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AI copywriting tools are on the boom right now!

Bloggers, SEOs, marketers, etc are using this tool to create persuasive sales copy, blog posts, social media posts, and more.

One such AI copywriting tool that I recently came to know about is Closerscopy, and we are going to review Closercopy from start to end in this blog post.

Let's get started.

What is ClosersCopy?


CloserCopy is an AI-based copywriting tool that can be used for crafting short-form content like social media posts, product descriptions, etc, and long-form content such as blogs, email sequences, etc.

It consists of 300+ Marketing Frameworks and Workflows that you can use to craft persuasive copy for your online business.

This tool is made by Nicola Engler, an expert copywriter who has made this tool for marketers who want to create compelling copies themselves without hiring an expensive professional copywriter.

So, in short, by using this copywriting tool, you can write compelling copies which would help you increase the sales and profits of your online business.


Over 300+ marketing frameworks and 30+ plug-and-play marketing workflows.

  • Comes with three different types of AIs instead of one
  • Can generate long-form content super fast
  • Comes at super affordable pricing and also has lifetime plans too.
  • Equipped with a bunch of plugs and play marketing workflows and templates
  • Has a beautiful looking UI and editor
  • It has a drag and drops copy builder
  • With this AI copywriting tool, you can find weaknesses in your copy, such as emotions, passive sentences, keyword stuffing, and more.
  • Sometimes irrelevant content is created by the AI.
  • Team feature is one available in the unlimited plan.
  • The Plagiarism checker and other tools are not up to the mark.

Price: $217 for lifetime

Why choose ClosersCopy?

There are literally hundreds of AI copywriting tools, but why should you choose ClosersCopy over other AI tools?

This is what we are going to see in this section.

Here are some reasons why you should choose ClosersCopy:

  • This tool can be used for creating both long-form and short-form persuasive copy
  • Over 300+ marketing frameworks and 30+ plug-and-play marketing workflows are present in this tool.
  • It is a multilingual AI copywriting tool that supports over 120+ languages.
  • You can easily collaborate with your team members on this app and assign them tasks.
  • This tool is super fast; you can easily create long-form email content or sales page within minutes.
  • The pricing of this AI copywriting tool is super affordable.

Closerscopy Review 2024: The Key Features

Now it's time to know the key features of this AI-based copywriting tool with a lot of screenshots attached to it.

Excited? You should be!

Let's dive into it

Here are some key features of ClosersCopy AI tools:

1. Three Unique AIs instead of ONE


Most of the AI copywriting tool in the market uses the famous GPT-3 AI infrastructure to write AI-generated content.

However, in ClosersCopy you get three different AIs for different purposes.

Here are all the three AI algos used in this tool:

  • SalesAI – Helps you generate compelling sales pages, email marketing campaigns, and social media posts.
  • BlogAI – Designed to create SEO yet human optimized persuasive blog content.
  • StoryAI – Helps you write compelling novels and stories easily

2. Bunch of frameworks


ClosersCopy comes with 300+ plug and play marketing frameworks such as:

  • AIDA
  • BAB
  • PAS
  • Titles
  • Introduction
  • Conclusion
  • Google ads
  • Amazon
  • Book
  • Product and a lot more,

It comes with many filters that you can add to find the copywriting framework of your dreams.

To generate output from a certain framework, you have to briefly describe the product or content you are making.


Along with that, you can tweak the creativeness and output of the generated content.

AI tools indeed help you create compelling content faster but it is also true that they can generate unwanted content too so manual work is required.

So, I would recommend you to lessen down the creative setting because increasing it can lead to the generation of unwanted content.

Along with that, you have to see that does the content created follows a certain framework? and

In my case, I have used the PAS framework, which is pain, agitate and solve.

The content that is created fulfills this copywriting framework.


3. Helps in analyzing other blogs

This feature is a new addition to this tool. It helps you analyze the content of your competitor effectively.

You can either add a keyword to this tool to analyze all the top-ranking blog posts.

Or you can add the specific URL of the blog post you want to analyze.

Let's see this tool in depth.

After adding the keyword, choose the language you are targetting and click enter.

After that, you'll get the basic overview of the content of blog posts ranking on page one of Google for that keyword.


It will tell you the number of words, characters, paragraphs, and sentences that each blog post has.

Along with that, you will get all the headlines that you can click on to see the content inside it.

So, in short, it would show you the basic structure of your blog post.

The next tab is the questions tab which offers you the questions used by ranking articles into their content.


After that, the stats tab will help you gather the stats that the ranking articles have used in their content.


It also impacts your blog post's rankings a bit.

And at last in the insights tab, you get the most used words in the ranking articles along with their percentage.


4. Comes with a lot of content templates


ClosersCopy comes with many different content templates, which you would get in the wizard tab.

You can choose the content type you want to make and click on the start writing button to get that content type you want.

After getting the content, you can fix the grammar, sentences, voice, and more of it, and in that way, you can get compelling:

  • Sales copy
  • Abandoned cart
  • Story
  • Trail Access
  • No response follow up
  • FAQ
  • Cold emails and more

This feature is fantastic when you have to write compelling copy without having much experience.

5. Helps in creating AI-based content draft


The compose feature in this AI tool helps you make a full-fledged first draft of your article automatically.

Yes, you have to put in some effort yourself because the text generated by this tool can be irrelevant sometimes and can have plagiarism too.


