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In the internet era, where the world has come closer with advanced technologies, it is convenient for businesses to reach consumers through different mediums of marketing and promotion. However, it is challenging to have them invested in your business. 

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, creating engaging and attractive marketing products and campaigns is a necessity in this hour. However, it would help if you had support for generating optimised and high conversion business pages to accomplish that. 

By business pages, we mean landing pages which are a post-click land-off for your interested visitors or consumers. These pages have the information of the company's motto, products and services in a summarised way to promote and suffice the existing curiosity for the brand.

It is crucial for the landing pages to have conversion tracking, data management, experimentation and predictive analysis and ease of use for the layman.

Landing page builders can achieve these features, but sometimes it isn't easy to generate content for the page as well, and in this situation, the business has to hire a copywriter. 

So, is there a solution for both the needs of building landing pages and creating content? 

Indeed, Meet Unbounce

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a Canada-based high conversion rating platform founded by Rick Perreault in 2009 that provides advanced AI tools. For instance, Smart Builder for lead generation and ROI Tracking Smart Copy for generating and publishing content. And Smart Traffic creates a specified and unique pathway for each visitor on the landing page. 

Unbounce uses different tools to create appealing and high converting landing pages such as pop-ups, sticky bars, drag and drop builders and much more. 

With features that have a gradual learning curve, Unbounce has a simplified interface and system for beginners and provides professional marketers with customisation and conversion tracking provisions.


Unbounce also provides an AI copywriting tool called Smart Copy, where you can create content easily without having to hire any copywriter or content writer. This tool provides SEO-friendly content and helps in obtaining a better brief for your product and service description. 

With Unbounce, you can create and optimise your landing pages and perform A/B testing with variation for your landing pages to get a better alternative and enhance the elements on your page.

To attain more profound knowledge of how Unbounce works, let's understand the core features and their relevance.  


Unbounce is a Canada based high conversion rating platform founded by Rick Perreault in 2009 that provides advanced AI tools.

  • SaaS software provides a strong call to action and fewer distractions upfront.
  • Unbounce provides 14+ native integrations and others with 100+marketing tools, CRM, sales automation, and much more specialised software.
  • Provision for 180+templates and customisation without the complexity of coding in creating landing pages.
  • Suitable for all kinds of businesses.
  • A/B testing and multi-variate testings for variations of your landing page.
  • ROI tracking of leads.
  • Offers multi-channel marketing.
  • Real-time editing and marketing automation.
  • The pricing is slightly higher, and the product is standalone in terms of features.
  • No support for a website builder.
  • Lacks campaign segmentation and tracking.
  • Does not provide heatmaps.
  • Lacks behavioural audience targeting.

Price: $25/month

Unbounce Review 2024: The Key Features

Smart Builder

Unbounce uses the advanced page editor and form builder Smart Builder to light up new conversion possibilities for your small business. It pairs your marketing know-how with Unbounce Conversion Intelligenceand AI insights to help you launch higher-converting landing pages where you don't need any expertise in coding and AI.

Smart Builder pulls data from over 1.5 billion conversions to accurately predict which layouts and headlines will work best for your target audience. You don't have to wait till your page is published to get a detailed analysis.

Smart Builder's Design Assistant curates the perfect page and section components based on your industry, audience, and campaign goals. It uses dynamic layouts to convert your visitors and create new variants in a snap so that you can increase your conversion rate without having to add more tasks.


Unbounce provides pre-built, modular section templates that can be mixed and matched to create your ideal landing page, built for conversion. With the Smart Builder Style Guide, you can easily save approved typography, colours, and imagery for being used across pages. 

The design assistant helps you speed through page creation by recommending stunning, data-backed templates specific to your industry, audience, and goals to maximise conversions.

Unbounce provides recommendations for high-converting copy based on your message, audience, and tone directly in-app. You can efficiently track essential conversion data to the campaign, keep tabs on its performance, and optimise for better results.

With Unbounce, you can run A/B tests to see how a given landing page variant resonates with visitors and use these results to tweak pages and increase conversion rates.

Mobile is an essential medium of information procurement. Hence, Smart Builder's responsive templates and grid system automatically help you preview and create landing pages that look good on whatever device your visitors use. With Unbounce, double-checking designs from your phone is a thing of the past.

