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In the age of globalization where the reach of the companies is not limited to the geographical boundaries be it domestic or international, it is but obvious that the customers will be widespread and the traditional outlook of customer relationship has taken a 360° turn and in the new era of digitalization and artificial intelligence, it has been made possible that you keep in touch with the requirements of your customers and the market by managing your database with various software and tools.

What is a CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management is a software system that enables the user to keep a tab of the customer history and database while interacting and communicating with them. 

Customer service and entrustment are one of the primary aspects of all the companies, however, with the vast range of customer diversity the management of data can be a hassle hence, CRM also provides a branch of service to stay updated and in contact with the needs of the customers and solving them in real-time. 

CRM plays a pivotal role in collecting, organizing, and managing customer data for an enhanced customer experience and lead generation for the upcoming marketing campaigns and hence can prove a very vital tool for the sales and marketing teams of an organization.

What are the benefits of CRM software?

The main objective that CRM tends to mend and manage is, as the abbreviation suggests, customer relationship and understanding with the company. 

  • It’s a portal that enables the company associates to analyse problems and conduct background research on the purchase history, behaviour, and the dynamic demands of the customers and as a conclusion manage them at the center of one forum through software or tool. 
  • When you have plenty of databases on not just one aspect but many others it is difficult to analyse and summarize the content to understand and benefit from it. CRM provides data in all kinds of metrics and visuals to break down the information and create a pathway for the sales and marketing process.
  • CRM is a significant tool for the sales and marketing team of a company as they can keep a track of the new trends and convert them into a sales process or leads for the company. The data is centralized and hence, benefits all including the customers and the employees.

How to choose the right CRM software? 

CRM systems are made to help you achieve your goals and in order to choose the best CRM software, you need to identify your objective for your company some of them being;

  • Building connectivity among the teams in the company. 
  • Generating leads and processes.
  • Managing database of customers and tracking performances of employees.
  • The system should be easy to access and user-friendly while having the mobility of access aka. Web-based.
  • The contextualization of data in various forms while being adequate in its nature.

With the distinct range of alternatives in software and tools, it is difficult to find the best option for you but with an agenda in mind of which features to look for, you can pindown to your top picks.

Now that we’ve discussed the primary understanding of what CRM stands for we bring you the 11 Best CRM Softwares and Tools in 2024 that can help you optimize your customer satisfaction.

Our Top Picks

    • Customizable templates for  management of database
    • ROI Customer Tracking and 
    • Real-Time data
    • Inventory and Campaign Management
    • 200+ Workflows and workflow management
    • Project and Task planning, editing and tracking 
    • IT operations that enhance the services.
    • Assistance in HR and Recruitment
  • pipedrive-logo
    • Automation of administrative tasks
    • Track Communication and Contact Management
    • Sales forecasting and Campaign Management
    • Customizable Templates for sales processes

Best CRM Softwares and Tools in 2024

  • Keap – Best for Small Businesses
  • Monday.com – Best Overall
  • Pipedrive – Best Value for Service
  • Hubspot – Best Free Option
  • Freshsales – Best Insights
  • ZenDesk – Best Contact Database
  • Freshworks – Best Marketing Automations
  • Apptivo – Best E-Commerce Forum
  • Nimble – Best Customization
  • SugarCRM – Best Sales Automation
  • Microsoft Dynamics – Best Supply and Client Management

#1. Keap 

Keap is a CRM system that assists its user in acquiring data, generating sales opportunities, establishing a workflow, and managing communication and contact all under the same umbrella. Keap as a CRM aims at making tracking and task management a simpler work process for small businesses and freelancers.


Key Features 

  • Sales and Marketing Automation – Keap provides the users the ease of creating sales pipelines and generating leads which will eventually make a great deal for the company and with the software, the management of payment, and communication can be easily established.
  • CRM – Keap plays the role of an intermediary between the customer and the company and provides a forum where both of them can interact and communicate.
  • A/B Testing – Keap follows the ideology of A/B testing where a problem or solution is seen from two different perspectives for a better understanding of the topic.
  • Real-Time Data – Customer tracking is as difficult with widespread consumers but Keap does not just provide ROI Tracking but also real-time data for a smooth workflow.


