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Essential oils are proven to help relieve headaches and stress, and they also reduce inflammation. They also have antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. 

An increase in studies proving essential oils' health benefits has led to the rise in popularity and use – the global essential oils market is expected to grow to 16.2 billion by 2025.

It is the perfect time to affiliate market essential oils.

In our recent posts, we have already talked about health and fitness affiliate programs.

In this post, I will highlight the industry’s best essential oil affiliate programs that will boost your affiliate earnings.

What to Look for In an Affiliate Program?

There’s a lot more to look for in an affiliate program than just commissions. The first thing to look at is the product’s quality.

Marketing a high-quality product is much easier, and a high-quality product also sells better.

Always enroll in a program that offers excellent affiliate support and training – your journey to your first product sale and beyond becomes a lot easier.

Additionally, you must make sure that the company offers good affiliate marketing assets and makes it a point to communicate and update its affiliates with the latest products and company news. 

These characteristics are a trademark of an affiliate program that is a cut above the rest. 

Keep in mind that marketing products become much less of a hassle if the company continually offers coupon codes and promotions, and sends product samples for review and testing.

Lastly, you must look for reliable tracking, custom affiliate links, and a long tracking cookie duration – a good affiliate program always has these.

Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs to Boost Affiliate Earnings

1. Amoils

With 69% of women preferring to buy natural products, signing up for Amoils’ affiliate program should make you a lot of money.

Amoils offers high-quality healing natural oils created to treat specific ailments. The company has several offerings that help get rid of skin tags, wrinkles, warts, varicose veins, and even stretch marks.

All of their products are FDA-listed and all-natural, which are some excellent selling points.

Their average order size is $62, and their conversion rate hovers between 3% to 6%. 

The frequent bonus programs and incentives offered to make it an excellent essential oil affiliate program that essential oil affiliates can leverage. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales20%
60-day cookie duration

2. Aromafloria

For over three decades, Aromafloria has been formulating 100% aromatherapy products. They offer several bath & body products and essential oils that help soothe, heal, and relax.

Their various inhalation beads are some of their most unique offerings, and they also offer bath salts, body lotions, and bubble baths that help relieve stress.

While most of their products are scented, their skincare products are not, and the company offers a choice of scents in the product’s box.

They offer a host of different skincare oils, including facial oils, massage oils, hair & scalp oils, shower & bath oils and that nourish the skin, making it softer and brighter.

Product quality is impeccable, and the high commission rates make it an aromatherapy affiliate program every affiliate must join.

Sales TierCommission
All sales15%
Undisclosed cookie duration

3. Aromahead

Aromahead is an eLearning portal that supplies courses about aromatherapy. The company offers some of the highest commissions on this list.

The instructor, Andrea Butje, has been teaching courses about the therapeutic uses of essential oils since 1995. Checking the reviews of the classes, you will find tons of comments praising her high level of expertise.

The high quality, affordability, and long-running lengths of the courses make them easy to sell. Factor in the high commission rates, and you get the best aromatherapy affiliate program in the industry.

Aromatherapy for Natural Living$25
Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists$25
Aromatherapy Certification Program$100
Undisclosed cookie duration

4. Artisan Aromatics

Artisan Aromatics boasts one of the largest selections of natural oils online. They offer a variety of essential oils, including absolute oils, enfleurage oils, carrier oils, resin essential oils, essential oil blends, and also massage oil blends.

Additionally, they sell high-quality diffusers and inhalers, hydrosols, perfumes, roll-ons, and several accessories.

You will also find lotions, lotion bases, and essential oil kits on their website for excellent prices. 

Although they have lower commission rates, the high prices keep their payout figures high.

Sales TierCommission
All sales10%
30-day cookie duration

5. Barefut

All of Barefut’s oils are 100% natural, and their oils are extensive, with oils being sourced from over 35 countries.

They have over a hundred different oils for sale, including single oils, blended oils, and carrier oils. They also offer lip balms, oil diffusers, and herbal teas. 

All of their products are affordable, and making a nice profit requires you to convert in high numbers.

However, bring Barefut a new customer, and they will pay you to double what they pay for selling products to repeat customers.

Sales TierCommission
First-time purchasers20%
Subsequent purchases10%
Personal purchases10% discount
Undisclosed cookie duration

6. Boom Boom Naturals

If you’re a beginner affiliate marketer and are looking for the best program to transition into an essential oil affiliate, Boom Boom Natural’s program is right for you.

The company has an atypical model – they package the oils and scents in the form of an inhaler. They have several unique blends, and also offer a “build your own scent” pack.

Boom Boom Naturals has a 17% conversion rate – meaning roughly one in every five visitors will make you money.

Their cookie window is shorter than the industry standard; however, they offer decent commissions, and the high conversion rate makes it an essential oil affiliate program every affiliate must join. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales10%
15-day cookie duration

7. Dharmaceuticals (Aurelia Essential Oils)

Like Barefut, Dharmaceuticals also has an extensive catalog of essential oils. They sell over a hundred different oils that help with immunity and healing.

