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With the vast demographic features of the mass audience, it is crucial for companies to analyze and scrutinize their campaigns at large. When we say campaigns, we are talking about the notions and ideas of how we will be sharing the information about your company, product, service or brand to the larger audience.

Relevance and contextually visual content is something that attracts a potential customer. If you, as a company, put out an amazing advertisement for your product and are able to attain attention from the public you are halfway through, but it is equally important to create the best experience for your visitors or leads in the second half.  

This second half is where the lead will be getting most of the information they are looking for in a brief and interactive format.

This is whereas a business you need to collect contact information from them through pop-up forms and understand the visitor behaviour on your landing page with experiments and heatmaps. 

This is where landing page builders prove useful. These platforms, like the one we are going to talk about today, help you build, optimise and analyse your landing pages in real-time for better and high lead/customer conversion. So, let’s talk about our landing page builder, Instapage.

What is InstaPage?

Instapage is an American advanced landing page building platform founded by Tyson Quick in 2012 for creating high conversion landing pages for your business under your brand.

You can also optimize, customize and arrange analytical tests to understand the created content all under the same roof by using a user-friendly interface.

Instapage within its sphere allocates features like A/B and multivariate testing, user and content management, collaborations of teams and integrations for CRM, CMS, email marketing and others.

With the mentioned and many other features creating a landing page that can generate high numbers of leads and eventually conversions is very easy and quick. 

Instapage provides a solution for any and every business query such as social ads, display ads, search and lead generation pages and pages for e-commerce businesses and brands. It is crucial to have a better experience for the customers on every platform and hence, Instapage provides an equally well-structured page for mobile interfaces.


With Insta Blocks and Global Blocks, you can build landing pages and other co-relating pages with ease as it offers 500+ layouts, 200+ templates and premium fonts for a gallery of 5000+ web fonts. You can also create your own layouts or templates and save them for later.

This helps not only an experienced marketer but also a beginner to create an engaging landing page according to the nuance of their brand.    

All in all, Instapage is a promising landing page building platform with its candidature.

Instapage is an American advanced landing page building platform founded by Tyson Quick in 2012 for creating high conversion landing pages for your business under your brand.

  • Webinar pages, click-through pages and campaign management
  • Numerous integrations on the interactive dashboard and a responsive mobile base
  • Visitors will experience fast-loading landing pages that will save their time and generate interest
  • A/B and multivariate testing for the page elements.
  • 200+ pre-designed templates to work with.
  • Provides Heatmaps to understand the visitor behaviour.
  • Lack of eCommerce services
  • Fewer interactive widgets on the panel
  • Instapage is comparatively pricey 

Price: $199/month

InstaPage Review: The Key Features

Having established the basic idea of what Instapage does, let’s take a look at how and with what tools and features the system works.

Landing Page and Forms Builder

Instapage provides a landing page builder which uses the various pre-designed templates, multiple steps forms, and customised messages to create landing pages in the most efficient way.

You can create custom landing pages as well as the interface provides all the features in one place and you can choose from around 200+ templates, you can quickly and easily upload templates from ThemeForest or create your own from scratch. 

You can also work with different use cases that can be created with the help of a customizable builder to create conversion-friendly landing pages with contextual element editing and 33 million images to work with. 

Other than the provided fonts you can also create custom fonts that enable you to showcase your brand’s identity. Instapage provides access to 5,000+ premium Google & Adobe Web Fonts.


It is important to have an intuitive design tool when creating an engaging page for the public and Instapage allows you to easily group elements, align elements or groups of elements, and allocate them as needed, for pixel-perfect landing pages. 

With Instapage you can precisely align an element or group of elements to other page components or page boundaries to maintain consistent padding, balance, and symmetry and lock an element or group of elements so that they only move within the horizontal or vertical axis for exact alignment.

One of these builders is Insta Block with which you can quickly build hundreds of personalised landing pages by using individual page blocks that you can customise, save, and reuse.

Here, you can utilise a selection of pre-designed block templates, like headers, footers, testimonials, from the library or create your own custom blocks from scratch. Use HTML to build your own templates or blocks.

Instapage helps you build a template that can increase conversions by creating the ideal mobile experience for your visitors, without using a developer. It generates mobile-responsive landing pages in just one click. In order to enhance the experience, you can hide page blocks for the mobile view to create a more optimal browsing experience.

Instapage builds landing pages where you can add videos, slideshows, podcasts, and more to make your landing page stand out. The page can have a countdown timer on webinars or sales pages to increase the sense of urgency and promote the idea of purchase to the visitors. Instapage helps customers in real-time by adding a chat plugin to your landing page.

With Instapage, you can create specialized customizations with Javascript, HTML/CSS, or third-party scripts. Use custom code editing to drop in tags as needed for remarketing and conversion tracking. Restore earlier versions of a landing page for peace of mind when creating, designing, or editing.


