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Before the pandemic, new and transformative technologies swiftly entered the workplace, allowing businesses to innovate and thrive in a more digital world.

But then came 2020, and what had been supposed to take years happened in months, if not weeks.

The disruption of work and business ecosystems demanded digital transformation, and most firms stepped up their efforts to meet this unexpected change.

It took a pandemic to discover how effective webinars can be when used correctly, with the right promotion mix and entertaining content!

As more people become aware of this trend, many businesses use webinars to accelerate their growth. As a result, it has become one of the most significant aspects of their marketing strategy.

If you need to connect students, customers, or team members, you'll need a comprehensive solution with video conferencing, online meetings, and webinar capabilities. But which webinar software is the most convenient and reliable to use? Don't worry; we have got you covered.

One of the most popular webinars and meeting platforms is ClickMeeting.

Is it, however, deserving of its popularity? And if that's the case, what makes it so unique? Let's find out!

What is ClickMeeting?

From one-person businesses to large corporations, ClickMeeting provides the power of webinars for all types of companies. According to the seller, their web-based solution is simple to use and covers the complete webinar process, from preparation to presentation and engagement and follow-up.

Because the platform is browser-based, it does not require any software installed and is compatible with all devices and operating systems. In addition, the user interface contains interactive tools and features that make webinars more engaging for attendees while saving organizers time and money. Organizers can also add a logo and company colors to user-facing elements with a few clicks for a complete brand experience.

ClickMeeting, according to the seller, is ideal for collecting a specific audience to share knowledge, display expertise, and generate sales. 

From one-person businesses to large corporations, ClickMeeting provides the power of webinars for all types of companies.

  • Event recording layouts
  • Facebook or YouTube auto-stream
  • Application for mobile devices
  • Chat moderation
  • On-demand webinars
  • Customized registration process
  • Advanced surveys and timed CTAs are available for both live and automated events.
  • Excellent presentation and engagement aspects, as well as a fantastic Q&A function.
  • More pricing options needed
  • Expensive for startups
  • Sometimes Screen sharing is failed

Price: $30/month

ClickMeeting Review 2022: The Key Features 


The ease with which ClickMeeting may be used is the first thing you'll notice. In only three steps, you can get started.

  • Step 1: Use the platform's user-friendly interface to create an event.
  • Step 2: Invite guests with a few mouse clicks.
  • Step 3: Log in to the room, change the layout, and begin your event.


If you require additional functionality, ClickMeeting offers a variety of add-ons. For example, you'll be able to expand the number of guests allowed during events, as well as increase the amount of disk space available for recorded video.

You can instantly buy up to four additional presenter spots if your webinar involves a panel discussion and requires more than two primary presenters.

You can keep your recordings in the cloud and retrieve them whenever you need them with the recording add-on.


Other add-ons can grant coworkers access to the primary account, allowing for multi-user management. When you require additional login credentials for a group of people, this add-on is a good choice.

Similarly, if your company expands, you may require sub-accounts. Others can use the sub-accounts to host and conduct their webinars from the main account.

These are all essential extras that you may add at any time, which is ideal for growing your company.


ClickMeeting can provide you with statistics or analytics, which allow you to see detailed information on online events and webinars. These statistics can assist you in making forecasts and identifying trends in the data.

You'll be able to evaluate data on individual guests and utilize it to improve the performance of your content over time.

Online event summaries can help you figure out how long your event lasted, how many people showed up, and how long they stayed. The other statistics are the visitor numbers, devices, votes, poll and survey results, and the event's rating.

Details such as the locations of your participants and their email addresses are also helpful in customizing your marketing plan.

The performance rating section tells you how your participants felt about the event. In addition, they'll be able to provide feedback, allowing you to observe what works and what doesn't.

Many conference call systems offer analytics like this, but it's still a feature we expect to see as standard. The statistics provided by ClickMeeting are an essential component of the whole service.

Presentation Tools

ClickMeeting gives you access to various presentation tools to help you make your webinars more effective.

You'll be able to share important information in familiar formats like PowerPoint, Excel, and Keynote.

clickmeeting review

You can present documents, sites, and other projects to coworkers, and you can even submit documents as slides. It's quick and straightforward to draw and take notes on this material.

When using the whiteboard feature, you can use text boxes, arrows, drawing tools, and an eraser as needed. Additionally, you can arrange documents together to convey information.

ClickMeeting is also a fantastic call service for companies who do a lot of presentations. But, again, this demonstrates the extensive range of tools available.

Even more, the platform gets upgraded with new presentation tools over time, so you know it'll be an excellent long-term investment.

