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To attain a sense of authority in the competitive market, it is a necessity to create and nurture a valuable community of loyal customers and audiences. This can be achieved through content subscription where your business expertise, knowledge and guidance can be shared and exemplified as vital intel with your customers and members.

Today, you have a variety of options to choose from to create this community on your website under the tag of a membership site where you can exchange the information or experience with your customers in return for a signup, registration, or subscription by sharing videos, blogs, podcasts, interactive projects with PPTs or PDFs, among others. 

We’ve mentioned the term membership site quite a few times till now but what is the purpose of a membership site? A membership site, as the name suggests, is a website that offers reserved or subscribed content only for the members of the subscribers that have opted for the additional information through a sign-up, registration, or paid subscription.

A membership site works in the favour of the business by achieving the following motives with deep learning and management.

  • Building a community of loyal customers by providing members-only content.
  • Establishing credibility and authority of information on your niche content in the market.
  • Monetizing and incentivizing the content served.
  • Identification of target audience that can save time in market research.

Having established the nature of membership sites, let’s talk about the significance and beneficial value of membership sites in the business algorithm.  

Benefits of Creating a Membership Website 

Membership sites provide a set of other attributes than just adding subscribed content on the website of a business.

They give assistance in a variety of features such as setting up of interactive documents, registration index, cloud-based data storage, payment gateways, email marketing and some even offer the website building feature.

Membership sites help in fulfilling many services other than creating a community for the audience, following are a few of the many features of a membership site platform;

  • Member Management  – When creating members-only content it is obvious that you require streamlined management that can help you manage your members’ database in one place which can be possible with membership site platforms.
  • Interactive Documents – Membership sites offer integrated features where you can add interactive documents such as audio and video content, PDFs, PPTs, and others for your members-only content.
  • Online Event and New Registration – The interface for registration of new members with the addition of online payments and event registration with online donations are made easily available with membership site platforms.
  • Analytics and Reporting – Membership site platforms help in maintaining a systematic report and copy of all the members’ activities and helps in conducting research on the basis of that tracking which can allow a business to know its audience better. 
  • Database Storage – Membership site platforms provide a cloud-based data storage set-up where the data and information regarding all the members’ activities and subscriptions are saved securely. 

Having mentioned the core fundamentals of a membership site, let’s shift our focus to the types of tools or systems one can use to create and manage a membership site. Membership sites can be developed by platforms or WordPress plugins and today we will be talking about the latter in detail.

What is a plugin? WordPress plugins are addition of functionality for your WordPress compatible website or an extension of a feature. Plugins can be powerful tools if the user knows the application and its utility.

What to Look for in a WordPress Membership Plugin

WordPress, being an affluent website and system builder offers various plugin integrations which help businesses grow and flourish in terms of their user experience the following are the features you need to look for before choosing your extended plugin,

  • Compatibility – It goes as an unsaid rule that your plugin needs to be compatible with the domain and theme you have adapted in WordPress. Without the compatibility, the plugin won’t work or will create uncertain elements on the website.
  • Intuitive Interface – It is really important for the interface to be user-friendly for everyone, be it the members joining or the staff setting up the platform. Ease of use determines efficiency in all the technical elements of a plugin which helps you navigate around the site and content.
  • Security of Database – The business will be exposing a lot of contacts and personal details such as email IDs, contact numbers, preferences, etc of the members to the membership plugin and hence, it is crucial to understand how well the data is being secured and stored.
  • Interactive Widgets – It is essential for the membership plugin to be accessible yet advanced in terms of the interactive documents, payment gateways, online courses, live chats and many other interactive widgets which can help in building an advanced featured interface. 
  • Integrations – When looking for a WordPress membership plugin, it is necessary that you go through the list of integrations and collaboration tools with other networks for a seamless flow of work.
  • Drip Content – Many membership site platforms offer the use of drip content where you can post your content at different intervals. This helps in keeping consistency and management of the content on the portal.

With this, we have attained all the intel regarding a WordPress Membership Plugin and we will be listing out our best options for membership plugins for WordPress you can also check out the list for Best Membership Site Platforms.

