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Looking for a WordPress social media widget? But exhausted devouring the internet for it?

Finding a good plugin online is like finding a needle in the stack.

Hard, complicated, and takes too much time.

Choosing between 2 ice-cream flavors is hard, but choosing between 20 is hardest. The same goes for WordPress social media plugin.

But don’t worry! We have got you covered. 

To help you out we have compiled a giant list of 25 WordPress social media widgets – both free and premium to make your job easier. 

How social share plugins boost your online presence?

One shouldn’t underestimate word of mouth.

It may be slow but it gives you results and rewards in the long run.

One such way is by giving your readers the ability to share on social media. It helps them to share good content and create a buzz in the online space. 

There are several other benefits to it as well:

  • Helps you to increase your website’s user experience.
  • Helps you to increase website traffic.
  • Helps to get social signals which increase SEO score.
  • Helps you to increase brand exposure which can get you good sponsorship deals. 

Top 25 Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

When talking about social media plugins, there are WordPress Facebook widgets and Twitter, specifically targeting those platforms. 

And plugins that are general and share content to various platforms. 

Moreover, there are free and premium plugins. It's better to list out what you are expecting the plugin to do to make your job easier plugin hunting!

Best Premium WordPress Social Media Plugin

#1. Easy Social Share Buttons

It is a powerful plugin – and that is an understatement. 

Easy Social Share Button gives you a lot of customization options to satisfy your needs and wants. 

It covers all the major social media platforms (even platforms such as Weibo from China), more than 35 platforms are available. All the basic features like shortcodes, gorgeous animations, button styles, personal template builder, etc. are provided. 

In case you want to get the best out of this plugin, they offer their in-house training course.


  • Localization-ready: can get easily adapted to different geographic locations.
  • Can integrate with other WordPress plugins to increase overall functionality.
  • The buttons and widgets can be placed in various locations simultaneously. 


  • This plugin is not user-friendly. If you are using a social media plugin for the first time, you will need to spend a good amount of time exploring.
  • A good number of users have complained about navigating through the interface – different tabs and options can be overwhelming. 

#2. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a pretty popular plugin. With more than 1 Million+ downloads, the numbers speak for themselves. 

If you are looking for a feature-packed plugin but one that doesn’t compromise with the load times, this one should be up in your alley. 

It provides all the features you will need such as – attractive buttons for different social media platforms, shortcodes, click-to-tweet, popular post widget. 

It also packs some advanced features such as FrameBuster which protects your website’s content, button click tracking, and link shortening. Although you will need to purchase the pro version of the plugin to access the advanced features. 


  • Button designs are carefully designed and customized to look clean and professional.
  • Powerful tracking in the form of Google Analytics integration. 
  • It won’t take you much time to install and get started with the plugin.


  • Users have complained about the tweet counter’s malfunction. It stops showing the count at times. 
  • To receive timely updates, you have to purchase a premium subscription.

#3. Monarch

Monarch comes from the workshop of a popular theme developer – ElegantThemes. 

As such the plugin packs everything in the right amount from stylish buttons, different fly-in triggers, and pop-ups. And along with the dashboard and a solid support team, Monarch has all the bases covered for you.


  • Responsive buttons that look amazing across different devices and platforms.
  • Available to use for over 40 different social media websites.
  • You can easily set it up and get started with the plugin.


  • Poor API integration – users will have to enter their count manually for displaying.
  • The floating sidebar is restricted to the left-hand side. 

#4. Sumo

If you want a straightforward plugin that gets the job done perfectly, the SUMO Share plugin should definitely be on your list. 

It is a responsive plugin – displaying gorgeous-looking sharing widgets across different devices and platforms.


  • Using a drag-and-drop interface, users can easily set up the plugin as they want. 
  • The Pro version gives you mobile-optimized settings to attract a wide range of readers. 
  • They provide users with a feature called smart share which sharing option is the best for you for each individual page.


  • Poor documentation and customer support.

#5. WordPresstoBuffer

WordPresstoBuffer makes use of Buffer’s powerful technology to drip and schedule your content across various social media websites. 

It follows a freemium model with the pro version bringing more control features such as the ability to schedule posts along with design, tags, and descriptions. 


  • It makes use of Buffer’s technology which ensures that your content is published in a timely fashion.
  • Built-in protection is provided to avoid your social media handles and profiles getting suspended.
  • With the pro version, you get the ability to post old posts, individually or in bulk.


  • The free version offers limited features to evaluate the plugin.

#6. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed Pro

If you are looking for a platform-specific plugin, smash balloon should be up on your list. 

Sometimes most of your audience comes from one platform like Instagram. In this case, it makes sense to use a plugin that is specifically designed for it rather than a general plugin. 

Smash Baloon comes in handy for that.