ClickMeeting Chat

ClickMeeting's chat functionality proves to be beneficial.

Moderated chat provides for unrestricted text exchanges with an audience while reducing disturbance. In addition, you'll be able to select which comments to make public in real-time.

Meanwhile, private chat allows you to have personal interactions with a single participant.

Other capabilities include the ability to save your conversation history for later use and the ability to handle real-time feedback and reactions.

Furthermore, as a new message is posted, your discussion can be automatically translated, making it understandable for various users.

We're looking at standard chat features here, but it's just another part of a well-rounded service.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms on ClickMeeting allow you to meet participants online in smaller event spaces.

Essentially, you can divide an online event into several small rooms and assign various subjects to each group.

The increasingly prevalent remote conferences where attendees can participate in workshops would be a suitable application for this. Another option is to work on a larger project but break into teams to brainstorm ideas.

One thing is sure: the post-pandemic world is turning to these types of solutions, and ClickMeeting appears to be well-versed in this field.

You can also establish up to 20 breakout rooms, set their duration periods, and allocate each guest to one of them either randomly or manually. 

Sharing displays will be as simple as pressing a button, and you'll be able to choose the time for each room. In terms of security, breakout rooms do not use public URLs; thus, sessions are safe from intrusion.

There's no doubt that ClickMeeting has everything you require. While competitors like Zoom also provide this feature, it helps round out a comprehensive offering.

Video Quality & Integrations

ClickMeeting's browser-based video engine, like that of most other web-based webinar services, is powered by WebRTC.

The webcam does not offer a full-screen option. Therefore, it should be docked in the upper right corner. However, since most guests will be viewing the webcam live from the docked view, it will still be of good quality.

Availability on Mobile Devices

When using a mobile device to join the webinar, your attendees will have the option of using their mobile browser or downloading the ClickMeeting mobile app.

The webinar will undoubtedly be handled better by the mobile app. But, on the other hand, your mobile attendees may not want to add another app to their phones. 

The webcam overlays on top of the slideshow, which is the first thing mobile participants notice. Attendees can minimize the camera feed while responding to the poll.

Overall, the ClickMeeting webinar room is highly mobile-friendly and straightforward to use. The mobile guests will see the host's interaction as soon as it begins.


Seven days a week, ClickMeeting offers email and live chat support. In addition, the company's website has one of the most comprehensive documentation libraries available. There are whole e-books dedicated to some of the most common software integrations and dozens of videos that guide you through common problems.

Robust Security

When you use ClickMeeting, you'll never have to worry about your users' data or privacy because the platform includes thorough security and privacy policy, which includes:

  • SSL certificates are used to secure landing pages and webinar rooms, ensuring that all digital data is private.
  • GDPR: As it is a European organization, the platform must follow strict data processing guidelines.
  • Firewall Configuration Guide: This is a helpful and free resource covering file configuration, service, and future product installations on the platform's servers.
  • SSO: The single sign-on functionality allows businesses to interact with internal user management systems so that individuals can log in using their company email.

Interface and performance

The ClickMeeting UI can be a little intimidating at times, but it's mostly intuitive. The dashboard contains most of the administrative tools, including the ability to schedule events, modify your address book, and see viewership metrics for any of your previous webinars.

When you initially open the presentation in a webinar room has a lot going on. A menu down the left-hand side of the screen has all of your presenter options; the list of attendees and meeting chat area on the right-hand side, and your video stream is floating in the middle. Nonetheless, the arrangement is charming. 

There was no lag in terms of performance, and the audio was surprisingly clear in a meeting with one presenter and two guests. In addition, the video streams were much greater definition than we had anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise.


ClickMeeting is simple to use and set up. In addition, the software is entirely browser-based, so no download is required. 

The site guides you through creating your first event when you first log in. The first step is to create an event, either a temporary or permanent online video room. The webinar room and waiting room can both be customized entirely.

The most straightforward approach to add attendees to small meetings is to type in emails. However, you can import a CSV address book or add in bulk from a CSV file.


The following are some of the integrations available with this webinar and online meeting software:

  • PayPal: Make money from paid webinars by connecting your webinar account to a payment system.
  • Zapier: Connect your ClickMeeting webinars and online meetings to various marketing, sales, and project management tasks.
  • Moodle: Using a combination of LMS technologies, you may plan and run your online courses and webinars.
  • Dropbox: Upload and share files quickly, participate in online events, and immediately export webinar recordings to Dropbox.
  • Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn: To attract friends and followers, post your events on your pages and channel. Directly share your recorded webinars on social media.