Our Top Picks

  • memberpress-logo
    • Membership site-building plugin with powerful LMS features and effective promotion tools
    • Password protected community forum with dynamic pricing pages
    • Drip content and one-click optimization for affiliate marketing
  • memberfull-logo
    • A diverse range of subscription plans with upselling checkouts and conversion analysis
    • Interactive dashboard with analytical reporting and activity metrics 
    • Shortcodes functionality and group subscriptions.
  • memberdash-logo
    • Hosts protected pages with efficient page builders and editors with a JavaScript widget
    • A plugin with CMS that allows the creation of courses, lessons, file downloads, and interactive projects
    • Unlimited memberships and communities.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins of 2024

  • MemberPress – Best for Membership Site Creation
  • Memberful – Best for Intuitive and Powerful Interface
  • MemberDash – Best Customizable System
  • Wishlist Member – Best Centralization of Content Control
  • Memberium – Best for Sales Automation
  • MemberMouse – Best for Analytical Reporting
  • Restrict Content Pro – Best for Content Restriction Tools
  • Paid Membership Pro – Best for Optimised Electronic Payments
  • S2 Member – Best Multisite Support
  • SendOwl – Best Content Management System
  • AccessAlly – Best Gamification of Content

#1. Memberpress

MemberPress helps you build engaging WordPress membership sites with secure payment portals and centralized control of who can access your content while creating upsells for digital downloads and online courses as well, all with an easy setup.


Key Features 

  • Subscriptions – MemberPress is a WordPress paywall, membership, and LMS plugin. With the courses add-on, the user gets all the ease of use they expect from the plugin combined with powerful LMS features designed to make building online courses super simple. The add-on boils it all down to a basic click-and-go process. 
  • Pricing Pages – With MemberPress, the user can create dynamic pricing pages for the membership products effortlessly by sorting the order of your products, changing the copy, the look, the feel, and more. With access to several pricing page themes out of the box, the pricing page looks good – no CSS or HTML coding required. As an advanced user, one can create their own CSS styles or even design a unique page template in their WordPress theme and since group pricing pages are standard WordPress custom post types, they're super simple to customize.
  • Community Forums – The plugin promotes the motto ‘customers who hang together stay together and helps in building your own password-protected community with MemberPress when you install and use a WordPress-based forum and MemberPress integrates seamlessly with bbPress and many other WordPress forum plugins.
  • Affiliate Programs – MemberPress uses easy affiliates to create a non-salaried sales team and take advantage of the most effective and affordable promotional tool for a new online business that is referral marketing with MemberPress.

(courtesy. MemberPress)


  • Provides membership renewals and a member portal.
  • Access to third-party integrations.
  • Seamless creation of pricing pages and payment checkouts.
  • One-click optimization for affiliate marketing.


  • Lack of multi-user collaboration.
  • Lacks real-time reporting.


MemberPress provides thee paid plan options billed yearly with all present features as follows;

Unlimited Members and Unlimited Courses, No transaction fees. Unlike other membership solutions, MemberPress doesn’t charge any additional transaction fees. The only transaction fee you’ll pay is direct to your credit card processor.

No monthly fees, Stripe & PayPal Integration, Subscription Management, Email Automation, Drip Content, Powerful Content Protection, Advanced Publisher Paywall, Coupon Codes, Email Marketing Integrations, Basic Add-Ons & Integrations.

  • The Basic Plan: $179/year for 1 site with the above-mentioned features.
  • The Plus Plan : $299/year for 2 sites along with the above-mentioned features you get add-ons.
  • The Pro Plan: $399/year for 5 sites along with the above-mentioned features you get add-ons.

#2. Memberful

Memberful provides all the features a user or business requires for creating a membership program with diverse subscription plans, optimized checkouts, dashboard analysis, and much more all under the same plugin.