  • Used by some of the big companies such as Coca-Cola and Indeed.
  • GDPR compliance helps make the user experience a pleasant experience. ‘
  • Regular updates are provided.


  • You don’t get the option to put captions in the free version, only available in the pro version.
  • Not well integrated with Elementor.

#7. Flow Flow Social Stream

Flow Flow is a powerful plugin that gives you a lot of room to customize the plugin according to your wishes and needs.

It has superb caching features – especially for images that take the loading time of the website significantly. It also provides server caching for making the overall plugin and website load fast. 


  • A pre-moderate feature is included which helps you protect your social media feed from repeated posts, spam, and trolls.
  • Ad&Branding extension is offered which can help you monetize your social media posts. 
  • Live preview helps you check multiple possibilities at once. 


  • Poor customer support.

#8. Novashare 

This is a no-nonsense plugin.

Easy to set up, scales faster, and fits perfectly across different devices – this plugin has got the right mixture of everything needed. 

Although it offers fewer customizability options, for a new user it wouldn’t matter that much. 


  • It's super-light-weight nature helps your website load faster. It takes about 5Kb on the front end.
  • A friendly user interface helps you to get started with the plugin real quick.
  • Multiple options to put the share buttons – like posts, pages, and custom post types).
  • Can be easily morphed into your website’s color palette and tone.


  • No free version of the plugin is available.
  • Its focus is on making it as user-friendly as possible. To make it that way it compromises customizability options. 

#9. FS Poster

Compared to some of the other plugins on this list, FS Poster is relatively lesser-known. 

But don’t mistake that for its inefficiency. 

Even though it has 5.5k installs, it enjoys a whooping 4.98 rating. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface coupled with all the necessary features to utilize social media in the best way possible.


  • Ability to post your content across 17 different social networks at once.
  • You can customize the post’s URL to make it look good (by making use of services like link shorteners) 
  • Its interface is easy to use especially for first-time users. 
  • Solid customer support to help you clear your doubts and concerns.


  • Users have complained about the auto-posting feature on big platforms such as Facebook.

Best Free WordPress social media plugin 

#10. Simple Share Buttons Adder

You can get a gist of what this plugin is by looking at the word simple in the title.

But it compromises the customizability options by providing you with an easy-to-use interface and a hassle-free interface. 


  • Used by big brands such as USA Today and Tom’s Guide. Hence vouching for the plugin’s effectiveness. 
  • One of the most simple to use plugins available on the market.
  • The mobile-optimized interface helps to increase its efficiency across devices. 


  • It has slow load times. 

#11. Ray Social Feeds

This plugin is meant specifically for displaying Twitter content on your website – and it does a pretty damn good job at it. 

It helps you put tweets in whatever fashion you desire thanks to the customization options it offers. These tweets also fit perfectly with the website’s design and are responsive in design.


  • One of the best plugins when it comes to displaying content specific to Twitter. 
  • Tweets are cached for faster website loading speeds.
  • A powerful styling tab helps you to customize it according to your needs.


  • The plugin has not been updated for a long time.

#12. Free Social Candy Widget

Using the drag and drop feature you can easily put some colorful profiles across your website. 

It does not provide much with the plugin. But if your requirement is strictly limited to putting some good-looking widgets across the website, the social candy widget is a good option to try. 


  • Easy to use, drag and drop interface. 
  • It makes use of a custom font set which helps to load text content faster.


  • Limited icons availability. 

#13. TikTok Feed: Best TikTok WordPress Social Share Plugin 

Although there are platform-specific plugins, there was no such plugin for TikTok.

Until this plugin came into the picture. 

With the plugin, users can easily put TikTok feeds on the website and customize the same to fit it perfectly with the rest of the website.


  • A powerful caching system helps you to load TikTok videos faster on your website. Because of the caching, even if TikTok is down your website still will work smoothly.
  • It gives you the ability to display multiple profiles and accounts.
  • Powerful customization options to display the feeds.


  • Lots of users have complained about syncing errors.

#14. Simple Social Icons

simple social icons

This plugin comes from the well-known WordPress developer – StudioPress.

It is a decent plugin that gets the job done, no questions asked. 

Although if you are looking for customization options, this plugin doesn’t offer much on that front 


  • Easy to use.
  • Decent customization options.


  • The plugin has not been updated for a long time.
  • Icons are okayish – not attractive unlike some of the other offerings on the list. 

#15. Shared Count

Shared Count enjoys a solid 4.9 out of 5 rating

Thanks to its uncomplicated interface coupled with a powerful caching mechanism that doesn’t slow down your website but keeps your website updated. 


  • Using the powerful caching mechanism it can get all the share counts in one go.
  • Developer-friendly – programmers and coders can customize it precisely. They also have a GitHub thread for tweaking the code.
  • GDPR friendly – does not make use of cookies or scripts. This especially helps in providing a better experience to users. 


