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Helium 10 review” and “Helium 10 coupon” these terms are getting very popular as this tool is growing.

It's no surprise that eCommerce continues to grow and thrive. People are becoming aware of the importance of online shopping, primarily due to the Covid-19 emergency we are facing. 

At this point, selling your products online has become a fantastic deal due to the large user base. But, at the same time, choosing the right platform to sell your product is also very important.

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most incredible marketplaces, with over 197 million users and millions of products for sale. So, naturally, one of the most effective ways to make money is to sell your company's products on Amazon. Top marketers have a wealth of winning tactics, and we understand that newcomers will struggle to sell their good products on Amazon.

But that shouldn't stop you from accomplishing things.

Are you trying to turn your company into a six-figure business but aren't sure how to get started? Then, we bring it to you – Helium 10 Review.

Helium 10 is an Amazon eCommerce suite of tools for managing and selling products, finding keywords, identifying trends, optimizing listings, streamlining advertising campaigns, and more.

  • Assists with inventory security
  • Alerts for Product Monitoring and Hijacking
  • The most expensive tier of Helium 10 grants you access to high-quality workshops.
  • Allows Competitors Spying
  • You can use tools like the Amazon data analyzer and the URL builder for free.
  • It makes customer success a priority
  • Analytical precision
  • All handy tools in one place
  • The starter plans have several limitations.
  • The tool may be tough to use for beginners.
  • Support tickets are the only means of customer service available.

Price: $19.50/month (with our coupon)

Benefits of Helium 10

  • Product Research: You can now discover winning product ideas with the help of this tool to discover the most promising and winning products. Additionally, you may investigate and validate such concepts by diving deep into those markets.
  • Listing Optimization: Anyone can easily construct and improve their product listing with the help of this tool, allowing them to get their products to the top of the page.
  • Keyword Research: You may also conduct good keyword research to target the proper customers. Now you may uncover the traffic-drawing keywords that will help you bring more traffic to your listing.
  • Tracking Keywords: You can keep track of your keywords, including their ranking, Amazon badges, and other data. In addition, you can quickly manage keywords to track your campaigns and more, whether you're launching a product or simply optimizing an existing listing.
  • Product Launches: You can use this tool to purchase products and rank keywords using the CPR method. Calculate how many units you'll need to sell to move up the page one results.
  • Refunds: You may be allowed to claim if you have lost or damaged merchandise for which Amazon has not reimbursed you. You may effectively manage all of your repayments in an orderly manner with the help of this software.
  • Competitor Spying: You must learn from your opponents if you genuinely want to achieve. You may also use this tool to rapidly assess your competition's strategy by simply selecting the keywords for which they are currently ranking.

Don't worry; this isn't the end; you can accomplish much more with this tool. You can easily do hijacking and product monitoring alerts, inventory protection, keyword Index Checker, and many other things with the aid of this application to help you achieve your Amazon goals and make the most significant profit possible.

Helium 10 Review 2024: The Key Features 

The interface is simple enough for a newbie to understand. So let's look at each of its features and see what they have to offer.

Let's explore each of the Helium 10 Tools.

1) Black Box- Product Hunt Tool

The product hunt tool, also known as a product research tool, can assist sellers in quickly identifying winning and profitable products to sell depending on any niche.

It is one of the most powerful tools. It can genuinely give exceptional results based on various parameters that you can specify to get back exactly what your customers want.

Spend less time and effort researching every category on Amazon to identify the most profitable things to sell. Then, you can easily use this product hunt tool to locate successful products and increase your return on investment.

In a total of 12 countries, Black Box is available.

We opened this product in a new tab to check more data and here is the screenshot of options when you have Helium 10 Chrome extension installed.

How Can Black Box Assist You In Choosing The Best Products?

  • Find Your Next Product In Seconds
  • Identifying different products that meet your requirements
  • Use a multi-factored Algorithm to generate data-driven solutions.
  • Conduct all of your research on a single platform.
  • You can also use the Helium 10 suite to quickly and easily create your new listing.

Are you browsing Amazon for all of your following best-selling products?  