Key Features 

  • Integrations – Memberful provides a list of fully managed integrations with one-click attributes for which no coding is required. Memberful handles the hard stuff with 24/7 automatic syncing, updated to the latest third-party APIs, and support for new integration partner features.
  • Community Building – With Memberful a user can connect the Memberful account with the most popular community platforms like Discord and Discourse, sell private access while the plugin keeps everything running smoothly.
  • Interactive Projects – Memberful helps in growing the business with the use of proven tools to track your performance, conversion analytics, and activity metrics and acquire new members. The plugin provides the ability to decide where your content lives and how your audience interacts with you.
  • Powerful Interface – Memberful provides an access to create members-only content with the shortcodes functionality, a powerful dashboard, and metrics and the checkout experience is painless, as when a new member checks out, a simple payment form appears atop the page so they can join in just a few clicks.

(courtesy. Memberful)


  • Upselling of gift and group subscriptions.
  • Customization of branding.
  • Provides dashboard analytics.
  • Helps in selling memberships without a website.


  • Limitations in the A/B Testing.
  • Limitation in customer management.


Memberful provides a free starter plan with 2 plans, website-only integrations and selling of private podcasts. And two paid plans with all present features.

The Pro Plan: $25/month + 4.9% transaction fee

Included Features

  • Unlimited plans
  • All integrations
  • Collect taxes
  • Sell private podcasts
  • Members-only newsletter
  • Offer coupon codes
  • Create staff accounts
  • Enable free member tier
  • Complete metrics
  • API and webhook access
  • Custom branding

The Premium Plan: $100/month + 4.9% transaction fee

Included Features

  • All features of the Pro Plan plus,
  • Group subscriptions
  • Remove Memberful badge
  • White-label your Memberful domain

#3. MemberDash

MemberDash provides a guided setup process that makes creating a membership area a breeze with powerful builders and dashboards, ease of use checkouts with most features being customizable for a seamless work system. 


Key Features

  • Accessible Setup –  MemberDash helps with an accessible setup in creating recurring, non-recurring, and free membership plans. The user can also offer free trials and coupon codes and can choose to create server-side protected pages hosted by memberDash with the easy-to-use page builder, or protect existing pages on the website with the javascript widget.
  • Optimised Payments – With MemberDash installed all you need to do is add a registration, login, or content link, and users will have access to your membership content without ever being redirected away from your site and start collecting payments with just one click.
  • Interactive Dashboard – MemberDash makes it easy to check in on how many sign-ups and payments you've had over various periods with a few clicks the user can change a user's plan, password or profile details. MemberDash can serve as your membership CMS allowing you to create protected pages, courses, lessons, file downloads, and much more and the user can also export the members’ data at any time.
  • Customizable Tools – MemberDash helps you collect information from your users when they register for your site and makes it easy to create various custom field types and store the data in your user's profiles. Redesign your website or change site builders all without missing a step because your memberDash platform can go anywhere just by adding the code snippet in your header. Change the look and feel of your membership area by switching between our different theme options and modifying colours to match your website.

(courtesy. memberDash)


  • MemberDash dashboard offers a quick view of the membership statistics.
  • Creation of unlimited memberships and communities.
  • Create percent or discount/amount-off coupons.
  • Centralised control of the dashboard.


  • Limitations in split or A/B testing.
  • The live support requires a more seamlessly working system.
  • Limitations in email automation.


MemberDash provides all the features such as unlimited users and unlimited membership plans with protected documents, create courses and lessons, custom signup fields, coupon codes & free trials, content templates at 0% transaction fee at $19.95/month with a 7-day trial.

#4. Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member assists in launching a monthly membership, creating an online course library, selling digital products with optimised checkouts and managing it all with a single piece of software.

