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If you want to make your website functional, there is no need for programming experience. All you need is to integrate the WordPress CMS to establish an available website. This establishment is mainly due to the shortcodes. 

Using small code snippets helps boost your website functionality by marking square brackets to place page elements. In other words, you can paste and sidestep the coding necessary for the proper working of a website. 

Whenever it comes to using WordPress on your website, it comes with some built-in shortcodes and themes. There is no problem in selecting any theme at the time of web designing. However, you have to face issues like your page can break if you change your website theme. 

Moreover, this change can also lead to the inaccessibility of your previous theme shortcodes. Now you might be thinking about the solution to all this. Well, the most effective strategy is to use WordPress shortcode plugins. The best part is that there is a shortcode for everything. 

So whether you want to add content boxes, CTA buttons, forms, or menus, you can do it all using several shortcode plugins as it won't disappear when the theme is changed. There are a couple of paid and free best shortcode plugins, and we have compiled the list of the best ones. 

What are Short Code Plugins?

Before getting into the best plugins, let's first understand shortcode plugins. Like we said before, they are code snippets that allow you to sidestep the coding process and still establish a functional website. 

As we all know, WordPress comes with some in-built shortcodes. However, these codes are not enough to make your website fully functional. That's where you need shortcode WordPress plugins. These plugins help you add new features to your website without learning a single line of code.

For example, you can use a shortcode to embed a Google Map or create an image gallery. You can also use these plugins to add contact forms, customized buttons, content boxes, etc.

How can Shortcode WP Plugins be Helpful?

You might be thinking that why use these plugins when WordPress already provides some in-built shortcodes. Well, the answer is straightforward. The main reason is that WordPress doesn't offer a wide range of shortcodes. So if you want to add some advanced features to your website, you need to install a WordPress shortcode plugins.

Not just this, installing a plugin is also helpful as it comes with a wide range of customization options. This means you can change how your website looks without changing the code.

Moreover, if you change your WordPress theme, all the in-built shortcodes will disappear. So if you don't want to face any issues, it's better to use a WordPress shortcode plugin.

Now let's look at the best WordPress shortcode plugins you can use in 2024 for your website growth. 

6 Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins for 2024

#1 Affiliate Booster

Affiliate booster is a great, well-designed plugin for your WordPress site. It's a one-solution platform enriched with hundreds of features to make your website grow awesome. This plugin comes in more than 25 built-in designs. It means you can focus on creating content and save your time on design. 

In addition, you can customize your page or post by using this customizable plugin that lets you embed your content with typography, colors, and icons. Use these customizable blocks containing plugins to promote your product sales. 

The incredible benefit of this plugin has Gutenberg support. Through this support, you can enjoy control over all the features. This enables you to edit and enhance page color by using buttons, images, and themes. In addition, this plugin allows every device to increase its visibility, no matter which device you use. 

Another perk of using this shortcode plugin is that there is no coding required. Instead, optimize your website and business by increasing your sales and CTR through the affiliate marketing theme of the WordPress plugin.


  • Has user-friendly control to perform multiple editing options. 
  • Provides over 25 built-in themes and designs.
  • It offers fully customized blocks to enhance your design ideas. 
  • Comes with fascinating articles, a stunning layout, header design, and a potential affiliate marketing strategy. 


The affiliate booster plugin comes with free and premium versions both. However, to get 28 Gutenberg block support, you need to pay some annual cost for integrating the plugin into your WordPress website.  

  • Single website: $29.5/year
  • 25 websites: $36.75/year
  • 50 websites: $44.25/year

#2 Shortcodes Ultimate

Best WordPress shortcode plugins

Shortcodes Ultimate is a famous powerhouse of shortcode components. If you want to avail yourself of several options without any hassle, this handy free plugin is perfect. It facilitates handling everything from carousels, sliders; media embeds, lists, and buttons to lightboxes through 50 shortcodes for different page elements. 

Moreover, you can customize your shortcode attributes with the help of Shortcodes Ultimate to figure out the best shortcode in your menu. Besides separating the shortcode, make it usable by inserting it into your web posts and pages. 

With the help of Shortcodes Ultimate, you can personalize your plugin by using HTML code. This plugin ensures the delivery of reliable, quick, convenient, and optimized performance via shortcodes. You can use the Shortcodes Ultimate plug-in with all of your WordPress themes. 

Another feature of the plugin, working with the Gutenberg blocks editor, boosts its peculiarity. More than 800,000 downloads exhibit a great picture of high-quality and valuable testament. Make your website content outstanding and unique by using customized shortcodes of these plugins. 

Key Features

  • Comes with fascinating sliders, bars, and popup shortcodes.
  • Fast and reliable in the creation of shortcodes for developers.
  • It helps in making combinations of multiple shortcodes. 
  • It provides an opportunity to embed gallery shortcodes.
  • Facilitates its users in customizing shortcodes. 
  • Can automatically create your plugin shortcodes for WordPress. 


Shortcodes Ultimate is easily accessible from the WordPress repository free of cost. However, if you want to use its advanced features, you must pay $59 for add-ons to a single WP website. 

#3 Shortcoder

Shortcoder is another fantastic WordPress plugin that is available free of cost. This plugin allows you to create custom shortcodes. You can easily create CSS, HTML, and JavaScript shortcodes in minutes through Shortcoder. 

