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Do you want to scale your affiliate marketing earnings? Then I have got some excellent recommendations for you. 

Today I will show you the relevant affiliate programs you can join right away. I’ll talk about the cruise market and relevant affiliate programs

I know this is regarding the travel industry, which is currently having hard times during the Covid-19 pandemic. But trust me, that’s where a golden opportunity lies. 

You can sign up for these programs, develop content, and start advertising your website. As soon as the current economic and social situations are back to normal, you will have a high-converting resource for you. 

As soon as everything settles down, your website will be prepared to entertain new readers and convert them into buyers. 

People love traveling, and they are eager to have a weekend getaway on a cruise as things are getting settles down.

If you have a website where customers can find recommendations and guidance, you can earn a handsome income.

You can publish in-depth review articles and recommend packages of specific cruises to have a lasting travel experience. 

Cruise comes into lavish traveling. They are expensive, exotic, and mesmerizing. 

Cruise gives a life-changing income stream for marketers and travelers. 

Here’re some statistics that prove that. (Source)

  • Around 30 million people took cruises in 2019.
  • Over 34% of new cruises will be deployed in the Caribbean alone.
  • The cruise market has a $134 billion global economic impact.
  • US share is only 11% in the cruise market.

The US market, which is the world's leading market, has a mere 11% share. That means people from different geographical and ethnic backgrounds can be targeted with cruise packages.

Do go through this case study once just to have a look. It shows that the cruise market is one of the most striking markets. It can generate millions in revenue if effective advertising meets an in-demand product.

Certainly, there are so many cruise providers and travel agencies out there. That's why competition has become fierce. 

Therefore, almost all cruise providers welcome affiliates. They have affiliate programs to scale their sales by rewarding website owners.

Along with cruise packages, you can also include other add-ons to increase your average sale per conversion.

Ways to Make Money with Cruise Affiliate Programs in 2024

1. Cruise Tickets (duh?)

Of course, cruise tickets are hot favorites for affiliates. Some cruise affiliate programs that I'll show you below give up to $200 commission per sale.

You can target people of different demographics to encourage them to book tickets from your affiliate link. You can leverage various platforms and content formats online to attract new eyeballs to book specific cruises.

2. Travel insurance

Travel insurance is necessary as it helps to cope with expensive medical bills and checkups if required during traveling. 

You can recommend insurance policies and plans to your subscribers. Per sale, the insurance company will provide you with a fixed commission. 

I’ve also covered an insurance company on today’s list. Keep reading to know more.

3. Luggage

People travel on a cruise for several days, you won’t find a travel plan with one night on a cruise. 

My point is people have a good amount of luggage to carry while traveling on a cruise. So, they need a good suitcase. 

You can recommend luggage bags on your site where people can get the idea and also shop for them. 

As an affiliate, you will get a commission from luggage bags manufacturers. 

4. Medication

People almost always travel with medication while on board, even though they don’t have a serious disease like diabetes, blood pressure, acidity, etc.

You can help people decide which medication they should take with them. However, make sure you do your research and consult a doctor before mentioning any tablets on your site. 

5. Hotels and Car Rentals 

Many cruises travel for several days, around 5-10, usually stopping at a particular destination, where travelers can stay for a day and a half and go for local sightseeing. 

You can leverage these opportunities and earn more commission by suggesting hotels and car rentals. 

This will bypass the worry of travelers as they could pre-book their hotel and cab. 

They will no longer have to worry about their stay and transportation during their stay at a particular destination, and you can earn more commission from the same.

6. Accessories 

When it comes to traveling, people may have to bring a ton of accessories on board. 

Usually, families with children and senior citizens must check on their necessary accessories to have a pleasant cruising experience. 

You can also develop content around it and recommend such products.

Now, here comes the nitty-gritty. I'll show you the best cruise affiliate programs and everything you need to know.

After completing the next segment of the blog, I’m sure you will no longer have to search on Google about the best cruise affiliate programs. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started. 

Best Cruise Affiliate Programs of 2024

1. CruiseDirect

CruiseDirect is one of the most leading brands that provide cruise bookings. 

They also have a good affiliate program that marketers can leverage to earn extra income for themselves.

They give 30% of gross sales and provide custom deals and discounts for the top affiliates.

They will give you guidance about creating landing pages and ad creatives and implementing them on your sites to attract unique eyeballs and convert them.

