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Are you a business with a visually appealing and interactive website but are not getting those many customers compared to the visitors on the website? Here’s why.

Businesses quite often than not impose various exploration and navigation tabs on their homepage which can lead the visitors to be a little confused with all the information thrown at them at once and hence comes to the rescue, a Landing Page.

You might wonder, what a single Landing Page could do for my conversion rate? Well, it has a lot more to offer than it leads on. 

A landing page is an autonomous page of a website where the visitor is directed to or “lands” on after interacting with an advertisement or an email viewed by him/her. 

The landing pages are designed in order to further the interest of the visitor in the businesses’ brand, product, or service. A landing page with the right elements and content can help the business grow its conversion rate. 

Conversion rating refers to the numeric value of how many visitors were persuaded in becoming the customers of the business by purchasing, downloading, or registering in the brand. A landing page with a strong CTA i.e. Call to Action can also generate leads or help the business in the process of lead capture. 

Lead generation or lead capture helps the business by providing visitor information and contact details such as email IDs and contact numbers with which the promotional marketing can make a conversion.

Landing Page Builders are tools that help in aligning all the different elements of a landing page for the best conversion results with the help of block builders, templates, etc. 

What are the benefits of using Landing Page Builders?

Landing Page Builders are tools or SaaS software that help you create focused and engaging content for your business marketing module. 

This software provides you with a range of varieties in templates, CTAs, block builders, contextually visual content, and many more under the same forum for a streamlined work system and flow.

Following are some of the few perks of having a landing page builder to assist you;

  • Customizable or standard templates 

With landing page builders by your side, you don’t necessarily need a development team as the software can help you generate a high-quality landing page with the in-built structure and editing tools like templates, block builders, use cases and you can even customize your own template.

  • Focus On Value Premise

As we discussed before, a visitor when exploring your landing page will definitely look for the services or features that can help him/her that we call Value Premise or Value Proposition for the visitor. Landing Page Builders help in keeping the focus of the content on the marketing of services that help in the conversion of a visitor.

  • Creating An Optimized Experience For The Visitor

A lot of business websites keep a single landing page for all their campaigns and the upcoming ones too which can create a hassle for the visitor and result in losing a potential customer. Here, landing page builders help in optimizing the marketing campaigns for the visitors by making specific post-click pages for each of the campaigns.

Our Top Picks

  • leadpages-logo
    • 180+ templates for drag and drop customization
    • Predictive analysis of the performance of the landing page
    • Unlimited database collection and publishing of pages
  • unbounce-logo
    • Segmentation of page and section based on industry, campaign goals and audience
    • AI Content Writing Tool for a makeover of your pre-existing basic information or data
    • A SaaS software with a strong and effective CTA
  • instapage-logo
    • A/B and multivariate testing to determine the performance
    • Collaboration Teams to smoothen the work process of reviewing and sharing
    • Interactive dashboard and responsive mobile base

Best Landing Page Builders to capture leads in 2024

Having discussed the fundamentals of what, how, and where of a landing page we provide you with the Best Landing Page Builders of 2024 that can not only help in conversion but also provide a better and more engaging interface for your website.

Best Landing Page Builders in 2022

  • Leadpages – Best Drag and Drop Builder
  • Unbounce – Best Advanced AI Assistance
  • Instapage – Best Portal for Experimentation of Content
  • ClickFunnels – Best Tracking System and Campaign Management
  • OptimizePress – Best Multi-Funnel Builder
  • Elementor – Best Website Kit Library with 100 Designer Website Modules
  • Thrive Architect – Best Lead Generation Features and Management
  • Lander – Best A/B Testing or Split Testing Portal
  • Systeme.io – Best Collaboration and Affiliation Program Management
  • SwipePages – Best PPC (Pay-per-Click) SEO Management
  • Landingi – Best Security Tracking and Management
  • InstaBuilder – Best Contextually Visual Presentation

#1. Leadpages

Leadpages is a platform that serves various tools for creating websites, landing pages, pop-up forms, alert bars, etc under its umbrella which in return help you build a user-friendly website and gives you a high conversion rating for your business.  