In addition to offering essential oils for baths, the company provides oils to help with the effects of allergies. Also, it provides respiratory blends to help with sinus pain and nasal congestion.

They have a unique set of pregnancy-safe oils that can help soothe and relax.

Their products are affordable, but this doesn’t affect your earnings much, because they offer industry-leading commission rates.

Couple the high commissions and novel products with the long cookie duration, and you have the best essential oil affiliate program in the industry.

New marketers 15%
High-volume marketersUp to 40% (set by the company)
90-day cookie duration

8. doTERRA

The company offers some of the rarest and most unique essential oils in the industry, such as Frankincense oil and Copaiba oil.

Prices are reasonable, and the company offers tons of other self-care products outside of essential oils.

The doTERRA affiliate program works a little differently than other affiliate programs, and to make money selling products, you must become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

You must convert your visitors into customers and “builders” who are affiliates that sell doTERRA products. The doTERRA affiliate program is essentially a multi-level marketing program.

Bonus typeCommission
Fast start bonus20% of any order placed by customers/builders in the first 60 days of enrollment
Unilevel BonusCompany-set commission for every builder joined under your account
Power of 3 bonusBonus when three accounts place qualifying loyalty order
Rank bonusBonus issued according to doTERRA rank
60-day cookie duration

9. Diffuser World

Using quality diffusers and vaporizers are some of the best ways of enjoying the benefits of essential oils.

Diffuser World not only supplies some of the best diffusers in the industry, but they also have excellent essential oil blends for diverse purposes– from cold and flu relief to repelling bugs.

In addition to supplying some of the best selections of diffusers that affiliates can sell, they also offer high commissions.

They offer more than triple the commissions Amazon offers for selling similar products!

Sales TierCommission
All sales15%
30-day cookie duration

10. Essential Oils Academy

Essential Oils Academy is a growing company that offers courses to help people learn how to use essential oils to lead healthier and happier life from the comfort of their homes.

They offer over 146 classes that you can sell via social media, blogs, and email marketing, and also provide 121 unique digital tear pads if you wish to do the selling offline.

Not only do they have a unique product and business model, but they also offer 25% commissions to any affiliate that joins their program.

They offer the opportunity to tap into a growing market and the flexibility of marketing products however you please. These characteristics make it one of the most unique essential oil affiliate programs out there.

All classes25%
Undisclosed cookie duration

11. Floracopeia

Not every affiliate program allows you to earn $40+ per sale.

While Floracopeia primarily sells skincare products and essential oils, their affiliate program requires you to sell two of their courses to make a profit.

They have a total of 23 courses to offer, but you must promote either the “Pharmacy of Flowers” course or the “A Flower’s Power” course.

The sale price of both courses is $145, and you receive 30% of the sale price ($43.50) every time you make a sale.

The company has promised to add more courses and products to their affiliate program over time and keep their affiliates in the loop.

All sales30%
120-day cookie duration

12. GEO Genuine Essential Oils

Genuine Essential Oils promises that they only sell 100% organic products that are non-GMO, pesticide-free, genetic engineering-free, and non-irradiated.

The company offers individual essential oils, blends, sets, and accessories like infusion adapters and refill pads.

Their prices are reasonable, and boast a sizeable selection of essential oils. Their promise of delivering pure and unadulterated aromas make products easy to market.

Additionally, they offer some of the highest commissions in the industry, which makes it an essential oil affiliate program every marketer should leverage to make profits.

Sales TierCommission
New affiliates15%
High-volume affiliatesUp to 20% (set by the company)
30-day cookie duration

13. Jade Bloom

Joining Jade Bloom’s affiliate program is one of the best ways of making money as an essential oil affiliate.

The company offers over 200 different essential oils and supplies some of the best skincare, haircare, and bath & body products in the industry.

Affiliates and customers can use Jade Bloom University to learn how to use the oils correctly. Affiliates get a $32 bonus for completing the courses!

The company assigns affiliates to different tiers, and tier has its own perks, like increased commissions and better monthly discount codes. The more you sell, the better you earn. 

Sales TierCommission
Bronze10% first order; 5% lifetime
Silver12% first order, 7% lifetime
Gold13% first order; 8% lifetime
Platinum15% first order; 10% lifetime
Undisclosed cookie duration

14. Amrita

Connecting your brand or blog with a family-owned business like Amrita and selling their products can be a great way to earn money. 

Not to mention, Amrita only sells organic essential oils, which is a high-intent sub-niche. Amrita has an excellent reputation, and customers spend $67 on average on whenever they shop on their website.

The company has over 140 premium quality essential oils to offer, and all of their products are USDA certified.

The high quality of the oils and the brand’s reputation alone make it a compelling essential oil affiliate program every affiliate should be a part of.

Sales TierCommission
All sales10%
30-day cookie duration

15. Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is perhaps one of the best-known essential oil brands globally.  

They offer several different kinds of essential oils, but not all of them are organic. However, the organic oils they do offer are all USDA certified.

Plant Therapy also provides kid-safe essential oils, which is an offering that not many other brands provide. The company also recently started to sell CBD-infused essential oils that help relax and alleviate pain.

