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Joining the best pay-per-click affiliate programs is the simplest way to make money online. You set up ads once, and they do the conversion for you.

So, turning into an ad publisher makes you money on auto-pilot. 

A PPC advert is 50% more likely to convert users than organic content. It removes the need for you to compete with other websites for ranking in difficult commercial keywords

While PPC works best if you have a blog with informational content, entertainment sites, and other non-commercial sites also tend to drive ample ad clicks.

There are many different PPC networks and programs you could join, but not all of them are worth the payout.

You don’t need to do the research, though – I’ve got you covered. 

You can use my hand-curated list of the best PPC affiliate programs and get a head start.

How to Make Money with Pay Per Click Advertising

Connecting with an advertiser and hosting their ads is the most direct way of making money. But there are other ways you can use PPC to make money.

You could join a PPC network. These connect you to a host of different advertisers that sell various products. PPC networks follow a “done for you” model and keep track of conversions and commissions automatically.

Several companies offer PPC management services for new websites that need a traffic boost. You can join their affiliate programs and make commissions in exchange for leads.

Also, many companies offer PPC spying products that enable webmasters to learn their competitions’ PPC strategies. These sell well, and marketing them fetches excellent commissions.

Lastly, you could target the cross-niche of landing page makers, since PPC advertisers need top-notch landing pages to convert. Selling it to the right crowd can make you a lot of money.

35 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

#1 Media.net

The Yahoo! Bing Network is the next biggest ad network after AdSense. Tapping into the network can make you a lot of money, and the proprietary contextual ads supplied makes it one of the best pay-per-click affiliate programs to join.

Media.net connects you to the network and enables you to earn by placing contextual, display, and native ads on your website regardless of niche.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$1 – $5

#2 RevenueHits

If you want to earn on both CPC and CPA basis, you can join RevenueHits. It is a relatively new network, but its self-serve model has enabled it to join over 20,000 publishers in a short span.

You get access to several ad formats, including shadowboxes, notifiers, and sliders, all of which fetch you high commissions.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$0.5 – $30

Skimlinks connects you to over 48,000 merchants worldwide, making it one of the best PPC networks for affiliate marketing. 

You can select the merchants and control the ads that appear on your site.  

While low-traffic sites can use Skimlinks, the network only approves websites that drive traffic from North America, Europe, and APAC.

Advertising TypesCommission
Affiliate, CPC, CPAVaries from merchant to merchant

Infolinks' top-notch cross-platform advertising tech is what makes it one of the best PPC affiliate networks in the industry.

The unique ad units enable you to monetize all the unused space on your website, and since the ads are native, they don’t affect the visitor’s experience.

The payouts are high, but since every advertiser sets their own CPM, there is no way to estimate potential earnings.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range

#5 Adblade

Although Adblade is a self-serve native ad platform, it offers supplies one of the highest paying PPC affiliate programs in the industry.

All publishers can use Adblade’s proprietary NewsBullets ad unit, which can deliver up to three times better revenue.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$2 average, increases if you attract tier-1 traffic

#6 Outbrain

If your website attracts more than 10 million page views every month, Outbrain is the perfect ad network to join. 

Unlike other companies on the list, Outbrain doesn’t sell products. It helps advertisers get a better content reach. 

Publishers must integrate smart feeds and videos to the website to generate revenue.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$1.50 – $1.75

#7 Taboola

Taboola accepts sites that drive at least a million page views every month. The network advertises on some of the biggest brands like The NY Times and Business Insider, and since their feed looks natural, driving clicks is super easy.

Its dashboard supplies actionable data insights, and also enables A/B testing content feeds for maximum CTRs.

Advertising TypesRevenue Range
CPC and CPM$2 – $9

#8 Adcash

If you prefer the self-serve online advertising model, AdCash has one of the best pay-per-click affiliate programs you can join.

Revenue is performance-based; however, the commendable geo-targeting, device targeting, and language targeting features make it easy to boost clicks and profits.

Traffic TierCommission
Tier 1$1 – $2 eCPM
Tier 2 & Tier 3$0.1 – $0.3 eCPM

#9 MintClicks

If you’re looking to automate your PPC ad delivery, MintClicks is the best PPC affiliate network for you.

The network approves all sites regardless of traffic, but they do have some content restrictions that you should look out for.

The network automatically detects the keywords in your content and delivers ads based on relevancy.

Advertising TypeCommission
CPC only95% of advertiser fees

#10 Revcontent

Revcontent promises 30%-50% higher rates than other ad networks. Since it supplies premium CPC rates to all countries, it is one of the highest-paying CPC programs affiliates can join.

There are no traffic restrictions for joining, which is a huge plus.

The network’s ads have a 3.0% CTR, and since the widgets are customizable, you can make sure that the ads look attractive and boost CTR.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$0.40 – $3

While Sovrn //Commerce is a vast network, it doesn't impose any traffic restrictions when it comes to its approval process. Any website can leverage its PPC program for monetizing traffic.