Key Features 

  • Predictive Analysis – Leadpages provides its users with the AI ability to predict and analyze their landing page performance before they publish it. It also gives A/B testing suggestions for a better perspective and conversion.
  • Unlimited Lead Collection and Publishing – Leadpages gives you the liberty of unlimited contact database collection and helps in creating as many templates or landing pages for each campaign and notion.
  • Integrations – Leadpages integrates your work with various reputable brands from CRM, Analytics, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Marketing Automation tools such as; Google Analytics, Hubspot, Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, among others.
  • Drag and Drop Builder – Leadpages provides a vast range of 130+ templates for drag and drop customization and 200+ standard and pre-made designs of templates for an easy and efficient UI experience.


  • Fast speed browsing and hosting for the user
  • A/B Testing and A/B Analytics for better performance
  • Lead generation and database collection


  • Lack of website analysis and management
  • Problems in editing tools such as sizing, alignment, spacing, and others.
  • Complex user interface for creating customizable templates and integrating with CR


Leadpages offers 2 levels of plans as follows;

Standard Plan 

  • Monthly – $49
  • Yearly – $37 and you save $177 on total

Pro Plan which is the most popular

  • Monthly – $99
  • Yearly – $74 and you save $300 on total 

Leadpages also offers an advanced plan for enterprises that require a different and customized set of tools that are subjective. 

#2. Unbounce

Unbounce is a high conversion rating platform that provides different AI tools such as Smart Builder for lead generation and ROI Tracking, Smart Copy for creating and publishing content, and Smart Traffic creates a specified and unique pathway for each visitor to its worthy landing page. 


Key Features

  • Smart Builder – Smart Builder’s Design Assistant curates the perfect page and section components based on your industry, audience, and campaign goals. Use dynamic layouts to convert your visitors and create new variants in a snap with which you can increase your conversion rate without adding more tasks to your plate. (courtesy – unbounce.com)
  • Smart Copy – Unbounce provides an AI Content Writing tool, Smart Copy that helps you expand and explore your ideas further, gives your pre-existing content a makeover of style and panache, and converts basic information into a brand style and tone adaptation into the content.
  • Smart Traffic – Smart Traffic is a feature by Unbounce that helps in creating a number of variants of landing pages for more conversion rates than just making one and it creates more relevant experiences for every prospect.
  • Conversion Intelligence – With many AI tools and content management, it is easy to initiate ideas and convert them into various campaigns that can in return provide a high converting rate for the business.


  • SaaS software that provides a strong call to action and fewer distractions upfront.
  • Integrations with 100+marketing tools, CRM, sales automation, and others.
  • 180+templates and customization without the complexity of coding in the creation of landing pages.


  • The pricing is slightly higher and the product is standalone in terms of features.
  • No support for a website builder


Unbounce provides three different plans on a monthly and yearly basis for Smart Builder.

Smart Builder 

  • Launch – $90/month and $81/month if you choose a yearly plan (10% off)
  • Optimize – $135/month and $122/month if you choose a yearly plan (10% off) 
  • Accelerate – $225/month and $203/month if you choose a yearly plan (10% off)

Smart Copy 

  • Starter Plan is a free plan to explore the basics of Smart Copy
  • Growth – $49/month and $25/month if you choose a yearly plan (49% off)

#3. Instapage

Instapage is an advanced platform for creating lead generation, marketing campaign building, optimizing, experimenting and analyzing the created content all under the same roof by using a user-friendly interface.


Key Features

  • Personalization – Instapage assists in a personalized experience for the user where they can imbibe their ideas into their landing pages for a specific ad campaign or target audiences and can also utilize the in-built templates for reference or direct use.
  • AdMap – An AdMap is a tool that contextually visualizes your content and can connect an interested audience to the post-click landing page making them a potential customer which in return increases the businesses’ conversion performance. 
  • Collaboration – Instapage helps you set up a seamless work system where the process of reviewing, feedback, edits, launching campaigns, and exchange of information has been made simpler with marketing teams collaborations.
  • Experimentation – Instapage provides a highly advanced portal for experimenting and analyzing the visitor behavior with heatmaps, understanding data better with A/B or multivariate testing, and gaining real-time insights with an easy streamlined data-sharing network.