Go to the Commission Junction to register yourself as a CruiseDirect affiliate.

Cookie Duration45 days
Creative SupportYes
Payout3% commission of the gross sale

2. Allianz Worldwide Affiliate Program

With Allianz's affiliate program, you can earn a commission by selling travel insurance.

Here, you can monetize your web traffic by redirecting them to purchase travel life insurance from Allianz.

As already discussed in the above segment of the blog, travel insurance is critical. And Allianz provides flexible insurance to travelers and a trustworthy affiliate program for marketers. 

They don’t accept 

  • Non-U.S. based sites 
  • Remarketing solutions 
  • Coupon and voucher websites 
  • Loyalty websites

You will get $12-$25 per qualified sale.

Anyone can join the affiliate program by submitting a form on Commission Junction.

Cookie Duration45 days
Creative SupportYes
PayoutUp to $25 per qualified sale

3. Beach Tours Mexico

Beach Tours Mexico's affiliate program is a popular one. 

It gives you a variety of cruise and beach tour packages to offer to your website audience.

There are so many beaches and travel destinations that customers can select via Beach Tours Mexico. Its affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale, which provides real-time tracking and accurate analysis of your affiliate campaigns.

Cookie Duration90 days
Creative SupportNo
PayoutUp 30% commission

4. BookingBuddy

On BookingBuddy, users can book flights, hotels, cars, and a combo of flight+hotel at cheap rates.

They can book non-stop, one-way, or round trips using BookingBuddy’s portal. They can also choose economy or first-class travel.

With their affiliate marketing program, you can earn up to 50% commission and monetize your website traffic effectively. 

BookingBuddy is a trustworthy brand, and its services are reliable and secure. Its affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction

Cookie Duration30 days
Creative SupportNo
PayoutUp 50% commission

5. CheapCaribbean

CheapCaribbean allows you to book your beach vacations seamlessly on their platform. 

They have hotel chains and beach destinations. 

They cover locations in Africa, Europe, the United States, etc. Customers can book hotels and flights separately or go with the combo. 

To become their affiliate, you sign up through Commission Junction.

Cookie Duration45 days
Creative SupportNo

6. CheapTickets

Cheaptickets, as the name goes, allow users to book tickets at an affordable cost.

Customers can select destinations, travel duration, and the number of family members to get the best cruise for themselves at an affordable price.

You get marketing materials like text links, ad creatives, and banners to implement on your site.

Their affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction.

Cookie Duration7 days
Creative SupportYes
Payout$30 per cruise

7. CraftCruises.com

CraftCruises has a line of world-class cruises that customers can book and have an exotic vacation with their loved ones.

Their in-house affiliate program allows you to monetize your website traffic and earn more money.

It also rewards affiliates who bring in new affiliates with $25 after their first successful booking.

Cookie Duration7 days
Creative SupportYes
Payout20% commission

8. CruiseAway

CruiseAway houses customers to book cruises and save up to 70%. They give expert advice to make informed decisions about your vacation planning.

They give a $10 share to every booking. Their affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days, which offers more chances for affiliates to convert prospects. 

They don't have an in-house affiliate program, you have to register as an affiliate on LinkShare to sign up to the affiliate program.

Cookie Duration90 days
Creative SupportNo
Payout$10 profit from every booking quote

9. CruiseCompete.com

CruiseCompete eases the burden of users who no longer have to browse different websites to get different cruise quotes, compare, and make decisions; all those activities can be done on CruiseCompete.

Customers can enter a destination, cruise type, traveling date, duration, and cruise line to get different prices and offers.

CruiseCompete's affiliate cookie lasts for almost three months. So they give you enough chances to convert prospects and earn a commission.

Cookie Duration90 days
Creative SupportNo
PayoutPer booking

10. Entrepreneurs Cruise

Entrepreneur Cruise allows business owners to enjoy leisure time with like-minded people and increase their network.

It is not for family trips or honeymoon suites. Executives get lavish cruises where they find other entrepreneurs to get inspired from.

Entrepreneur Cruise gives the highest returns to its affiliate. They provide $200 earnings per referral to their bloggers.

To register as an affiliate, go to Eventbrite, where you also get detailed dashboards and tracking of your affiliate campaigns. 

Cookie Duration30 days
Creative SupportNo
PayoutUp to $200 per referral

11. Expedia

Expedia is a renowned name in the travel industry. It gives almost all types of bookings — cruises, flights, hotels, rentals, cars, and amusement parks.