It automatically converts regular product links on your website into paid links.

There is one downside, though. Sovrn operates primarily in the US, and CPC rates can be meager in other locations.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$0.1 – $5

#12 Perform[cb]

Perform[cb] is one of the very few advertising networks that allows marketers to earn PPC commissions using both display ads and email marketing.

The brand has won many awards for the ROI it offers to advertisers – and has become the network of choice for many top brands.

The network works on a performance-based model – the more you deliver, the more you earn.

Advertising Types OfferedCommission
PPC, PPM, PPA, PPSVaries from merchant to merchant

#13 Linqia

If you have a high-volume blog and an excellent reach, Linqua is the best pay-per-click affiliate program for you.

It offers influencer marketers excellent commissions on a pay per click basis. It also supplies a neat dashboard with a host of tracking tools that help track conversions and commissions earnt.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
CPC$2.50 average

#14 PopAds

PopAds boasts high commissions and fast payments. But there is a catch: the network specializes in popunder ads.

While you get paid well, you must keep in mind that popunder ads can feel intrusive and sometimes downright annoying.

The network works with webmasters in over 40 countries, making it one of the best PPC affiliate programs on the list.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$4 and above

#15 Google AdSense

When it comes to scaling, there is no beating Google AdSense. The network works with millions of advertisers worldwide, enabling you to place the right kinds of ads on your website.

AdSense is recognizable, which boosts CTRs, and Google’s tracking and reporting features are among the best in the industry.

While most niches deliver less than $3 per click, the revenue per click sometimes goes up to $15.

It is undoubtedly one of the best pay-per-click affiliate programs an affiliate can join.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
CPC$1 – $15

#16 ClickAdilla

If you’re looking to add a variety of different ads to your website, ClickAdilla is perfect for you.

In addition to display and native ads, the network also enables you to add popunder, push, and banner ads to your site.

There is one downside, though. Making high commissions is very difficult with ClickAdilla.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$2.5 – $16

#17 Entireweb

Entireweb is a search engine that offers one of the best pay-per-click affiliate programs on this list.

You get the flexibility of earning revenue from emails, forums, and social media, and can use the attractive website banners to boost CTRs.

Entireweb pays its affiliates up to $0.20 per click, making it one of the highest paying PPC affiliate programs around. 

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
CPCUp to $0.20

#18 Vibrant Media

Making the most of the display, video, and contextual ads that Vibrant Media provides can be a great way to make money.

While the program doesn’t offer the highest commissions, the positive user experience the ads supply makes them more clickable.

Ads work on all platforms, and the JavaScript code they provide keeps your website's loading speeds fast.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
CPCUp to $0.04

#19 Bidvertiser

If you have a newer website and are looking to monetize the traffic you get on it, you can sign up for Bidvertiser’s affiliate program.

The low payout threshold makes it ideal for beginners, but since the earning potential is small, it is not right for high-volume websites.

The various ad types supplied coupled with the low payout threshold makes it the best CPC affiliate program for beginners.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range

#20 Amazon

The sheer volume of products Amazon offers makes its network one of the best PPC networks for affiliate marketing.

Since Amazon is trusted globally, visitors are more likely to click on the ads they see.

While the average CPC is low, using Amazon in the right niche can increase revenue.

You can also couple their advertising program with their affiliate program. This way, you can ensure that repeat visitors will click, convert, and make you money.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
CPC$0.97 (average) 

#21 Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten enables webmasters to boost website income by coupling top-notch tracking features with proprietary ad tech.

You can create rotating ads and test out individual merchants’ creatives for Adblock-bypassing. 

The commissions are high, but the company waits for advertisers to pay before paying publishers. This leads to sporadic payments.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
CPCUp to $0.20

#22 Adsterra

Not only does Adsterra pay high commissions, but it also enables webmasters to use their highly-engaging proprietary ad formats.

The chat bar is the most recent addition to their list of ad formats, and the company claims that it boosts click-through rates by up to 300%.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
CPC$0.50 average

#23 Conversant Media

If network reliability is your lookout, Conversant Media is right for you. Several premium advertisers work exclusively with Conversant, and the high commissions make it a PPC program every affiliate must join.

The low minimum payment threshold and the various ad formats supplied fortify its position in our list of the best pay-per-click affiliate programs.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$0.50 – $3

#24 PropellerAds

While newer websites can join the PropellerAds network and earn high commissions, advertisers can buy advertising for as low as $0.005/click. 

New and low-traffic websites will have to deliver ads at low prices. However, sites that drive medium-to-high traffic can earn up to $1.50 per click.

Its ease of use, coupled with the host of striking ad formats PropellerAds offers, makes it one of the best PPC networks for affiliate marketing.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
CPCVaries from merchant to merchant

#25 Verizon Media

Verizon Media makes managing ad inventory effortless and supports display, native, mobile, and video ads.

The network connects publishers to premium advertisers; however, getting approved requires you to attract at least 300,000 monthly views.