  • Webinar pages, click-through pages and campaign management
  • Numerous integrations on the interactive dashboard and a responsive mobile base
  • Visitors will experience fast-loading landing pages that will save their time and generate interest


  • Lack of eCommerce services
  • Fewer interactive widgets on the panel
  • Instapage is comparatively pricey


Instapage provides two plans that work according to your requirements and selection.

Business Plan 

  • $199/month and $299/month if you choose a yearly billing. The plan consists of 
  • No Conversion Limits 
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Design Reviews 
  • #1 Landing Page Builder 
  • Server-Side A/B Testing 
  • Real-Time Visual Collaboration 
  • Instablocks
  • AMP Pages & Experiences 
  • Thor Render Engine
  • Postclick Score
  • AdMap
  • Conversion Analytics 
  • Dynamic Text Replacement 
  • Zapier Integration
  • HubSpot Integration

Enterprise Plan is a customized, crafted and priced plan for the requirements of your business. (All above Included) 

#4. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a convenient spot for all your problems. As the name suggests, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel that metaphorically builds a funnel or a step-by-step sales process that can give a high conversion rate.


Key Features

  • Sales Funnel – ClickFunnels provides the unique sales process of funnels where the visitor is directed to a page with specified information to their liking and a step-by-step guide so the visitor does not get lost in the process of purchasing.
  • Marketing Automation – ClickFunnels provides marketing integration with Facebook and Email platforms such as GMail.
  • User Friendly Dashboard – A simple and straightforward navigation tab helps the visitor explore and not get lost in the abundant stream of information.
  • Lead Generation – One of the main elements of a sales funnel is creating a process or system that can collect as much information of the visitor at every stage of the sales process which in return can help you stay connected with the customers.


  • All-in-one system management
  • Sales Funnel for better visitor interaction
  • Advanced-Data Tracking
  • Simple and easy interface


  • Limited options for customization
  • Higher pricing
  • No ownership is given to the user for the pages built


  • The Basic Plan: ClickFunnels presents a plan that costs $97/month and it comes with various limitations such as 20 sale funnels/month, 100 landing pages and only 20,000 visitors/month  
  • The Etison Suite: This plan is a pricey pack that does not limit you to any feature credit count. The Etison Suite costs $297/month

Also, ClickFunnels provides a 14 days trial and the guarantee of money back within 30 days.

#5. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a unified platform and a plugin for WordPress that offers many services such as landing and sales page builders, marketing funnels, checkout, and payment plugins for WordPress with many integrations for efficient workflow.


Key Features

  • Multi-Funnels – Optimize helps in building a variety of funnels for the business such as sales funnels, launch funnels, list building funnels and webinar funnels for better visitor interaction.
  • Integration with Unsplash – OptimizePress is the first platform to integrate Unsplash with WordPress and now the user can access 1 million stock images.
  • Hover Effects – Apply hover effects to buttons, text and almost any element on your page to add interaction to your page content and maintain visitor engagement. 
  • OptimizeBuilder – OptimizeBuilder helps in building content with the best editing tools, 500+ fonts, 250+ templates and LightningBuilder that helps in theme framework.


  • Integration with Unsplash for 1 million+ stock images
  • 250+ customizable templates for landing and sales page
  • Visual selector provides 2000+ premium licensed icons


  • Lacks the innovations in funnels and high conversion optimization if compared with competitors
  • The support team is unresponsive


OptimizePress offers three different plans according to the utility of the user;

  • Essential Plan: $99/year with all present features for 1 personal site
  • Suite Plan: $199/year with all present features for 20 personal sites
  • Agency Standard Plan: $299/year with all present for 20 client sites

#6. Elementor

Elementor is a software enterprise that provides various services according to the need of the individual especially, web designers, developers, marketers, small businesses, and agencies that deal with clients that require website building.


