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KeywordsEverywhere is a great extension to get search data directly in Google results.

But when it became a paid browser extension from Oct 1st 2019, everyone started searching for Keywords Everywhere alternatives.

There are many sources of traffic to a blog or a website. It can either be paid or organic traffic. For paid traffic till the time you are putting in money, you will keep getting results.

However, with organic traffic, it is completely passive and FREE

But to grow organically you need to rank higher on the SERP, preferably on the first page of SERP.

One of the best ways of growing your organic traffic or ranking higher on SERP is to target easy to rank keywords i.e you have to research for keywords that have a high search volume but are easy to rank.

Manually scrolling through SERP is not possible and hence bloggers and website owners take the help of SEO tools that generate keywords based on your query with complete metrics at the click of a button. 

As technology has progressed so have the SEO tools. From desktop software such as Long Tail Pro to web applications like SemRush, we have now moved on to using SEO tools built as a Chrome extension making it readily accessible to users.

One such powerful and popular keyword research chrome extension is Keywords Everywhere.

Let’s understand what this chrome extension, Keywords Everywhere is and how it works before we move on to the free and paid alternatives of Keywords Everywhere.

What is ‘Keywords Everywhere?'


Keywords Everywhere is a premium extension available both for Firefox and Chrome which is used to analyze and research for keywords using metrics such as CPC, keyword difficulty, etc.

Keywords Everywhere is a very popular extension with over 1,000,000+ users and with a rating of 4.5 from 5400+ reviews in the chrome webstore.

Apart from its features, the main reason it got so popular so fast was that it was FREE. But as said in a blog post by Keywords Everywhere, bots were taking advantage of the free API, costing them huge bills. And the only way behind ahead of the bots was to make it a premium extension that would stop the bots once and for all. 

Currently, Keywords Everywhere is a FREEMIUM tool which means it has does have a free version but it is very limited and has the core features reserved in the paid plans.

Paid plans start at 10$ where your account will be credited with 100,000 credits. You use up a credit every time you search and analyze keywords. In short 1 credit = 1 keyword

To know the various features offered in the free and paid plan, please visit Keywords Everywhere FAQ page.

9 Best ‘Keywords Everywhere' Alternatives

The transition of such a popular tool from being a FREE tool to a premium tool could be difficult for a lot of solopreneurs and bloggers. 

Hence we tested and came up with these amazing Keywords Everywhere alternatives. 

We focused on three things primarily, 

  • It should be an addon or an extension
  • Should have enough users using it
  • Should analyze and show data accurately

Without any further delay let’s get into the top 10 alternatives for Keywords Everywhere both FREE and paid.

#1. Ubersuggest


If you’re into digital marketing or you have anything to do with marketing on the web one name will resonate all over the internet, i.e Neil Patel. 

Neil Patel is a master at digital marketing and has several products related to his niche. 

One such popular tool is Ubersuggest. 

Ubersuggest was a free tool and recently paid packages were introduced. 

Although Ubersuggest is a web application, it is also available as a chrome extension. 

It seems to be the perfect alternative to Keywords Everywhere with features such as keyword overview, backlinks correlation, and showing other important metrics such as CPC, volume, and keyword difficulty. Ubersuggest also puts up a list of related keywords with complete metrics in the sidebar. 

Ubersuggest is almost similar to Keywords Everywhere and fits in perfectly as the number one alternative to Keywords Everywhere.

Try Ubersuggest for chrome today, it is free. 

#2 Keyword Surfer


The functionality of Keyword Surfer is similar to both Keywords everywhere and Ubersuggest. I can say that it's a very close Keywords Everywhere alternative having accurate data and nice UI.

The only difference is that Keyword Sufer is 100% FREE

Keyword Surfer has over 300,000+ active users and is rated four stars on the chrome web store. 

Keyword Surfer takes its data from its parent called SEO Surfer which is a paid SEO tool. So the data is reliable and be effectively used for keyword research.

However, one point to note is that there are reports on the internet that the word count shown on Google pages was quite off from the actual number. But in our testing, we found that it was pretty much close to the actual number. 

You can download Keyword Surfer from their official website.

#3. WMS Everywhere


Another 100% free tool that will help you do keyword research without actually navigating away from Google search results.

WMS Everywhere provides you with the same features as the extensions mentioned above.

WMS Everywhere can be used for the following metrics:

  • Search volume
  • CPC
  • Keyword suggestions

It is also a 100% free tool and you can install it on your chrome browser. 

Get the extension and try it out today.

#4. SemRush Extension 


One of the most used SEO tools of all time is SemRush. For anybody looking for an all-in-one tool for SEO or PPC, SemRush is the answer. 

However SemRush is a premium tool and to acquire more customers, SemRush introduced a free extension called the ‘SemRush writing assistant’. 

It works with Google docs and WordPress natively. 

With SemRush writing, assistant enabled it will help you add Goals that will be your target keywords. On top of that, it will also suggest keywords that you could use as LSI keywords. 

Plus it has tons of other features which will help you write articles that will rank higher on SERP.