  • Customer service support and analytics
  • Contact and communication management
  • Lead generation, distribution and management
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition


  • Limited to Small businesses and Start-ups
  • No availability of multi-currency
  • Lack of opportunity and performance management


keap pricing

#2. Monday.com

Monday.com is CRM software that focuses its features on customer and company database management, team collaboration for projects, optimizing sales processes and automating marketing pipelines.


Key Features

  • Workflow Management – Monday.com offers 200+ workflow routines to choose from and to create an efficient and accessible work system.
  • Project and Task Management – As Monday.com provides team collaborations and interaction it provides an interface that can help the users keep a track of their tasks in terms of planning, editing, and reviewing.
  • HR and Recruitment – Monday.com also aids in recruitments and onboarding activities for the companies to have access to a better workflow chain.
  • Inventory Management – Monday.com assists enterprises in keeping track and staying ahead in the supply chain through giving access to inventory management where the company authorities can manage and track the products according to their mobility.


  • Competitive analysis for the companies
  • Complaint monitoring and solution crafting
  • Audio and video support with a visualization model
  • Web-based software for easy mobility of the user and data


  • Lack of multi-channel marketing
  • No assistance of Ad Hoc Reporting i.e. creating a report using AI for an as-needed basis



#3. Pipedrive

Where the previous two software were focusing on team collaboration and task management, Pipedrive, along with the mentioned, focuses on sales pipeline, lead generation and giving priority to the details regarding the best deals for the companies.


Key Features 

  • Pipeline Reporting and Management – As the name suggests, Pipedrive majorly focuses on the sales pipeline and the leads that are generated from the same to create opportunities and an efficient workflow for the company by eliminating the repetitive tasks.
  • Real-Time Customer Service – Pipedrive offers the service for a query by the customer through an artificial intelligence program that can answer immediately rather than the customer waiting for 2 days to get a reply.
  • Sales Forecasting – Sales forecasting is depicted in customizable reports and can be worked on interactive dashboards for a better understanding and for finding a solution.
  • Data Collection – Pipedrive adapts both online and offline modes of form submissions for data collection to have data from different demographics and to conceive different perspectives.


  • Autoresponders and pre-configured bots for customer support
  • Multi-channel communication and data collection
  • Predictive analytics and pipeline management
  • Survey and poll management with text analysis


  • Less significance to task tracking and training management
  • Not a stable integration with social media



#4. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot offers the services of sales CRM, CMS (Content Management System), marketing automation software, customer care, and operations software all at one place.


Key Features

  • Task Management – Hubspot helps in the task and project tracking, scheduling, and management for better workflow. 
  • Marketing Campaigns – Hubspot provides a range of services for marketing campaigns in regard to analytics, planning, tracking, and management.
  • Sales Pipeline – HubSpot helps the user to generate leads through various sales pipelines such as email, interactive audio, video chatting, etc and is also integrated with social media platforms.
  • Customer Service – Hubspot, under the vast range of services it provides one of the major elements is the customer service attribute that helps in building a connection with the consumers through chatbots, real-time solutions, among others.


  • Categorisation of data and client management
  • Customizable templates for workflows and inbound systems
  • Document storage and management
  • Sales forecasting and leads capture


  • Difficulty in data import and export
  • No accessibility for collaboration tools.



#5. Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM and salesforce automation system that helps build a communicative and interactive bond not only with the customers and their requirements but also among the sales and marketing teams of the company. 


Key Features

  • Sales and Marketing Automation – Freshsales aids in aligning a better user experience for the sales and the marketing teams of the company for an efficient workflow.
  • AI Setup – Freshsales provides the services of data collection, tracking, and consumption through the AI capabilities of visualization in insights, prediction, and management.
  • Customer Interaction – As a CRM system, Freshsales aims at engaging the customers by building a communication forum where they can share their experiences and queries.
  • Sales Monitoring – Freshsales with sales automation also provides the management, generation, and tracking of leads, monitoring the sales activities and prediction stored.