Now, we move on to the forms that can be added to your landing pages to capture leads and easily collect additional information from your prospect by turning complex forms into multiple steps.

With these forms, you reduce friction points and get users to engage with your brand. Let your newest subscribers know you appreciate their interest after they have submitted their information in your opt-in form with an on-brand thank you page.

Instapage also helps to create customizable pop-ups based on specific triggers with OptinMonster, the leading provider of exit-intent popup software, to maximise conversion rates on your landing pages. Note, for this feature you need an OptinMonster account and additional cost per month is required.

With Instapage's intuitive interface, you receive an email and dashboard notification when you generate new leads. Bypass the Instapage servers and send leads directly into your CRM or marketing automation platforms where visitor data will never be collected or stored by Instapage.

You can connect forms to as many integrations as you’d like to route leads to multiple tools. With a few clicks you can ensure that when your lead opts-in for the offer, it’s made available to them for immediate download. 

Here, you automatically backup your leads for download or import into other tools and also customise the confirmation message that appears when visitors complete your form. Save yourself a step by setting up an automatic digital asset delivery system where you get electronic feedback instantaneously. 

Content Optimisation

Instapage helps you create and optimise the content for landing pages with different experimentations and tests to increase the credibility of your landing page. 

A/B testing helps in tracking visitor behaviour, testing variations with new elements, layouts, and/or designs, and increasing your conversion rates. With A/B testing capabilities on both our standard landing pages and AMP pages you can optimise your landing pages for conversions  

A/B test creates new page variations with any changes you’d like such as test elements like form length, background images, headline copy, and others to test using the A/B testing suite for both post-click landing pages and AMP pages. 

Just set the parameters of your test and view your results within the analytics dashboard and improve your landing page conversion rates with A/B testing. Analyse test results to see which page variation performs better. Once you get the detailed information about your current landing page you can continue iterating to further increase conversion rates.


The Instapage Heatmap Visualizer provides 3-in-1 tracking functionality, mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth. Heatmaps provide detailed insights into how your visitors interact with your landing pages. 

This feature helps in better informing of what page elements to A/B test and gain a better understanding of where visitors spend the most time on your page, which elements they’ve clicked on, and how far down they’ve scrolled, so you can optimise your post-click landing page for conversions.

With Instapage, you can directly integrate with Google AdWords and Analytics for easier attribution and make real-time cost-per-visitor and cost-per-lead metrics visible right in the Instapage platform. You can then pass lead metadata down to your CRM or marketing automation system.

Instapage easily inserts a tracking pixel onto your landing page using the Javascript setting and you can use drop-in pixel tracking to track external conversions or for retargeting visitors who don’t convert on your landing page. 

Push your impression and conversion data to the analytics services you use automatically. With Instapage, use the insights gleaned from this data to optimise your landing pages for higher conversions.


Instapage uses a simplified campaign management ethic where PPC marketers can quickly build ad groups for their different ad channels, products, features, and demographics. Page grouping allows you to easily organise your dashboard and align your post-click landing page structure to your advertising and marketing campaign structure. 

With the help of the management system, you can find what you need faster and with ease so you can spend your time optimising your campaigns and delivering better results. Here, you are analysing real-time data which can be range over any time period across all your devices and anytime.

User Performance and Management

Instapage uses the Thor Render Engine for user management and performance that delivers 3 times faster-loading landing pages to enable advertisers and marketers to increase conversions. This enhancement of our Page Creation product will markedly accelerate page load speed, improving paid conversions, SEO rankings, and overall user experience. 

Sign on to Instapage via your organisation's SAML 2.0 and manage all your permissions in one place, verify trusted users, and have a single source of truth. 

The Instapage page load speed is verified and articulately ranked by Google PageSpeed Insights, a highly regarded industry tool used to quantify website speed and performance for mobile and desktop devices. 

Instapage is a pioneer landing page platform that is Soc 2 compliant, so you need not worry about managing your data and content as it will be thoroughly mentored and verified. 

Instapage is Enterprise-Grade secure hence, it offers to intercept proxy support for your data and verifies that all interactions are secure and encrypted so visitors willingly enter their information knowing that their privacy will not be compromised.

With Instapage user management, you can create an efficient work system while managing multiple client accounts by switching between your accounts without having to log in to different accounts. 

You can seamlessly view the list of accounts you have access to, switch to the account you want to work on, and view the account/owner information for the account you’re currently within a single unified interface.


Instapage also offers features to organise team workspaces, better manage team interactions, and maintain client privacy by inviting team members to specific workspaces. You can quickly grant access to publishing domains to specific workspaces, manage custom integrations and, securely publish to an external CMS via a token system. 

With advanced workspace permissions and privacy features, you can maintain client privacy by inviting team members to specific workspaces, as well as better manage team interactions by organising team workspaces.