You can get more details here – SEO Writing Assistant: SEO Writing Tool for Optimized Content (semrush.com)

#5. LiveKeyword by BiQ


LiveKeyword by BiQ is relatively a new extension when compared to the other big players. With just over 1,000+ users, it is still to be used on a wide scale.

Having said that, it is still a very powerful tool and can easily compete with the other big players. 

LiveKeyword by BiQ gives access to important metrics such as Search Volume, Cost Per Click (CPC), and Competition right from your browser.

Apart from the metrics, LiveKeyword by BiQ will also suggest keywords that will help you brainstorm more keyword ideas. 

LiveKeyword by BiQ is a FREE to use tool and you can download it from the chrome store. 

#6. SEMSTORM: Keywords


One of the exact alternatives of Keywords Everywhere is SEMSTORM. With over 2000+ users it boasts of the same features as Keywords Everywhere. 

SEMSTORM keywords is a free keyword tool that allows getting more keyword suggestions from Google with detailed metrics such as search volume.

SEMSTORM differentiates itself from the pack by using data directly from Google. 

From our experience we felt, SEMSTORM is one extension that receives a lot of updates from its parent company. 

This tool is completely free to use and you can install this extension from the chrome webstore. 

Get the tool from the chrome web store today!

#7. KWFinder


Sometimes knowing just what keywords are needed to rank a website is not enough. KWFinder a tool by Mangools is similar to SemRush but its pricing is on the lower side.

KWFinder has a chrome extension that is super useful and does keyword research but in a different way. 

You can find out the keywords the current page is ranking for, without actually leaving that page. It’s super useful for competitor research. 

Apart from this, you get a full suite of SEO tools, such as:

  • Google SERP snippet preview tool
  • Meta tags, Headings, and Structured data checker
  • Keyword usage analysis
  • Outbound links analysis (broken link checker)
  • Page Speed checker
  • Social previews

A must-try chrome extension if you’re trying to do keyword research for competitor analysis. 

You can check out KWFinder here.

#8. SEO Quake


A tool that is similar to KWFinder which offers a complete SEO suite for on-page keyword research. 

SEO Quake offers keyword density finder, keyword ranking difficulty and so much more.

SEO Quake has been used by more than three million users worldwide. It is available on major browsers. 

And it is completely free to use SEO Quake. 

Download it for chrome from here.

#9. Ahrefs keyword research


Ahrefs is a top SEO tool for bloggers and content marketers. Its data is trusted and many multinational companies use this tool to make informed marketing decisions. 

Ahrefs became popular because of its “Keyword Difficulty” 

Ahrefs does not have its own chrome extension but it does have a free keyword research and generator tool that you can use without signing up.

With Ahrefs you are not limited to Google only, you can do keyword research for other platforms such as Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.

Not only that you can also use the country filter to choose the country you want to research. 

Just type in your keyword and it will generate a list of keywords with their ranking difficulty and the search volume. 

A quick, free, and very handy tool to quickly assess related keywords and their metrics in detail.

Access FREE Ahrefs Keyword tool here – Free Keyword Generator Tool: Find 100+ Keyword Ideas in Seconds (ahrefs.com)

Importance of Chrome Extensions for Keyword Research

With time, chrome as a browser is becoming very powerful. With it, the chrome extensions being developed are getting complex and feature-rich as well. 

The same goes for SEO chrome extensions or other browser extensions that help you get all the information you need without ever needing to leave the current tab. It’s very useful and saves a lot of time. 

However, they are still limited with the metrics they can provide along with the features they come in. 

Keyword research chrome extensions are limited in features and for now, they sure have their own bugs. But then again, no tool can be 100% right because Google would never reveal its search algorithms secrets. 

Premium tools such as SemRush and Ahrefs which work as web apps are fully featured and are highly recommended for deep analysis for keyword research. 

So premium or free? 

As a beginner you always go with these keyword research chrome extensions listed above, or else you can always go with the more advanced web apps such as SemRush and Ahref.


Keywords Everywhere was a perfect extension for this purpose, but since it became a premium extension, we started to look for alternatives that have been listed in the above 9 Keywords Everywhere alternatives in 2022.

From our testing, we found Ubersuggest by Neil Patel and Keyword Surfer to be the best alternatives to Keywords Everywhere.

Almost all tools in the list have the same features and metrics. It ultimately comes down to whose data you trust the most.

Even after extensive testing, we cannot vouch for any data that these chrome extensions are generating. 

End of the day, the algorithm is with Google and they have the data with them. You can always try out the free keywords tool by Google called Keywords Planner, which you can access if you are planning to run Adsense ads.

But it’s always better to guess with some data which helps in taking the right decisions and increases the chances of ranking higher on Google.

We would also suggest you compare the results of keywords in different tools and check if there is a discrepancy in the data given by these tools. 

Check this: 10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Affiliates

Have you tried any other keyword research extension? Please share with us the keyword research tool in the comments section.

If you have any suggestions or want to express your thoughts, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to hear from you.

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