  • At times the share counts are not displayed properly. Only refreshing the page sets the count right.

#16. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share is a free plugin that offers almost all the necessary premium features. 

Light-weight in build, easy to use, responsive design helps you get the best of social media on your website. 


  • Can be easily integrated with 3rd party websites and services such as WooCommerce and BuddyPress.
  • AMP-compatible – helps you to provide a quick view of the website.
  • A URL shortener is integrated to provide uncluttered links.


  • The social count sometimes stops or shows the wrong number.

#17. Revive Old Posts

Despite what the name says it shares both new and old content on social media profiles. 

It has powerful features such as – analytics tracking, link shortening, and multilingual support which makes your social media sharing function easy. 


  • Can be easily integrated with Google analytics for better tracking. 
  • Gives you the ability to share multilingual websites. For example, on Spanish websites, the plugin shares Spanish content. 
  • Automatically generates hashtags from tags and categories.


  • rs have complained about the interface being buggy. 
  • The paid version is expensive.

#18. Better Click to Tweet

The name suggests everything you need to know – it is made exclusively for Twitter. 

Readers while accessing the content on your website can easily share your content as a quote or link back to your content.


  • Simple-to-use interface. 
  • Good documentation and solid customer support.
  • If you are a coder or programmer, CSS editing gives you limitless options.


  • Limited to only Twitter. 

#19. AddToAny

One sign of a great plugin is by finding out how long the plugin has been in development and support. 

In the case of this one, it has been in development for 15 years! 

The developers constantly try to provide premium-level features in a free plugin. Now isn’t that just amazing?


  • One of the most popular plugins – downloaded over millions of times. 
  • Good support – it has got constant updates and developer support for 10 years. 
  • Google Analytics feature is integrated with the plugin.


  • Not GDPR compliant as it stores cookies.
  • Redirected websites through the plugin start showing ads at times.

#20. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is an action-packed plugin that will make you wonder how so many premium features can be offered for free?

Advanced features such as multiple monetization options, GDPR notice bar, and Floating share buttons help you to optimize and channelize the power of social media on your website. 


  • The plugin is optimized for faster load times. 
  • GDPR cookie notice feature helps you to provide a better experience to EU users. 
  • Multiple revenue options – Affiliate links, Outsteam video, and Promoted native content. 


  • Customer support is bad. 

#21. Share Buttons by AddThis

One of the most popular plugins with 100k+ downloads – this plugin is built for getting the job done, easily, and effectively. 

It provides beautiful-looking buttons along with some advanced functionalities such as floating share and image share buttons.


  • The AMP-ready plugin helps you to provide a quick overview of your content.
  • Support for over 200 social media channels.
  • Floating share and expanding share provide users more accessibility to share your content. Also provides an image share button as well. 


  • The plugin has not been updated in a long time.

#22. MashShare

You might wonder whether this plugin has anything to do with Mashable, but let me clarify that – it has no link with the website. 

But it does provide some over-the-top experience like its website counterpart. 

Features such as AMP-ready, regular updates, short URL integration make sure that you and the readers will have a good time using the plugin.


  • The lightweight plugin does not take up space or resources.
  • Unique like the after share button.
  • Using a proprietary open graph implementation, social sharing is optimized. 


  • A lot of functions are available as add-ons that are expensive to buy. 

#23. Social Share Buttons

Social Share Buttons offers a lot of room for customization.

You can choose among different themes, select spacing, time, location to name a few customization options. 

The pro version of the plugin also offers a content-lock feature – users cannot access the content unless and until they have liked or shared your content. 


  • Shortcode support for extra customizability.
  • Response and eye-catching button designs can be placed in multiple regions. 
  • Gives you the ability to decide when to show the social share buttons. For eg. when the page loads, or mid-way after reading or at the end.


  • At times it interferes with the site’s layout. 

#24. Social Share Icons

Using Social Share Icons, you can easily make good-looking social share buttons. 


  • 16 different styles for social sharing buttons. 
  • It gives you a subscription feature for readers.
  • Animated social share buttons give a professional touch to the website. 


  • No proper documentation. 

#25. Social Media Share Buttons

Looking for a quick fix for your social media widgets?

Social Media Share Buttons are a great solution. Easy to use and feature-rich, it will help all your social media button woes. 


  • Lots of animations are built in to provide a good user experience.
  • Gives users the ability to subscribe by email.
  • You can choose either to have sticky buttons or floating buttons.


  • Limited functionality on the free version.


So these were some of the best plugins that are offered on the marketplace right now.

Choosing a plugin can be hard. Especially when there are so many options to choose from on the internet. 

But choosing between 25 is relatively easier. We have further divided the list into free and premium plugins to help you choose faster.


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