The brand safety functions and the decent commission rates make the PPC affiliate program worth joining.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
CPC$1 (average) 

#26 Clickadu

If you run a newer website, Clickadu is the best pay-per-click affiliate program for you.

It offers excellent commissions, there are no minimum traffic requirements, and the $10 minimum threshold ensures that you get paid quickly.

The five different advertisement types help drive clicks across platforms.

Revenue MeasureRevenue Range
eCPM$0.30 – $6

Other Programs to Promote

Here are some PPC programs, services, and tools you can promote for commissions.

#1 PPC Protect

Marketing an award-winning toolkit that prevents click fraud to webmasters and marketers should be a breeze.

PPC Protect’s affiliate program offers competitive commissions and delivers excellent features that can help improve PPC Performance by up to 27%.

Sales TierCommission
All sales25% recurring for the first 12 months
Cookie Duration90 Days

#2 Adzooma

Adzooma is a PPC optimization suite that enables businesses of all sizes to boost marketing ROI.

The neat interface makes using the advanced tools easier, and the suite offers insightful suggestions that help marketers convert more while spending less.

The low pricing makes it easy to sell. 

Sales TierCommission
All salesUp to $100 per sale
Undisclosed cookie duration

#3 SpyFu

Boosting revenue from a website or a blog requires a lot more than connecting with the right advertisers.

SpyFu offers a suite full of PPC research tools that help figure out the competitions’ best tactics.

It also enables SEO competitor research, keyword research, and a lot more for very cheap rates.

Sales TierCommission
All sales40% recurring 
Cookie Duration365 Days

#4 Unbounce

PPC Managers and webmasters must make the most out of paid traffic. Unbounce helps ensure that every paid redirect that comes to their website converts into a paying customer.

Marketing the suite should be easy since all of your referrals get a 20% discount for the first three months.

Sales TierCommission
All referrals20% recurring revenue 
Undisclosed cookie duration

#5 SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the best-known SEO suites in the industry. Its reputation alone is sometimes enough to nudge users into conversion.

It offers 45 tools and reporting features that help marketers figure out what a website lacks on the SEO, advertising, and content fronts that drive down conversion rates.

Sales TierCommission
All sales40% recurring
Cookie Duration10 Years

#6 Optmyzr

Using Optmyzr, marketers can manage bids, forecast and automate budgets, run A/B ad tests, check for broken URLs, and do a lot more to improve their website’s PPC performance.

The tool also supplies insights that enable tracking and fixing anomaly scores and offers a flexible report engine that enables the auto-creation of reports.

Sales TierCommission
All sales10% recurring
Undisclosed cookie duration

#7 LeadPages

Marketers are always in need of landing pages that look fantastic and convert effortlessly.

LeadPages enables marketers to make professional-looking landing pages and removes the need to use separate tools and plugins to add pop-ups and alert bars.

Reporting features are built-in, and the several quality templates speed up the design process, making it an easy sell.

Sales TierCommission
All sales30% recurring
Cookie Duration30 Days

#8 Supermetrics

The various metrics and plain reporting interfaces PPC campaigns offer to leave it up to the marketer to make sense of data and gain insights.

Supermetrics is an all-in-one reporting tool that helps organize metrics however it feels right. Both social media marketers and SEO marketers can use the tool, making it an easy sell to both audiences.

Sales TierCommission
All sales20% recurring
Cookie Duration90 Days

#9 Long Tail Pro

Affordable marketing tools are hard to come by. Long Tail Pro is affordable, and it can be used by both SEO and PPC marketers to find lapses in marketing strategies.

Keyword research is made super easy, and its reliability coupled with the high recurring payouts make it one of the best pay-per-click affiliate programs around.

Sales TierCommission
All sales30% recurring
Undisclosed cookie duration

Tips to Make More Money with PPC

The advertisers you connect with and the ads you display depend on the niche you are in. Finding a hot niche will help ensure that your website drives the maximum number of clicks.

You must keep in mind that different niches have different payouts, and you must set earning expectations accordingly.

Your location also makes a huge difference in your earnings. A niches’ popularity changes from region to region, which is something to look out for.

When you launch a website/blog, you have the opportunity to find the right audience. Look for high buying intent in your audience. High-intent audiences click more and, in turn, make you more money.

Make sure you do your research about the niche. A low-competition niche that drives a lot of traffic is what you must look for. You can use free tools like Google Keyword Planner to learn more about your chosen niche before starting a website/blog.

After you set up your website, though, make sure you manage the ads. Don’t place too many ads, either. You risk losing credibility, and your website will feel intrusive. 

Lastly, only use reputed traffic sources. If you join a sketchy pay-per-click affiliate program, you risk getting scammed.

You now know about the best pay-per-click affiliate programs in the industry.

You have also learned the best ways to use them.

Glancing over the list after picking a niche and setting earning expectations will help you find the perfect CPC affiliate program to join.

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