellent theme last year. Within a limited period, it has become one of the most demanding themes among affiliate marketers. 

Key Features of Affiliate Booster
  • It is a Schema Optimized theme that will help in SEO.¬†
  • Lightning-fast speed makes it the best theme for affiliate marketers.¬†
  • It provides easy customization as per user requirements.¬†
  • It has a Google SEO score of 99 that is very rare to find.¬†
  • Affiliate booster provides easy-to-use typography control features.¬†
  • The mobile responsiveness feature is the icing on the cake.
  • The theme is comparable with Elementor and Gutenberg.
  • With the Affiliate Booster theme, you will get a free Booster plugin to strengthen Gutenberg blocks.
  • Compare to other themes, and it is affordable.¬†

#2 GeneratePress

GeneratePress is one of the most popular WordPress themes. Whether you are a blogger or affiliate marketer, GeneratePress is an evergreen choice for website owners. 

GeneratePress provides robust features with small code. The theme size is less than 30 kb, the most miniature WordPress theme available. It is also the fastest theme available in the market. 

It has 200000+ active installs with a 5-star rating. It's very rare to find a product having 5 out of 5 ratings. It clicks all boxes positively. 

Key features of GeneratePress: Customization, simple and productive, quality site templates, fast speed, free and paid both versions are superb, 

Major drawbacks of GeneratePress are Sole Developer and lack of drag and drop feature for page builders.

Pick WordPress Plugins

Install required WordPress plugins for an affiliate blog and start writing your content. Being a newbie, most of the bloggers end up installing so many plugin on their blogs.

If you want to keep your blog and search engines happy, don't install more than 20 plugins on your blog.

We have released AffiliateBooster plugin which gives you 25+ pre made Gutenberg block which has inbuilt pros and cons block, table of content block, single product, comparison table and so many other blocks. So this one plugin is going to replace more than 5 plugins on your blog.

How to Find the Best Affiliate Products to Promote?

Amazon Best Seller

  • In every category, Amazon tags some products as the best-selling products due to their demand. You can pick those products to promote.
  • You can choose products based on positive reviews. If a product has more than or equal to 4 stars, you can recommend it to your visitors.
  • Products having the tag “Amazon's Choice” have more visibility compare to others. It will bring more conversion for you.
  • You can also pick products that are on the homepage of Amazon.
  • Remember that all these products should be from your niche.¬†

Your Competitors Analysis

You can also analyze the strategies of your competitors having good records. You can closely observe what they are recommending, how they are recommending? It will help you to decide plans related to affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate?


Affiliate sites require traffic for conversion. You can get website traffic through plenty of methods. Social media promotion, newsletter, email marketing is some of those methods to drive traffic to your website. 

Such traffic vanishes very soon after visiting your website. So, what is the permanent solution for visitor traffic? The answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

With the help of SEO, your website ranks on specific keywords. Whenever a user searches those keywords, your website is on top, and users access your website. 

SEO is divided into two parts:

#1 On Page Seo 

Optimizing specific pages to rank higher on Google is known as On-Page SEO.

Key Points to Remember While Doing On-Page SEO:
  • Google now uses contextual content to rank rather than keywords that were earlier used.
  • Insert your keyword first 80-100 words of the article.
  • Use some outbound links to authority sites to make it look more natural (Wikipedia).
  • Use internal links to pass link juice to another page (2-3 internal links).
  • Use keywords 5-6 times in the entire content naturally.
  • Long content ranks better (1000 words).
  • Write 70-80% unique content.

#2 Off-Page Seo

We don't apply this technique directly on websites. It is related to building links, social media presence, and local SEO. 

  • Off-page SEO is about popularity.
  • The core of the Off-page is Dofollow links.
  • Natural backlinks are the best strategy you can create sustainable long-term links.
  • The natural backlink strategy will contain Dofollow, Nofollow, and Social signals.
  • There are hundreds of ways you can build links.¬†

Paid Ads

You can also drive traffic to your website with Paid Ads, but there are few problems with it:

  • Paid ad traffic is a costly affair.¬†
  • Traffic stops once you stop spending.
  • Sometimes, you will invest more than commission in paid ads, so no profit.

In paid ads, we focus on Google Ads. There are given below reasons for Google Ads popularity:

  • Google has 90.46% of the search engine market share worldwide.
  • 15% of all searches have never been searched before on Google.
  • Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.
  • Google has a market value of approximately $739 billion.
  • An average person conducts 3‚Äď4 searches every single day.

The best part is not only to grab one-time traffic but also to re-occurring by remarketing them.

All ads do not appear on the top of the Google search page. Ad Ranking on Google Ads is based on the following Parameters:

  • Bid – Bid is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for one click on your ad.
  • CTR – Click-through rate, no. of times (your ad is clicked)/ (your ad is shown).
  • Quality Score – The quality score defines how relevant our content is.

Social Media Ads are also very popular to drive traffic. In social media ads, Facebook ads can drive a lot of traffic to your affiliate website.

Key Features of Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Ads are an effective way to do Branding.
  • Different Social Media have different sets of rules.
  • Awareness, Consideration, and Purchase are the three key strategies to follow while attracting visitors.¬†
  • Remarketing – This is done by using conversion codes or pixels.
  • We do remarket for brand recall, and a survey shows that a user does not buy a product in 1 interaction, so we need to show them the product again and again.
  • Social Media is a Push Marketing strategy.
Strategy Social Media Ads Strategies to Follow
  • Most of the social media audience converts after seeing four ads on average.
  • Remarketing or custom audience is one of the biggest reasons to convert.

The process is:

  • Generate audience (Via ads, SEO, media buying, PPC, email campaigns, Organic social media, etc.)
  • Retarget them.
  • Exclude the audience which purchases from you and again retarget.

Final Thoughts

We agree the process for profitable Amazon affiliate marketing may be lengthy. Still, if you keep the basics right with the correct combination of research, strategy, tools, and patience, you're sure to win the game. 

It's always better to start with a low-competition broad niche. Keep away from the competition in the initial year, but once you start attracting the organic traffic, it's no less than a head start.

Can we do Amazon affiliate without a website?

Do we need landing pages?

How much time will it take to make money?

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