They have an affiliate program hosted on Commission Junction

With Expedia's affiliate program, you can promote hundreds of thousands of travel destinations and suites and earn a commission. You will never run out of options for cruises, hotels, flights, etc.

Cookie Duration7 days
Creative SupportNo

12. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel has experience of more than three decades.

People can travel to almost all the leading locations around the world through Intrepid Travel.

With its package, customers cover food, transport, accommodation, and sightseeing activities at a particular location.

People can also book their trip based on a particular theme — 18-29s, outdoor, adventure cruising, expedition, family, cycling, food, lonely planet experiences, etc.

Affiliates can sell these packages by signing up for Intrepid's affiliate program hosted on Commission Junction.

Its affiliate cookie lasts for almost two months, and that gives you a decent amount of opportunity to convert your prospects online.

They give a 4% commission on each booking and provide $0.5 CPL.

Cookie Duration60 days
Creative SupportNo

13. Last Minute Travel

Last Minute Travel allows customers to book hotels, flights, cars, cruises, and different activities worldwide. The brand ensures that travelers get the best time of their lives after booking from them.

It gives 24×7 support to solve any questions that customers have. 

Their affiliate program allows website owners to give attractive offers to readers and earn good returns per sale.

As an affiliate, you will get your commission to your bank account within 40 days of a successful conversion. 

You will also get access to their buttons, text, banners, updated deals, ad creatives, and dedicated customer support.

Their affiliate cookie lasts for around a month, which is enough to earn after effective persuasion. 

Last Minute Travel’s affiliate programs are hosted on Rakuten LinkShare, ShareASale, and TradeTracker.com.

Cookie Duration30 days
Creative Support Yes
PayoutHotels: 4%Air: $2Car: 3%Cruises: 2%Activities: $5

14. Orbitz

Orbitz allows bookings of hotels, flights, vacation packages, cruises, cars, and amusement park tickets.

Orbitz has a direct connection with the service providers, so affiliates get world-class inventory. Users can book from 150,000 different options of hotels, cars, cruises, and airlines.

So, along with cruises, you can also promote other exciting products to maximize your commissions.

They give dynamic packages and exclusive rates to affiliates to convert more customers to their website.

Their affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction.

Cookie Duration7 days
Creative SupportNo
PayoutCruise – $30.00Air – $3.00Car – $4.00Retail Hotel – 3%Merchant Hotel – 6%Merchant Hotel (w/ Promo Code) – 2%Activities – 5%Packages – 4%Packages (w/ Promo Code) – 2%

15. Original Resorts

Original Resort is a part of the Original Group with 35 years of experience in the travel industry.

It allows people all around the world to have adult-only traveling and cruising holiday experiences. It is ideal for people who look forward to extraordinary holidays in a sensual environment.

Their affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale. The brand has an average order value of $2215

Cookie Duration30 days
Creative SupportNo

16. Polynesian Cultural Centre Affiliate Program

When someone is traveling to Hawaii, they are advised to try the Polynesian Cultural Centre at all costs.

Polynesian Cultural Centre is awarded as ‘Favourite Visitor Attraction' in Hawaii by the People's Choice Awards.

Its affiliate program is managed by Impact Affiliate, and anyone can join without cost. When submitting an application, they will manually review it and approve it in 3 business days.

The average order value is $400, and you can receive up to a 5% commission on all qualified leads.

They give creative assistance to the affiliates with high-converting banners and text links. 

Cookie Duration30 days
Creative SupportYes
Payout5% commission

17. ROAM Luggage Affiliate Program

ROAM Luggage, as the name goes, gives attractive offers and products of luggage and suitcases that are comfortable, stylish, and reliable.

They make custom suitcases for customers. 

You can choose your preferred sizes from 4 options, pick your color from their Designer Choices, and add a three-letter monogram to have a personal touch.

They have dedicated customer support and provide a 100-days free trial when customers can try their customized luggage for 100 days and return it if they are not satisfied.

They give a lifetime warranty on their suitcases.

Their affiliate marketing program is hosted on ShareASale, and you can earn up to 8% commission per conversion.

Cookie Duration30 days
Creative SupportNo
Payout8% per sale

18. RoamRight Travel Affiliate Program

RomeRight Travel Affiliate Program is one of the few affiliate programs whose cookies last for 365 days. With this affiliate program, you can sell travel insurance and earn a commission. 