Wishlist Member

Key Features

  • Memberships – Wishlist Member helps in building unlimited membership levels and in choosing who can access each piece of content (or not), and create targeted promotions and easily set triggers using a logic-based system to automate actions like creating new posts or moving members within your site, the options are endless.
  • Content Control – Wishlist Member helps in controlling the content by automating content distribution to your community. Drip your favorite content to new members, schedule posts to go live on an exact date. Encourage members to maintain their subscriptions by periodically archiving content, so only people who were members before the archive date have access and establish different membership levels to offer free, premium, or pay-per-post content when your gated content is protected by leading online security.
  • Payment Gateway – Create monthly subscriptions, pay per post, or multiple paid membership levels in any possible configuration or combination and Accept payments with 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net, Clickbank, PayPal, Stripe, 1ShoppingCart, CloudNet360, Cydec, eWAY, InfusionSoft, SendOwl, ThriveCart, UltraCart, WooCommerce, and other top payment providers and online carts with Wishlist Member.
  • Integrations – Wishlist Member provides a list of integrations for email service providers (iContact, InfusionSoft by Keap, Interspire Email Marketer, Mad Mimi, MailerLite, MailPoet, Maropost, Moosend, Ontraport, SendFox, and Sendlane), LMS and page builders (Integrate with LearnDash, TutorLMS, Elementor, Divi, LifterLMS, Sensei LMS, and WP Courseware) and maximise your member experience with 50+ integrations.

(courtesy. Wishlist Member)


  • Provides secure RSS feeds with a powerful RSS reader.
  • Offers GDPR compliance.
  • Provide a logic-based system to automate actions.


  • Limitations in customizable cases and templates for a few themes.


Wishlist Member provides three paid plans billed yearly on the basis of the number of sites that can be connected with the plugin with the following features;

  • Licence for 1, 5 or 20  URLs (based on the plan)
  • WishList Member Plugin
  •  Access to all Features
  •  Automatic Updates
  •  Priority Support
  • 01 site – $149/year
  • 05 sites – $299/year
  • 20 sites – $399/year 

#5. Memberium

Memberium provides powerful and efficient features for creating a fully automated membership site that is deeply integrated with Infusionsoft which can be together without any custom coding or expensive developers.


Key Features 

  • Sales Automation – Memberium allows you to sell an unlimited number of courses, memberships, or any number of digital products to an unlimited number of people. All while being able to deliver your customers access to them after they’ve been purchased automatically. Memberium helps in selling group or corporate access, also called sub-accounts by using Umbrella Accounts (Pro feature). If you're selling eBooks, templates, audio, or any other download, Memberium can automatically fulfill these orders for you. Memberium will protect and automatically grant access to your online courses with no limit on the number of courses.
  • Integrations – Memberium provides a wide range of integrations with LearnDash, LifterLMS, Sensei, WP Courseware, and LearnPress and the user can use plugins they are already familiar with to create courses. Integration with Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, and Beaver Builder for simple page editing. Lets you easily build your membership site without any coding skills and Amazon S3 integration to securely deliver files to members with expiring download links so they can't be shared.
  • Content Protection – Protect any and all of your WordPress content quickly, and easily with Memberium. On each page/post, you'll get a simple-to-use content protection box where you select memberships, Keap tags, and other conditions required to view the page. The user also is able to set what happens when access is denied. For example, showing a message or redirecting to another page can be easily accomplished.
  • Training and Affiliation – Use Memberium to build an internal training portal for your employees, franchisees, or anyone and track progress using one of the many LMS integrations. Create a custom branded, more user-friendly affiliate portal than the included Keap Max Classic and all data is pulled from Keap.

(courtesy. Memberium)


  • Provides customer billing portals.
  • Create automated membership sites with Keap tags.
  • Helps deliver free courses as lead magnets to gain new paying customers.
  • Members can have multiple levels at the same time.


  • Comparatively a slight costlier from other plugins.


Memberium offers three paid plans billed yearly and monthly.

The Standard Plan: $57/month and $570/year for 1 domain and 1 Keap connected app.


  • Premium 24/7 Email
  • Support Access
  • Unlimited membership levels, protected content, and members
  • Membership Site Builder

The Pro Plan: $97/month and $970/year for unlimited domains and 1 Keap connected app.


  • Unlimited Domains
  • 1 Keap App Connected
  • Premium 24/7 Email
  • Support Access
  • Unlimited membership levels, protected content, and members
  • Membership Site Builder
  • Group Accounts 

The Advanced Plan: $187/month and $1870/year for unlimited domains and 3 Keap connected apps.


