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With the advancing technological developments in Electronic Learning or E-Learning, it is important to have authority in the market with your content. The market today is flooded with new content that is not only creative and accessible but also provides a real-time understanding of the users’ queries and helps in resolving them.

Business and enterprises along with coaching experts now provide various online courses for their users as premium content to develop customer relations and educational platforms use the online courses to share their expertise and knowledge with the students around the world and to increase the reach of the content. 

In order to create an online course, one needs to combine a number of external tools and software such as CRM system, CMS integration, payment gateways, email automation tools, content creation tools, among others to create and manage your content. And if you want to create a better user experience with communities and memberships, you need to walk another extra mile.

But, what if we tell you that there is a unified platform that provides all these services as an in-built feature? Exceptional, right?

So, without any further ado, let’s discuss the star of the show, Podia.

What is Podia?

Podia is an American-based consolidated platform founded by Spencer Ray in 2014, that provides everything that a course creator requires when creating, publishing, selling, marketing, and managing content, all under a single control system that can be easily accessed and utilized without any hassle.

It provides a space to host unlimited files and videos and offers payment plans, upsells, quizzes, drip content, and student comments, all while crowdfunding campaigns for your course by pre-selling, which is the perfect way to validate your next course idea. 


Podia, at large, assists with everything on a single platform, you don’t have to choose just one type of digital product or compromise when you have powerful marketing tools to boost your sales, from pre-launch to post-purchase.

It has a solution and assistance for whether you’re starting or scaling, Podia has guides, articles, videos, tools, webinars, and 7-days-a-week live chat support to help you tackle your toughest challenges.

To summarize, it’s a bundle of joy when it comes to creating and selling your online course in the market in the most efficient and seamless way. 

Podia is an American-based consolidated platform founded by Spencer Ray in 2014, that provides everything that a course creator requires when creating, publishing, selling, marketing, and managing content all under a single control system that can be easily accessed and utilized without any hassle.

  • An on-page chat widget that deals with site visitors and engages with logged-in customers.
  • Email platform with built-in features like broadcasts and campaigns.
  • Helps in launching affiliate programs that can set custom commission terms, invite affiliates, and much more.
  • Offers to schedule of content with drip content feature.
  • Provides online courses with payment plans for an increase in conversion rate.
  • Unlimited content, students, emails, and earnings. 
  • Lack of collaboration tools
  • Limitation of multi-hosts and on-demand webinars.
  • Does not provide a free plan and the free trial lasts only for 14 days.
  • Memberships can be created only with the Earthquake Plan

Price: $39/month

Is Podia Right for You?

It is vital to scrutinize any and every course builder to understand the features, interface, and how it can help you to create the best online course and sales page. And we’re here to help you with that.

Following are the features that can help you decide whether Podia is for you;

  • Easy customization of site and pages with no requirement of coding as such.

The best sales pages make a product irresistible, and Podia helps you design for high conversion rates. Other than the easy-to-use interface, is that you’ll never have to worry about page limits. It provides unlimited pages with all plans.

  • Optimized upselling of online courses.

Increase the size of every order by offering relevant upsells with additional products to customers who purchase your digital downloads. Bundle and sell your online courses, or any of your other Podia-hosted products, together.

  • Email marketing and automated campaigns.

With built-in features like broadcasts and campaigns, create automated drip email campaigns that engage your subscribers through every stage of the sales funnel.

  • Connect your audience and your content with community builders.

Run your online community in the same place that your audience uses your digital products and create a variety of topics to keep your community organized and engaged.

  • Manage your database and track all the activities.

Take full control over visibility and access in your community with privacy settings based on members, plans, and topics. Podia Community gives you full access to your customer’s information, including their names, emails, and products.

Podia Review 2024– The Key Features

Having discovered the basic elements of Podia, let’s move our attention to the functionality of the platform to get a better idea of how efficiently the interface works when creating a digital product.