Key Features

  • Website Building – Elementor aids at giving its user the best tools for building your website with 300+ templates for landing pages, premium, and global themes, marketing page builders, among others.
  • Widgets – You can choose from a range of 90+ widgets from an ever-growing selection of design, layout, marketing, and eCommerce widgets, designed to meet your every need.
  • Work Optimization – Elementor helps in building a unified forum for all the tools such as landing page builders, website kit library, page blocks, templates, and others for creating global content.
  • ECommerce – Elementor helps you build a customized eCommerce website with all the marketing and sales funnels, shopping cart interfaces with campaign management.


  • 90+ diverse set of interactive widgets
  • Website kit library with 100 designer website modules and themes to choose from
  • Powerful editing assets like 300+ templates and live editing with pixel design for your website.


  • Lag and site speed issues with the website
  • Can be complex for a beginner with all the integrations


Elementor provides 4 different plans;

  • Essential Plan: $49/year for 1 website and basic features.
  • Expert Plan: $199/year for 25 websites with premium features.
  • Studio Plan: $499/year for 100 websites with premium features.
  • Agency Plan: $999/year for 1000 websites and all the features.

#7. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual page and website builder and is a part of Thrive Themes Suite that helps in preparing opt-ins for your landing pages, home pages, product launch pages, sales pages and many more.

Thrive Architect

Key Features

  • Smart Landing Page Templates – Thrive Architect provides 319 premium templates and the customization option for creating visually attractive landing pages.
  • Lead Generation – Thrive Architect includes a pre-built conversion element that includes infinitely customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown timers, and lead generation forms that integrate with your favorite email marketing tools.
  • Drag and Drop Editor – The drag and drop editor helps you build a page or website at a lightning speed which can in return help the work system.
  • Thrive Ovation – Thrive Ovation is a tool that helps gather and display social proofs and testimonials on your website with ease.


  • Speed of thought drag and drop editor
  • Sales and marketing funnels for high conversion rate
  • A/B testing for better perspective and performance of the page


  • Not available as a standalone plugin
  • The mobile portal differs from the website page
  • While editing the tools sometimes misjudge the text for image


Thrive offers lifetime plans at affordable prices;

  • Quarterly Plan (4 months): All services for $30/month billed $90 quarterly.
  • Yearly Plan: All services for $19/month are billed $228 yearly.

#8. Lander

Lander is a landing page builder that directs all of its focus and ideation in making the core value of a landing page the best for conversion rate with accessible editing tools and concepts.


Key Features

  • A/B Testing – Lander provides the best and the most detailed A/B testing with three different testing versions for copy, images, and CTAs and gets the results in real time.
  • DTR – Dynamic Text Replacement' is another interesting feature that helps you to match your PPC (Pay-per-Click) ad keywords dynamically with your PPC ads landing page.
  • Diverse Templates – Landers offers different templates for different services such as product and service pages, webinars and events, lead generation, eCommerce, sales, ebooks, real estate, and others.
  • Marketing Automation – Lander provides integration with social media and email marketing software such as Gmail, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.


  • An advanced and reliable A/B testing system
  • Templates for each and every service, marketing or sales
  • DTR gives a better perspective of lead generation and conversion rate
  • SSL Encryption
  • Auto-fill forms
  • Custom Code Editing


  • Lacks the new features and innovations which can lead to outdated tools and services 
  • No option for website or eCommerce building


Lander offers two plans at affordable rates;

  • Basic Plan – $49/month or $16/month if billed yearly with 10 domains and 5.000 visitors/month.
  • Professional Plan – $99/month or $83/month if billed yearly with 30 domains and 25,000 visitors/month.

#9. Systeme.io

Systeme.io is a cooperative platform that assists in creating websites with various editing and software tools and automating conversion rates with landing page and sales page creation and maintaining marketing affiliation as well, all in one place.


Key Features

  • Website Builder – Create websites using Systeme.io’s proven templates, editing and converting tools, and drag and drop builder within minutes.
  • Sales Funnels – Build an engaging and interactive sales funnel hassle-free with just 3 clicks in only 30 seconds with the best performance outcome. 
  • Affiliation Management – Collaborate and sell products and services to many affiliates in the market with the help of Systeme.io’s easy and flexible affiliate programming management.
  • Marketing Automation – With social media and email platforms as an integrated system of Systeme.io automate your sales and marketing.  
  • Email Marketing – Stay connected with your customers through emails and keep them updated with your campaigns. Send unlimited emails and launch email campaigns for a great engagement.