Unbounce helps create on-brand, eye-catching, and high-converting landing pages that snap into place without needing to dive into custom code. Smart Builder is like adding a certified marketing expert, designer, and developer to your team, all on a unified platform.

Smart Copy

Smart Copy transforms your ideas into on-brand content that delights and converts. Meticulously creating new content can be tricky and tiring; hence, Unbounce offers you an AI partner that can help you convert your thoughts and notions into a well-structured copy.

Unbounce helps you create ads from scratch without stressing about word count and layout requirements, thanks to templates like the Google Ads Generator and Facebook Primary Text Creator. 


Generate a captivating tagline in seconds using the tagline generator, so no more hemming and hawing over the perfect slogan. Smart Copy offers a library of 30+ templates to support all your marketing needs. For that matter, it can even brainstorm ideas for social media videos and other viral content.

You can easily create content by inputting any pre-written text as a starting point and letting Smart Copy's Expander feature help you write the following sentence or paragraph.

 In addition, with Smart Copy's Remix feature, you can turn existing copy into something entirely new for different channels or campaigns.

The Writer feature is a long-form writing canvas with absolutely no character limits that allows you to write, edit, and save content directly within the app. In addition, you can use 30+ content templates to generate copy for various use cases, everything from landing pages to product descriptions and brand taglines. 

Unbounce has a multilingual systemic process to generate copy in six different languages, namely, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and French, to reach a wider audience. Just share some basic information about your company or product like the name and target audience to generate on-brand copy effortlessly. 

Then, highlight text on any page or platform, and the Smart Copy Chrome Extension will write your following sentence, rewrite it, or expand it into a paragraph.

Smart Traffic

It is essential to understand your traffic and leads as it gives you a chance at the betterment of content. 

You can use a data science-tested set of high-converting attributes provided by Unbounce to route your visitors based on geolocation, timezone, device type, browser, and OS. Smart Traffic starts learning immediately about your page and visitor attributes, infinitely faster than any human could.

Unbounce automatically identifies conversion patterns based on who's converting on which landing page variants. You can start optimising for better results in as few as 50 visits and learn how to get even more conversions with actionable insights from Smart Traffic. 


Discover new channel and audience opportunities without guesswork and download easily digestible and shareable performance reports of your landing pages and Smart Traffic variants. 

One landing page won't convert all your visitors; you know that as much as we do. Hence, by creating multiple variants and turning on Smart Traffic, you connect every prospect with more relevant experiences upping your chances of conversion.

That's right, and you don't need a deep pocket or team of marketing specialists to get Smart Traffic up and running. With a button click, you can set it and forget it. 

With Unbounce, swap out endless testing cycles and wasted ad spend for optimisation on autopilot.

Landing Page Builder

Unbounce is a pioneer at creating landing pages and has generated content for more than a decade. With the Unbounce Classic Builder, you can create, test, and optimise your campaigns with drag-and-drop controls, custom code, and pixel-perfect precision. 

You need Unbounce builder to get started quickly with popular landing page templates and drag-and-drop controls. Then, craft your campaign piece-by-piece and customise every element to match your brand perfectly. 

Unbounce lets you send your leads to almost any marketing automation or CRM tool out there. You can even use Zapier from inside the builder to connect to over 1,000+ other devices.

Anyone can use the Classic Builder, with no coding skills required. You can just add, remove, or customise any part of your landing pages with just a few clicks. 


Start building landing pages in minutes by choosing from our gallery of 100+ high-converting templates or make your own design from scratch. 

With Unbounce, boost relevance and the likelihood for conversion by automatically matching the copy in your popups and sticky bars to your visitors' exact search terms.

Unbounce helps you make pixel-level adjustments to your pages based on brand or client needs and get in the weeds with design details. In addition, you can effectively control every element on your mobile carrier, which can be completely different from a desktop. 

This helps tailor your mobile view for conversions and have your custom scripts apply universally across multiple landing pages using Unbounce's Script Manager.

Sometimes words and still images just don't cut it, and hence Unbounce allows you to drag and drop engaging, informative videos anywhere onto your landing pages. Then, declutter your pages and display extra text and images using visitor-triggered lightboxes. 

This helps you avoid linking off your page and keeps visitors focused on your call to action. 