Although the commission rates are low, the products sell exceptionally quickly, and the program can be an excellent replacement for the Mountain Rose Herbs affiliate program since the company closed it down recently.

Sales TierCommission
All sales7.5%
7-day cookie duration

16. Guru Nanda

Guru Nanda sources its ingredients from all around the world. They even have a map on their homepage to show you what comes from where.

In addition to offering world-class essential oils, the company also sells beauty serum sets, and have their own line of diffusers and humidifiers.

Their average order size is $61, and they have a cookie duration three times longer than the industry standard, making selling their products both lucrative and easy. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales7.5%
90-day cookie duration

17. Edens Garden

Edens Garden is a super popular essential oil brand – everybody’s heard of them, which inherently makes selling their products a lot easier.

The fact that the company offers only 100% pure essential oils and promises unadulterated products also helps sell its oils.

The company offers a large variety of blends and has a line of essential oils for kids’ use. Edens Garden affiliate program also allows you to market their range of body care products for a commission. 

Edens Garden’s reputation alone makes their affiliate program a must-join for any essential oil affiliate.

Sales TierCommission
All salesUndisclosed
Undisclosed cookie duration

18. Rocky Mountain Oils

Selling products trusted by the aromatherapy community is the best way to ensure conversion.

Rocky Mountain Oils have been the go-to essential oil brand for many aromatherapists for almost two decades.

Joining its aromatherapy affiliate program gives direct access to in-house aromatherapy experts. The experts can help you find and learn about the industry’s most compelling products.

The company offers several categories of essential oils. But although they have a substantial selection, their slightly lower commission rates make their essential oil affiliate program right for use as a secondary program.

Sales TierCommission
All sales9% – 16% (set by company)
90-day cookie duration

19. Lisse Essentials

Regardless of whether you have a blog or a popular Twitter or Facebook page, you can sell Lisse Essentials’ range of products to receive industry-standard commissions.

The company provides high-quality essential oils, synergy blends, carrier oils, and roll-ons that are both affordable and offer great health benefits.

The company supplies a host of marketing material and provides reliable traffic and conversion reports, and its dashboard keeps track of commissions earned and owed. 

Their EPC is currently low, but if you have a secondary blog or social media page that you want to monetize, their program can be perfect for you.

Sales TierCommission
All sales20%
60-day cookie duration

20. Shaman

The shaman has stringent eco-friendly policies – all of their oils are sourced from sustainable farms, and the company helps farmers invest in eco-friendly practices that ensure minimal impact on the earth.

They also distill and bottle the oils in their own facilities, ensuring high quality and safety standards. 

The company has a large selection of products. In addition to offering a range of single and essential oil blends, they also provide quality hydrosols, jars of butter, kits, and accessories.

Their focus on quality and commitment to eco-friendly practices is a huge selling point that helps you make the most of their high commissions.

Affiliate TypeCommission
Individual 25%
Bonus$100 for every $1000 generated
Undisclosed cookie duration

21. Vibrant Blue Oils

If you’re looking for an essential oil affiliate program that offers loads of pre-made marketing material, the Vibrant Blue Oils affiliate program is perfect for you.

In addition to the marketing material, they also deliver affiliate marketing tips and product news to affiliates' inboxes and frequently supply special promotions to boost sales.

The company boasts an excellent spread of essential oil varieties, and their quality guarantee and product return policy make the oils a breeze to sell.

Sales TierCommission
All sales20%
6-month cookie duration

22. Young Living 

Young Living provides everything essential oil-related: they have a massive selection of essential oils, blends, massage oils, and roll-ons, and also supply quality diffusers and accessories.

It is the only company on this list with a range of health and fitness products. They also have a chic makeup line.

The best part about the Young Living affiliate program is that you can market any of their products – even on the sidelines – to earn high commissions.

The Young Living affiliate program is technically a multi-level marketing scheme, but that doesn’t take away from their product’s appeal or earning potential.

Sale typeCommission
Retail products24%
Unilevel commissions4% – 8%
New sign-up commission25% for all products purchased in the first three months
Premium member starter kit sale$25
Undisclosed cookie duration

23. Oasis Diffusers

Oasis offers two unique products: a shower diffuser and a car vent diffuser. While the car vent diffuser is newer, the shower diffuser makes an easier sell.

It enables users to enjoy an aromatherapy treatment with their favorite essential oil in their shower.

It can be mounted to walls without damaging them, and since it is battery powered, connecting it to the household power supply isn’t required.

Its novelty factor and the program’s industry-standard commission rates make it a program every affiliate can join.

Sales TierCommission
All sales10%
90-day cookie duration

Now you know everything there is to know about the best essential oil affiliate programs in the industry – choosing the right program is all that’s left to do.

You also have an idea about the characteristics of the best affiliate programs. Finding the perfect program from my list of handpicked programs should be super easy.

There is no ultimate affiliate program that has all the perfect traits – so make sure you set preferences before glancing over the list one more time.

You will find the right program in minutes.

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