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Tracking your affiliate marketing site and dynamically managing your campaigns is a simplistic blueprint to grow in reach and revenue. That said, effective affiliate marketing is never this simple.

Learning that 81% of brands rely on affiliate marketing to generate revenue isn’t surprising. But learning that only 5% of those brands pull it off successfully can be disappointing. 

For this reason, you must consider finding and using affiliate marketing software that works for you and your team.

Figuring out what changes your affiliate marketing approach needs becomes a lot easier with comprehensive reports and accurate stats. Using the right affiliate management software will help you grow your customer base and help you ensure that existing customers keep coming back for more.

I’ve shortlisted and reviewed the best affiliate marketing software in this post to help you find the right tool in minutes. 

What To Look For When Picking Best Affiliate Marketing Software?

Before picking an affiliate marketing software, you must consider the following:

  1. Customer sentiment and opinion: Checking customer reviews is the way to go. There are several peer-to-peer review sites where you can learn about the pros and cons of the software from the experience of other affiliate marketers.
  1. Feature set: The utility of the software decides its worth. Software that helps in better analysis of your performance can help you generate more revenue. The software should help manage social media, schedule posts, help in managing the paid partnerships, etc. Weighing out the pros and cons after shortlisting your options will help you make the right choice.
  1. Integration: The software must integrate with the tools you are currently using for affiliate marketing. Otherwise, installing software that disrupts the set structure of the other apps and functions might negatively affect your business. Thus, the marketing or communication tools should be easy to integrate with the used software.

Price: You have to consider the price of the tools as well. It is a good investment for your business. Ensuring that the company offering the software offers excellent customer service is an effective way of ensuring you get your money’s worth.

Type of Affiliate Marketing Software

There are three types of affiliate marketing software available in the market:

Self-Hosted Affiliate Software

It refers to the software that you buy and install on your server. These can integrate with payment solution providers and allow choosing the payment options. 

Using these, you can create various affiliate levels. If you select self-hosted affiliate software, you can better control your business and customize it according to your requirements.

#1 iDevAffiliate

iDevAffiliate is an Affiliate Management Software that helps to manage the commissions and the payout format. It is cross-platform software with several features like payout structures, marketing templates, shopping carts, and reports for analyzing performance. 

The stability of the software makes it the top choice for affiliate marketing. It is easy to use and allows integration with the current tools, and you can customize these as per your necessity. 

Using this software, you can stress affiliate management and tracking, email marketing, newsletter management, Multi-Level Marketing, etc. The price range can be selected based on your business requirements.

#2 All Affiliate Pro

If you are running a medium-sized business or a home-based business, this software is the best one for you. It allows you to fix various commission rates for various products. Again, the lead tracking software helps you track leads, and you can set up affiliate support at different levels.

In addition, you can keep track of the billing and commissions based on the changes in each transaction. Again, the software helps you to allot bonuses to the top-performing affiliates. It also allows the promotion of multiple sites.

Using this tool, you can also delay the process of paying commissions and approve the commissions manually.

#3 Jrox

The Jrox affiliate management software can be used on personal servers but not on the cloud. It allows you to set up the commission structures for paying the affiliates for the particular sales action, and various rates can be set for various products. 

Using it, you can also set varied commission levels for the affiliates. The software can create groups to add the affiliates and create tiers for enabling the affiliates to use network marketing. It is mobile optimized and has various payment options. 

The software is best for analyzing the progress based on the detailed report generated by it. It provides statistics on sales and commissions and the clicks made on the links.

#4 Post Affiliate Pro

One of the most significant affiliate management software that is renowned globally and is the perfect choice for online stores and eCommerce websites is Post Affiliate Pro. It helps track the affiliate networks used by multiple global companies, which helps create and manage the various affiliate programs. 

You can track and monitor your business seamlessly using this software and provide the personalized structure of the commission and monitor the payouts. 

You can use it for banner management, tracking affiliates, commission management, email marketing, multi-level marketing, detecting fraud, social sharing, etc. It is user-friendly and is easy to handle.

#5 Partnerstack

It is ideal for SaaS products and companies. The previous name of this tool was GrowSumo. It is much like the platforms like ShareASale and Clickbank. Apart from the SaaS companies, startups also use it. 

This is largely growing because of its features. It helps in integrating the existing applications and can make your program compliant globally. It is easy to maintain and affordable as well. 

The centralized dashboard helps you to control all functions from a single platform. You can manage your assets, invoices, and emails using this tool. The CRM features help in eCommerce and retail businesses.

#6 Tapfiliate

This affiliate marketing software helps the businesses and the content creators attain a better understanding of their performance, which helps in their growth. It has a wide range of features that help track and optimize the program, monitor social sharing, and link clicks. 

You can also perform fraud detection and asset management. The best part is that it can be customized according to the user's needs and can be remotely used as it is cloud-based. 

Coupon management, commission management, and multi-level marketing are other tasks that can be performed using this software.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are also used for affiliate marketing. These are pretty easy to use, and you can set up and monitor the performance of the affiliate links. Moreover, the WordPress plugins are pretty flexible and can be customized. Some of the most popular software options are:

#7 Affiliate WP

Affiliate WP is easy to use and helps you in affiliate link management. It performs the best when these are used with the affiliate coupon plugins for WordPress. It also comes with many add-ons features, and you can select them as per your requirements. It can easily integrate with other tools like WP Forms or other plugins. 

It immensely helps affiliate management, and you can approve the requests for affiliate registration both automatically and manually. It allows people to check into the affiliate area directly and saves time. It provides informative reports that help to analyze the performance. It gives real-time data and graphs.

#8 Easy Affiliate

This affiliate marketing software works perfectly when combined with other similar plugins like Pretty links and MemberPress. It has easy-to-remember links that are and short referral programs. It is user-friendly and is suitable for beginners. The dashboard is easy to handle. You can track outbound links easily. 