Instapage has redefined the exchange or sharing of your work with a team or clients as you no longer have to pass your login information. 

With Instapage, you can easily provide read-only access to the right team members or stakeholders, for the right landing pages. And if you have troubleshoot issues they can be resolved without impacting the workline and you can manage account security by tracking account history.

Personalisation and Collaboration 

Instapage provides a medium to personalise and effortlessly visualise your advertising campaigns and connect unique post-click landing pages to every ad. 

In this process, you can increase conversions with 1:1 ad-to-page personalization. You just have to visualise your ad account structure within the digital space of Instapage as you need no external tools and connect ads to unique post-click landing pages. By aligning your ads with personalised post-click landing pages, you’ll increase conversions and lower your cost of acquisition.

Upon creating unique 1:1 ad-to-page post-click landing page experiences for every audience with the Experience Manager and importing your ad campaigns with AdMap, generate your Postclick Score, a predictive analysis. 

Now, you can track your progress towards achieving 1:1 ad-to-page personalization. Once you have achieved that, assess your advertising funnel and determine how many relevant experiences you need to create. 

With Instapage tracking, you get a detailed report of your ad campaign and you can attach experiences to specific audiences and dynamically serve them to maximise conversions. You can iterate and experiment to discover which audience segments perform best for your ad targeting.

Instapage provides a medium to improve PPC performance by matching copy to your visitor’s search. 

This way you can personalise your post-click landing pages by tailoring the message to visitors’ keyword search terms. With the Instapage Dynamic Text Replacement feature, you can use information from the URL parameters of your post-click landing page to personalise your page.



Instapage provides a wide range of integrations for its users where they can easily integrate Instapage with the most-used and ranked, third-party advertising, analytics, CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation platforms. Following are the few ways integrations can enhance your experience with Instapage.

  • You can track landing page and variation performance by directly connecting your workspaces or individual landing pages to your Google Ads and Analytics accounts. 
  • Lead Meta-Data passthrough allows users to attribute top-of-the-funnel metrics like ad campaign and cost-per-click to down-funnel goals like conversion, pipeline, and revenue. Users can also track cost-per-visitor and cost-per-lead for paid and organic traffic. This can bring an optimised set-up for your sales pipeline.
  • Instapage with its integrations helps to easily manage and edit marketing tags, or tracking pixels, to quickly update AdWords, Google Analytics, and 3rd party tags all without a developer. 
  • With Google’s Invisible reCAPTCHA, protect your landing pages from spam while letting real visitors engage and convert with ease.
  • You can publish your standard or AMP landing page to any domain, whether it's running on WordPress, Drupal, or a custom domain. Documentation on the process for setting up custom domains is available in Instapage’s Help Center. Unlike other landing page platforms, Instapage allows you to publish pages to as many unique domains as you or your client’s need.

Above are the few features that Instapage offers under its umbrella, these can incline towards complex elements but with the guidelines and video tutorials, anyone can get familiarised with them and use them to the benefit of their business.

Why should you use Instapage?


Instapage works solutions for Search Ads, Social Media Ads, Display Ads, Lead Generation and eCommerce pages. In short, you have a query and Instapage will work on it and resolve it in an ideal way for you. Following are the few solutions it offers.

With Instapage, you can send targeted Google and Bing Ads to message-matched post-click landing pages for better conversions and simplify reviews with real-time collaboration, subaccounts, and permissions

Instapage creates a platform for its users where they can create, iterate, and update post-click pages in minutes with Global Blocks. And run A/B and multivariate tests to improve page performance and refine messages to the public domain. 

Eventually, increasing conversions and decreasing CPA with a relevant landing page for every keyword.

You can easily build fast-loading post-click landing pages that increase your quality score with Instapage.

For better quality conversions with a relevant page experience for every keyword and to grow your business by generating more conversions with less ad spend, Instapage is the medium.


It is vital to have your integral teams connected to your marketing and sales pipelines and Instapage helps you in building that streamlined work system. 

With the help of the features provided, you can elevate your team's landing page review, approval, and launch processes by providing and responding to feedback in real-time. Stop searching for edits and updates across email and project management software; all is right here. 

With Instapage, your work stays organised and on track by consolidating feedback on page and reducing unnecessary back-and-forth with real-time edits creating a space where you can work more effectively with outside stakeholders with secure sharing.

Consolidate feedback in one place so stakeholders all know the status and eliminate frustrating and unnecessary revisions by ensuring everyone is working on the latest version with real-time edits.


As we’ve already established the need for personalisation, let's take a quick recap as it is one of the most effective features to look for in Instapage. 

Instapage helps you to dynamically deliver relevant post-click landing page experiences to every audience to increase conversions and create any number of unique audience experiences for each landing page.