  • Unlimited Domains
  • 3 Keap Apps Connected
  • Premium 24/7 Email
  • Support Access
  • Unlimited membership levels, protected content, and members
  • Membership Site Builder
  • Group Accounts 

#6. MemberMouse

MemberMouse is a WordPress membership plugin that helps to support anything you can dream up with the features that empower coaches and entrepreneurs and use the built-in integrations or build your own with their powerful developer tools.


Key Features 

  • Member Management – Member management is built into the core of MemberMouse and hence, give you CRM tools to track member info, activity, transaction history, my account self-service, password reset, manage account info, manage billing/shipping info, view order history,
  • manage subscriptions, upgrade/downgrade functionality,, engagement statistics, employee accounts, card-on-file support, overdue payment handling, custom fields, login as member, view transaction history, issue refunds, comp access, manual member creation, import members,and manage account status
  • Simple Setup – MemberMouse helps in installing and setting up in minutes, so the user can focus on growing your business and not dealing with complicated tech with fast activation
  • simple member import, robust getting started resources, dynamic checkout page included , login & logout pages created, customizable confirmation page, fully functional my account page, member home page included, forgot & reset password pages.
  • Sales Automation – MemberMouse makes it easy to sell any kind of product on your site, from memberships to physical goods along with the features of free & paid memberships one-click upsells, flexible checkout pages, flexible pricing, recurring subscriptions, payment plans, members-only pricing, one-time purchase products, free/paid trial, affiliate support/integration, captcha, multiple payment options on a single page, personalization via smart tags,, several billing integrations, coupon codes, share anywhere links, international currency, gifting functionality and prorated upgrades.
  • Reporting and Analytics – MemberMouse offers robust reporting tools that help you calculate sales, customer lifetime value, churn/retention and embrace a data-driven approach with the right metrics at your fingertips along with member & revenue growth dashboard, engagement statistics, lifetime customer value, export transactions, browse transactions report and LCV by lead source report.

(courtesy. MemberMouse)


  • Provides graphically reporting of trends,
  • Offers third-party integrations.
  • Upgrade and downgrade functionality.
  • Provide a space for personalised content with SmartTags. 


  • Lack of website management.
  • Limitations in the client portal.


MemberMouse offers three paid plans with core and advanced features according to the plan choice.

Builder Plan: $29/month for core features including, 

  • 11 essential membership pages
  • All payment integrations
  • All email integrations
  • 1-click purchases and upsells
  • Basic Reporting

AdvancedPlan: $79/month for core features plus add-ons,

  • Full analytics & reporting suite
  • Social signup & login
  • Manage billing dates
  • Advanced affiliate setting
  • Employee access control

Premium Plan: $199/month for core and advanced features plus,

Sticky.io integration

#7. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a WordPress membership plugin that is flexible and easy to set up and is easy to extend with a chock full of action hooks and filters making it convenient to modify and tweak to the specific needs of the user.

Restrict Content Pro

Key Features 

  • Content Restriction – Restrict Content Pro is a plugin that offers powerful content restriction settings to restrict content by membership level, access level, WordPress user role and password-protect pages simply won’t do for most websites, so you need a more robust content-restriction utility which RCP performs through restricting posts, pages and most custom post types, specific parts of your content, categories, and tags.
  • Membership Levels – The plugin allows the creation of an unlimited number of membership plans. Each plan can be used to set a user’s access to specific content on your site and see all of your members in a single dashboard that shows whether a member is active, pending, expired, or canceled.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Restrict Content Pro provides elegant and easy-to-use reports to show you exactly how well your membership site is performing. Easily see the current month’s performance or any other time period.
  • Interactive Widgets – Restrict Content pro offers various interactive tools and features such as super-charge restrict content pro with powerful add-ons, including dripped content, group accounts, site creation, hard-set expiration dates, custom redirects, rest API, and much more.

(courtesy. Restrict Content Pro)


  • Provides an interactive dashboard for centralized control.
  • Optimized electronic payments and checkouts.
  • Offers third-party integrations.
  • Membership and content management.


  • Limitations in scheduling and calendar management.
  • Limitations in reporting and statistics.
  • Lacks subscription billing and invoicing.