BlackBox (Amazon Product Research) tool that you can find right inside the Helium 10 Chrome Extension. So when you browse Amazon, it will genuinely help you gain an eye view of a market.

This tool identifies the single most critical metric for Amazon seller sourcing decisions. Gather all the necessary information about a market with a high opportunity and even higher future growth potential.

3) Magnet- Powerful Keyword Research Tool

The Magnet is one of the most lucrative keywords research tools on the market today. Many successful Amazon sellers use this tool to find the best keywords for their products. You'll also save time by not switching between various applications to get the best keywords.

Type a seed keyword into Magnet, and it will automatically generate a list of the most relevant and related search phrases in a matter of seconds.

By implementing the Magnet Keyword Research Tool into your Amazon SEO Process, you can now rank for the most profitable search phrases and create more sales.

You can easily find the most profitable and best keywords using this tool, which you can then add in the front end and back end of your Amazon Product Page. Take advantage of this newly discovered gold mine of keywords for your Amazon Products Page, and you will undoubtedly see a spike in traffic and sales.

How Can Magnet Assist You With Keyword Research?

  • Use a Keyword rating and search traffic data to assess your Amazon Keyword Ranking potential.
  • It assists you in improving traffic to your Amazon FBA product listing by focusing on phrases that are often searched.
  • It can simply increase sales by showing A9 search engine results more frequently.

4) Cerebro- Reverse Product Lookup

Cerebro is a highly profitable tool that is also crucial for keyword research. Input a product's ASIN, and you'll get helpful information in seconds.

Cerebro is a fantastic tool for discovering your competitor's keyword strategy, and it is one of the most popular tools. Enter an ASIN, and you will be presented with hundreds of thousands of keyword recommendations in a matter of seconds.

For instance, you can get all of your helpful information here, which typically includes broader and exact search traffic, the volume of competing products, and competitors who are actively advertising for specific phrases.

Use the must-have Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool, which most successful Amazon FBA Sellers utilize.

How Can Cerebro Assist You?

  • Lookup Amazon Keyword Research data based on billions of data points and customer search queries.
  • Determine the number of competitive products available for a specific term or phrase.
  • Keep track of all sponsored ASINs to see how many items are advertising for that particular product.
  • Finally, the Cerebro IQ Score determines which practical terms are frequently searched and have low competition.

Special Discount

ABOOSTER50 – 50% Discount on First Month
ABOOSTER10 – 10% Discount Every Month.

5) Frankenstein- Powerful Amazon Keyword Processor

Frankenstein is one of the world's most powerful Amazon keyword processors. This tool allows you to extract hundreds of keywords in a matter of seconds and add them to your cash-generating keyword lists.

Anyone can efficiently process many perfect keywords for your product pages or backend keywords by simply running de-duplication filters, deleting unwanted characters, and sorting the keywords. It can help you sell a lot of stuff if you have a lot of traffic.

How Can Frankenstein Assist You?

  • It assists in converting an extensive list of keywords into a more profitable group for use in Amazon listing improvement efforts.
  • When you merge and clean up your Amazon Keyword Research lists, you'll have a far more powerful tool.
  • It also makes it easier to rapidly remove undesired words and characters from results, such as ASINS, as well as irrelevant phrases.
  • Allows you to sort your keyword lists by frequency to find the terms that appear the most quickly.
  • Improves Amazon product tracking in the A9 search engine, resulting in increased traffic to your listing.

6) Scribbles- Keyword List Optimisation

This tool allows all sellers to directly upload the refined and best keyword to their Amazon Seller Central front end and back end, ensuring that their listings are entirely optimized.

Furthermore, utilizing the best keywords will attract more people to the product listing and encourage more purchases. Finally, if you're selling products across various categories, Scribbles lets you change the text field lengths so that you can use the tools independent of character restrictions.

How Can Scribbles Assist You?

  • It ensures that your listing is entirely optimized.
  • It also assists in the optimization of your Amazon product ranking on A9 search engines.
  • This tool can be customized for any of the lucrative Amazon categories. You can also easily change the fields to match your product's needs and the character limits.