  • Drag and drop editor for website building
  • Sales and marketing funnels for high conversion rate
  • Affiliation program management
  • Sales and Marketing Automation


  • Limited customization
  • No Third-Party Integration
  • Complex site navigation


Systeme.io offers three different paid plans;

  • Start-up Plan – $27/month for 5k contacts and 10 funnels
  • Webinar Plan – $27/month for 10k contacts and 50 funnels
  • Enterprise Plan – $97/month for 15k contacts and no limit funnels
  • Free Plan – 2k contacts and 3 sales funnels/month.

#10. SwipePages

Swipepages is a landing page builder that focuses on the advanced coding of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and focuses on creating more click sales from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other online marketing platforms by launching various campaigns.


Key Features

  • AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages and simply mobile landing pages that appear bite-sized but provide all the information contextually through visuals and give an app-like experience to the visitor.
  • Website Building – Swipepages makes website building easier with 25+ tailor-made elements, pricing tables, clone pages, countdown timer, device visibility, and a lot more.
  • Hosting – With SSL encryption, custom domain, CDN, powerful cloud servers, and performance optimization Swipepages provides a greater hosting experience for the user.
  • Conversion – Swipepages aids in giving highly advanced tools for increasing conversion like AMP, DTR, A/B Testing, Multi-step forms, Form Builder, and Lead Magnet.


  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • PPC SEO Management
  • Real-Time Editing 
  • Form Builder with Drag and Drop Editor


  • Lack of tracking options in terms of data and visitors
  • Lacks advanced analytics


Swipepages offers two plans that can be billed monthly or yearly;

Start-up Plan 

  • $39/month and $29/month if billed annually 

Marketer Plan

  • $89/month and $59/ month if billed annually 

#11. Landingi

Landingi is a full-fledged sales and marketing automation platform for individuals that need the best and premium designed block builders without the hassle of coding and delivering the best landing page builders.


Key Features

  • PageInsider – Landingi provides an advanced AI that helps in giving clarity of where the visitors will focus on the landing page and helps in creating a better experience.
  • Digital Sale Focus – Landingi aids in providing the best design for the landing pages with a panel for digital transactions on the landing page itself, so the visitor doesn’t have to be directed to other pages.
  • Control of Design – With over 12+ editing services for designs like drag and drop builder, 400+ templates, custom HTML/CSS, smart selections, and others for making your interface unique.
  • Connection Builder – Landingi provides a wide range of integrations with email marketing, CRM/Sales, Social Media, Payment Gateways, and among others for a streamlined workflow.


  • Autoresponder for email and queries
  • Anti-Spam Security for preventing the overbearing risk of data
  • Lead Inbox and Lead Export
  • PageInsider AI for the predictive analysis


  • A higher price for the A/B Testing or Split Testing
  • PageInsider is available only for premium plans
  • Plans are a little costlier compared to other builders


Langingi provides four different plans keeping in account the uses and required features for the users.

  • Core Plan: $29/month billed annually with 1 custom domain
  • Create Plan: $65/month billed annually with 2 custom domains
  • Automate Plan: $89/month billed annually with 4 custom domain and PageInsider added feature 
  • Agency Plan: $109/month billed annually with 5 custom domain and PageInsider added feature

#12. InstaBuilder

Instabuilder is an advanced landing page builder which allows the user to design and customize their pages with the most reliable and flexible editing tools, funnels, and integrations.


Key Features

  • AMP Sales Funnels – You can generate instant mobile-friendly pages automatically with the built-in InstaBuilder responsive design engine
  • Templates – InstaBuilder provides a template for each and every requirement. Choose from over 100 pre-built templates to quickly and easily create high converting, Squeeze Pages, Mini-Squeeze Pages, Video Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Video Sales Pages, Launch Pages, Webinar Pages, Thank You Pages, Download Pages, Upsell Pages, Coming Soon Pages, among others
  • Customizable Design – Access a wide range and variety of customizable design and function elements with full control such as Text, Images, Videos, Buttons, Boxes, Columns, Tabbed content, Navigation, Date Stamps, Facebook comments, Script editing, Premade backgrounds, and others.
  • Advanced Statistical and Analytical Feature – A must-have feature for creating sales funnels and working landing pages that provides a robust suite of analytics and statistics which allows you access to all the important information and database.


