Theme Changelog

Version 2.0.2 - 24th October 2020

  • Added: Breadcrumb option with typography settings
  • Fixed: Font weight issue for headings

Version 2.0.1 - 23rd October 2020

  • Fixed: CSS issues
  • Fixed: Default logo
  • Fixed: Default featured image

Version 2.0.0 - 22nd October 2020

  • Beta version released
Plugin Changelog

Version 1.0.23 changelog

  • Added: Title block in TOC

Version 1.0.22 changelog

  • Added: Comparison table's headings added in TOC
  • Added: Notice block headings added in TOC
  • Fixed: Button size in the comparison table
  • Fixed: Button size everywhere
  • Removed: Button link option on mouse over

Version 1.0.21 changelog

  • Fixed: Table of content
  • Changed: Heading names in settings

Version 1.0.20 changelog

  • Fixed: Link's "rel" attribute

Version 1.0.19 changelog

  • Fixed: CSS issue in comparison table
  • Fixed: Minor fix in license box
  • Fixed: Break word issue in Single Product Block
  • Fixed: Table to content show/hide fix

Version 1.0.18 changelog

  • Added: "rel" option in all button
  • Fixed: Break word in comparison table
  • Fixed: Links in "Read More" option in comparison table

Version 1.0.17 changelog

  • Added: AB Title Block
  • Added: AB Dynamic Block
  • Added: Option in all blocks headlines/subheadlines to switch between headings or paragraph
  • Fixed:  Minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.16 changelog

  • Fixed: Pros and Cons Padding
  • Fixed: Comparison table style 2 default font size

Version 1.0.15 changelog

  • Added: Dynamic Design option added in AB Top Pick, AB Good-Bad, AB Single Product blocks
  • Fixed: Minor design issue
  • Changed: Converted all headings of blocks into paragraphs
  • Fixed: Single Block and Top-Picked Block iPhone mobile display bug

Version 1.0.14 changelog

  • Fixed: PHP version issue

Version 1.0.13 changelog

  • Added: Table of Contents block
  • Added: Icon list block
  • Added: Star Rating block
  • Fixed: minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.12 changelog

  • Fixed: Plugin Update Issue

Version 1.0.11 changelog

  • Fixed: Minor bugs in Good Bad block