Restrict Content Pro offers a free plan without any limitation and three paid plans billed annually. All the plans have the basic content features as follows;

  1. Content Restriction
  2. Membership Levels
  3. Member Dashboard
  4. Stripe Payments*
  5. Basic Member Emails
  6. Plugin updates

Personal Plan: $99/year all basic features included for 1 site.

Included Features

  • All Basic Content Restriction + Membership Features
  • Pro-Only Features
  • 34 Pro Add-Ons (a massive $2220 value!)
  • Plugin Updates
  • Private, Ticketed Support

Plus Plan: $149/year all features included for 5 sites.

Included Features 

  • All Basic Content Restriction + Membership Features
  • Pro-Only Features
  • 34 Pro Add-Ons (a massive $2220 value!)
  • Plugin Updates
  • Private, Ticketed support

Premium Plan: $249/year all features included for unlimited sites.

Included Features

  • All Basic Content Restriction + Membership Features
  • Pro-Only Features
  • A34 Pro Add-Ons (a massive $2220 value!)
  • Plugin Updates
  • Private, Ticketed support
  • Licence Unlimited Sites

#8. Paid Membership Pro

With 100,000 active installations, Paid Membership Pro is a WordPress membership plugin that provides a set of features such as restricting content, managing member subscriptions with recurring payments, user registration, custom profile fields, and robust member management all under the same unified plugin.

Paid Membership Pro

Key Features 

  • Membership Management – Paid Membership Pro helps in creating a complete membership offering with unique pricing and content access for each level. Members can hold one or more member levels at a time. Capture custom profile information by membership level for public or admin-only display. Fields are stored as WordPress user meta and Link a membership level to a core WordPress role or create a new role and define custom capabilities based on your membership features.
  • Content Restrictions – The WordPress plugin assists in securing your pages, posts, blocks, and categories and shows an excerpt, “sneak peak” or partial content or completely hides restricted content and the user can set a custom message for users or visitors when they attempt to access protected content. The user can also secure various additional content such as forums, communities, products, events, courses, videos, downloads, and any CPT. The plugin also allows members to drip-feed access to a series of content according to a schedule based on their membership level start date.
  • Payment Gateways – Paid Membership Pro helps to process recurring payments and create an order for each successful payment made. Failed payments will retry and cancel according to your settings and membership status. The plugin allows members to choose their payment method, whether it be a secure payment by credit card, offsite payment with PayPal or payment by check or bank transfer (manual).    
  • Administration Tools – The WordPress plugin helps in performing an initial import of your complete member database and maintaining your data as a single point of truth. Membership information can be exported to use in spreadsheets, custom reports, CRM tools, for periodic mailings, and the user can manually create users and update their membership level, expiration date, and subscription details as the site administrator.

(courtesy. Paid Membership Pro)


  • Provides advanced levels of pricing pages.
  • Affiliate programming with third-party integrations.
  • Offers debugging tools to log errors.
  • Helps in offering members-only events with the event manager.


  • Lack of campaign management and tracking.


Paid Membership Pro offers a free plan with all present features and two paid plans billed annually.

The Plus Plan: $297/year with Support and Updates for 1 to 5 Sites.

The Unlimited Plan: $597/year with Support and Updates for Unlimited Sites.

#9. S2 Member

S2 Member is a plugin powered by WordPress shortcodes and helps in making complex integrations quick & easy and assists in selling recurring (or non-recurring) subscriptions with flexibility where the user can sell specific posts and pages, access to file downloads or sell custom capabilities that provide highly configurable access to specific portions of the content.