Here, I’ll be using the free trial provided by Podia for 14 days with all the present features which you can avail yourself of without the use of a credit card.

Let’s get started!

Interactive and Compact Interface

The interface follows a very simple navigation system around the features of the homepage. The page is divided into a menu bar, content body, reporting and analytics, and finally a track where you can refer to your recent activities.

The menu bar helps you in navigating to the other site's pages, such as ‘Products’ where you can create your online course. ‘Community’ where you build a group or membership and others.

The content body helps you access the tutorial guide for the interface and all the features which are present as a video as well. You can also start building or editing your website from the functions provided here. 

The latter part of the dashboard gives you a brief report of all the activities, enrollments, sales, and campaigns in one place. The recent activities can be tracked and resumed from here as well. The dashboard is interactive and easy to understand.


Gradual Learning Curve

Podia provides guides and tutorials of all types at any given point which is very convenient and easy to go around the platform as a beginner. 

There are guides on how to create each type of digital product, the site editor is also embedded with interactive guides which give you step by step process for creating a customizable website or page.

With a lot of features combined in one platform, it is really important to have a powerful guiding system that can help in increasing the seamless workflow and content creation.


Email Automation

With built-in features like broadcasts and campaigns, Podia provides one-off updates with your entire list or sends more targeted updates to specific segments of users.

Build your email list by adding email signup forms to any page on your Podia site. Segment campaigns where the products your subscribers have purchased will come with a pitch for them for something else they might like.

Create automated drip email campaigns that engage your subscribers through every stage of the sales funnel. Trigger your drip campaigns to start when someone grabs a free download, and move them down the funnel into your paid products.


Podia offers free content to collect email addresses build your audience and then set up an email funnel to nurture your new leads and sell your course.

Standard email analytics are great which is also available but Podia gives you complete revenue metrics for every email you send. Track and analyze open rates, clicks, conversion rates, and more, all from within your dashboard.

Community Builder 

With Podia Community, your customers can use one login to access both your content and your community in the same place. It also offers a space to engage your audience by inviting them to create posts, reply to comments, or like your content. 

Podia Community is built for creators and it gives you all the features you need without the distractions. It gives you full access to your customer’s information, including their names, emails, and products. 


You can control how you want everything to look and where you want elements to appear on the page and add rich text, images, videos, and testimonials to your sales pages. With just a couple of clicks, including access to your other Podia-hosted products with any Community plan.

With Podia, all of your products including memberships, downloads, and webinars are in one place, making the process easier for you and your customers.

Digital Products

Podia assists in creating many digital products such as online courses, digital downloads, webinars, and communities so that you can create content in any form you find convenient.

Choose from a variety of online courses that fit your business and customers’ needs Podia supports every file type, hosts all of the content, and never places limits on how much content you can upload and sell to your students. Create your online courses with any kind of content you like, including text, images, videos, audio files, MP3, links, PDF, PSD, quizzes, and more.

Digital Products

Sell your eBook in PDF or EPUB format. Podia makes fulfillment quick and simple, without Amazon’s fees. Podia also helps in selling or licensing all of your audio tracks in one place.

Podia makes it easy to charge for access to your webinars and live streams. Simply connect your YouTube Live or Zoom accounts, and your audience will be able to register and pay for access through your Podia site.

Site Builder

With Podia, get a website up and running with no technical headaches and create pages targeted towards specific audiences and interests. Break up your page and add some visual variety by arranging your content into columns or rows.


Set custom background images for any page section to get pixel-perfect control over how your page appears. Organize your products by category; each category gets its own page, making it easy for your customers to search and discover the best products for them. Choose from a variety of custom fonts, and customize further by adjusting the weight, spacing, and height of your headings and body text.

Give your visitors a preview of what’s inside your products by adding a table of contents to any page. You can add headlines, paragraphs, and body copy to any part of your website. Make text bold, italic, change up the colors, and more.  The Podia editor works on mobile devices, so you can edit and publish your site from anywhere.

