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Black Friday is a great time to score some sweet deals and save big on money. 

Many amazing VPN tools are available for grabs that you should not miss out on. A good VPN helps you protect your digital footprint and access content all across the globe. 

So let's see some of the Best Black Friday VPN Deals on the internet. 

#1. NordVPN

NordVPN – Upto 63% Discount

nord vpn

Trusted VPN Tool

  • Standard – Pay $99.53 instead of $223.83 annually
  • Plus – Pay $126.63 instead of $285.66 annually¬†
  • Complete – Pay $161.73 instead of $447.39 annually
  • They are also offering three months free along with the purchase of their 2-year plans.¬†

Protect your online presence with one of the most popular and trusted VPN tools out there. 

Chances are you have already heard of them. NordVPN is one of the most popular VPNs out there, thanks to its big-budget market campaigns.

NordVPN ensures you have complete privacy and security, coupled with speed – which is one of the pain points of using a VPN.


  • Dark web monitor – Ensures that your data doesn‚Äôt leak onto the dark web
  • Combine it with Onion to add another layer of security
  • Multiple devices support – Use it across six devices
  • Over 5100+ servers are present in 59 countries to bypass any limits
  • Double protection – Switch your IP twice for enhanced protection

#2. SurfShark

SurfShark – Upto 84% Discount

surfshark vpn

Reliable alternatives to NordVPN

  • They are offering an 84% discount on their 2-year plan. Instead of paying $12.95 per month, you will be paying $2.05 per month. You also get two months free.

Surfshark is one of the best reliable alternatives to NordVPN. They are offering a staggering 84% off on their 2-year plan.

SurfShark is a great alternative to NordVPN that offers two special addition Рmore devices and bypassers. 

With SurfShark, you can use it across different devices simultaneously. It also provides you with a bypasser – you can let certain applications, such as banking apps to, bypass the VPN. 


  • Kill switch – it disconnects you from the internet in case your VPN drops. It helps you to protect sensitive data
  • Camouflage mode – helps you to protect your data from your internet service provider
  • Block ads and malware so that you can save your mobile data and boost the loading speed of webpages

#3. IPVanish

IPVanish – Upto 71% Discount

ipvanish vpn

The Fastest VPN

  • If you buy their annual plan, you save 71%. Instead of paying $10.99 per month, you pay $3.19 per month for their annual plan. You also get three months free.¬†

IPVanish helps you to stay safe online across different devices – be it Desktop, mobile, or TV streaming, it has got you covered. 


  • Over 2000+ servers are present in over 75+ locations.¬†
  • Unmetered connections – You can connect multiple devices at the same time. You can connect an unlimited number of devices¬†
  • It makes use of WireGuard to offer 4S – security, stability, speed, and simplicity

#4. PureVPN

PureVPN – Upto 65% Discount

pure vpn

Commercial VPN service provider

  • Pay $3.24 per month instead of $10.95 per month with their annual plan
  • Pay $1.41 per month instead of $10.95 per month with their 5-year plan

PureVPN helps you access content across the web without restrictions but with complete anonymity.  


  • PureVPN servers support a wide range of security protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, WireGuard, etc.
  • Servers that are streaming optimized to provide a smooth, buffer-free experience
  • Dedicated P2P servers so that files can be downloaded in a secure way

#5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN – 50% Discount


VPN for a Private Internet

  • They are offering 50% off on their annual plans. Pay $5/month per month for their annual plan, instead of paying $10 per month on their monthly plan.¬†

With VyprVPN, you can pass any kind of government surveillance and restrictions. Plans start from $5/month.

It helps prevent your internet service providers from tracking your moves and prevent advertisers from collecting data on you.


  • DNS Leak Protection – protect your privacy by making sure your DNS is not being leaked to any 3rd party
  • Split tunneling – divide your internet traffic to stream content across multiple regions¬†
  • No log VPN – Your internet history is not logged into any records

#6. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN – 49% Discount


World's Leading VPN

  • They are offering 49% off on their annual plan. Instead of paying $12.95 per month, you will be paying $6.67 per month annually, along with the first three months free.¬†

With ExpressVPN, you can access all the different kinds of content present all over the globe. 


  • Play games on VPN better with their optimized servers that lower the ping rate¬†
  • Sometimes your ISP slows down access to content, ExpressVPN helps you to bypass that
  • Threat manager helps you to block web apps and websites to stop exchanging information with trackers
  • In-built speed test feature to choose the fastest server location

#7. CyberGhost

CyberGhost – 84% Discount


Most Reliable & Secure VPN

  • Save 84% off on their annual plan. Instead of paying $12.99 per month, pay $2.03 per month with their annual plan. Along with it, get 4 months free!

CyberGhost helps secure your digital footprint and protect your internet history from hackers, ISP, the government, and advertisers. 


  • Over 9308+ servers present in over 91 countries¬†
  • They release an annual Transparency Report highlighting their safeguarding measures
  • Other advanced features include Automatic Kill Switch, DNS and IP Leak Protection, OpenVPN/IKEv2/WireGuard protocols, etc.¬†

#8. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN – 83% Discount

Atlas VPN

Affordable Freemium VPN

  • They are offering 83% off on their 3-years plan. So instead of paying $10.99 per month, pay $1.83 per month for 3 years and get 3 months extra.¬†

With Atlas VPN, unlock the power of the internet and access content all around the globe bypassing all kinds of restrictions. 


  • Multihop+ – It routes your internet traffic through various rotating VPNs ensuring there are multiple layers of protection around your data
  • Data Breach Monitor – built-in detection mechanisms which check the internet whether your data has been leaked online
  • Block Malware – It automatically blocks websites that are potentially dangerous and can pass on malware to your system¬†

#9. Ivacy

Ivacy – 90% Discount


Secure & Best VPN

  • Ivacy is offering 90% discount on their five-year plan. Instead of paying $9.95 per month, pay $1.00¬†per month with their five-year plan.¬†

Protect your online presence with Ivacy from hackers and other unwanted 3rd parties with Ivacy.


  • Access to foreign content from providers such as Hulu, which may not be providing content in your country
  • Smart purpose selection – helps you to to identify the need to connect to VPN and appropriately gives you the best performance
  • Bypass ISP throttling and access the internet with a faster speed

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