7) Keyword Tracker- Product Rank Tracking

It's critical to understand what works and doesn't when selling on Amazon. This software helps you keep track of the changes you've made to your promotions and marketing efforts.

With that, you can quickly see those changes affected your product listing and where it ranks for specific keywords. This tool can also help you learn more about your competition by showing you where your items rank for particular keywords and phrases.

How Can a Keyword Tracker Assist You?

  • It assists you in keeping track of vital keywords for the profitable Amazon niches you're targeting.
  • It mainly assists in identifying the goldmine of low-competition keywords and utilizing them to maximize your FBA revenue.

8) Index Checker- Amazon Keyword Index Checker

This tool enables all sellers to quickly determine which of their backend and frontend keyword phrases are commonly indexed by Amazon and which are not.

It's also possible that some poor keywords aren't appropriate for your product pages, so enter the rivals' ASINs and see what keywords they rank for and what keywords they don't rank for to be more effective.

How Can Index Checker Assist You?

  • It can save a lot of time and allow you to do activities much faster, as tasks typically take 30 seconds to complete.
  • You'll immediately learn which keywords Amazon's algorithm is looking for, allowing you to optimize your listing to rank on the page rapidly.
  • It will significantly assist you in maximizing your profits while also preventing you from ranking for undesirable keywords.

9) Inventory Protector- Guard Against Scammers 

We all know that running promotions is critical to your Amazon success and increases people's likelihood of buying from you. However, this tool blocks all Amazon shoppers from using this tactic to reduce their traffic.

You can regulate all of the maximum order quantities for your entire FBA inventory through their simple and easy-to-use dashboard. To avoid exceeding the maximum order quantity, find the things you enjoy most.

Without a doubt, you can safeguard your inventory from being oversold during your next offer by using an Inventory Protector.

How does the FBA Product Inventory Assist You?

  • It protects your inventory from being oversold at a reduced price during a promotion.
  • You can manage all of your from a single, manageable interface list.
  • The improved capabilities enable it to locate a specific ASIN rapidly.
  • It assists in determining which items are currently protected and which are still in the processing stage.
  • You may now save time by setting the maximum order quantity for many ASINs simultaneously, saving you time.

10) Refund Genie- The Inventory Reimbursement Finder 

You may be eligible for an Amazon Seller Refund if you have lost or damaged FBA inventory. Yes, you may now complete that task with the assistance of Refund Genie.

Refund Genie effortlessly locates your Amazon-reimbursable stuff that has been misplaced or destroyed. Now you may have all the specific records that can be promptly prepared so that you can easily collect what you own and you can recoup your losses.

How does Refund Genie Assist You?

  • In general, the Amazon seller refund process is confusing and time-consuming, but this tool simplifies and streamlines the process.
  • This program mainly examines the auto checks for five causes of FBA inventory reimbursements.
  • It can assist you in copying and pasting all of your pre-written notes, as well as your Amazon seller reimbursements and other items.

11) Misspellinator- Keyword Misspelling Extractor 

We all know that misspelling is one of the most underrated techniques to boost listing sales. By simply including the most common misspellings, people type directly into the search box in your product back end; you can quickly achieve great heights in sales and rankings.

However, this tool enables you to immediately identify the most common misspellings for your keywords, allowing you to profit from your errors. In addition, you can use this tool to benefit from misspellings to sell more Amazon FBA products.

How Can Misspellinator Assist You?

  • It can generate many misspelling variations for you to use in your lists of Profitable Keywords.
  • Get top Amazon keyword ranking results for misspelled search keywords quickly and easily.
  • Target misspellings in your listing optimization efforts to boost your bottom line and sell more FBA products.

12) Listing Health Score

Helium 10 chrome extension gives you freedom to check the health of any listing just by opening any product on Amazon.

By clicking on Score Breakdown, it shows the following data.

This gave us the idea that this listing is not optimized to get maximum traction. Now we can fix these errors while uploading our products and stand out by making Amazon algorithm happy.

13) Chrome Extention

Chrome extension makes your research easier by giving all important options just in one click.