With Unbounce, you can launch pop-ups and sticky bars when visitors arrive on a page, abandon a page, click an element, scroll down, or whenever you want. Run pop-ups and sticky bars on any page or group of pages within your site's domain. 

Target by full URL, URL “contains” rules or UTM codes. For instance, choose how often visitors will see a pop-up or sticky bar, like once per visitor, every second visit, return visits only, or whenever you want.

Schedule your sticky bars or pop-ups to start and stop according to your seasonal campaign plan or promotions and create segmented offers for visitors based on their traffic sources like Facebook, Google Ads, or organic search.


Unbounce offers 100+ marketing tools and 14+ native integrations to enhance your business's conversions and landing pages. Integrations are nothing but external tools and software that can be connected with a platform as part of their components. Following are a few Unbounce integrated platforms.

Using Zapier with Unbounce, you can send leads and data from your Smart Builder landing pages to 1,000+ supported apps via “Zaps.” It also helps to automatically send leads to your CRM and marketing automation tools like Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and more, all without leaving the builder.

The Unbounce Script Manager supports Google Analytics; hence, add your tracking ID and monitor your traffic and events like button clicks and form fills. In addition, Unbounce supports custom code, so you can easily add third-party tools like Drift, Calendly, HotJar, and more.

With single sign-on (SSO), your usernames and permissions are all managed from one place, so no more juggling passwords. You can efficiently manage multiple clients from a single account and stay organised by keeping details from each account separate. 

In addition, Unbounce complies with worldwide data privacy and security standards, including GDPR, CASL, and PCI-DSS.

How Does It Work?

Having established all the core features of Unbounce, let's move on to the systemic details of the platform. We'll be discussing how to create a landing page with Unbounce in this section.


To start with, Unbounce offers a simplified homepage with few features on your dashboard. So the user is not overwhelmed with the complexity of the interface or platform. Then, you can start creating your landing page by clicking on the top right tab, ‘Create New Page'. 

You have now been redirected to the gallery of pre-designed templates. Here, you can choose from the given templates or create your own by clicking ‘Blank Page'. We are building a page from scratch and have chosen the blank page. 

Upon naming the page's title, you will be directed to the landing page builder of Unbounce, which is also referred to as the Classic Builder. 

Unbounce has a user-friendly interface that is quite similar to that of Photoshop. The interface is divided into a Menu bar, contents/elements of the page, feature-based panel, the canvas, page or elemental properties and finally, the taskbar.


To give an overview of the interface, ‘Menu Bar' majorly consists of fundamental aspects like a copy, paste, undo, redo, preview and variants of the landing page. Now, we move on to the editing components of the interface. 

The ‘Contents Panel' overviews and manages the sections and elements of the page such as the header, forms, pop-ups, texts, images and much more. The canvas, as we all know, is to create. You can add widgets and sections to create your unique template. 

You can use various tools from the ‘Feature-Based Panel' to create your landing pages like forms, text box alignment, and others. The last component of the editing section is the ‘Properties Panel'.   

Properties Panel is a combined section where you can edit each element based on its characteristics. For instance, if we add text to the landing page and view the properties panel, you can see features like font, height, weight, bold, italic, highlight and underline as its sub characteristics. These can be edited to make the landing page appear more structured.  

And finally, the last element of the interface is the ‘Task Bar'. This panel is quite simple to understand as you can access contents, javascript and stylesheets all from the same place for ease in the working system.

Having discussed the interface, let's create a landing page!

Choose A Template

To create a new landing page, you click on the tab ‘Create New Page' on the homepage, which will direct you to the templates gallery. Choose the template that fits your brand best and hit ‘Create' after adding a title to the page.

Now, you are in the editing space of Unbounce, where you can easily add interactive elements to your landing pages such as forms, sticky bars, pop-ups and multimedia such as images, text and videos.


Here, we have chosen a template without any images for better understanding. However, it consists of various sections like forms that we will discuss later.

Now that we have a template ready, let's add elements like images and forms to it and under the Properties Panel better.

Add Images and Forms

In order to add a section or an image, Unbounce offers a drag-and-drop builder with which you can easily create sections and upload images. To add a section, choose the first widget in the ‘Feature-Based Panel' and drag it through the page where you want it to be.

While dragging, the icon will turn green and get added to the desired slot. This newly added section can then be re-aligned, re-sized, and relocated.

