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The Internet has created opportunities for everyone. You can explore the various events that take place in the different digital spaces and create something new. Amidst the pandemic, where some doors were closed, new gateways were ready to be explored. 

UNCTAD surveys show that there was a 28% rise in online shopping for almost all product categories. 13% of retail stores opened their online platforms during COVID-19.

Along with this, the media consumption of mobiles and computers saw an 18% rise. This alone gives a picture that internet forums have become an integral part of our daily routine. 

how to make money online

Online platforms are not only to attain information but also to generate revenue and income. Most online personalities like Pew-Die Pie (YouTuber), Timothy Skyes (Stock Blogger), and Charlie D‚ÄôAmelio (Social Media Celebrity) make a living out of their online presence. 

And so can you!

Today we are here to share a few methods on how to make money online for free. We will be sharing different ways to create your own identity on the internet and how to make money online. 

#1. Start A Blog 

We are aware that this idea must‚Äôve crossed your mind as well. It is one of the most organic and effortless ways to make money online. No doubt it will take you some time to understand the algorithm and the ranking system, but you can trust the process provided you do it right. 

Starting a blog today is a piece of cake. You can easily create a forum for free; however, you need to know the technicalities to grow and earn money from it. Let us guide you through how you can start your own blog and how to make money online for beginners

How To Start

Following are the steps you can refer to when starting a blog;

  • Online Platform To Create A Blog: Choose an online platform that can help you create blogs and eventually a website. These platforms provide services to customize the look of your content and create an archive for your blogs. You can choose from platforms like Wix, WordPress, Blogger.com, and others. These platforms can help you create a website to drive traffic.
  • Your Niche: Select your preferred niche. This is going to be your identity and promotional aspect. Whether you are going to write blogs on fashion, food, travel, or the stock market, it is your call. Remember that you can always explore other niches, but it is important to have a preferred niche.¬†
  • Conduct Research On Your Niche: It is important to figure out what the public is looking forward to and how can you fulfill that gap of information with your content.¬†¬†
  • Create Your Blog: Once you have completed your market research, you can create your blog. Remember to add keywords and LSI keywords to your blog. This will help you rank higher on the Google search pages, and you will be discovered easily. Also, add high-quality images to your blog and add keywords to them as well.¬†
  • Monetize Your Blog: Now that you have your digital content, you can generate revenue out of it. Note that to monetize your blog you need to have a certain amount of reach. People will invest in your blogs and collaborate with you only if you have the following and reach. To create this reach you can do the following;
  1. Sell e-books and online courses
  2. Provide consultancy services
  3. Cross channel promotion

To monetize your blog you can add backlinks and collaborate with other bloggers. Write blogs for affiliates and brands. You can also add advertisements to your blogs.

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Proximate Earnings 

On average, a blogger can earn up to $300 – $500 per month. This can be achieved through consistent efforts and a high-end marketing/collaborating proposition. 

#2. Create An Impactful Podcast

When talking about digital content, audio content is equally celebrated on the internet. Podcasting has created a good space for itself on the online forums. Anyone can share their expertise or information through the medium of audio. It can be considered Radio 2.0. 

Starting a podcast today is no big deal. Even without the heavy equipment, you can start your podcast. All you need is your cellphone and laptop and stable wi-fi to publish the content on the internet.

How To Start

You can refer to the following steps;

  • Select A Topic: It goes without saying that you need to conduct research and select your niche. You can choose from a range of topics and discuss them all on your podcast in a series format.¬†
  • Choose The Format of Your Podcast: Post the selection of your niche, you need to determine what type of podcast you will be producing. You can create interview series, drama series, daily affairs updates, and weekly episodes, among others.¬†
  • Select An Online Platform: Upon the completion of your idea, choose the online platform that will host your podcast. There are a few platforms like PodBean and SoundCloud that can be useful.¬†
  • Grow Your Podcast: In order to grab sponsorships and collaborations, you need to create reach in the market for your brand. You can cross-promote your podcast on social media platforms. Create a website to drive traffic and to give the visitors more content.¬†
  • Monetize Your Podcast: You can generate revenue from sponsorships and advertisements of products and services. Provide affiliate marketing of services. You can also opt for selling your own merchandise and products.¬†

Proximate Earnings 

Podcasters, once established, can expect earnings from somewhere between $2000 – $4000 monthly. 

#3. Build A YouTube Channel 

We have covered textual and audio means of communication now. Let us discuss the most effective medium of video content. Video content on the internet is a go-to solution for anything. If you want to gain some knowledge about a topic or if you want to learn how to make lasagna you can find a video for everything on the internet.