It also gives monthly newsletters to help affiliates convert more buyers. 

They give access to their dedicated affiliate marketing team to manage, monitor and scale your account.

Being an affiliate, you will get access to their creative ad banners that you can implement on your website and convert more prospects.

You have to sign up for their affiliate program through ShareASale.

They have specific requirements that a website has to fulfill for approval.

  • Has to have a privacy policy and contact information.
  • Rude, profane, hateful or pornographic content on the site is not allowed.
  • Websites on Blogspot and WordPress.com hosted are not allowed.
  • A site with duplicate content is not allowed.
  • Coupon and discount code sites are not allowed.
Cookie Duration365 days
Creative SupportYes
Payout15% commission

19. Royal Caribbean Cruises Affiliate Program

Royal Caribbean Cruise allows people to book lavish holidays on cruises at a discounted price.

The brand guarantees the best prices and dedicated support to its customers.

To become an affiliate of Royal Caribbean, you have to sign up on TradeDoubler, an online platform where advertisers, publishers, and influences can connect with each other.

With this affiliate program, you can earn up to 4% commission when the average gross value is ÂŁ1254.

Their affiliate cookies last up to 1.5 months, so you get enough time duration to convert buyers and secure commission.

Under this affiliate program, you can promote over 240 incredible destinations across 72 countries on 6 continents. That means you have a broad range to cover for your audience.

Cookie Duration45 days
Creative SupportYes
Payout4% per sale

20. Sailing Europe

Sailing Europe has an in-house affiliate marketing program. They have everything that you will need to monetize your travel website and earn a good commission.

You get €50 for each order you deliver, and you need at least €100 in your account to withdraw it in your bank account. Sailing Europe clears the payment once per month.

Sailing Europe helps customers book their holidays through their intuitive UI. Customers have to enter their destination, boat type, and sailing date. 

As an affiliate, you will get ad banners and textual links that you can implement on your website.

Cookie Duration30 days
Creative SupportYes
Payout$50 to $100 per sale

21. TheZenCruise.com

TheZenCruise allows people to book exotic cruises and ensure amazing leisure time with their loved ones.

To become an affiliate, you must sell at least 3 cabins. They will give you real-time tracking and statistics through a dashboard. 

You will get commissions for your sales within 6-8 weeks after cruise sailing.

You can apply if you have either:

  • Website
  • Blog 
  • Travel agency 
  • Magazines 
  • Media corporation
  • Event company 
  • Advertising agency 

You get:

  • $50/person for sale of inside, ocean-view and balcony staterooms;
  • $100/cabin for sale of Junior, Penthouse, Owners, and Royal Suites.

To register as an affiliate, email them to ZenCruise@whettravel.com  or TheZenCruise@gmail.com.

Cookie Duration30 days
Creative SupportYes
Payout$50 to $100 per sale

22. Virgin Holidays Cruise Affiliate Program

Virgin Group is a multinational company founded by Richard Branson and Nick Powell.

They also provide travel bookings. 

People can book a holiday, multi-destination, flights, car rentals, tools, hotels using virgin holidays platform.

Affiliates can register and earn commission up to 2%. The commission might seem very less but the average order value of Virgin Holidays is very high.

Cookie Duration30 days
Creative SupportNo
PayoutUp to 2%

23. Way.com Affiliate Program

Way.com is a popular website where customers can search for a city and destination to book parking, restaurants, events, movie tickets, amusement parks tickets, and of course, cruises.

They also have an affiliate program on ShareASale.

Way.com provides unique products and services. So, you can leverage it to earn a decent commission from the same.

Way.com's affiliate cookies never expire. Yes, you read that right. Their cookies have a lifetime of validity, which makes it the must-have affiliate program in your list. 

You not only get 10% commission per sale but get an additional 5% VIP commission too. 

You will also get a wide range of creative banners, text, and keywords to implement on your site. The brand gives you dedicated affiliated managers to maximize your earnings.

Cookie DurationNever expires
Creative SupportNo
Payout10% per sale

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Best Cruise Affiliate Programs 2024: Conclusion

So, we are done with the top cruise affiliate programs. Let me know how you like the article.

I hope you find this article helpful. And found some good affiliate program options to sign up for right away. 

If I’ve forgotten to add something, feel free to drop your comments below.

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