This section can be combined with text by clicking' Text Box' from the ‘Feature-Based Panel' and using the same method of drag and drop; you can create a text element on your page that can be edited furthermore, in terms of font, size, colour and format in the ‘Properties Panel.' 


You can follow the drag and drop builder procedure for most of the widgets. However, widgets like images, videos and forms open up in a dialogue box where you select and/or add information and then allocate them a place on the page.  

Here, you can observe that after dragging the image icon to the section, a window opens from where you can choose your image or video. However, the process for forms is a little different. After dragging the icon, a dialogue box opens where you can select your preferred form fields like name, contact details and other customisable fields. 

Once you put in this information, the form is created on the page where you can place it according to your liking. The form also consists of a CTA button that can be integrated with other files or pages, and you also embed videos and other interactive projects to it.


Unbounce also offers the form confirmation on the top left corner of the canvas. This pop up is added to thank the visitor for their participation in rendering the information. 

You can easily create this pop-up by clicking on ‘Form Confirmation' and editing the content if required and activating the pop-up. 

Mobile Responsive

The mass audience majorly uses the medium of cellphones to interact with pop-ups and links; hence, a business landing page needs to be equally responsive and appealing when visited through the mobile display format.

Unbounce offers an effective editing process, with features like ‘Hide Sections' and alignment style, with which you can easily create an optimised landing page for not only the desktop but also for the mobile format.


You can observe below how the same content and page can look different on the mobile interface. And here, Unbounce gives you the liberty to allocate or hide the sections and elements in order to create an engaging landing page. 

Upon the completion of all the components of your landing page, you are now ready to publish your service or product through the landing page in the public domain.

Unbounce offers to host all your landing pages under its name and provides you with integrations to use your own URL or domain for hosting your landing pages, such as for WordPress.

Conversion Tracking and Data Analysis 

Once you have made your landing page public, whenever there is a visitor, Unbounce provides you with their activity data so you can understand which sections of the landing page are most visited and help you make your landing page more engaging.

Unbounce offers integrations with various other software and external tools to connect your business with different accounts and to create better opportunities with marketing automation tools.


For instance, you can add your business email id to the multiple-step forms, and whenever there is a lead generated, you will be provided with information.

Unbounce also offers lead and conversion tracking information on its dashboard so you can get the information quickly and make a decision precisely.  

And just like that, with a few clicks, you have created a high conversion and appealing landing page for your brand, which will enhance the performance of your business sales pipeline. 

Unbounce Pricing Plans

Unbounce offers three paid plans for Smart Builder, which also consists of Smart Traffic and A/B Testings. And a paid plan for Smart Copy. It also provides a free starter plan for Smart Copy.

Smart Builder Plans 

  • Launch
    • $90/month and $81/month if billed annually.
    • Up to 500 Conversions 
    • Up to 20,000 Visitors 
    • 1 Domain 
  • Optimise
    • $135/month and $122/month if billed annually.
    • Up to 1,000 Conversions 
    • Up to 30,000 Visitors 
    • 5 Domains 
    • 30% More Conversions with Smart Traffic
  • Accelerate
    • $225/month and $203/month if billed annually.
    • Up to 2,500 Conversions 
    • Up to 50,000 Visitors 
    • 10 Domains 
    • 30% More Conversions with Smart Traffic 

Smart Copy Plans

$49/month and $25/month if billed annually.

  • Unlimited Generations 
  • Unlimited Profiles 
  • Access to Writer (Beta)

From the above plans, the Optimise Plan is the most suitable alternative for any business type.

Final Verdict: Is Unbounce Worth It?

All in all, Unbounce is a platform that combines the advantages of AI-powered builders and creators to give businesspersons the best alternatives for their landing pages and content.

Within its sphere, Unbounce offers a lot of features that can help experienced marketers as well as small businesses and freelancers for creating high conversion landing pages and a system to maintain the data and content. 

It also provides external tools and software integrations to connect your business with other marketing automation, email marketing, CRM, and CMS platforms.

Content creation and editing tools that are easy to access and learn are the most credible features of Unbounce as its competitors either offer basic or complex features, but Unbounce provides a platform for any and everyone. 

Hence, with this platform, you can explore and create appropriate landing pages for your business.

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How much does Unbounce cost?

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