S2 Member

Key Features 

  • Shortcodes – S2Member makes it very easy to protect entire posts, pages, categories, tags, uris, etc. which can be accomplished from the WordPress dashboard using one of the plugin’s global restriction options or from your post/page editing station in WordPress, you will find a meta box where restrictions can be applied. S2Member considers all of this to be point-and-click functionality. 
  • Multisite Support – Most sites running S2Member use a standard WordPress installation. However, WordPress also supports another flavor of itself that requires advanced configuration and this is referred to as a Multisite Network. A Multisite Network allows you to run multiple blogs and sites under a single set of WordPress installation files and databases. S2Member has been tested with both standard and multisite network installations of WordPress. Multisite Network Support always requires an Unlimited-Site Licence, no exceptions.
  • Import and Export Tools – S2Member comes with two sets of import/export tools and both of these use structured CSV file formats. S2Member's Simple Import/Export Tools are designed for novice site owners. These are easiest to work with, but have a few limitations in terms of what you actually import/export, that is not all data can be imported/exported. S2Member's Advanced Import/Export Tools can import/export much more information. You will have the ability to import/export users, members, all user metadata, and even your S2Member plugin options. It is even possible to import mass updates to existing users in order to make sweeping changes quickly.
  • Optimized Registration and Checkout – S2Member promotes PayPal buttons in the free version but registration comes after checkout, it's a multistep process. With S2Member Pro you can integrate with PayPal Pro, Stripe, or Authorize.Net and take full advantage of S2Member Pro-Forms. Pro-Forms consolidate registration/checkout into a single step that occurs always on your site. It's quicker, easier, and more efficient. 

(courtesy. S2 Member)


  • Provides an optimized codebase.
  • Offers powerful registration pro-forms and shortcodes.
  • Provides content dripping and simultaneous login monitoring.
  • Event-driven API integrations.


  • Limitations for user navigation of content.


S2Member offers a free plan with most of the core features and two paid plans billed once in a lifetime.

  • Single Site: $89 non-recurring with all the core features. Perfect for site owners with one domain name. This license is good for a single instance of s2Member Pro running in a standard WordPress installation.
  • Unlimited Sites: $189 non-recurring with all the core features. Perfect for site owners with multiple domain names or a Multisite Network. Good for unlimited instances of s2Member Pro.

#10. SendOwl

SendOwl is a one-stop spot for creators and businesses of all sizes to sell, market and manage digital products, services, subscriptions, memberships, and more all under the roof of the same plugin.


Key Features 

  • Marketing and Sales Automation – SendOwl helps in automating the marketing workflows with nifty tools to help you sell better and grow bigger. Activate loyal customers and ask them to promote & sell your product. In return, they’ll get their share. Stay connected with your potential buyer never lose an order again and increase your sales by sending thoughtful emails to customers who abandoned checkout. Trigger your customers’ buying interest by offering a similar product or a bundle with an exclusive discount as they proceed to checkout.
  • Content Management – SendOwl uses the API option to connect with 3rd party applications that aren't available natively by simply copying the provided API keys and entering them into the designated application. Handle your taxes effortlessly by adding a tax percentage determined by the country of your customers' residence. SendOwl also helps to prevent any suspicious activities. SendOwl enables you to block buyers depending on their country of residence, IP address, or email.
  • Analysis and Reporting – With SendOwl, boost your revenue performance optimize your sales process with valuable data and generate an overview of order details containing order ID, buyer details, and transaction amounts over any period. Export zero-downloads summary and reach out to your customers to help them with any problem they might encounter. Analyze the information from your previous upsells, so you can raise your upselling game.
  • Data Security – SendOwl is a WordPress plugin that protects your intellectual property and your customers' data with reliable safety management add-ons like setting download limits to prevent unauthorized re-sharing or duplicates of your products and keep your account safe and sound at all times with strong two-factor authentication.

(courtesy. SendOwl)


  • Provides security and streaming of multimedia content.
  • Offers embedded and call to action buttons for custom branding.
  • Provides coupon and discount code management
  • Offer sales automation of digital products.


  • Limitations in LMS and CMS tools.


SendOwl provides a range of different pricing according to the use and addition of features in the plan which is divided into standard, self-hosted, and subscriptions.

Category/PlansStandardPremium Business
Standard$15/month – 30 products$24/month – 100 products$39/month -250 products
Self-hosted$39/month – 2,500 products$59/month – 5,000 products$79/month – 7,500 products
Subscriptions$49/month – 125 products$74/month – 250 products$99/month – 500 products

#11. AccessAlly

Accessally is a flexible WordPress LMS and membership plugin for coaches and entrepreneurs who with the help of this plugin can easily build courses, memberships, and digital products on WordPress so the user or business has the power and flexibility to conduct the needful.