Just by clicking on Xray, I got these options in my browser itself.

and here is the screenshot after clicking on Profitability Calculator.

15) Calculators

Such an incredible feature to figure out the pricing of your products.

Just open any product on Amazon which you want to sell and it will show the data just below the product.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Helium 10 has four base plans and three booster plans, with the following prices:

Starter Plan costs $39 per month

Helium 10's starter plan is a perfect choice if you are just starting your business.

The Platinum Plan costs $99 per month.

The Platinum Plan is ideal for newcomers as it provides all of the essential features that light-volume sellers require. In addition, you'll only have to spend $970 a year if you pay it annually.

The Diamond Plan costs $249 per month.

The Diamond Plan is designed for more experienced Amazon sellers who want to expand their business. It includes increased limits and capabilities. 

The Elite Plan costs $397 per month.

The Elite Plan is Helium 10's top tier, and it offers plenty of extras like training, workshops, high-level networking, and full access to all features and tools.

When you take the annual plan, you get various discounts. So do check and give it a try.

How To Claim Your Helium 10 Discount Coupon Code:

The following are the steps you can take to get your discount:

Special Discount

ABOOSTER50 – 50% Discount on First Month
ABOOSTER10 – 10% Discount Every Month.

  • Step 1: To begin, decide how much discount do you want.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the Helium 10 Coupon Code field:
  • Step 3: To enjoy a 50% discount on your first month on ANY plan, enter the promo code: Helium10 and then click APPLY
  • Step 4: Purchase Now

After you've applied the Helium 10 coupon code, go ahead and purchase the Platinum or Diamond plan by clicking Buy Now.

After sifting through various Amazon FBA software and platforms, we've discovered Helium 10, a one-stop solution for Amazon FBA.

Helium 10 is a tool that all Amazon FBA sellers highly regard.

Helium 10 Vs. Jungle Scout

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout both provide several useful features that might assist you in selling on Amazon. Jungle Scout offers free services like Opportunity Finder, whereas Helium 10 features X-Ray and Black box. Magnet from Helium 10 outperforms Jungle Scout's Keyword Scout.

Jungle Scout is the most excellent option for product research for beginners, while Helium 10 is Amazon's top-performing seller tool.

The most successful product testing method for newcomers is Jungle Scout. 

Helium 10 has features that Jungle Scout lacks.

  • Keyword Spy for Competitors – Find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for naturally and through PPC advertising.
  • Refund Genie – Broken items and faults are not usually compensated by Amazon. The Refund Genie tool can assist you in identifying Amazon's errors and obtaining compensation.
  • Alerts – Receive notifications when a seller takes over your item, the title of your product changes, the photographs change, or the product dimensions vary.
  • Sales Dashboard – You can see your product and business performance in one place. However, this functionality is coming to Jungle Scout shortly, so stay tuned.

Jungle Scout has features that Helium 10 lacks.

  • Using the Supplier Database, you may find and verify suppliers and spy on your competition – You can see who provides what, how frequently, and in what quantity. If you search by product, company, or supplier, you'll get quick access to a dashboard that shows you all you need to know, including how much they're paying for their items.
  • A platform for giveaways – The first few days following a product introduction are essential. Jungle Scout helps you with gifts and other launch techniques to ensure your success.

By far, the most extensive and valuable tool is Helium 10. It performs all of the functions of Jungle Scout, but much better. Helium 10 is a must-have if you want to have a large and successful FBA business.

On the other hand, Jungle Scout is a user-friendly application with exceptional product research skills. However, if you're serious about Amazon, we recommend Helium 10.

Final Verdict: Should You Get Helium 10?

This service has all of the important features and tools which are required to do all kinds of product research and make your listing better.

You can do keyword research, improve the listing and use the sales estimator feature to find out your profitability.

Giving it a try would be a good move as this investment of going to increase your business for sure.

We hope this Helium 10 Review has helped you better understand the tool.

Special Discount

ABOOSTER50 – 50% Discount on First Month
ABOOSTER10 – 10% Discount Every Month.


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