Google, Slack, HubSpot, Keep (formerly Infusionsoft), GetResponse, Pipedrive, and an API that allows you to combine your ClickMeeting account with your CMS or other in-house applications are among the various ClickMeeting integrations.

Custom Branding

Why should your webinar room be green, blue, or any other hue if your logo and other branding elements are red? You'll be glad to test Clickmeeting if you're passionate about your business and making a consistent brand effect on your audience. 

It allows you to customize the user interface to your taste. Should your branding, however, be limited to your webinar room? No, Clickmeeting understands the importance of rebranding, which allows you to customize the webinar room and the email notifications and waiting room.

You can use the pre-loaded templates in Clickmeeting and rebrand them. The program is surprisingly customizable if you put in the effort, consistent branding, professional email layouts, and attractive call-to-action buttons.

Live Interactions

The success of a webinar relies heavily on live interactions. When it comes to live interactions with registrants, webinar platforms can have varying amounts of restrictions. To avoid misunderstanding and errors during a live broadcast, the controls for communicating live with your audience should be user-friendly.

Whether you want to have a live chat with your participants or utilize a whiteboard to illustrate an idea to them, the tools should be straightforward to discover. You should also be able to communicate with your audience in various ways.

Click meeting also features a video conferencing capability for more significant engagement with your attendees. Furthermore, if individuals merely want to listen to the audio, you can provide a toll-free number for them to dial into your webinar from their phone while on the move.

Polls & Surveys

Begin collecting user feedback and opinions from your webinar participants. You can quickly run polls and surveys on any topic while running a webinar to collect all of your audience's ideas, insights, and comments. You may use the data to make intelligent business decisions and then improve your webinars in the future.

You can achieve this using webinar pools and surveys:

  • Start awarding points to responses to convert your polls into a test in the classroom.
  • It Assists in the real-time display and sharing of results and the analysis of those outcomes to make wise business decisions.
  • Create single-choice, multiple-choice, and open-ended questions based on your in-depth knowledge.
  • You can quickly conduct many polls and tests on any topic to obtain vital information from your audience.

Webinar Room

Use a straightforward interface to host and control all of your webinars. Gather your entire audience in the webinar room, and then host all of your live webinars efficiently and comfortably. Support your events with simple tools for managing interactions.

The following are some of the features of Webinars Room:

  • Interactive Features
  • Support for Text Chat
  • List of Attendees
  • Video and audio
  • Recording
  • Advanced Settings
  • Just go global
  • Rebranding a Webinar

Screen Sharing

Begin sharing your screen and collaborating right in the middle of your webinar. You can now boost audience involvement by taking turns at the controls while enhancing productivity and utilizing all of your resources.

In a nutshell, screen sharing features allow distant participants to view your computer's desktop. You can share the entire or a portion of the screen to show all of your attendees a demo of the new product or any instruction you like.

And the best thing is that remote screen control allows you to stay one step ahead, so with the option of sharing your screen, you can take control of your participants' screens and run it from wherever you want.

Team Collaboration

The platform has sophisticated team collaboration capabilities, including multi-users, which allow up to five people to log into your account panel.

Individuals can organize and run webinars and control their settings, features, and integrations. For example, you must enable the Parallel Session add-on if you want several users to host events in your user panel.

You can also use the whiteboard to collaborate creatively with your team or other webinar participants. You can use shapes, text boxes, and drawing tools to demonstrate your ideas.

YouTube and Facebook Engagement

This technology enables you to reach and engage a broader audience by directly streaming live webinars on Facebook and YouTube. This fantastic marketing tool is great for growing your social media following, but it generates leads.

Finally, communicating with your audience contributes to increasing the visibility of your material.

Benefits of choosing ClickMeeting

  • Dual Function: ClickMeeting can be used for both webinars and internal conference calls. In other words, you can use the service to arrange webinars and conduct regular conference calls. When you consider that other competitors charge extra for this, it's a fantastic deal.
  • Variety of tools: You may use various tools with ClickMeeting, including standard video conferencing features like screen sharing and more innovative features like voting and surveys. Most of us will find something to our liking here, and the variety is fantastic.
  • Custom Branding: From the webinar room to your email updates and even the waiting room for participants, you'll be able to customize the UI of ClickMeeting to meet your specific needs. Thanks to pre-loaded templates and call-to-action-buttons, there's also a lot you can do with the call service.
  • Make Money: Another great feature of ClickMeeting is the potential to earn from it. You may easily monetize your expertise by selling access to your webinars. It's as easy as turning on the function and choosing which webinars to monetize. PayPal handles the transactions, so you can rest assured that your money is secure.
  • User-Friendly: Your webinar software's features should be simple to use. You want to be able to flip between alternatives without making silly mistakes if you have a large live audience, several speakers, and a lot of presentations to give.
  • Live Interactions: Allowing your audience to participate in your webinar will make them feel like part of it. Audio questions, live chat, polls and voting, and other tools can help you do that. However, when there is no connection between you and your attendees, it is tough to keep them focused for an extended period.
  • Recording: As is clear from the statistics, the recorded version of your webinar will be heard and watched by a large portion of your registered audience. As a result, you should sign up for a platform that allows you to record your webinar for later use, such as EverWebinar, to make it into an evergreen webinar. Don't rely solely on live interaction.