Talking of video content, how can we not mention the platform dominating this territory, YouTube. According to surveys, as of now, in 2022, Youtube has 51 million channels. It has grown by 36% in the last year. This information can answer your query on how to make fast money online. 

How To Start

The first few steps for creating digital content remain the same. You need to choose a niche and conduct research for the same. Now you can refer to the following steps;

  • Create A YouTube Channel: Creating a YouTube channel is a brief and effortless process that can be done with your cellphone as well. To get the in-depth information refer to our article How To Create A YouTube Channel. Anyone can easily create a channel, even a teenager. This also adds to the solution on how to make money as a teenager online.
  • Maintain Consistency of Content: It is imperative that your keep producing content on the channel as this can increase your chances of being discovered. Your subscribers will also increase eventually. This reach will help you grab more marketing opportunities.¬†
  • Grow Your YouTube Channel: Similar to the other alternatives, you can cross-promote your YouTube channel to increase the number of visitors. Utilize the ranking system hacks and SEO methods to be discovered easily.¬†
  • Monetize Your YouTube Channel: The most suggested method of generating revenue on your channel is to add advertisements at intervals. You can also place products in your video scripts to promote products and services. This is a way to gain sponsorships. You can sell merchandise and digital content like online courses and e-books.

Proximate Earnings 

YouTubers’ earnings are co-related to the subscribers they have. Hence, a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers earns up to $5000 monthly. For YouTubers with less than 100k subscribers, the revenue can come up to $600 Р$2000 monthly.

#4. Create An Online Course

When we talk about sharing knowledge and experience with others on the internet, we cannot go without discussing online courses. Online courses are a medium created to enhance skills, knowledge base, and practical sense of a subject. 

There has been a 360¬į spin in the education sector due to the pandemic. Everyone has shifted to online platforms to seek expertise. You can create online courses for artsy skill sets, practical learnings, and theoretical bases. This is one of the most effective answers to the query of how to make money online fast. 

How To Start

Following are the steps to monetize an online course;

  • Conduct Market Research On Your Topic: It is vital to understand how other educators are creating their courses in your niche. You are definitely not the first person to start an online course in your niche. Hence, refer to other course curriculums and structure your own to preserve uniqueness.¬†
  • Choose Your Course Building Platform: Selecting a course-building platform can be tiresome. You need to compare all the features and determine which one suits your content and ideation the best. You can refer to our article on Best Course Builders to get a clear idea of which platform is the best alternative for you.¬†
  • Sell Your Online Courses: Once you have curated your content-driven online course, you can plan on selling them in the marketplace or on your website. Most of the platforms also offer web-hosting of your online courses on their domain. It is important to analyze where you want to associate your course brand with. You can sell in marketplaces like Udemy and Skillshare where the traffic is immense or you can promote and sell on your own. Hence, online courses can help on how to make money online fast.¬†¬†

Proximate Earnings

The earnings for an online course depend on three factors – Hosting, Promotion, and Content. The earnings from online courses can range from $500 – $50,000. The latter price factors institutional affiliation. 

#5. Affiliate Marketing 

When discussing how to make money online, we cannot skip affiliate marketing as it is an integral part of all digital content. If you are creating a blog, podcast, or video content you always consider affiliate marketing as a source of monetizing your content. Hence, it is an important method to generate revenue. 

For everyone who is new to this term, affiliate marketing refers to promoting products and services for brands and businesses through posts and reviews. You can also promote through email lists and microsites. Let us give you an insight into how you can become an affiliate.   

How To Start

To become an affiliate you can glance at the following steps;

  • Choose A Program/Network: In order to become an affiliate, you either need to start a program or be a part of one. Starting an affiliate program is more competitive as you need to establish your brand in the community. Hence, we suggest you apply for an affiliate program or network.
  • Analyze Their Payment Methods: It goes without saying that you need to study the network you will be partnering up with. Research on their commission distribution and payment process. Once you determine all the details, wait for them to acknowledge your partnership.¬†
  • Affiliate Marketer: And just like that, you are an affiliate marketer now. You will be given clients and according to their guidelines, you can create content.¬†

Proximate Earnings 

Remember that you will be paid only when you drive a sale. On average, affiliate marketers are paid $2000$5000 per month.

#6. Sell Digital Products Online 

Demand for digital products such as stock images, online courses, websites, and others is only increasing day by day. You can create digital products and sell them on various platforms. 

For instance, you can create a website on demand or sell a pre-built website on platforms like Flippa.

Digital products are intellectual property that can are sold at high prices. This can be one of your passive income sources. Let us explain the process to you further. 