I don't use this feature as I believe that fixing the draft can take more time than writing the article on your own.

To create the first draft of your article, you have to write the keyword you are targetting, choose the language, and press the arrow button.

Within a few minutes, you would get the content delivered to you.

6. Long-form content maker

The long-form content maker is a much better option than the compose feature of this tool.


Because it makes content according to your writing voice so the essence of your writing would be there in the content that the AI generates long-form this tool, you first have to put a brief content overview in this tool so that this tool can write content for you around that.


Even you can tweak creativity and context to make it much aligned to your writing tone.

I would suggest you lessen the creativity and increase the context.

Also, the point to be noted is that you can't use the content generated straight into your blog post.

The reason is that sometimes it generates fluff content that has no relation to the content of your blog post; also, you have to rewrite some sentences and do other things to make your content more appealing.

7. Has a bunch of pre-made libraries

Libraries are the data source collections. For example, if I want to create a sales page, then according to copywriting, there are several elements which you have to include in it, such as:

  • Headline
  • Opening
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Story
  • FAQs and more

With the libraries feature of this tool, you can easily create each of its elements with crisp and compelling copywriting.

For that, you just have to add a brief overview of the sales page by clicking on add composition button.


And after that, you can click on the element you want to add to your sales page, copy the content inside it and paste it to your sales page.

8. Can easily build swipe files

Have a template that you use for your blog posts or sales pages?? If yes then you can make a swipe file and save the template inside it.

9. Fix generated content easily

As I have previously said that whatever content you are creating through this tool, there is a high chance that it could have some irrelevant content, bulky sentences, and other problems.

And to fix that, you have to rewrite some part of the content yourself.

This tool also helps you because it provides you with a bunch of power words, synonyms, and more, which you can add to the content to fix its writing voice.


Along with that, Closerscopy provides you with some other tools that you can use to fix the sentences of the content generated:

  • Sentence improvement – If you want to rewrite some sentences from the generated content, you can use this tool.
  • Plagiarism checker – This tool helps you find if the content is plagiarized or not.
  • Density checker – This is a tool that helps you find keyword stuffing in your content so that you can fix it.

How does ClosersCopy work?

The working of ClosersCopy is quite simple and user-friendly for beginners.

As soon as you enter into your ClosersCopy dashboard after signing up, you will be welcomed with a clean dashboard without many distractions.

With CloserCopy, you can create different projects, and inside that, you can add the documents you are building around it.


The best part? There is no limit to adding documents to a project.

Just click on the open project button to see the documents that you have added to that project.

After that, you can go to the content which you want to tweak by clicking on the open button.


Also, you can click on the new project button to create a new project.

After going inside a document, you would first see a highly productive text editor where you don't get a lot of distractions to bother your writing experience.


On the top, you get a minimalistic bar with some essential functions such as undo, redo, bold, paragraph, heading, and more.

On the left sidebar, you get the features that you can use to write your content faster, such as compete, compose, and more.

Also, I found that whenever I clicked on any of the features from the left sidebar, it wasn't opening as a popup or on any new page.

I was able to interact with that feature, and at the same time, I could switch back to the article, too, which was great for productivity.

Along with that, you can use a lot of shortcuts while writing content which adds a little sparkle to the productivity aspect.

So, in short, ClosersCopy content editor is a great productivity tool for writing content.

ClosersCopy Pricing Plans

I love the pricing of this AI-based copywriting tool because all its pricing plans give you so many features at such affordable pricing as compared to other AI tools.

Even you get an unlimited plan where there is no limit in the number of runs; that is a thing that I haven't seen in many AI copywriting tools out there.


Here are the pricing plans of the ClosersCopy tool:

Starter Plan – $29.99 per month or $20.99 when you go for the annual plan (30% OFF)

  • Access to all the three AIs such as BlogAI, SalesAI, and StoryAI
  • 75 runs which are around 45,000 words
  • One user only

Professional Plan – $49.99 per month or $34.99 when you go for the annual plan (30% OFF)

  • Access to all the three AIs such as BlogAI, SalesAI, and StoryAI
  • 200 runs which are around 1,20,000 words per month
  • One user only

Unlimited Plan – $79.99 per month or $55.99 when you go for the annual plan (30% OFF)

  • Access to all the three AIs such as BlogAI, SalesAI, and StoryAI
  • Unlimited runs
  • Three additional users allowed

I would recommend you go for the starter plan if you are just starting in the internet marketing world.

However, if you are an agency owner who wants to use it with your team, go for the unlimited plan.

You won't regret it for sure!

If you don't want to pay for this tool regularly, then this tool also offers a lifetime deal.


Here is a brief about its lifetime pricing plans:

  • Professional Lifetime deal – $217 one time pricing
  • Unlimited Lifetime deal – $347 one time pricing, or you can pay in 3 installments $129/installment (Total cost = $387)

Final Verdict: Is ClosersCopy worth it?

Just like any other AI copywriting tool in the market, Closerscopy has some pros and some cons in it.

And it is totally fine.

The thing which I liked the most in this AI tool is that it comes with three types of different AIs, affordable pricing plans, and a lot of plug-and-play frameworks.

However, the major downsides that I found in this tool are its irrelevant content writing problem and its limitations in allowing your team members.

Now you tell me in the comments that are you going to try this AI copywriting tool yourself?

I would highly recommend you to try it and see if it fits your need or not.

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