Embed content from 1,900+ third-party platforms, including SoundCloud, Typeform, Twitter, and GitHub, directly into your Podia site and products.

Podia Pricing Plans

After getting to know Podia better, let’s talk about the pricing plans it offers for users and businesses. 

Podia offers three paid plans that are billed monthly with the following features;

Core Features (All Plans)

  • Unlimited everything
  • Zero transaction 
  • Free migrations 
  • 7-days-a-week support
  • Additional teammates
  • Sell online courses
  • Sell digital downloads
  • Sell webinars
  • Host community
  • Custom website
  • Customer messaging
  • Product bundles
  • Free community
  • Unlimited email subscribers
  • Monthly email recipients

Extra Features (Only Earthquake Plan)

  • Zapier actions
  • Remove Podia branding
  • Priority support
  • Two onboarding calls
  • Monthly group creator call
  • Third-party code
  • Team seats
  • The Mover Plan: $39/month and $390 if billed annually.
  • The Shaker Plan: $89/month and $890 if billed annually.
  • The Earthquaker Plan: $199/month and $1990 if billed annually.

For the Mover and the Shaker Plan to add a teammate you need to pay $20/month and with the Earthquaker Plan, you get 5 included.

Podia Alternatives & Competitors

There’s no doubt that there are many other online course-building platforms and that some of them have been around for as long as a decade and the market is really competitive due to which it is very difficult to choose the right choice. 

So, we thought that let’s put Podia and its competitors in the ring and the last one standing win it all!  

We’ll be judging our champions on the following criteria,

  • Price
  • Hosting 
  • Site Builder 
  • Set-Up
  • Support 

Podia Vs Kajabi 

Features Podia  Kajabi 
PriceStarts at $39/month Starts at $149/month
Set-UpEasy and interactive set up with a step-by-step guide that takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.An interactive interface with all the features on the dashboard needs extra attention for navigation around and can be time-consuming with a steep learning curve.
Site BuilderCustomizable page editor with rich text and multimedia support with the Unsplash integration for over 1M+ images. A unique system with 200+ templates to create course landing pages, websites, communities and more while preserving the essence of your brand.
HostingUnlimited memberships, courses, students and emails.Does not provide unlimited hosting for products or customers.
Support24/7 live and responsive chat support.24/7 responsive live chat support

Podia Vs Thinkific

Features Podia  Thinkific 
PriceStarts at $39/month Starts at $49/month 
Set-UpEasy and interactive set up with a step-by-step guide that takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.The interface can be quite overwhelming in terms of navigating around because of the amount of information presented on the homepage.
Site BuilderCustomizable page editor with rich text and multimedia supportCustomization of course pages and sites are a little too subtle which can be considered bland sometimes.
HostingUnlimited memberships, courses, students and emails.Unlimited memberships, courses, students and emails.
Support 24/7 live and responsive chat support.Does not provide a live chat support

Podia Vs Teachable 

Features Podia  Teachable
PriceStarts at $39/month Starts at $39/month 
Set-UpEasy and interactive set up with a step-by-step guide that takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.Interactive and intuitive interface with easy navigation and system for creating courses.
Site BuilderCustomizable page editor with rich text and multimedia supportThe site builder for creating online courses alone (as it does not provide any other digital product) is easily customizable with limitations in multimedia support.
HostingUnlimited memberships, courses, students and emails.Provides unlimited courses and students.
Support 24/7 live and responsive chat support.Does not have a live chat support system for queries.

Final Thoughts: Podia Review 2024

In a nutshell, Podia with its powerful features and easy interface navigation stands best as an all-in-one platform for creating and selling online courses and many other digital products with customizable content creation tools. 

It also helps in creating marketing and sales funnels and campaigns that increase the conversion rate of your potential customers. 

While providing a space to create communities and memberships to exchange and share expertise, knowledge, and experience with your students. Podia creates a centralized controlling system with its interactive and deep learning dashboard.

So, if you want to create and sell your online courses you know where to start!

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