How To Start

  • Create A Digital Product: You can create any digital product which you think you will excel at. Some of the examples of digital products are;
  1. Online Courses
  2. E-books and PDFs
  3. Stock Images 
  4. Background Music and Sounds
  5. Web Elements (WordPress Themes, Templates, others)
  6. Applications
  7. Websites
  8. Podcasts and Video Content
  9. Graphic Art Stacks (Backgrounds, Textures, Fonts)  
  • Connect To A Business Platform: Crack a deal with business platforms that need your products but remember to analyze and compare all the other options before giving in to a platform. After all, it is your product till you make a sale.¬†¬†

Proximate Earnings 

We cannot mention consolidated pricing as all products are different and so is their demand but to mention a few;

  • Websites can range from $5000 – $1 million and more.¬†
  • A set of 25 stock images can earn you $230
  • Online courses can cost up to $500 – $10,000

#7. Create An E-Commerce Site/Online Store

Another method how to make money online is to create an online store or an eCommerce site. Now the question is what can you sell on these sites? You can opt for commodities that are used minimally such as tapes, records, CDs, and others. You can also sell merchandise and wholesale products.  

As for pre-revenue businesses and start-ups, this is a good opportunity to understand your target audience and to get feedback while generating passive income for your business. 

How To Start

To create an online store or an eCommerce site you need to find a platform that can provide you services beyond hosting your site. Most of the platforms offer CMS (Content management system), CRM (Customer Relation Management), and analytical reporting.

Proximate Earnings 

While the earnings depend on the quality and promotion of the store, the average earnings for an eCommerce site can range up to $10,000 per month

#8. Create An Audiobook 

Just as most the other digital content audiobooks are another solution for how to make money online. The evolution of physical books into audiobooks can be debatable but the one thing that is evident is the rise in the use of audiobooks. 

Audiobooks are audio content for physical books and essays. They are more interactive and portable in their being and hence, are widely used. 

How To Start

  • Choose literature. It can be fictional, non-fictional, poetry, essays, or memoirs.¬†¬†
  • Pen down your narration and oratory elements.
  • Record the book on your cellphone or mic.
  • Put the tracks together and begin the editing.¬†¬†
  • You can now upload your audiobook on your social platforms or on audiobook platforms such as ACX, Storytel, and Audible. Note that some of these platforms have a selection process.
  • You can now sell this audiobook as well.¬†

Proximate Earnings 

The pricing can vary from narrator to narrator but the average range remains between $150 – $1000 PFH (Per Finished Hour)

#9. Freelance As A Writer/Proofreader

If you are well-versed in a regional/foreign language or English, you can also opt for a job as a freelancing writer or proofreader. Here, you will be writing or rectifying articles. This is an adept job for someone who is looking for passive income without having to disturb their routine. 

In order to attain this job, you need to have a portfolio where the client can see your previous works. Sometimes they give you an assessment of their own and then select you. As a proofreader, you need to be a fast reader and possess the skills to rectify mistakes that an AI sometimes cannot. 

Proximate Earnings 

A freelance writer is paid according to the word-price system. For instance, they can ask you to write an article for 2000 words where one word costs $1 – $4. As a whole, a freelance writer earns up to $250 – $300 per article.  As for a proofreader, the price ranges from $200 – $500

#10. Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is one of the widely used methods to make fast money online. Dropshipping refers to mediating between the consumer and the seller. Here, the customer connects with the shipper to buy a product.

The shipper then asks the seller to deliver the product to the customer. The shipper gets his commission without having to keep any inventory or gears. He purely plays the role of a middle man. 

Dropshipping can be observed on platforms like Amazon and Etsy. The shipper creates an online presence for the seller to allure the consumer and then takes a commission for the same. This is how the revenue is generated.    

How To Start

Let us guide you through the process of drop shipping;

  • Choose the profitable products.
  • Create a seller account on Amazon.
  • Try to get approved as a seller.
  • You can now add an account on Shopify or Etsy.
  • The basic method is when a consumer places an order, you buy the product at a cheaper price and sell that product to the consumer. Here you make a margin.

For instance, if a spatula is $10 on Amazon and the consumer places an order for that on your site. You will buy the spatula for $5 from Shopify and send that to the consumer. Your margin here is 50%. Hence, it is a preferred means of cash flow. 

Proximate Earnings 

A drop shipper can get up to 15% – 30% margin in a sale while not having to put any additional money.  

With this, we conclude our guide on how to make money online. You can opt-in for any method to generate that extra stash of cash. Hope you found the article helpful!

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