AffiliateBooster Nulled and Cracked Version

Why shouldn't you download the nulled or cracked version?

Having AffiliateBooster becoming so popular because of so many awesome features. It is quite obvious that people want to download nulled or cracked version of our product.

This is something we’d genuinely urge you not to do, not because we don’t profit when you do so but for your own site’s safety. FREE version of our theme and plugin already has required features which are needed to build an affiliate blog.

Such practices are done by the people who doesn't have the money or not willing to invest their money. We respect that. So we have given the free version to use on your unlimited sites.

Grab our paid version once you have the money to invest.

Reasons To Avoid Nulled & Cracked Versions of AffiliateBaoster

1. Privacy

If you choose a version that is not distributed by us then it would hamper your privacy. Your username, password, email address, and all your personal information might be at a risk. The cracked version can contain various kinds of malicious code hidden inside and you might have no clue about it.

They can steal your private data from the blog and show many unwanted ads anytime.

They have the power to redirect your website to another URL and steal entire traffic.

2. Can’t Access the New Updates

We have added SSO feature inside our theme and plugin and we have encrypted the code to stay protected. If you have downloaded AffiliateBooster cracked or nulled version, you will not get future updates.

We have created a templates library that will be accessible only and only when your license key is active. So if you want to access that library, stay away from the cracked version.

In case of cracked/nulled version, there are chances of data theft, data loss and can lead to legal proceedings where you might just end up paying huge amounts to the lawyers.

They might end up hacking your blog and ask for a huge amount to recover your data. So we recommend to try our free version in that case.

4 No Developer Support

Nulled version or cracked version is not going to give you access of our developers. If you want any new features or having any bug, we will not able to able to help as you haven't bought the premium version.

On the other hand, our free version gives you full support so that you can ask for anything anytime by going at our support portal.

5. Unethical use Discourages Innovation

Now some may argue that it is a tiny piece of software, and I am doing this because I cannot afford to pay for it at the moment. However, this tiny piece of code is the result of someone’s skill, talent, and hard work. By using a nulled software, you are taking away money from those developers.

We have spent many sleepless nights and gone through many iterations before giving the final product in your hands. If you are happy by stealing someone's hard work, be happy and enjoy it.

It might make you feel happy to get a premium plugin or even a theme for free. But in our opinion, it’s just not worth it. We believe that time is money and nulled/cracked versions are just a waste of your time.

We don't suggest to download theme or plugin from any unauthorized sources and we are not liable to do anything if they hack your website or steal your data.