Along with creating a shortcode, this plugin lets you assign a respected name to differentiate your new shortcode from others. You can place your shortcode on any post, page, or widget sidebar. Shortcoder facilitates you in all options as it supports Gutenberg. Having a built-in control of placing shortcodes makes your plugin customized for you. 

This excellent plugin embeds your content fantastically by inserting pictures, videos, and ads. Moreover, the Shortcoder plugin has no limitations on placing and storing embed codes in your WordPress widgets.

Just create a shortcode for every embed and paste the code of that embed item into your content editing dashboard. The most exciting thing about using this plugin is having control over your website. You can limit the devices for your WordPress website. 

Create and publish the same content in multiple places in a minute with a custom code of Shortcoder. Feel free to display your custom shortcode on your WordPress website across desktop, mobile, or both. 

Key Features

  • Has supportive features for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Provides Gutenberg support to control or limit devices on your site.
  • Offers the option of multiple editing with a single click through the plugin's custom shortcode.
  • Let its users in the creation of custom shortcodes on the custom parameters.


Download this fantastic WordPress plugin free of cost and enjoy superb website functionalities. 

#4 Woo Shortcodes Kit

Woo Shortcodes Kit is a great WordPress plugin for eCommerce website owners. This kit is a shortcode library that is used for the WooCommerce plugin. As evident from the plugin name, it's used to optimize the performance of your WooCommerce store. You can get dozens of shortcodes from this plugin to boost your visitors' experience. 

Improving your eCommerce store display will enhance the quality of your shopping account, checkout, and others by increasing business sales. This plugin comes with more than 60 shortcodes and functions to improve the eCommerce business. 

It depicts that you need to install WooCommerce on your WordPress to improve your eCommerce sales. This excellent plugin can also be customized with minimal effort and at a budget-friendly rate. Its interface blends smoothly with the WordPress interface to ensure a great workflow at a tremendous pace. 

Moreover, its easy-to-use interface enables you to send alerts to users. Restrict your account from different locations, devices, and others to make targeted growth. Increase your online business worth by boosting sales and business leads with the integration of Woo Shortcodes Kit.

Key Features

  • It comes with an interface that has multilingual support.
  • Facilitates the functionalities and accessibilities of over 60 shortcodes.
  • Built-in extensive library with various tutorials. 
  • Provides the capability of adapting your eCommerce store to GDPR laws.
  • It consists of different built-in page templates. 


You can access the Woo Shortcodes Kit free of cost. But to use its pro version, you need to pay for premium features. 

  • 3 websites: $25/year
  • 100 websites: $100/year

#5 WP Shortcode 

WP Shortcode is also a WordPress shortcode plugin introducing sleek elements like Google Maps embeds, alerts, accordion, tabs, and buttons to other sites. It also provides the opportunity of using customized parameters. Though this plugin has limited features, using these 24 specs is enough to make your website great. 

This plugin comprises almost 83 shortcodes with various sleek and stylish page elements. You can create codes, sliders, blocks, charts, menus, and lightboxes using this plugin. In addition, this fluid-responsive supportive plugin effectively inserts audios, tables, and videos. Use diversified elements of WP Shortcode to edit or create unique web pages quickly. 

You can rely on this shortcode plug-in for integrating creative layouts, buttons, and much more. Also, this shortcode is perfect for styling your website or you can even customize the whole look.

Key Features

  • Have advanced functionality using API
  • It comes with translation support and multilingual support
  • Provides a live preview of the shortcode. 
  • Allows customization of shortcodes and website pages. 
  • Offers custom post support


WP Shortcode costs $27 per website. 

#6 Meks Flexible Shortcodes

Meks Flexible Shortcodes is another fantastic WordPress theme and Plugin developer. It has a shortcodes tool for getting customized page elements. In addition, its interface is very reliable, and you will get 12 built-in shortcodes in this plugin.

Users can also introduce panels in the WordPress of your website that ensures the insertion of shortcode without any hassle. Feel free to style these built-in shortcodes according to your choice and preference. 

This plugin allows you to add exciting, creative, and unique content to your website. Among the supportive 12 shortcodes, you can get the opportunity of managing and insert buttons, columns, icons, drop caps, highlights, and separators.

Furthermore, as this plugin offers customization, you can customize your web page per your favorite theme, color, and design. Complete all of your shortcode requirements effortlessly by using the creative elements of this plugin.

Key Features

  • Has the option of highlighting text to grab your audience's attention on critical points. 
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface that can be easily edited and customized. 
  • Offers 12 shortcode elements. 
  • Provides opportunities for introducing icons, bars, toggles, and progress on your site. 
  • Facilities in the sleek and intelligent styling options.


Install and use this plugin free of cost by downloading it from the WordPress repository. 


What do you know about WordPress shortcode? 

How to create a shortcode for your WordPress plugin?

Where can you store your WordPress shortcodes?

How can you add a shortcode to your WordPress theme?

The Bottom Line!

Shortcodes are the best way to add content to any post, page, or widget you want. In addition, having shortcode plugins on your WordPress lets the audience get a better understanding of the page. 

In addition, with the help of shortcode plugins, you can create unique content in minutes with greater convenience. No matter which shortcode plugin you use from these six for your website, all are superb for boosting your site functionality without leaving any curve at a budget-friendly rate. So save your energy and time by switching to WordPress shortcode plugins. 

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