It also saves time with its instant setup, where you can install the plugin and attain a proper program for the WordPress website. You can also track your performance using the graphs and charts provided by the plugin. The sales and payments can be handled easily as well. 

#9 Affiliates Manager

It is perfect for beginners, and you can make money using the referrals on the WordPress site. It is easy to use and is user-friendly.

You can easily manage and track the affiliate partners from your WordPress site, and you can conduct payments as well. The affiliate portal of this software lets people sign up to attain more information about your products and services. 

You can acquire real-time data and track the sales updates from your account.

#10 Ultimate Affiliate Pro

If you are looking for an affiliate management plugin with an excellent premium feature, you must opt for this one. It is affordable and does not bother about recurring costs. It can get integrated easily with other tools. 

You can use it with BuddyPress, PayPal, WooCommerce, etc. It supports online documentation of all performances and video tutorials. If your currency is not available, you can add custom currency. 

#11 Affiliate Magic

It is part of Clickbank, and it advertises the affiliate marketing app at $27. It is used to promote the Clickbank products. It is replete with new and updated features, and it also helps you create catalogs for the Clickbank marketplace. 

The catalogs are not more than sixty seconds. It includes around 89 niches. It is easy to use. You can use the HTML code generated by the app and paste it onto your social media pages and blogs to connect to the catalog within a minute.

#12 YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is considered to be the best plugin for affiliate marketing. It is the top-performing free e-commerce plugin. It is a WordPress affiliate software that allows shop owners to create affiliate profiles. You can also customize the commissions using this plugin. 

Here the affiliates have their dashboard for checking their progress. It also helps to calculate the refunds and commissions. It comes with adjustable cookies. 

It can use the cookies, store the refer ids, and alter the length of customizable storage time. It is available free of cost.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate network selection is crucial for the new affiliate marketers or the ones trying new niches. If you choose the right affiliate network to promote your products and services, you can find the right offers. 

It also allows you to organize the database and also helps you to participate in other affiliate programs using a single registration. Some of the common affiliate networks are:

#13 ShareaSale

It is one of the largest affiliate networks, replete with around 3900 merchant programs on its platform. There are over 1.2M registered publishers on this platform. It was acquired by Awign in 2017.

It promotes affiliate marketing, and you can earn a considerable amount through sales. It is used by merchants and agencies. It has the reputation of being fair and honest in its business approaches, and it is popular globally.

#14 Impact Radius

It is a digital marketing company that offers an entire suite of digital marketing products. It was founded in 2008, and it provides the direct platform for establishing communication between the media partner and the advertiser. 

It uses loyalty programs and blog affiliates. It evolves into a platform of SaaS technology. It comes with fraud detection abilities and is extremely efficient in the management of the companies of the clients.

#15 FirstPromoter

It is an affiliate program for SaaS companies. It is useful in launching the affiliate business, using referrals, and boosting the growth of the business. It authenticates the requests and helps in tracking sales and generating commissions. 

In addition, it is useful for managing email marketing. It is built for subscriptions, and you can seamlessly ensure the upgrades, changes, cancellations, and refunds.

#16 LinkMink

LinkMink helps in affiliate tracking of the SaaS companies that use Stripe. It was founded in 2018. It is not available in the free version. Its primary features include Affiliate Management and Commissions Management.

#17 Awin

It is globally active in eleven countries, works with more than 1600 brands, and has numerous active advertisers. It is growing at a fast pace. The dashboard is user-friendly, and its tools aim to boost the campaigns of affiliate marketing. 

It is mainly used for niches like sports, retail, finance, travel products, etc. It stresses both physical and digital products. 

Only after getting approval from the network, the price information is given. The advertiser sets the cookie duration in this network. The minimum payout of this network is $20.

#18 CJ Affiliate

It is one of the largest online platforms that specialize in pay-per-performance programs. It is easy to search and find new offers. It operates globally and manages the programs of the top global retailers. It is a premium partner and powerful tool for reporting and for managing the timely distribution of payments.

#19 Avangate

It helps you to manage the channel and collect payments. It is a platform for e-commerce platforms, and it helps in boosting sales. There are several payment options here PayPal, wire transfer, cheque transfer, etc. 

It allows paying commissions on the due date. Here the user can create his link, and it helps the user guide the visitors to the checkout page. 

You can also create coupons and coupon codes and improve your follower base. The detailed reports help in better analyzing performance.

PHP Scripts

#20 Hotscripts: Ultimate Affiliates Management System – PHP Software

Hotscripts allow placing products according to their categories. It lets you put the reviews in the form of blogs. The admins can also place the advertisements on the website and collect money through ads.

The payment gateways allowed by Hotscripts are Stripe, PayPal, etc. The website owner can also place essential links. There is a provision of a feedback form that helps in lead generation.

In the footer section, the website owner can place various useful links. Also, there is an easy-to-use feedback form through which your visitors can place their feedback with ease. This feedback form will work as a lead generation form for you.

The PHP Software is efficient in serving the needs of affiliate marketing.


Out of all the discussed options, iDevAffiliate is the Affiliate Management Software that is the best option for affiliate marketing and can help in improving performance through regular analysis. In addition, its stability and multiple features further enhance its utilities.

If you are just beginning, you should go with something which is ready-made and doesn't need any sort of technical help. For beginners, CJ Affiliate, Impact Radius, and ShareASale are good to go. They are ready to use platforms for affiliate marketing.

WordPress-based Affiliate software is good for those who are just entering the Affiliate market and want to try free services. Moreover, WordPress Plugins are easy to set up. On the other hand, if you want to launch an affiliate program at the enterprise level, dedicated Affiliate Softwares are what you need. 

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