  • Animation and dynamic elements for presentation
  • Offer HTML publishing 
  • Advanced SEO options and features
  • Integrations with autoresponders for better communication management


  • A little on the higher price end but it provides 60 days risk-free guarantee


InstaBuilder has three plans that are billed only once and has no recurring billing with one year of support and update;

  • 3-Site License Plan: $77 for one year support and update with all present features for 3 domains only.
  • Unlimited License Plan: $97 for one year support and update with all present features for unlimited domains.
  • Developers License Plan: $197 for one year support and update with all present features for unlimited domains and install client websites.

Elements of a good Landing Page

Now that we know what a landing page is, let's direct our focus to the elements or the structure of a landing page.

As we know, a landing page is a persuading or a convincing tool that can help a visitor become a potential customer for the business, and hence, it needs to have clarity of motive and value. Here are the few elements of a landing page;

  • Value Premise For The Visitor 

What is in it for him/her (visitor) if they sign-up, purchase, or download your product or service? Basically, the value proposition.

  • Focus On How You Can Provide That Value In Brief

A visitor is looking for an overview of the services or features of your product and not an in-depth report. Hence, try to keep it simple yet effective.

  • Emphasis On Visual Presentation

A visual representation of your motive and style can attract the attention of a visitor which can lead to him/her wanting to be a part of the campaign.

  • A Strong CTA

Call to Action is the best way to focus the attention of your visit to your product such as, BUY NOW!”, “Free Trial”, “Register for free”, or “DOWNLOAD IT NOW”. A call of action in a tabular form with more questions and interests like the ones that B2B companies use can help in lead capture and lead generation. For example;

  • Communal or Social Proof

Social Proof refers to the feedback, reviews, and a number of affiliations that give your company an edge over the others when marketing the service or product. For example;

Social Proof

Courtesy: Freshdesk

As we’ve come to think of a landing page as an important part of the conversion rating, let’s discuss some tools or as they’re called ‘builders’, that can help a business grow their visitors into potential customers. 

Comparison Table of Best Landing Page Builders

Landing Page BuilderKey Benefits
Leadpages130+ drag and drop templates and 200+ pre-designed templates for the best UI experience.
Unbounce100+ marketing tools with AI assistance from Smart Builder, Smart Copy and Smart Traffic.
Instapage Highly advanced portal for experimentation with heatmaps and A/B testing and multivariate testing.
ClickFunnels Advanced tracking system and all-in-one system management.
OptimizePressIntegration with Unsplash offering 1 million+ stock images.
Elementor 90+ interactive widgets for an ever-growing selection of design and layout.
Thrive Architect Pre-built conversion elements of the countdown timer, customizable buttons and lead generation form integrated with email marketing.
LanderDTR (Dynamic Text Replacement) to match your PPC keywords
Systeme.ioAffiliation Program Management to collaborate and generate sales.
SwipePagesAMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for app-like experience for the visitor.
LandingiPageInsider to give a predictive analysis of what the visitor will be focusing on more.
InstaBuilder Animation and 25+ dynamic elements for visual presentations.

Final Verdict

As we’ve mentioned before, Landing Pages are an integral part of lead generation and conversion rates and Landing Page Builders are the medium to make it more effective and visually presentable in order to attract the attention of the visitors.

From the above list of 12 Landing Page Builders to Increase Conversion, it is a difficult task to choose the best option as every builder brings something new to the table. 

So, to find the best alternative for landing page building we will be judging the builders on the following notions;

  • The customizable liberty.
  • The predictive analysis for better performance. 
  • The best data collection and management features.

And our best candidate is Leadpages.

Leadpages provides the best customizable services for designing with 180+ templates for drag and drop editor, advanced predictive analysis, and unlimited data collection and publishing. 

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