  • A/B Testing for different perspectives
  • API integrations for easy sharing and recording of data
  • Analytics and ROI Tracking of customer needs
  • Performance tracking and management


  • Lack of business process control
  • No forecasting or budgeting of sales



#6. ZenDesk

ZenDesk is software that provides a range of services in customer support and communication, sales, and marketing workflows. With the powerful packing of services, ZenDesk is flexible and efficient software for your company.


Key Features

  • Customer Support – ZenDesk provides the ticketing software where the customers can generate a ticket or a query for their said problem and as the solution, the company interacts with them through a live audio session or through email.
  • Communication Management – Where the queries are registered in huge numbers, ZenDesk provides a managing system for the collected database by monitoring, logging, recording, and reporting the acquired information.
  • Sales Forecasting – ZenDesk aids at managing the sales input and predictions for the company for better lead generation and distribution.
  • Geotargeting – ZenDesk provides the geotargeting method of customer satisfaction and market where the delivery of the content is based on the users’ and consumers’ geolocation.


  • 360-degree feedback
  • Collaboration Tools for internal workflow
  • Campaign tracking and management
  • Community centre and management


  • No specific tool for a new contact database
  • Lack of employee management and tracking



#7. Freshworks

Freshworks, just as others, is a SaaS (Software as a Service) software that helps in customer support, sales and marketing management, service management and HR and recruiting services through an Omni commerce channel.


Key Features

  • Analytics – Freshworks aims at providing the best user experience for any and everyone where the data collection and summarization is accessible and readable by all.
  • Neo Admin Center – Freshworks offers security management that is transparent and agile for protecting the user and consumer data no matter what the size of the business.
  • Collaboration – For seamless workflow, Freshworks provides a variety of tools that can enhance the productivity of the users by using integrated platforms, ticket routing services, and sales deals from anywhere around the globe.
  • Communication APIs – Freshworks integrates with various communication platforms such as Google's messages, Apple Messages, and WhatsApp where the consumer can easily use their preferred mode of interaction without any hassle.


  • Neo Admin Centre for security and transparency of user and customer data.
  • Collaboration tools with API integration for proficiency in work systems.
  • Customer activity tracking and management with interactive dashboard.
  • Behavioral analytics and tracking


  • Lack of channel and client management
  • No facility to customize the dashboard.



#8. Apptivo

Apptivo is cloud software that aims at enhancing the productivity of the company by providing services such as CRM tools, help desk for customer interaction, marketing, and sales reports on a unified platform.


Key Features

  • Lead Generation and Conversion – Apptivo under its CRM services give the user an efficient workflow for generating leads and converting them into potential consumers.
  • Contact Center – As a customer satisfaction solution, Apptivo provides a call center platform that is customizable according to the need of the user and where customers can experience the instant messaging solution for all their queries.
  • Procurement and Distribution Management – Apptivo provides streamlined services for the user to track, plan and organize the inventory and supply chain through a unified forum.
  • E-Commerce – Apptivo provides the facility of online product selling for start-ups, small businesses, and freelancers which can provide them a pathway for a new start and a place in the industry.


  • Contact and client management with an activity dashboard
  • Easy data import and export
  • Customizable email templates and email marketing
  • Internal chat integration


  • No facilities for analytics or ROI tracking
  • No account or appointment management
  • Customer activity tracking and management is not available



#9. Nimble

Nimble is customer relationship-focused CRM software that aids the services of user-friendly interface, data collection, organizing, and marketing automation and also provides integration to social media platforms and communication forums such as Gmail and Outlook.