Here, you test audience experiences and variations to optimise for conversions and effectively, match copy to visitor-level data like keywords, firmographics, and demographics You can quickly create unique post-click landing pages for each landing page and attach experiences to specific audiences using UTM parameters. 

With Instapage, you can make your business relevant and delight visitors and increase conversions by sending your targeted ads to a personalised post-click landing page that matches the ad’s message. Also, decrease acquisition costs by sending ads to more relevant post-click pages. 

Build new experiences for every ad and audience without having to create a new landing page each time. 


Experimentation is the use of advanced technology to understand something better and to amend the nonessential or enhance the page elements. 

You can take full ownership of the post-click landing page to optimise conversion rates through precise a/b testing, analytic insights, and personalization. 

Test without compromise with server-side experimentation and understand visitor behaviour with heat maps. 

With Instapage, you are provided with the flexibility to run A/B or multivariate tests and gain real-time insights with robust analytics dashboards which can easily send data to the rest of your marketing stack.

With Instapage experiments, view visitors, conversions, conversion rate, cost-per-visitor, and cost-per-lead. You can also use heatmaps to track mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth to understand what’s working and what you should a/b test to improve page performance.


Instapage provides the feature of AdMap, where you visualise your ad campaigns and effortlessly connect ads to relevant post-click landing pages all in one place. 

You start with contextually visualising your ad campaigns in Instapage and evaluate the post-click stage for ad-to-page relevancy. 

Then with the help of Instapage AdMap, you intuitively connect your ads to relevant post-click landing pages and publish real-time updates to live, connected experiences to match ad changes. You can automatically push connection updates between Instapage and ad platforms

You can also sync your ad account with Instapage to see your campaigns, ad groups, and ads, along with each ad or ad group's corresponding post-click page experiences, for a proficient workflow. 

You can explore the status of the increase in conversions and monitor your progress toward achieving 1:1 ad-to-page personalization by viewing your Postclick Score. 

Instapage also allows you to connect page experiences to your ads that you’ve already created or create new personalised pages from within AdMap to attach to your ads.

InstaPage Pricing Plans

Instapage only provides two paid plans billed monthly and annually. There is no ‘Free Plan’ but Instapage offers a 14-day trial where you can use all the features of the platform by adding your card details. You will only be billed after the 14-day session ends. 

The Building Plan

$299/month or $199/month if billed yearly.

Included Features

  • Unlimited Domains
  • No Conversion Limits 
  • Customer Success Manager 
  • Design Reviews 
  • Sophisticated A/B Testing
  • Landing Page Builder 
  • Server-Side A/B Testing 
  • Real-Time Visual Collaboration 
  • Instablocks
  • AMP Pages & Experiences 
  • Thor Render Engine
  • Postclick Score
  • AdMap
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Dynamic Text Replacement 
  • SSL Encryption 
  • GDPR Compliance 
  • Zapier Integration 
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Marketo Integration

The Custom Plan, as the name suggests, offers the enterprises to utilise features according to their requirement. As larger enterprises need a specific set of customisable layouts and elements, this plan directs toward them.  

The Customisable Plan

Included Features

  • Global Blocks help_outline
  • Global Workspace Scripts 
  • 1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization 
  • Heatmaps 
  • Custom Fonts 
  • SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Direct Lead-Bypass 
  • Audit Logs 
  • Bulk Leads Download 
  • Guaranteed Uptime- SLA
  • Page Migration Services 
  • Dedicated Launch Specialist 
  • Custom Feature Implementation 
  • Custom Integrations 
  • Conversion Consulting 
  • Design Services 
  • Salesforce Integration

Compared to other platforms, Instapage can be a little pricey but it offers features that cannot be replaced and hence, it is important to analyse if you will require and will be up for the steep learning curve for all these features for your business. 

If not, you can explore the market and get an ideal alternative for your business type.

Final Verdict: Is InstaPage Worth It?

By and large, Instapage combines all the features required to make a high conversion landing page in a unified place where the user can experience the optimisation of content and manage it. 

You also get the provision of using and connecting your teams with the platform for a sleek work system with real-time feedback and amendments. 

This platform, with the advanced experimentation and personalisation of the digital space that it provides, majorly attracts experienced marketers as they can understand the program languages and benefit the most from the features offered. 

The platform has a lot to offer in terms of growing your business, so the ideal query is if you are ready to dive deep into advanced and critical customisation of content and building landing pages. 

The learning curve, as mentioned before, is steep, but Instapage has you covered with all the guidelines and multimedia tutorial support.  

So, if you’re an enterprise that primarily requires control over their content layouts in terms of snippet code personalisation and also if you’re a beginner looking forward to exploring the platform for the best alternative for your business, you know where to start from.

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How much does Instapage cost?

Is Instapage good for beginners?

Does Instapage have a page editor?

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