For Whom is ClickMeeting Beneficial?

Although freelancers, trainers, and professionals in the information technology and services industries are the most common users of ClickMeeting, it's great for anyone who needs a reliable video-conferencing solution, including:

  • Marketers: The platform makes it simple for marketers to create event landing pages, such as the webinar registration page, waiting room, webinar room, profile page, etc.
  • Teachers: Teachers that conduct live online lessons will like the whiteboard, screen sharing, screen control, and “Edu Mode” features. Polls and surveys and completion certificates, and other tools are available to assist you in improving your students' learning experience.
  • Salespeople: The Automated Recurring Webinars feature, which allows you to upload videos, surveys, or webinar recordings, add call-to-action buttons, and let the platform execute the events for you, will appeal to salespeople.
  • Managers: The mobile app for ClickMeeting is ideal for managers that need to keep track of their team on the go.
  • Small Enterprises: Small firms will benefit from this software because of its extensive feature set, including webinar hosting, online meetings, and low cost.
  • Large Organisations: ClickMeeting allows you to organize online meetings with up to 40 people and lets everyone in the virtual conference room see and hear each other.

ClickMeeting Review: Pricing Plans 

The pricing for ClickMeeting's two plans varies depending on how many people you intend to attend your webinars. For example, for up to 25 guests, the Live plan costs $30 per month (or $300 per year), whereas the Automated plan costs $45 every month (or $480 annually).

The Live plan for 100 visitors costs $79 per month (or $720 annually), while the Automated plan costs $95 per month (or $900 annually). There's also a seven-day free trial containing most of the Automated plan's features.

The primary difference between these alternatives is the level of automation you get. Both options have unlimited online meetings with HD video and various presentation tools. On the other hand, the Automated plan allows you to schedule pre-recorded webinars and videos. You can also publish webinars online and send follow-up and thank-you emails automatically.

ClickMeeting also has an Enterprise plan, but you'll have to contact them for pricing data.

ClickMeeting Alternatives & Competitors

Take a look at these ClickMeeting alternatives if you're still not convinced by ClickMeeting.


Demio is an excellent webinar platform. They offer a variety of marketing tools to help you figure out which type of presenter or audience member is best suited to your goals so you can plan an event that everyone will love. Of course, it's perfect for any campaign, but it's beneficial when working with large corporations.


  • The platform is hosted on the cloud.
  • For 14 days, you can use the built-in analytics for free.
  • Live chat assistance


  • Users are occasionally unable to connect.


GoToWebinar is your all-in-one webinar solution. You can use it to watch recorded webinars on demand. It's a tried-and-true webinar software that's been in the trenches for years.


  • Tools for scheduling that are simple and adaptable.
  • Paid options are reasonably priced (the Professional plan for 150 webinar attendees is $12 per month).
  • Webinar software that is simple and intuitive to use.


  • In the Professional plan, there are no drawing tools.
  • The Professional package does not include transcription.

Final Verdict: Is ClickMeeting a good value for money?

It is a fantastic platform for hosting webinars and meetings because of its clean design throughout the webinar funnel and its customizability and ease of use.

Thanks to the presentation tools and audience engagement capabilities, hosting webinars is fun and easy. You can concentrate on the webinar presentation and your audience while the platform runs smoothly behind the scenes. From micro-businesses to multinational corporations, the adoption of this multifunctional software will help a wide range of creators.

You also get fast help via live chat, so you never have to figure out how to utilize the site independently. Because of the connectors, this product is precious for organizations and marketers who currently use other sales and marketing programs like CRMs, email platforms, etc.

In short, this one tool will handle all of your online meetings, webinars, and events.

ClickMeeting ReviewToolAllFrom one-person businesses to large corporations, ClickMeeting provides the power of webinars for all types of companies.4.113125USD


  • Apps

    Available as a stand-alone app for both iOS and Android.
  • Analytics

    Get insights to forecasts and identify trends in customer behavior.
  • Branding

    Allows you to customize the user interface to your taste.
  • Security

    Offers secured and certified webinar rooms.


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