Key Features

  • Interactive Interface – Nimble offers a user-friendly experience and helps in providing a customizable work system to your suiting 
  • Contact and Data Management – Nimble explores the various services for procuring data from the consumers and managing, organizing, and predicting leads from the collection.
  • Marketing and Outreach – Through consumer segmentation and email tracking, Nimble offers various ways to interact with customers.
  • Pipelines and Reporting – Nimble offers the customization of sales pipelines and reporting for better user experience and understanding.


  • API accounting integration
  • Client portal and contact database
  • Electronic payments and dues management
  • Sales and marketing reporting and statistics


  • Ticketing or Ticket routing is not available
  • No document storage and content management



#10. Sugar CRM 

SugarCRM offers the users an integrated work system platform where they can gain customer information, analyse, record, store, and convert the potential customers into real ones and the existing customers are provided with hassle-free interactive mediums.


Key Features

  • Sales Automation – SugarCRM can provide the user with the elements of sales processes such as managing and tracking leads and opportunities, forecasting sales revenue, keep updated with the performances, among others.
  • Marketing Automation – SugarCRM helps in planning, tracking, scheduling, and managing marketing campaigns all through a unified platform.
  • Customer Support – Contact management, data collection and storage, communication management, and tracking are a few services that SugarCRM has to offer to its users.
  • Integration – With SugarCRM, it is easy to switch and share reports and data as it is integrated with various other communication platforms.


  • Demographic data collection
  • API integration with communication tools
  • Data import and export for easy exchange of information
  • Email response control and marketing


  • No collaboration tools for the internal teams
  • Lack of channel and content management



#11. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM tool that allows the user to have a better idea about the queries and management of customer services while also focusing on the sales and marketing automation for the company.

ms dynamics

Key Features

  • Customer Communication – Microsoft Dynamics helps in automating the prospects and conversion of leads for the users while aiding retention and loyalty. The customer data insights aim at predicting the cu=onsumers needs and coming up with a solution for better relationship status.
  • Supply Chain Management – Microsoft Dynamics helps in tracking, organizing, and managing the product inventory and provides an insightful report for the same.
  • Sales Tracking – Once the data is acquired, Microsoft Dynamics helps in creating a workflow that can monitor sales deals, forecast the estimated revenue, and plan, track and organize the sales management.
  • Marketing Automation – Microsoft Dynamics assists in creating, scheduling, reporting, and managing marketing campaigns for the company’s outreach.


  • API accounting integrations
  • Cash and financial management
  • Budgeting and inventory management
  • Project time tracking, planning, organizing and management


  • Lack of qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • No utilization report or visual analysis for the revenue



Comparison & Analysis of Best CRM Software

Software/ToolKey Benefit
KeapROI Tracking with Real-Time Data Acquisition
Monday.comOver 200+ workflows that help in project and task management
PipedriveCollection of data is performed in the modes online and offline giving a better database
HubspotProvides all the fundamental and core benefits of CRM tools in a free plan
FreshsalesAI set-up for visualized insights and prediction of the sales
ZenDeskProvides the assistance of geotargeting to achieve information from the customers and market through their geolocation 
FreshworksNeo Admin Centre for the security and transparency of the user and customer data
ApptivoProvides start-ups, small businesses, and freelancers with an E-commerce market to sell their product 
NimbleUser-Friendly Interface that enables anyone to start an analysis
SugarCRMAn extensive range of tools for sales automation
Microsoft DynamicsVast cataloging of features, integrations, and automation

Final Verdict: Top CRM Softwares available in the Market

Having explored the various CRMs currently available in the market and comparing their features, it is a difficult task to choose a winner as each software and tool brings something new to the table and hence, to decide our ultimate power package of CRM attributes, we will judge them on the basis of;

  • How does the software collect, store and report the data acquired from the consumers?
  • What are the services provided for sales and marketing teams to collaborate efficiently?
  • Which are the different integrations that can help in sharing and recording reports offered by the software?

The ultimate CRM value package is Monday.com as it qualifies all the criteria and helps the companies to bring out the best in their customer satisfaction service.

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