Key Features 

  • Learning Management System – With the AccessAlly WordPress LMS plugin, everything is a WordPress page and you can re-order your online course content for easy organization. Design online courses in a way that is convenient for you with any combination of modules, lessons, and downloads in the drag and drop builder. Students can check off themselves, or set them up so they'll automatically be checked off, as students complete videos, quizzes, or assignments.
  • Affiliate Program – AccessAlly affiliates to register, get unique referral links, and earn a commission when they sell your products. Reward affiliates who are more active with a higher commission by setting up different tiers. Switching tiers can be accessed by adding a tag. If you only launch once or twice per year, but you want your affiliates to get credit the next time the cart opens you can set a longer cookie expiration or keep it short to have affiliates promote right before launch.
  • Gamification – AccessAlly offers a built-in LMS gamification plugin to design and deliver courses on WordPress using game theories to improve engagement. You get everything you need to start selling your courses, tracking student progress, and improving the learning experience by gamifying it through designing different graphical badges that your members or students can earn as they progress through courses or online experiences. You might have a new member badge, a quick learner badge, or an expert badge.
  • Integrations – AccessAlly's assortment of built-in integrations allows your data to work seamlessly across platforms and prevent the dreaded “duct-taped” solution syndrome by using tag-based access with dripped content, searchable member directories. AccessAlly uses your CRM automation to create personal experiences for your site users. 

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  • Provides recurring subscriptions.
  • Interactive and reporting dashboards.
  • Offers gamification of content.
  • Provides WordPress quiz plugin and affiliate plugin.


  • The pricing range is slightly costlier than the competitors.


AccessAlly provides three paid plans that are billed monthly with all core features.

AccessAlly Essentials: $99/month or $82/month if billed annually.

Included Features

  • 1 site license
  • Unlimited courses & members
  • Top of the line support
  • 3 Tune-Up training calls each month
  • Everything you need to start creating and selling content online

AccessAlly Pro: $129/month or $108/month if billed annually.

Included Features

  • 1 site license
  • Unlimited courses & members
  • Top of the line support
  • 3 Tune-Up training calls each month
  • Everything you need to start creating and selling content online
  • Plus built-in learning management system (LMS)

AccessAlly In-House Training: $250/month or $208/month if billed annually.

Included Features

  • 1 production site license
  • 5 internal licenses for instructional training purposes
  • 5 team training seats to train your developer, designer, or VA
  • Full team onboarding call
  • Plus everything in Pro


WordPress Plugins Key Benefit
MemberPressProvides a wide range of administration tools for creating membership sites
MemberfulOffers an interactive dashboard of widgets and automation with the ease of navigation on the site.
MemberDashAssists in creating membership sites with the best customizable tools.
Wishlist MemberProvides automation of content control in all aspects of member management and tracking.
MemberiumOffers one-click upselling of the content through sales automation 
MemberMouseCreates admin, sales, subscriptions and members report through analytical and statistical data.
Restrict Content ProProvides content restriction for specific parts of your content and drip content.
Paid Membership ProOffers a range of online payment integrations and subscription billing.
S2 MemberProvides various powerful and simple tools for multisite support
SendOwlA plugin that offers a unified forum to create and manage content through a centralised system of control. 
AccessAllyOffers a range of gamification tools to make the content more engaging and visually adept.

Final Verdict: Best WordPress Membership Plugins

All the above-mentioned WordPress membership plugins have a unique feature or contribution of their own and it totally depends on the requirements of the user or business as to which plugin suits them better we are judging our top contender on the following features;

  • The number of membership administration tools provided.
  • Centralization of content management.
  • The sales automation and payment gateways.
  • And our best WordPress Membership Plugin is MemberPress.

MemberPress provides a vast set of interactive and administrative tools for setting up a membership site for a business with upselling automated sales and seamless provision of registration and checkout features, all in a unified plugin without any technical hassle.


Which is the best membership plugin for WordPress?

Can WordPress be used for membership?

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